Dragonslayers [Aftermath]

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    Dragonslayers [Aftermath]

    In the Green Isles lived a small people, they lived peacefully and happily for an age then the dragons came. The dragons ravaged cities and towns across the islands and set up lairs taking the wealth of the people for themselves. The people were driven underground reduced to living in mines and dungeons, and using the lava tunnels that connect the islands as boats were no longer safe. Only a single city remains on the surface, it made an alliance with a dragon for mutual protection. The city; Cillunes harbor is the gateway to the world. In time the people fragmented, those who wanted to fight and prayed for strength became stouts (described below) those who wanted to hide became hairfeet (as gnomes), and those who wanted to run became ferals (goblins) all three can still interbreed. Some of each race are genetic carriers for the other types.
    Humans, sometimes called Tallfellows, live among the Stouts and Hairfeet
    People come from all over the world hoping to become rich and famous for killing dragons. Humans, elves, dwarves and half orcs come from other parts of the world

    The game will start at the wharfs of Cillune as the small town of Onuthod has sent some local heros to find others to fix a dragon problem. The dragons are modified gold, bronze, copper and brass, but The only good dragon is one that doesnt want anything you have.
    These dragons are generally dumber, but just as strong as book dragons.

    Looking for 2 characters either locals or foreigners

    Character Building:
    28 pt buy
    ECL = 6
    Hp after first level = 75% of max
    Books allowed: PHB, DMG, Draconomicon + Comp Arcane(warlocks, Feats)
    Starting wealth = 9300 gp.
    (no dragon bane weapons. Consolidate most/all wondrous items to a single item, with a history and name, at no additional costs for multiple powers or body slot affinities)

    Hairfeet are gnomes, except AC vs giants becomes +4 AC vs dragons. And favored class sorcerer or rogue.

    Stouts +2 con, -2 dex stouts are tough, but the extra bulk has come at the price of agility. Medium build, short, slow land speed = 20 ft but can be maintained while encumbered (as dwarf), low light vision, +1 to all saves, +2 to listen or crafts involving stone or metal, +1 to hit ferals or dragons, +4 AC dodge vs. dragons, favored class ranger or druid
    Stouts are stoic warriors and similar to the dwarves in personality

    Dwarves, humans, elves, and half orcs come from other lands, there are no by the book gnomes or halflings.

    Sorcerers tap into power from dragons, not from lineage. As dragons do not breed with lesser races.

    PCs should have description, background and personality
    Edit - see last post for current party-
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    I'm interested!

    Of all the years of "Dungeons and DRAGONS" that I've played, I think I've only ever fought against a "Dragon" twice.. and one was a one-shot at a Convention! heh.

    So, I don't really have that much experience in fighting dragons, but of course I love the game! I even have a character type that I think would be good to play in this sort of situation - Grimhald Uggluck, the Half-Orc Cleric/Fighter that loves to bash things!
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    I would love to try out a Warlock, if that would be allowed.

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    Oooo ooo me! me!

    I could definately either go for a spellcaster (guess the warlock already got called) of some sort, or depending upon the types of dragons (if we're fighting the evil ones) the paladin variant from UA which switches out some of their abilities for Favored Enemy or if that fails a ranger/scout of sorts.

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    Sounds like it could be really fun.

    What all books would be allowed?

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    Look's like I'm probably a little late but it sounds kind of interesting.

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    Evilhalfling, I like your style. I've developing a homebrew along those very lines for over a year. If you want to mine for ideas or brainstorm, I'd be happy to correspond. I have a link to it in my sig, and you can PM me, or IM me sometime.

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    Ive never actually fought a dragon, but it looks like fun. Id love to play whatever the party needs.

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    I would love to play something like this. I've hunted dragons in past games, but usually as a means to an end (usually our end), but never as the focus.
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    Looks like you have no shortage of interest, count me in as an alternate if nothing else, interested in playing pretty much anything if needed. And about the warlock, you can never have too much artill... er too many warlocks.
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