(Proposal) Gambling
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    (Proposal) Gambling

    Here an altered rule from Spycraft for Gambling:

    Gambling can be regroup into two types of game:

    The first type are games that are played against the house, and generally, it is mere luck and some mathematic that allow to gain some money, like craps and blackjack. To see if you win, you roll a Profession(Gambler) check. The check is opposed by the house (D20 + modification depending on the odds and the level of cheating of the house).

    The second type of game are games that you play against other person. These games are a mix of knowledge of the rules, mathematic, bluff and reading opponent emotion. Example of games are all the pokers. For these games, every player roll a dice, and add his Profession(Gambler), Bluff or Sense Motive. Having 5 or more ranks in an other skill offer a +2 synergy bonus. The highest roll win.

    Cheating: In some games, it is possible to cheat, like in poker. If you are the dealer, or if you have prepared you cheating (like having hidden some card on yourself), you can do a Sleight-of-Hand roll against a fix DC. Opponents are allowed a Spot roll. If you beat the DC, you are suceesfull and win the hand. If opponents beat your Sleight-of-Hand roll, they have seen the attempt, successfull or not.
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