Populating Taverns and Parties...

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    Populating Taverns and Parties...

    Ok, DMs, what are your tactics for populating the taverns and parties that the PCs walk into. I usually find it hard to make a full-out description of many more patrons than those who i intend the PCs to talk to, and I think that that hurts verisimilitude. I think it makes it too obvious....So...how do YOU do it?

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    Well my PC's usually go to the same tavern so I just switch a little the NPC's they will meet there. When they are travelling however I must make new taverns to make things different, sometimes it's really awful and I tend to avoid details and sometimes when I'm really inspired we have great taverns in which the PC's hang for quite a time...
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    Go to Johan Danforth's page:


    For a tavern visitors try:


    You can also get this by going to Johan's page and selecting "Tavern Visitors" in the NPC maker.
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    It's a no-brainer for me to plug Natural 20 Press's Tournaments, Fairs, & Taverns in this thread. We don't actually have lists of sample characters, but we do have ideas for games you can have take place in taverns.

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    A nice idea is to create several taverns in advance. I always have
    four or five generic taverns that are ready for use. Whenever the party wants to go one, I can pull out one and use the stuff I created earlier. It is a bit of work, but it prevents situations like:
    "There are three men with axes at the round table." "Hey, five minutes ago you said there were four with swords.".


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