Do you have a campaign where you have too many of the same class ? A group full of fighter types and no mage ? Or 3 Mages on the same group ?

Then tell us if it was sucessful... what class was overrepresented ... why or why not ... advantages.. different tactics ... funny problems due to this group unbalanced makeup.

3rd Edition afterall does seem to make group equilibrium that much more important than previous editions...

Myself we had a 3 multiclass clerics in group of 4 ... appropriately called Brothers in Arms... even thou it was 2nd Ed. healing was no problem... we tended to use a lot of level boosting spells in order to make the top cleric able to cast higher level spells. In the morning the Barbarian like fighter always complained about his "colleagues" meditating all the time !!

The other group was all fighters + 1 Cleric (died early) + 1 Rogue + 1 Paladin !! Needless to say healing was a major problem and hassle. No mages for brains and Know Arcana !