I'd like some suggestion for divine gifts.
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    I'd like some suggestion for divine gifts.

    I am looking for some powers for a high level (18th) campaign that are basicly mostly RP powers, not combat based. I'm trying to make a list of powers that a deity-esque creature might grant on someone for duties rendered. I know some of the FR big-guns have the power of knowing anytime someone speaks their names and can hear the next seven words, I'm looking for other powers in that style and power level. It doesn't have to be a divination, just powers that don't directly affect combat. Perhaps the ability to speak any language and such. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!!

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    First that came to my mind was an artifact that once planted makes a castle come up... one time use... but nifty for high level characters that want to set up a new base or new "kingdom" fast or somewhere remote.

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    I always thought that Woodshape (or alternately the tree singing feats from Wheel of Time) would be a cool innate power, kinda like the tree shaper (his name escapes me at the moment) from Elfquest.

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    Sorry about the double post. It said there was an error the first time, but it seems to have posted anyway.
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    Both excellent ideas! I am looking for something less in the way of goods or items Rashak. Oni, I love your ideas, that's great. I am looking for several different powers (each party member will get one), any other suggestions guys? I'd love to hear more!

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    Block Nightfall

    Well here's some ideas for various gods:

    Bane: Imposing presence: Gaining temporary Cha useable for Intimidate, Diplomacy, and other Charisma based checks.

    Cyric: Can no longer be affected by Zone of truth or any other things that can detect or forces people to tell the truth.

    Shar: Can gain open a portal into the Plane of Shadow for purposes of rest and only rest. Also can make touch based power of loss, thus making people fall under the forget spell but only if he/she is a follower of Shar.

    Selune: Can create moon items but sacrifices temporary con points to do so.

    Torm: Is not longer affected by fear based or mind influencing spells, especially when involving duty or protection.

    Mystra: Gain +10 compentence bonus on Spellcraft, Knowledge Arcana, and Scry checks.

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    Wine, scented candles, maybe a nice picture frame? I dunno--what do you get for the god who has everything?

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    Here's an idea: give them the granted powers from the Domains for that deity. (All of them).

    Other ideas:

    For a god of travel, how about the ability to know exactly where and when you are at all times? If that's not enough, how about the ability to teleport at will as a full-round action?

    For a god of fire, how about the ability to have any flame avoid or bow down to the gifted one, and never harm them? (Just don't give them one to priests of the water god, or they will have a long fall ahead of them if they fall into the ocean! )

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    Block Valicor

    Charasmatic Bonuses: You have become so famous and well loved, that your fame has spread far and wide. You recieve a +4 charisma bonus to all uses of Diplomacy, Sense Motive, gather Information, Intimidate checks agaisnt people how know about your great deeds.

    Valour Bonuses: granted after completion of quests. Some examples you finnish defeating a lich. at the end of the quest your god embues you with a +1 valour bonues for all rolls against undead. valor Bonuses can also be used to raise stats or hit points, what ever the god decides upon.

    Artifact's work well to but they have the potential to through out the game balance as one party member could abuse to power or hold it for his own.

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    how about an innate spell (or signature spell)

    the spell is full round casting, no components, usable lvl/day, lvl 1 or less (arcane or divine, or psionics) and cannot be of offensive or defensive in nature-

    so no spells that can attack another player, and no spells that can up your AC, stat bonuses

    So things like run, save bonuses, utility spells, or prestidigitation will be ok

    if you have quicken spell, the casting time shortens to 1 rd

    all meta feats apply
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