What do you consider the quintessential knight in shinning armor?

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    What do you consider the quintessential knight in shinning armor?

    I love the idea of the valiant knight in shinning armor charging into battle and spouting off things like "Strength and honor!". Id like to here what the boards think the quintessential knight is. What makes the perfect good guy knight? is membership in some kind of "order" an important part of the qunitessential knight? Maby you have some examples from books or other material or maby your own creations to draw from? lets make this he quinessential, quintessential knight thread!


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    In roughly reverse-chronological order:

    Gary Cooper as Marshall Will Kane in _High Noon_
    Any Jimmy Stewart character in any Frank Capra movie
    Captain America
    Paul Heinreid as Victor Laszlo in _Casablanca_
    Wong Fei Hung
    Ogier the Dane
    Sir Lancelot
    Sir Galahad
    (Imrahil of Dol Amroth)
    (Luke Skywalker)

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    Sturm, from Dragonlance. He wasn't part of an order officialy (At least at first), but he was always a knight at heart, moreso than much of the orginization. He had an almost childike system of ideals of how things should be, and he stuck to them, even when it was not the easy path.

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    Sir Didymus from Labyrinth. No doubt at all.
    "I asked Dave to please send me his rules additions, for I thought a whole new system should be developed. A few weeks after his visit I received 18 or so handwritten pages of rules and notes pertaining to his campaign, and I immediately began work on a brand new manuscript. "Greyhawk" campaign started the first D&D campaign! About three weeks later, I had some 100 typewritten pages, and we began serious play-testing in Lake Geneva, while copies were sent to the Twin Cities and to several other groups for comment. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS had been born."
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    "So anyway, Luke Skywalker, Sturm Brightblade and Sir Didymus walk into a bar...."
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    Henry the 5th in Henry the 8th armour.
    Again Henry 5 in the battle scenes from shakespeare.

    El Cid the movie.
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    Barconius from the Scarred Lands. A paladin and honorable man as ever there was one!
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    And thenot so brave Sir Robin, who personally wet himself at the battle of Badon hill

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    To me the most pure distillation of knighthood is Don Quixote - someone who is completely uncompromising in clinging to his ideals in an unidealistic world. He is the ultimate romantic, which is both his greatest strength and his fatal flaw.

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    Dirty Harry.
    He didn't have shining armor, but he did have a shining badge and gun.

    Dirty Harry, as a modern day paladin, was discussed in a rather lengthy thread a while back.

    Prince Aaka from Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime).

    Sir Peter and Sir Orin from Flight of Dragons might actually qualify, but for most of the movie Peter is merged with a dragon...

    Edit: It censored Prince A5hitaka's name? :rolleyes:
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