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    I have gotten and created my own cool 100% psionic world with the temperature and whol stuff best to my interest (lowest temp possible and dark and just psionics) so I'm quite happy with that

    I offered 1 change to William and I await his decission on that (may take for weeks before he decides.. no the kind of thing you decide each day, and remember William, it must be fundamental and shattering to physics, chemistry magic or what ever. You can really make a change here and now.)

    William how does Toril think over my point and my stance and my offer to them? To Teach.

    I eliminated magic and nuclear fission and fusion, 2 of the 4 forces that empower this multiverse leaving chemical reactions (life) and Psionics and use them to the fullest of my potential.

    2 Changes I will save for.. what ever might present itself or what ever I might come up with.. it might be cool to create my own demiplane but I got my own world already, so I won't get cocky
    I don't know what I would change were anyway to get what.

    Edena I am curious to what would happen if I would kill magic on Toril to Mystra, would Shar kick her ass?
    I would think that when the weave on Toril (mystras baby and embodyment) gets wasted that would put the hurt on her and she would plummet down from greater goddes and shar would be all over her in seconds to take her revenge.

    Just hypothetical

    I hope those that aren't attacking the Taraakians are attacking Melkor and his Dreads. Defending me would be a nice thing to do
    To bad Festy isn't online, he might also be convinced... to bad he has been offline now along with dagger now that decision and choises are crucial but.. can't have it all.

    /me is glad the red army can't come to Athas *grin*

    But Edena, now Melkor showed his head out of Ravenloft can we remove that head again as well?
    /me thinks up a million ways to show Melkor what void is really all about.


    Rom ik ga mezelf effe in de taraakians smashen na de kernbommen enzo zodat ze hopelijk prut gaan samen met de attack die we op ze kijlen. Nou hopen dat ik overleef en dat hun prut gaan, nu of straks.

    Daarna ga ik mijn wereldje maar es bouwen

    Leef voor de Zwerm!!!


    Edena is it possible to collapse the entrance to a Crystal Sphere by any means and make it 100%? Maybe even irriversible.

    ah well if I would upset the whole multiverse by putting it upside down I'm sure that even though it's 100% for ever sealed they would find a way to pry it open, with a spoon if necissary to get to me
    (Hmm I can rember posting something somewhere concerning Iuz and Spoons, they might find some tips and helpfull ideas what there all really can't be done with spoons .:rolleyes: )

    And could you provide some information about sigil? Would be nice, because I don't want to cause any multiverse angering things...
    I would like to see what I might be looking at if something done by me or someone else happend there since you specifically stated that (most of the times for a reason).


    Good luck to all of you that engage in war for one more day
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    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith
    They are simply suspicious, Zelda.
    This does not mean they will attack your Power.
    I don't mean that post Edena. I mean your earlier OOC-post . It was your list for who is attacking them, not their IC-thing for their opinions.

    I woudn't mind, if it was that.

    But when you give me attacks 'out of blue' I wish you correct them if you got them wrong.

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    News Flash Forsaken: Killing magic on Toril kills the Shadow Weave and weakens Shar as much as it weakens Mystra.

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    /me bashes his head on the table

    (damn those papparazzi )
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    Examples how Athasian Space and Surface looks now
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    And some more

    Gives you an idea of how inspiring this can be to me
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    And the last one

    Gives you all a Idea about how I imagin this happening, the sky filling Swarms, the warpholes and the cool purplish light radiating from the latent psionic powers harbored within
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    Upon hearing Hazen`s refusal, Melkor`s image appearing before him roars in fury, and murderous rage glows in his eyes. Hazen can feel incredible wave of hatred directed towards him, so much that he is forced to shield his mind from it, but suddenly it ends, and Hazen can see a look of frustration and shock on Melkor`s face, as he senses Demiplane Of Hope being created:

    -You.... you...! I spit upon you, your childish and naive beliefs and this imaginatory Eternal of yours, you cannot deny The Supremacy of Night Eternal, The Great Void, perfect in its purity, where all has begun and ALL shall end. Yes, it will claim everything Hazen, it is only matter of time, you cannot achieve Eternity without embracing it. So the time will come Hazen for you and everything you have ever known, loved and cared to sink in Dark Emptiness, to cease to exist, to forget and be forgotten. And there is nothing that awaits you at the end, no reward from Mr. Eternal for being a nice boy, no ilumination or ascension and at the end you shall understand that never had any higher mandate to follow, there is no True Good and True Evil, those are nothing but words, there is no Right and Wrong, only points of view.

    You see Hazen, everything that IS was created by accident, it was an error, that must be dealt with, sooner than better. Undertending this necessity The Primordial Void has developed a WILL of it own, and it was through this Will that I was created, Messanger of Oblivion. I decided to wait, so I can fullfill my ambition, infinitive hunger to posess everything and to destroy everything I can`t have. I planned to bring Oblivion after I become bored with ruling The Multiverse, but you and your allies have ruined enough of my plans, I have lost my patience, I shall have my revenge, I shall obay my Creator.

    Suddenly Melkor starts to laugh:

    -Can you feel it, Angel?! The fifth Touch has occured, Mists are closing, you can`t defeat The Dread, and even if you do, you can`t defeat Oblivion. The end is coming, Angel, and no Eternal will bring you salvation!
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    Block Creamsteak

    If William will allow the Church of Mercy into his doors, with all their refugees, and all their defense still in tact: I will allow it.

    The same applies to Delrune.

    As for this whole ordeal: my attacks continue unstopped. On the 25th I am leaving on vacation till the fourth of July, so I don't have any intentions to lengthen the fighting. I have no intentions of giving up either. That is why this must continue.
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    Ashwell: IC, OOC, RG

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    Iuz continues unabated... working quickly to finish his works....

    OOC: EDENA... just wopndering on the total progress of my project and if it will be affected by the changes wrought by Diadem of Dreams...

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