Whats the best way to end a campain?

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View Poll Results: Whats the best way to end a campain?

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  • All the characters retiring after the last big adventure

    44 44.00%
  • All the characters dying during a big adventure

    24 24.00%
  • Just stopping after growing bored, leaving everything hanging

    6 6.00%

    12 12.00%
  • Lemon Curry

    14 14.00%
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    Whats the best way to end a campain?

    tell me what you think...
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    In a 'last game' I sat the players down and gave them two options: We could play a happy game where they killed the bad guy and retired or I could get tough, throw a LOT at them and if they survived I'd give them two levels. They decided to take a chance.

    Fun game. I presented one of the characters with the option of selling out to the bad guy and the player took it. So suddenly instead of four on one it was three on two! When it was done they all said they got a big kick out of it ... even the 'traitor'.
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    My Planescape campaign ended with them all dying.

    I didn't plan it that way. They were heading into the Abyss to deal with their main nemesis, a demon-dragon, and recover a powerful plane-altering artifact that it had acquired.

    If they'd planned properly, they'd probably have survived. They did managed to kill Lachazdaervirak - the dragon - but only the enchantress was still standing. Lacking any suitable escape plan, she was then killed by demons.

    However, they wre ultimately successful - the dragon had hidden the artifact well, and no-one else ever managed to find it. By killing the one person who still knew where it was, the party nullified the threat...
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    The best way is to never stop, of course, but if your asking what happens most?

    Lemon Curry.

    Oh wait, we always get bored and never finish

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    Lemon Curry, followed by mass PC death.
    Or possibiliy achieving the goal the PCs were trying to achieve the whole game, but dying in the process.

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    Doesn't everyone have the characters all die from eating poisoned lemon curry?

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    Well, the last campaign I participated in ended with the elven ranger/wizard (who didn't quite make it to arcane archer), the gnome wizard (with just a sick 22 con or), and the human cleric being transformed into chaos beasts. The remaining part member, the half dragon fighter (we were using a different set of rules for this), managed to escape, only to be driven insane. He secluded himself in a cave somewhere in the mountains. Tragedy Unfortunately, I'm gameless now and have no campaign to dream the end of!

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    DM: And having wiped out the last threat on the planet, your characters lived happily for ten days before dying from boredom. The End.

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    I am with the majority, kill them.

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