[Grim-n-Gritty 2001 Inspired] Psychic Dueling
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    [Grim-n-Gritty 2001 Inspired] Psychic Dueling

    As an experiment back in 2001 I took Ken's Grim-n-Gritty mechanic (from his 2001 era release, not the updated version) as a basis for psychic dueling to whip together something of a Psychic Dueling system that would be quick and offered some amount of "Grimness", whatever that might be. I felt, at the time, that I wanted see a psychic dueling system that represented the strain and stress that so often seems to be what is described. You know, people popping a vein in their forehead as they wrestle with the mind of a foe and being exhausted when it was over and needing rest. Enough so that people wouldn't necessarily rush into it thoughtlessly.

    The system doesn't give a vast amount of "hit point" that could drag an encounter on forever. A psychic duel could be over in moments, but at the same time there would be significant risk for even the strongest minds to take on moderate minds with a lucky shot and a wisely chosen defense. Still, strong minds have a major leg up. It was also something that could be going on while the psionic characters were doing something else, including physical combat or manifesting power or casting spells.

    I took some inspiration from the Dark Sun accessory The Will and the Way in designing the tables of options, but I tried to remove whatever might be Product Identity of WotC's in case I ever released this as OGC with the Open Gaming License. I'm still considering it, just because it would be nifty.

    Remember, it is meant to represent significant risk and strain to open your mind to attack another's. It's just a flavor thing. Some of you might like it, some of you might not. Is it for everyone? Of course not and I wouldn't expect this to be used in all psionic campaigns.

    [Aside]Should I be posting an OGL with this? I mean it is based off of some old OGC material. Because I do have an OGL ready with the updated Section 15... *shrug*

    Grim Psychic Duels, v 1.1

    By Eric Anondson

    Inspiration from Kenneth S. Hood's Grim-n-Gritty Hit Point and Combat System, circa 2001

    The concept is simple, psychic dueling based upon the concept that psionic attacks are ranged mind-affecting touch attacks. In addition, your psychic attack bonus is determined by Intelligence. Your psychic staying power, i.e. psychic hit points, are determined by your Wisdom score and manifester level. Your Will save, Charisma modifier and manifester level determines your psychic "armor".

    The various attack and defense styles are referenced by table. Every character can draw upon any defense style or attack style. Attacking psychically is strenuous and it takes a toll. Each psychic attack style deals an amount of nonlethal damage to the attacker each time the attacker uses it.

    Attacking psychically is a swift action. There are no iterative psychic attacks for having high Intelligence.

    Choosing a defense is a free action, unless you are a non-psionic creacture or are flatfooted. In which case you have a predetermined defense. If you are psychically attacked by more than one attacker, you can change your mind's defense for each new attack, but doing so you incur the Power Point cost for the new defense style. If you leave your mind's defense the same for every attacker in the round, you only need to spend the Power Point for the defense style once.

    If a psionic character is out of Power Points to pay for their defense style, they are considered mentally "flatfooted", and must use the flatfooted defense style even if they aren't flatfooted. Psionic characters with no Power Points cannot use the non-psionic defense style.

    Step 1: Mind's Attack Bonus
    Intelligence score equals your Mind Attack Bonus.

    Creatures without Intelligence scores cannot be attacked psionically, and cannot psionically attack.

    Non-psionic creatures can only attack psionic minds that initiate psionic attacks on it. Additionally, the non-psionic creature suffers a –4 non-proficiency penalty in making psionic attacks rolls. A creature is considered non-psionic if they have no Power Points.

    Step 2: Mind's Hit Points
    Wisdom score plus 2x manifester level equals your mind's hit points.

    Your mind's hit points return at the rate of 1 + manifester level per hour. When your mind's hit points have been reduced to 0 or lower, you become unconscious.

    Step 3: Mind's Defense Bonus
    In these rules, your ability to avoid psychic duel attacks to your mind increases with your manifester level. However, this ability is not represented by a large reservoir of “hit points”. Instead, you get a bonus to your mind's Mind Armor Class (MAC) based on your Will save, Charisma modifier and manifester level. This bonus is called a Mind Defense Bonus.

    A Defense Bonus functions like a stackable Dodge bonus to MAC in concept.

    Defense Bonus = Base Will save + Deflection + manifester level.
    Deflection = Charisma modifier, (bonus or penalty).

    Defense-related Rules
    PHP Code:
    Defense type  MAC  Secondary                     PP/round
    The Void      15   50
    miss chance               1
    The Forest    15   attacker confused 
    for 1 rnd   1
    The Swamp     15   attacker becomes flatfooted   1
    The Ruins     15   attacker dazed 1 rnd          1
    The Shield    15   
    +4 MDR                        1
    The Rune      17   
    +4mhp damage to attacker      1
    The Armor     20   —                             1
    The Wall      17   
    +2 MDR                        1    
    The Truth     19   
    +2mhp damage to attacker      3
    The Will      23   —                             3
    Acceptance    19   Piercing heals own mind
    's hp  3
    Denial        19   50% miss chance               3
    The Spikes    21   +2mhp damage to attacker      5
    The Beetle    27   —                             5
    The Drake     21   +2 MDR                        5
    The Bramble   19   +3mhp damage to attacker      5
    The Tower     19   (+1 MDR) 10’ radius           3
    The Rampart   15   (+3 MDR) 10’ radius           3
    The Gate      17   (+2 MDR) 10’ radius           3
    The Crag      17   (+1 MDR) 15’ radius           3
    Non-psionic   25   —                             0
    Flatfooted    15   —                             0 
    Mind Piercing Attacks
    Some attacks under this system may have mind piercing qualities, either by enchantment or psionic design. Imagine psionic items that give boosts to mind attacks. They'd be very valuable...

    If an attack has mind piercing abilities, it is designated with (mp) followed by a number. These attacks ignore deflection bonus, deflection penalties are still taken into account,(i.e. Charisma modifier) and Mind Damage Reduction of the target.

    Effects of Damage
    Still, mechanics remain the same. A character declares his mind's attack and rolls a d20 + Mind's Attack Bonus to hit against the Mind Armor Class plus Mind Defense Bonus of his opponent. Should he hit his target’s mind, he subtracts the target’s Mind Damage Reduction (if any) from his psionic attack’s damage total. Any damage left over is subtracted from his opponent’s Mind Hit Point total.
    PHP Code:
    Attack type       Damage    Trauma Effect              Nonlethal
    The Sword         1d6       1 Charisma                 1
    The Boomerang     1d6       Dazed 1 round              0
    The Incantation   1d6       1 Wisdom                   1
    The Flame         1d6       1 Intelligence             1
    The Tyrant        2d4       1d4 Charisma               3
    The Noble         2d4       1d4 Wisdom                 3
    The Slave         2d4       1d4 Intelligence           3
    The Dragon        2d4       Stunned 1 round            2
    The Wyvern        
    (mp1d6  1d2 Charisma               3
    The Scorpion      
    (mp1d6  1d2 Wisdom                 3
    The Spider        
    (mp1d6  1d2 Intelligence           3
    The Wyrm          
    (mp1d6  Stunned 1 round            2
    Avalanche         2d6       Confused 2d4 rounds        5
    The Bulette       1d10      1d6 Charisma               5
    The Horror Below  1d10      1d6 Wisdom                 5
    The Boulder       1d10      1d6 Intelligence           5
    The Rampager      1d6       1d2 Charisma 60’ cone      7
    The Sloth         1d6       1d2 Wisdom 60’ cone        7
    The Tiger         1d6       1d2 Intelligence 60’ cone  7
    The Roar          1d6       Stunned 1 round 60’ cone   9 
    Psyche Trauma
    In the Psychic Duel system, whenever your mind loses Hit Points, you must immediately perform a Will saving throw. The DC of the save equals 10 + manifester level + damage inflicted.

    If you fail the roll, you suffer the attack's trauma effect plus an amount of nonlethal damage to your body.

    This is called Psyche Trauma. It represents the body’s natural response to overwhelming psionic damage and the tendency to go into deep shock from serious injury.

    Creatures Immune to Psyche Trauma
    Undead and other creatures immune to mind-affecting effects do not suffer from psyche trauma. They are exempt from rolling a Will save each time their mind suffers damage.

    Creatures with bonuses against mind-affecting effects add the bonus to their Will save against psyche trauma.
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    Fixed a problem with mind piercing I hadn't noticed before.

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    I made this into a .rtf file.

    Even though it was made in MS Word, I've had .rtf files sometimes not work well elsewhere. I can't vouch for how well it will translate into other apps.

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