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    Quote Originally Posted by eris404
    OK, Auld Grump, I read the other scenario (Aldlyke Cemetery) from Dungeon Crafter and I really like that one, too. It fits perfectly with another part of an adventure I've written and would make an excellent side trek. Thanks for pointing out the site and for writing nightmarish, nasty, creepy things.
    Thank you!

    If I had gotten a greater response I would have posted a few more. Sadly Dungeon Crafter seems to have stalled and died, which is a shame - it is still my most used mapping program for interiors.

    I like creeping out the players! And gaslight London is good for that...

    The Auld Grump

    *EDIT* Yes, another *BUMP!* This is a nice thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebulous
    I ran a CoC adventure where the PC's went through an old asylum looking for clues for a mysterious cult known only as Ktulu. They were sort of 1920's paranormal investigators funded by the government (i.e. start of Delta Green). The best part was that the actual pictures I used were from a real asylum: Danvers.

    The pics alone were enough to set them on edge. The rotted zombies in the basement were just icing on the cake.
    Isn't that where they made that very creepy movie 'Session 9'?

    Flawed flick in some ways, but i really liked it, one of the few genuine scares I have had in years, and the star was definately the asylum itself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedish Chef
    These ideas are all superb. I'm planning on running a one-shot D20 Modern "Dawn of the Dead" adventure, and I'm hoping my players will truly remember this one after I utilize some of these ideas!

    (and yes, this is a bit of a BUMP! to hopefully get more ideas )

    Somehow I always manage to have my players run a Dawn of the Dead type adventure, no matter what type of world we are playing in.......Good luck!

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    Has anyone used the Insmouth taint in a different manner? Like say that the ancestor was an aranea or even a tendrilicos (sp)?

    How about finding out that the planet is a dead, rotting body (of a dragon turtle?)

    Or that the gods are puppets in a play for even greater beings?

    (To totally rip off a movie I tried watching once)- The world is an illusion that hides a war torn mess where people are dying in droves and no one can remember them.

    That plants or dogs or eels are the true masters of the planet and just laugh at the backs of humanoids they could kill without effort.

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    I actually did use the Innsmouth Look as part of my introduction of the Forgotten Realms to the Mythos. One of the characters, who was fleeing from her mother, a cleric of Umberlee, started having strange problems with dry skin and sore eyes...

    Yeah, that disturbed her a bit, especially once they found out what was going on.

    Demiurge out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMH
    Has anyone used the Insmouth taint in a different manner? Like say that the ancestor was an aranea or even a tendrilicos (sp)?

    How about finding out that the planet is a dead, rotting body (of a dragon turtle?)

    Or that the gods are puppets in a play for even greater beings?

    (To totally rip off a movie I tried watching once)- The world is an illusion that hides a war torn mess where people are dying in droves and no one can remember them.

    That plants or dogs or eels are the true masters of the planet and just laugh at the backs of humanoids they could kill without effort.
    In the homebrew I'm currently working on there is a heavy Lovecraft influence. I do have a town modeled after Insmouth. Outsiders tend to avoid it, the locals are rumored to practice a type of magic unknown anywhere else. I haven't decided what type of ancestry they will have. I am thinking about using the pseudo natural creature template for some of the inhabitants. I also have another continent where all the inhabitants are tieflings or half fiends- basically a couple hundred years ago the rulers tried to bring in a piece of one of the hells into the material plane - it worked sort of but another kingdom cast a barrier preventing the fiends from getting out. The fiends are working around this by breeding the local populace and creating an army of tieflings and half fiends - which are immune to the barrier.

    The Gods of this world are in a battle against creatures from the "far realms", whose influence seeps into the world from time to time.

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    Gooey horror is less than mindblowing terror IMO. Having one of the PCs as a monsterous lycanthrope (say a wereogre or weregiant cockroach) that is commiting the unspeakable deaths in the community is much better than a gliding aboleth that spews mucus everywhere. A group of secret eaters (Minions from Bastion) protects the populace from the knowledge that they are farmed as food by ethergaunts or spellweavers (the secret eaters do have the peoples' interests at heart as there is no escape and this illusion is better than dispair) is better than a straight illithid city.

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    I ran a more horror-themed campaign once a few years back. Basically, the PCs were various rag-tag characters in a growing city originally founded by ancient cultists whose memory was lost long ago, and much of the PCs gathering together in the first few sessions involved the local teamsters and shipping company where one of the characters worked as a freight handler (when she wasn't pinching purses on the side as a rogue). There they met a few more notable PCs, like the halfling co-manager of the company.

    Another was a young child who was the daughter of a tribal priest who had set up shop near the city walls (the city was a trading center for a more "civilized" people, gypsies, and tribal barbarians). There was also a teenaged messenger boy npc who worked for the manager of the company, but in reality was really a girl disguised as a boy to escape her abusive father. She took a strong liking to the party's paladin, which sort of creeped him out a little in and of itself because he still thought the messenger was a boy at the time. I remember he said the wrong thing to the kid and she took offense to it, and ran off crying. Giving the paladin an evil look, the party's rogue went off after him(her) to try to console the kid.

    As the adventure got rolling, the church bells at the town square rang, signaling the end of the work day but strangely keep on ringing and ringing, causing the PCs' vision to blur and sense of hearing to distort. They eventually blacked out from the vertigo. When they awoke, the company's warehouse where they were operating at the time looked to be abandoned for a good many years. The PCs would hear the sound of a young person crying and sniffling within the dark confines of the warehouse, but could never locate the source of the strange sound. The paladin PC was more than a little disturbed by this, and could detect traces of evil here and there but nothing specific.

    When they went outside, it was perpetual night and fog shrouded the city, and it appeared to be snowing. While it was cold, it turned out to be ash, and it covered the entire town, which looked to be deserted as well with not a soul in sight. While trying to figure out what had happened to themselves and the city, the PCs decided it wasn't safe to stay at the warehouse and headed in the direction of the cathedral. To get there, they had to cross the bridge over the river that cut through the center of the city. When they got to the river, the bridge had long since collapsed, but a strange cable car-like system had been rigged in its place with ropes and a mill where they were connected.

    Inside the mill, it looked like pack animals were used to pull the wooden wheel (covered with dried blood) to operate the cable-car and a strange buzzing noise like that of flies. A large winged shape amongst the rafters panicked the PCs into shooting blindly with arrows and bolts, and they struck a winged goblin/gargoyle creature based on Gratch from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series (which hunted by using blood-flies to hone in on prey, as I recall). It didn't attack them, just startled them, and as it turns out, the creature was with child, if you can call it that, which made the PCs feel somewhat guilty in the end (the buzzing of the flies did make them nervous for a bit). After healing it, they eventually befriended the beast (although it couldn't speak, it seemed intelligent enough to understand what they wanted) and it even agreed to push the wheel (it being the only thing strong enough to) and let the party cross the river. As they were traveling over it, they saw disturbing faces staring up at them from the swift, foaming waters, beckoning the PCs to join them.

    Along the way, they would meet an old crone who had taken up residence in the town square. She was robed and always had her hood up, and her face veiled and well hidden. The only thing showing were her hands, one of which was gnarled and twisted as one would come to expect from old age, but the other was youthful, smooth, and fair. She would speak in a hissing whisper and one couldn't exactly gauge her age from it alone. The PCs found her appearance (or lack thereof) more than a little disconcerting, not to mention her underling, a slavering, nasty bug-eyed creature who shared more than a passing resemblance and demeanor to Gollum (who was in reality once the halfling co-manager of the shipping company, although the PCs never really figured this out). For reasons known only to itself, it kept wanting to murder the party every chance it got, and was trailing after them for a while (always in the shadows and out of sight, none except the party rogue would hear or catch glimpses of it), but the crone restrained it, if barely. The party would find out that she was the shaman's daughter that they had met when she was a child.

    Well, that was a bit longer than I thought it would be. There are a few more disturbing events at the cathedral, but I wrote enough as it is. But basically, I took a few ideas from the Silent Hill series of games, and gave them a D&D twist. No zombies though, but ghosts and not so friendly blood-fly monsters were another matter. A shame the campaign didn't last long enough to get into the real meat and potatoes of the cultists who were behind the strange goings-on in town.

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    I know this thread is more horror-related, but I was thinking of past creepy NPCs that we've encountered. Sometime just encountering an obvious slimeball is enough to creep me out. A good example was in last night's game. KidCharlemagne has an NPC named Red who we started to refer to as "Ron Howards' Brother." He had horrible mannerisms, was just oily, bootlicking and subtly menancing in a dirty-old-man sort of way. He spoke in this nasally voice that reminded me vaguely of the Pat character from Saturday Night Live. For some reason, this character just made me shudder every time someone had to deal with him.

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    I like the idea of changing skum so that they are humans that are altered in the adult form (and the offspring of other skum) so that some features remain. To make it even more disturbing, have it so that skum are tiny and each human is broken down into dozens of skum via the creature swarm template in Advanced Bestiary. Think of faces you recognize on little fish people that are trying to gut and eat you. San d3/d10.

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