The Blade of Phoee (Updated 12/08/08)
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    The Blade of Phoee (Updated 12/08/08)


    Translated from The Book of Phoee

    And whence the mother came is of no import,
    Her bright beauty caused the darkness to flee.
    Her light, her love, the brightest cord,
    Killed the darkness; melted the ice; created the Sea.

    The last of the dying races,
    Adopted as her own blood,
    Given rule over all the places,
    The power to do what they could.

    The old peoples were reborn and spread,
    Except for the human race.
    But old rivalries returned, many now new became dead.
    The last man, now god, refused his kind a place.

    The Mother birthed a true god,
    To quench the fires of hate.
    A god from whence all the others trod,
    A god once divided, continued to mate.

    A pantheon of power was born,
    Hatred slaughtered the last man
    And still the adopted gave no heed only scorn.
    From the ashes, darkness rose again.

    Humanity was created in the fires of death,
    Led by a malicious being bent by power.
    By his hand, the other Gods released their last breath
    And brought the world into its final hour.
    “Aye! And we weren’t more ‘an one naut from Norsae when the sky caught fire! Ach! Don’t laugh, boys! I tell ye’ a truth. I swear it on Cahsa herself. The clouds burst into flames an’ the sea screamed.

    “Dammit, stop laughing! Norsae was ripperd right out ‘e ocean! I could ‘ear Phoee cryin’. A painful wail it was.

    “Then. Then, Cahsa turned on us an smashed ‘e ship. If’n the mage hadn’t teleported me out…I’d have…the rest of me boys…we’d all…

    “Cahsa ate ‘em alive.”

    -Danbury Smalls, Former Captain of the Lost Cahsa’s Wave and current drunk


    What follows is a story set on the homebrewed continent of Norum da Salaex....

    I have began the conversion between this thread and .pdf. The first .pdf with the Preludes and Interlude within is located on the sixth page of this thread, first post (You must have Adobe Reader 6.0 or newer to read). Enjoy!

    EDIT: I added the .pdf of Chapter 1 today (9/23). Its on page 6 as well. Enjoy!


    P.S. I’m not abandoning my first story hour to do this but sometimes, we all need a break.
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