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    The Yahoo Group @ has a non-current word .doc. You can also read the compiled thread @

    From what I understand, you can also print/save/etc. via the thread tools or somesuch??


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    I realize I wasn't here during the really lean times, when it was a year between updates, but I'm beginning to fear for this SH. What do people think, will Sep return to it? Maybe it's time to let go? (And dammit, it shouldn't hurt so much to say that about an SH!)

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    As you said, some times it's been a longer wait between updades. I think Sep still hasn't forgotten us. Do not despair.
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    I'm curious about something. When you talk about "letting go" of this Story Hour, does it really require an investment of energy to click on the Story Hour message board every so often to see which threads have recently had new posts? I mean, if you did decide to "let go" of it, what would you be saving yourself?

    I'm still waiting and hoping for updates from Halmae, Sagiro's SH, and the Defenders of Daybreak, to say nothing of some less famous but equally long-since-posting Story Hours. It doesn't cause me stress to wait; instead, if they did happen to update, it'd be a happy surprise.

    Sorry. Yours is just a reaction I see pretty frequently on this message board, and I genuinely don't understand it.

    (But then, I'm also working on my third full read of Sep's Tales of Wyre, so my cred as an obsessive is pretty solid.)

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    Hyperbolic, melodramatic defense ahoy!

    Of course, Shieldhaven, if you're going to be rational about it...
    If anything, you're saving yourself the anxious waiting, the self-delusional hopes and the disappointments.

    I realize that this probably sounds insane to any well-adjusted person who has his priorities straight, and it's largely hyperbolic, but there's something to it. Keeping up with various story hours in perpetuity causes you no stress at all? Great, I should be so lucky. For me at least, and I'd hazard for at least a few others, it would be sad and frustrating not to know the conclusion to this great and long-running narrative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shieldhaven
    does it really require an investment of energy to click on the Story Hour message board every so often to see which threads have recently had new posts?


    Or you could simply subscribe to the thread and get daily email updates without ever needing to click on the Story Hour message board - that's what I do.

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    Na, it's all good when us fans of Sep's post in here. This has been some of the best fantasy fiction I've ever read topping Martin in my opinion. Even if Sep never updates this thread again it's cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Son_of_Thunder
    topping Martin in my opinion.
    Since Martin is terrible, that's not saying much!

    I kid, I kid. Though I may be the only person in the world who dislikes his writing.

    As always Sep, this is great stuff and I hope to read more in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodKingJayIII
    Though I may be the only person in the world who dislikes his writing.
    I think Martin's writing is adequate. It's his storytelling that is hateful and misanthropic. But I digress....

    Sep was last seen on the boards "today" (who, me, a stalker?), so he hasn't completely forsaken us. Maybe he is busy playing (not DMing) 4e, and it's so much fun he hasn't had time to write story updates.

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    Hey guys,

    Do any of you know if Sep is doing any professional (paid) writing? It may be the reason for lack of updates.

    Authors of popular story hours sometimes get snapped up by enterprising publishers looking for talent, which then limits the time they have to write the story hour that got them noticed in the first place. It's a vicious circle, I know.

    I would have a hard time believing that Sep was not at least approached by a number of different publishers.


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