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    Probably one of those moments of player epiphany that wreck a DM's plans


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    Or player paranoia.

    I know if I'd just pulled off that amount of stuff, I'd be terrified it could all unravel - and probably to the point of shoot first/ justify afterwards.

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    IIRC This is the way they implement what they learned through the web of motes after their boosted intellect and foresight fades away. Little deja vu's and revelations with some familiarity to them.

    Mostin stood there and had a deja vu with an earlier experience, namely one he unravelled from the web of motes concerning the soneillon mote and the interaction it had with his in this certain scenario.

    They don't RP through everything they learn from the web, all the questions etc cause its simply impossible to ask and relate like a 120 intellect 89328293892389239823 spellcraft max buffed crazy ubermage. They just have the players ask certain immediate things and the DM/Sep just gives them these things once he's like "ok you saw this and this during your web of most experience that time" or some remnant there of like this feeling.

    Correct me if im wrong .
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    Oh, and another thing that deserves to be remembered in very clear terms.

    Mostin. Is. INSANE.

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    Plus, it was IMO the best course of action even without knowledge of the future. The ritual was what Mostin needed Soneillon for, anyway (mostly). So why taking that risk...?
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    When I read it, I thought the twitch of Mostin's tentacle indicated the prescience was part of his pseudonatural power. After all, he is the master diviner, ripper of secrets from beyond the cosmos.
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    at the end of it, naked and humiliated, Graz'zt was confined within a ten-inch globe of adamant.

    This is the perfect complement to my favorite line from the story hour, from very early on, when Eadric, Mostin, Nwm, and Ortwin eliminated Rurunoth:

    Throughout, Rurunoth threatened, and cajoled, and entreated, and pleaded, and finally begged.

    YOU MUST MAKE AN OFFER, he screamed.

    "Why?" Asked Eadric.

    WHAT DO YOU WANT? Terror, now.

    "Nothing from you." The Paladin said. In a moment of clear certainty, the fear fell from Eadric as he looked at the forces arrayed against the demon. There was no way that Rurunoth could prevail against them, even if the spell failed and the circle broke. The demon would flee, if he had the chance, or be cut down in a matter of seconds otherwise.

    "You are nothing," said Eadric.

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    Great update!

  • #689 I can understand why Nwn is so pissed off...the celestials took the greatest miracle he has ever created and transformed it into a mass-brainwash

    And I am sorry about the fact that Soneillon decided to turn coat...although she is absolutely evil, I somehow sympathize with her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightbreeze View Post
    And I am sorry about the fact that Soneillon decided to turn coat...although she is absolutely evil, I somehow sympathize with her.
    A Charisma of 50 will do that to you.

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