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    Painting Miniatures Guide

    Painting Miniatures Guide

    Greetings! In the last few weeks a number of folks have asked for advice on basic painting. I firmly believe it is possible not only for anyone to paint miniature to a table top level, but to rapidly increase their skills in the hobby with just a bit of dedication. I hope this thread can serve as a sort of table of contents for folks and if you think there are some links I should add, please post them!

    Basic Painting
    Games Workshop’s Tutorial has a few useful articles. Naturally, they are trying to sell you some product, but it still is solid advice from an industry leader.
    Tools and Brushes
    Spray Primering
    Step-by-step tutorials for various models

    J.D. Wiker has some decent basic tips to get you started
    Miniatures 101
    Miniatures 102
    Miniatures 103
    Miniatures 104

    Sven Adrian has a different technique worthy of consideration on coolminiornot:
    Step-by-step painting Easterlings

    Jakob Nielsen has a solid step-by-step tutorial of a GW Chaos Warrior:
    JRN Chaos Warrior step-by-step

    Mike Kan mostly paints GW, but he paints pretty quickly and has lots of tips for painting lots of clean, well done, table top standard figures quickly:
    Mike Kan Paint

    Paint References
    Totengraber has begun a really cool paint database that gives swatches and matching colors for other lines of paint. Still a bit of a work in progress, but very cool!
    Totengraber's Paint Database

    One of my favorite painters is Jenova! Who is very generous with her knowledge.
    Jenova!’s site - has not updated in ages.

    Thierry Husser a very skilled painter who does mostly Rackham stuff has posted an excellent full color chart of his NMM fomulas:
    Color chart for NMM

    Total Model has a nice basic article on the uses of acryllic inks:
    Painting with Inks

    Jakob Rune Nielsen has won numerous Golden Demons and posts an excellent tutorial on painting metallics:
    JRN Metallics Tutorial

    Shading Metallics
    Shading Metallics by Automaton
    Shading Metallics by Jabberwocky

    MIG Productions has produced a cool article on using dry pigments to weather metallics.
    Using Colored Pigment Powder to Weather Metallics and More!

    Oz Painters has a solid thread on using transparent glazes to blend - he calls them juices.
    Juices for blending

    Here is a cool article on dipping figures in poly stain for speed painting. I have used it on Eastern Indians to great effect!

    The Army Painter is a company that produces a ton of stuff for speed painting. They have three kinds of dips, base spray paints, base terrain, and now a new line of paints. The site hosts a number of "how-to" articles. I've used their products for painting historicals and it is good stuff. They are a worthy resource for those looking to paint a lot of troops quickly!

    Jen Haley is the queen of painting without peer in the states. Her painting a face article is particularly helpful!
    new page her articles thus far:
    Painting Faces
    Painting Freehands
    Choosing & Using Brushes

    Reaper has a tutorial on painting eyes by Darin Hlavaz. Thanks Lord Tirian for the scoop.
    Eye Tutorial

    Necromancer Tales brings us a lot of cool tutorials including this one on scratch built wings.
    Scratch Built Wings


    ZaPhOd's has a neat tutorial on painting translucent gems:
    Complex Gems

    Lighting Effects
    Iron Halo has a very interesting article on painting a blue lighting effect:
    Blue Lighting Effect

    Darkstar over at Reaper's message board does some of the most awesome hair I have ever seen. He explains his techinique in this thread:
    Hair tutorial.

    Veni Vidi Vici has an excellent section on painting horses:
    Painting Horses on VVV

    Texturing Granite article on Hot Lead:
    Texturing Granite

    Textured Wood
    An article over on on painting textured wood:
    Painting Textured Wood

    Frank the DM's Marble bases
    Quick and easy marble bases

    Make bases like Rackham
    Rackham style corkbase

    Brush Thralls outstanding bases
    Bases on Brushthralls

    I have found articles on the net to be very helpful, but one other resource that should be employed is message boards like Reaper’s where excellent painters are always anxious to share their knowledge. When I have more time I will further organize links into techniques, but this certainly is more than enough to get someone started!

    Have fun!
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