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    Shards of Memory Rogue's Gallery

    Welcome to the Shards of Memory Rogue's Gallery folks! post your characters here, following the format of my example character, more or less:

    Alyria Z'Avani, Arcanist of the Cerulean Kiss
    Female Altanian Arcanist 13

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 94 lbs
    Hair: Cyan
    Eyes: Sapphire-Blue
    Age: 30 (apparent human age: 20)

    Strength 10 (+0) [10 base]
    Dexterity 14 (+2) [14 base]
    Constitution 20 (+3) [16 base, +4 Enhancement from Sash]
    Intelligence 31 (+7) or 35 (+9) [18 base, +4 Racial, +3 Level 4,8,12, +6 Enhancement from Crown, +4 for Arcanist Spells from Spellcasting Prodigy and Altanian Prodigy]
    Wisdom 6 [8 base, -2 Racial]
    Charisma 26 or 30 (+7) [16 base, +6 Racial, +4 Enhancement Bonus from Shift, +4 for Arcanist Spells from Spellcasting Prodigy, and Altanian Prodigy]

    Hit Dice 2d4+10
    HP: 17 [4 + 3 + 10]
    AC: 33 [10 base, +2 Dex, +10 Armour, +6 Shield, +5 Deflection]
    Touch AC: 17, Flat-footed AC: 31
    Init: +6 [+2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative]
    BAB: +6/+1
    Melee Attack: +1/-4 [+6 base, -5 Armour-check Penalty]
    Ranged Attack: +3/-2 [+6 base, +2 Dex, -5 Armour-check Penalty]
    Speed: 30 ft

    Fortitude +14 [+4 base, +5 Con, +5 Resistance from Mantle]
    Reflex +11 [+4 base, +2 Dex, +5 Resistance from Mantle]
    Will +11 [+8 base, -2 Wis, +5 Resistance from Mantle]

    Spellcasting Prodigy (Arcanist) [Altanian Racial ability]
    Altanian Prodigy (Arcanist) [Altanian Bonus Feat]
    Spell Focus (Enchantment) [Arcanist 1st]
    Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment) [1st-level]
    Empower Spell [3rd-level]
    Spell Penetration [6th-level]
    Improved Initiative [9th-level]
    Quicken Spell [10th-level]
    Greater Spell Penetration [12th-level]


    Appraise +10 or +12 [0 ranks +10 Int, +2 Synergy from Craft (Alchemy) for alchemical items]
    Bluff +24 [16 ranks, +8 Cha]
    Concentration +21 [16 ranks, +5 Con]
    Craft (Alchemy) +26 [16 ranks, +10 Int]
    Diplomacy +15 or +16 [3.0 ranks, +8 Cha, +2 Synergy from Bluff, +2 Synergy from Sense Motive, 2 Synergy from Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty, Altania) in Altania]
    Disguise +8 or +10 [0 ranks, +8 Cha, +2 Synergy from Disguise to act in character]
    Intimidate +10 [0 ranks, +8 Cha, +2 Synergy from Bluff]
    Knowledge (Arcana) +26 [16 ranks, +10 Int]
    Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty, Altania) +15 [5 ranks, +10 Int]
    Knowledge (Spelljamming) +26 [16 ranks, +10 Int]
    Knowledge (The Planes) +26 [16 ranks, +10 Int]
    Knowledge (The Spheres) +26 [16 ranks +10 Int]
    Profession (Spelljammer) +0 [0 ranks, -2 Wis, +2 Synergy from Knowledge (Spelljamming)]
    Sense Motive +3 [5.0 ranks, -2 Wis]
    Sleight of Hand +4 [0 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Synergy from Bluff]
    Spellcraft +28 [16 ranks, +10 Int, +2 Synergy from Knowledge (Arcana)]
    Survival -2 or +0 [0 ranks, -2 Wis, +2 Synergy from Knowledge (The Planes) on other planes]

    Languages: Altanian, Eldish, Seelie, Byblan, High Praetorian, Melodian, Feldori, Valsian

    Class and Racial Abilities:

    Altanian Abilities- +4 INT -2 WIS +4 CHA, Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Spellcasting Prodigy, Arcane Armour Proficiency

    Arcanist Abilities- Spellcasting, Bonus Featx2, Reactive Epiphany, Major Sigil

    Spells Slots per Day: 0-10, 1-16, 2-16, 3-15, 4-15, 5-13, 6-10, 7-4
    Signature Spells: 0-9, 1-5, 2-5, 3-4, 4-4, 5-3, 6-2
    Spells Prepared: 0-4, 1-7, 2-7, 3-7, 4-7, 5-5, 6-4, 7-3
    Signature DC 17 + Spell Level or 20 + Spell Level [10 base, +7 Cha, +3 Spell Focus (Enchantment) for Enchantment spells]
    Prepared DC 22 + Spell Level or 25 + Spell Level [10 base, +12 Int, +3 Spell Focus (Enchantment) for Enchantment spells]
    Caster Level 13 or 17 [13 base, +4 Greater Spell Penetration vs SR]

    Erudite Crown of the Lost Magister (+6 Enhancement Bonus to Intelligence, 36,000 gp)
    Amaranthine Shift of the Radiant Anthousa (+6 Enhancement Bonus to Charisma, 36,000 gp)
    Sturdy Sash of the Eminent Wu Jen (+4 Enhancement Bonus to Constitution, 16,000 gp)
    Protective Mantle of the Arcane Duelist (+5 Resistance Bonus to Saving Throws, 25,000 gp)
    Altanian Spellcrystal Breastplate +5 (+10 AC, 29,200 gp)
    Rowaini Swiftsilver Buckler +5 (+6 AC, 26,015 gp)
    Ring of Repulsive Deflection (+5 Deflection Bonus to AC, 50,000 gp)

    2,000 gold in gems and jewelry

    Alyria is a beautiful Altanian arcanist, with long, unbound waves of cyan tresses falling through her platinum circlet to rest gently upon her shoulders and upper-back. Her sapphire-blue eyes sparkle with incredible intelligence, as if she is looking at you, through you, and at your deepest secrets all at once. She wears a revealing and comfortable Amaranthian shift underneath her transparent breastplate, although her waist is modestly covered by a fine Larakese sash.

    Alyria is inquisitive and charming, but sometimes distracted from the people around her by the flows of magic. Eager to try new spells, she sometimes forgets simple common sense rules of the ways the world works, but as a powerful arcanist, sometimes she is able to bend reality to match her whims.

    Alyria was born in the city of Avani, entering the school of Zhyral at a young age due to her perspicaciousness. After graduating at the top of her class, she decided to leave Altania and explore Wildspace, visiting Amaranthia and playing with the Enchantresses and Sirens, moving on to Lara Kai to meditate with the Wu Jen, and applying for a permit to briefly enter Gyaros and chat with a Praetorian Warmage. Eventually, she used her magic to uncover the secret location of the Elder Library of the Byblans, where she studied some of the tomes of lore that the race of knowledge-hungry outsiders had collected. Now she travels Wildspace still, with her Enchantment spells at the ready, but they say that this time she is looking not for arcane power but for someone with whom to share her life.

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    Yotsu Yuriko
    Female Larakese Martial Artist

    Character level: 5
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 5’ 3”
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 20 (actual 22)
    Experience: 10,750 xps

    Str: 18 (+4) [base 17, +1 level]
    Dex: 20 (+5) [base 16, +4 racial]
    Con: 15 (+2) [base 15]
    Int: 16 (+3) [base 14, +2 enhancement]
    Wis: 18 (+4) [base 14, +4 racial]
    Cha: 11 (+0) [base 11, -2 racial, +2 Taint effect]

    Class and Racial Abilities
    Larakese Abilities - +4 to Dex and Wis, -2 to Cha, Guardian Ancestral spirit, Ancestral weapon.

    Martial Artist abilitiesLight armor proficiencies, Shield proficiency, All martial weapon proficiencies and monk exotic weapon proficiencies, bonus feat x 5, flurry of blows, unarmed strike, wisdom bonus to AC(Ex), Evasion(Ex), Slow Fall(Ex), Fast Movement(Ex), Still Mind(Ex), Ki Strike (Magic) (Su), Purity of Body, AC Bonus (+1).

    Hit Dice: 10 + 4d10 (27) + 10
    HP: 47
    AC: 20 (+5 Dex + 4 Wisdom + 0 Armor + 0 shield + 1 monk bonus)
    Init: +5 (+5 Dex)
    Speed: 40 ft [30 base + 10 enhancement]

    Fort +6 [+4 base, +2 Con]
    Refl +9 [+4 base, +5 Dex]
    Will +8 [+4 base, +4 Wis]

    Save conditionals: Evasion, +2 vs. enchantment, -4 Will save vs. taint effects.

    BAB: +5
    Melee Atk: +11 Jade Katana +1 (1d10+7/19-20/x2/S) or
    Unarmed Melee Atk: +9 (1d8+4/20/x2/B) or +8/+8 (1d8+4/20/x2/B)
    Ranged Atk: +11 MW Mighty +4 Composite Longbow (1d8+4/20/x3 110ft/P)

    Attack conditionals: Extra damage vs. shadowtainted.

    Skills (48 pts Martial Artist)
    Balance +7 [0 Ranks, +5 Dex, +2 Synergy]
    Bluff -1 [0 Ranks(cc), -1 Cha]
    Concentration +2 [0 Ranks(cc), +2 Con]
    Climb +4 [0 ranks, +4 Str]
    Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) +2 [0 ranks, +3 Int]
    Decipher Script +2 [0 ranks(cc), +3 Int]
    Diplomacy* +8 [5 Ranks, -1 Cha, +2 Synergy +2 Feat]
    Escape Artist +5 [0 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Gather Information* -1 [0 Ranks(cc), -1 Cha]
    Hide +10 [5 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Intimidate* -1 [0 Ranks, -1 Cha]
    Jump +6 [0 ranks, +4 Str, +2 Synergy]
    Knowledge Arcana +4 [1 Ranks, +3 Int]
    Knowledge History +3 [0 Ranks(cc), +3 Int]
    Knowledge Religion +4 [1 rank, +3 Int]
    Knowledge Spelljamming +4 [1 Ranks, +3 Int]
    Listen +12 [8 ranks, +4 Wis]
    Move Silently +10 [5 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Perform -1 [0 ranks, -1 Cha]
    Search* +3 [0 ranks(cc), +3 Int]
    Sense Motive* +14 [8 Ranks, +4 Wis +2 Feat]
    Spot +12 [8 Ranks, +4 Wis]
    Swim +4 [0 ranks, +4 Str]
    Tumble +11 [6 ranks +5 Dex]

    Stunning Fist [Character 1st] (5 times)
    Combat Reflexes [MA Bonus 1st]
    Dodge [MA Bonus 2nd]
    Improved Trip [MA Bonus 3rd]
    Negotiator [Character 3rd] (+2 Diplomacy and Sense Motive)
    Defensive Throw [MA Bonus 4th]
    Mobility [MA Bonus 5th]

    Languages: Larakese, Eldish, Rowaini.

    MW Mighty +4 Composite Longbow (800gp, 3 lbs.)
    Arrows [Qty. 80] (4 gp, 12 lbs.)
    Jade Katana +1 Ancestral Daisho (2,100gp, 6 lbs.)
    Silver Headband of Intellect +2 (5,000 gps)
    Locket of Character (Eagle’s Splendor 1/day for 30 minutes) – gift from Ayame
    [b]Potions – CLW (5) – gift from Ayame

    Bedroll (5sp, 5 lbs)
    Backpack (2 gp, 2 lbs.)
    Acid (2 flasks) 20gp
    Waterskin 1gp
    50 ft. silk rope 10gp
    Three books (poetry, history, philosophy) 45 gp
    Paper (10 sheets) 4gp
    Parchement (20 sheets) 4gp
    Ink (three vials) 24gp
    Inkpen 1gp
    Trail rations (20 days worth) 10gp
    Belt pouch 1gp
    Explorer’s outfit 0gp Total Cost: [9,532.5 gp]

    150 gp, 5 sp

    Notes – None at this time.

    Appearance: A small, unassuming woman wearing a dark grey kimono. Her once pretty face is ruined by a scar that runs from her right ear to edge of her mouth. Her black hair is worn up in a warrior’s braid, except for the sides which are banged in hopes of covering her scar. The bangs stay out of her eyes with the help of a thin silver circlet, that rests high on her forehead. She wears a katana in a black obi and powerful looking yari over her shoulder.

    Personality: Fortunately for others, the scars Yuriko suffered in her youth have not scarred her personality . . . much. She is polite and quiet, looking to help others whenever she can. Large or overbearing people frighten her without even trying. She still has a habit of darting her eyes, when there’s a noise or she’s scared – perhaps the scars affect her more than she lets on. Knowledge of the martial arts has deterred a number of people who only see a woman to be taken advantage of.

    Early Background/Origins: Yuriko was born into a family of mystery, at least to her. As a newborn in the Yotsu family, a member of the Dog clan on the world of Xarata, Yuriko only knew that she that she seldom saw her parents. An only child, Yuriko was often left into the care of the heimin who worked the villa while her parents traveled. Yuriko was happy, needed little, and looked within herself to be entertained. One of her ancestors, an young woman known as Tao, frequently visited the little girl and instructed her, admonished her when she’d been bad, and generally became her friend.

    At seven years old, after a particularly enjoyable evening with her parents at Noh theatre, the family returned to a quiet and unlit home. Sensing trouble, her father instructed her to hide in a closet while her father and mother investigated. Doing as she was told, noises from all froze her in place as attackers crashed through the walls and attacked her parents. The fighting was furious, and Yuriko could do nothing but watch, unmoving. Just when she was shocked into action by her father’s orders again to get into the closet, a vicious backswing from someone’s blade caught Yuriko in the side of the face cutting her from ear to mouth. With a startled cry, she heard the voice of Tao instructing her to sleep . . . and she did.

    She awoke in the care of friendly monks and was trained in their ways until adulthood. Yuriko has taken well to their training – the loss in her life creating the mentality to excel at her training.

    Recent Background: .

    Side Notes: .

    Web information: The Guardian Spirit will sometimes appear on its own to provide advice, but usually it needs to be contacted via a ritual involving incense and a focus that belonged to or symbolises the spirit, in which case it can provide blessings or advice as well.

    The Ancestral Weapon can be enhanced by a ceremony like the Samurai's Ancestral Daisho in Oriental Adventures.
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    Kirkesh, Dolathi Swashbuckler


    Name: Kirkesh
    Class: Swashbuckler
    Race: Dolathi
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Depends on Mood
    Alignment: CG
    Str: 13 +1 (13)     Level: 5        XP: 10250/10000
    Dex: 18 +4 (16)     BAB: +5         HP: 47 (5d10+5)
    Con: 13 +1 (13)     Grapple: +6     
    Int: 20 +5 (18)     Speed: 40'      
    Wis: 10 +0 (12)     Init: +4        
    Cha: 18 +4 (16)     ACP: 0          
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +2    +0    +4    +0    +0    +5    21
    Touch: 19              Flatfooted: 21
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +1          +5
    Ref:                       4    +4          +8
    Will:                      1    +0          +1
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    MW Rapier                 +10     1d6+1*    18-20x2
    MW Comp Longbow (110')    +10     1d8         20x3
    Dagger                    +9      1d4+1*    19-20x2
    *Precicse Strike                 +1D6+5
    Eldish, Larakese, Larakese Handspeak, Altanian, Rowaini, Narlse, Seelie, Conasan, Vaerysh, Tralg, High Praetorian
    Dolathi Racial Abilities
    -Metamorph: Morph traits +2/0/0, +2/+2/-2, or +4/-2/-2, Alter Self (Small or Medium)
    -Humanoid Abberation
    -Darkvision 60'
    Canny Defense: May add Int to AC when unarmored as dodge bonus, max swashbuckler level
    Evasion: Reflex saves for half damage instead save for none
    Precise Strike: +1D6 Dmg applied as if by Sneak Attack (concerning who it effects), only when using Weapon Finesse.
    Insightful Strike: Precise Strike adds Int bonus to dmg.
    Uncanny Dodge: Only flatfooted when immobilized.
    1 Master Linguist (One bonus language per level)
    S1 Weapon Finesse
    S2 Dodge
    3 Mobility
    S4 Roofwalker
    Skill Points: 80       Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Balance                    5    +4   +2     +11
    Bluff                      6    +4          +10
    Climb                      5    +1          +6
    Diplomacy                  5    +4   +4     +13
    Disguise		   2    +4   +2     +8(+ Racial)
    Escape Artist              2    +4   +2     +8
    Gather Info                3    +4          +7
    Hide                       3    +4          +7
    Intimidate                 3    +4   +2     +9
    Jump                       6    +1   +11*   +18
    KN: The Spheres            4    +5          +9
    Listen                     4    +0          +4
    Move Silently              3    +4          +7
    Perform: Dance             2    +4          +6
    Prof: Spelljammer          5    +0          +5
    Search                     3    +5          +8
    Sense Motive               5    +0          +5
    Spot                       4    +0          +4
    Tumble                     5    +4    +2    +11
    Use Rope                   5    +4          +9
    *+5 for boots, +4 for base speed, +2 for Tumble Synergy
    Equipment:                       Cost  Weight
    Bracers of Armor +2		8000	
    Morphing Clothes		3600	
    Boots,Springing & Striding	11000	
    MW Rapier			640	2
    MW Rapier			640	2
    MW Comp Longbow			800	3
    3 Foodstuffs			30	3
    Backpack			4	2
    Bedroll				1	5
    50' Silk Rope			20	5
    Dagger				4	1
    20 Arrows			2	3
    Whetstone			2	1
    2 Waterskins			4	8
    Total Weight:35lb      Money: 253 Credits
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                50    100    150   150   750
    Age: 57
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Eyes: ?
    Hair: ?
    Skin: ?
    Kirkesh has many forms, but they are almost always extremely attractive for whatever it is. While Kirkesh tends to assume the form of a human male, he enjoys using his human female form from time to time, and will change into other races when he wants to remain less conspicuous.

    His favorite human male form has short black hair, and piercing blue eyes. Usually he is of an average size, with a well toned body and dressed fashionably, with clothes that accentuate his figure while retaining his mobility.

    His favorite human female form has long red hair, often tied back or up, and lively green eyes. She is usually taller and well perportioned with trim athletic figure. Again, she is always dressed fashionably, with clothing that accentuates her figure while retaining her mobility.

    Other forms are rare and vary.

    Kirkesh is probably best described as a good hearted hedonist. Sure he sails the spheres on a whim, looking for the next good time. Sure he rides the edge for the rush and experience. Sure he’ll bed anyone that’s willing and able. But behind the smooth personality, the thrill seeking, and the reckless libido, he’s got a good heart, and a soft spot for the plight of others.

    Kirkesh was born on Eldiz, but managed to stow away to Rowain at an early age. While inspired by the noble Champions, he always found ways around the self sacrifice. Even when young, he had a nose for getting into trouble, and learned to use terrain and the city-scape to elude pursuers. Combined with his attempted combat training, Kirkesh became the model swashbuckler, charming his way though life and into bedrooms across Rowain. He had even made a small name for himself as the “Protector of the Night”, protecting innocent citizens (usually particularly attractive ones) from bandits wandering the city.

    But Kirkesh knew there was more to life than just what was on Rowain. New experiences to behold, new species to meet, strange mating rituals to learn and partake in. So as soon as he could, he signed on to a spelljamming ship. He took to the life of a sailor well, as it fit well with his swashbuckler motif and skills. He took the time to learn new languages, so he could talk himself out of (or in some cases, into) trouble. Occasionally he resumed his “Protector of the Night” shtick, but in general he would see the world, romance the inhabitants, and push the limits of his experience. His only guide to his life has been that he refuses to do his thing knowingly at the expense of others. While he is not always successful in this, it is one of the few codes he continues to struggle to live by, back from his days of admiration of the Knights.

    Kirkesh took a great interest in Amaranthia, which seemed like the perfect place to experience all that he could. He managed to make his way there, and spent several years floating around the planet, posing as several different species, experiencing the incredible pleasures of the planet. There, there was little need for his “Protector of the Night” persona, and it gave him a smooth change of pace. However, he is a wanderer at heart, and he eventually did leave the planet to travel the spheres again.

    Kirkesh enjoys the freedom of his life and his race. It’s allowed him to test his limits and enjoy pleasures that few other races could ever dream of. He has earned a reputation in the spelljamming community as a competent and hard worker aboard a ship, and have never had a problem finding a ship to serve on when he’s ready to move on.

    HP: 10+10+9+5
    L1: Master Linguist
    L1S: Weapon Finesse
    L2S: Dodge
    L3: Mobility
    L4 S: Roofwalker

    L5 -> swashbuckler HP: 9 (8+1 SP: 10 (6+4)
    Disguise +2, Escape Artist +2, Listen +1, Spot +1, Jump +1, Bluff +1, Sense Motive +2)
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    Zaeryn T'Erilan, Male Altanian Arcanist

    Zaeryn T'Erilan
    Zaeryn T'Erilan
    Male Altanian Arcanist 5
    Experience Points (required): 14,625 (15,000 for 6th level)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Homeworld: Vanarca

    Height: 5’1”
    Weight: 129lbs
    Eyes: Cobalt-Blue (deep blue to greenish-blue)
    Hair: Cerulean (deep blue)
    Age: 27 (apparent human age: 18)

    Strength 11 (+0) [11 base]
    Dexterity 15 (+2) [15 base]
    Constitution 16 (+3) [16 base]
    Intelligence 24 (+7) [17 base, +4 racial, +1 level (4), +2 enhancement]
    Wisdom 12 (+1) [14 base, -2 racial]
    Charisma 20 {19} (+5) {+4} [16 base, +4 racial] {currently 1 point of Charisma drain}
    Alterations due to ability drain in Red.

    Class and Racial Abilities
    +4 Int, -2 Wis, +4 Cha; Bonus Feat (racial); Bonus Skill; Spellcasting Prodigy; Arcane Armour Proficiency; Weapons & Armour: Wizard weapons, no armour or shields; Spellcasting; Bonus Feat (arcanist); Sigil of Power 1/day (+1 CL); Reactive Epiphany

    Armour Class: 12 (10 base, +2 Dex) [touch 12, flat-footed 10]
    Armour Check Penalty: 0
    Arcane Spell Failure: 0%
    Hit Dice: 5d4+15 (4,3,2,3,2)
    Hit Points: 29
    Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)
    Speed: 30 feet

    Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +2/+2

    +2 melee [1d4; 19-20/x2; piercing or slashing; dagger]

    +4 ranged [1d8; 19-20/x2; 80 feet; piercing; light crossbow]
    +4 ranged spells

    Fortitude +6 [+1 base, +3 Con, +2 resistance]
    Reflex +5 [+1 base, +2 Dex, +2 resistance]
    Will +7 [+4 base, +1 Wis, +2 resistance]

    Skills (66 points; max ranks: 8/4)
    Bluff +10 {+9} [5 ranks, +5 {+4} Cha]
    Concentration +10 [7 ranks, +3 Con]
    Decipher Script +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Diplomacy +7 {+6} [0 ranks (cc), +5 {+4} Cha, +2 synergy Bluff]
    Disguise +5 {+4} or +7 {+6} (act in character) [0 ranks (cc), +5 {+4} Cha, +2 synergy Bluff]
    Intimidate +7 {+6} [0 ranks (cc), +5 {+4} Cha, +2 synergy Bluff]
    Knowledge (arcana) +14 [7 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (architecture & engineering) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (spelljamming) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (the planes) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (the spheres) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Perform (dance) +7 {+6} [2 ranks (cc), +5 {+4} Cha]
    Perform (sing) +6 {+5} [1 rank (cc), +5 {+4} Cha]
    Profession (spelljammer) +3 [0 ranks, +1 Wis, +2 synergy Knowledge (spelljamming)]
    Search +7 or +9 (secret doors) [0 ranks (cc), +7 Int, +2 synergy Knowledge (architecture & engineering)]
    Spellcraft +17 [8 ranks, +7 Int, +2 synergy Knowledge (arcana)]
    Use Magic Device +9 {+8} or +13 {+12} (scrolls) [4 ranks (cc), +5 {+4} Cha, +4 synergy Decipher Script & Spellcraft]

    Added last level (9 points): Perform (dance) 2 ranks (cc), Perform (sing) 1 rank (cc), Spellcraft 1 rank, UMD 1 rank (cc).

    Spellcasting Prodigy (arcanist) [Altanian racial]
    Altanian Prodigy (arcanist) [Altanian bonus]
    Silent Spell [1st level Arcanist]
    Eschew Materials [1st level]
    Still Spell [3rd level]

    Altanian, Byblan, Draconic, Eldish, High Praetorian, Larakese

    Spells Per Day (10/14/10/5{4}) [Intelligence 28 and Charisma 24 {23} for Bonus Spells and Save DCs]

    Signature Spells (6/4/2); Save DC (Cha) = 17 {16} + spell level
    0-level -- arcane mark, detect magic, light, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic
    1st-level -- comprehend languages, low-light vision, magic missile, shield
    2nd-level -- darkvision, scorching ray

    Prepared Spells (4/5/4/3); Save DC (Int) = 19 + spell level
    0-level -- Alyria's mystic hourglass, dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation
    1st-level -- color spray, enlarge person, hold portal, mage armor, orb of sound (lesser)
    2nd-level -- earthbind, invisibility, knock, Melf’s acid arrow
    3rd-level -- fly, resonating bolt, slow

    0-level (all+1) -- acid splash, Alyria's mystic hourglass, arcane mark, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, flare, ghost sound, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue
    1st-level (11+1) -- burning hands, color spray, enlarge person, erase, fist of stone, hold portal, identify, mage armour, magic weapon, orb of sound (lesser), ray of enfeeblement, silent image
    2nd-level (6) -- continual flame, earthbind, invisibility, knock, Melf’s acid arrow, shatter
    3rd-level (3) -- fly, resonating bolt, slow

    Silver denotes spells learned by Reactive Epiphany.

    Spells from Complete Arcane: fist of stone, orb of sound (lesser), low-light vision, resonating bolt.
    Spell from the Draconomicon: earthbind.

    Spells added at last level: Signature (1. comprehend languages, 2. darkvision), Spellbook (3. fly, resonating bolt, slow).

    Additional Spellbook(s)
    From helmsman on derelict ship...
    0-level -- all common PH cantrips
    1st-level -- charm person, grease, mage armour, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shield, summon monster I, unseen servant

    Dagger [1 lb]
    Light Crossbow [4 lb]
    10 Bolts [1 lb]
    Courtier’s Outfit (midnight-blue with silver symbols)
    Signet Ring (from his mage college) [0 lb]
    Circlet of Intellect +2 [0 lb]
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (maroon) [1 lb]

    Mage’s Satchel (as Heward’s Handy Haversack) [5 lb]
    -- Bedroll [5 lb]
    -- Blanket, Winter [3 lb]
    -- Case, Scroll [0.5 lb]
    -- Courtier’s Outfit (black with gold symbols) [6 lb]
    -- Courtier’s Outfit (deep black-green with copper symbols) [6 lb]
    -- Crystal Goblet (2) [1 lb]
    -- Everburning Torch [1 lb] (self made)
    -- Erilan Wines
    xx -- Erilan Firewine (3 bottles) [4.5 lb]
    xx -- Erilan Swirlwine (3 bottles) [4.5 lb]
    xx -- Pearlescent White (2 bottles) [3 lb]
    xx -- Ruby Kiss (2 bottles) [3 lb]
    -- Flint & Steel [0 lb]
    -- Hourglass [1 lb]
    -- Mirror, Small Steel [0.5 lb]
    -- Money (coins), in a belt pouch (13 gp, 16 sp, 8 cp) [0.74 lb + 0.5 lb (pouch)]
    -- Money (gems), in a small cloth bag (250 gp in various gems)
    xx Note: Potions marked with (f) denote they are from the family workshop in Erilan
    -- Potion, Disguise Self (f) {marked as such in Altanian} [0 lb]
    -- Potion, Fox’s Cunning (f) {marked as such in Altanian} [0 lb]
    -- Potion, Invisibility (f) {marked as such in Altanian} [0 lb]
    -- Potions, Unlabeled (3) (f) [0 lb]
    -- Prophecy on Papyrus (folded in half) [0 lb]
    -- Rations, Trail (10 days) [10 lb]
    -- Rope, Silk (50 feet) [5 lb]
    -- Spellbook [3 lb]
    -- Spell Foci (two of each simple focus are carried, one on his person if signature/prepared)
    -- Spell Materials (no expensive material components are carried at this time except gems, doesn’t need simple components)
    -- Waterskin [4 lb]
    -- Whetstone [1 lb]
    -- Writing Materials
    xx -- Inkpen [0 lb]
    xx -- Ink (2 vials) [0 lb]
    xx -- Papyrus (24 sheets) [0 lb]
    -- Weight Carried in Satchel [75.24 lb of 120 lb]

    Weight Carried: 12 lb

    Carrying Capacity [11 Strength]
    Light: 38 lb. or less; Medium: 39-76 lb.; Heavy: 77-115 lb.;
    Lift (over head): 115 lb.; Lift (off ground): 230 lb.; Drag: 575 lb.

    263 gp, 16 sp, 8 cp (in coins & gems)

    Zaeryn is a handsome short slender man, with straight shoulder-length cerulean hair ornamented by a silver circlet. His cobalt-blue eyes show remarkable intelligence and tend to stare straight through you at times, like you just aren’t there. He wears extravagant midnight-blue clothes, the shirt trimmed with arcane symbols in silver at the collar and cuffs, over which he wears an elegant maroon cloak, while calf-high black boots complete his ensemble. On his belt he carries a dagger and when ready for battle a light crossbow.

    Zaeryn is a very sociable and astute young man, who is assured in his abilities. He is often pondering new methods of weaving the flows of arcane power and can seem at times to be disconnected from the world around him, but if it is brought to his attention he quickly returns to his polite and genial self. When weaving magical forces his actions are often audacious and accomplished with great enthusiasm. He hopes to discover some as yet undiscovered great repository of magic from ages past to add to his rapidly growing knowledge of the arcane.

    Zaeryn was born in the city of Erilan, to a family both influential and powerful, but was considered to be a disappointment as he had no feel for magic. He continued to suffer with the stigma of being unmagical and an outcast until his mid-teens, when his power finally surfaced in a wave. He was immediately sent to the school of Forceful Universal Modifications to study under one of the most powerful teachers, as everyone was worried that his powers may be uncontrollable. Within the year his powers were completely under his control, and he was astounding his mentor with his unusually intuitive grasp of magical forces. He quickly advanced through his training, and graduated in record time.

    Since graduating he has explored most of his own homeworld for arcane insight, and now feels he is ready to explore the arcane mysteries of the cosmos.

    XP Log (started with 8,000 xp)
    2,250 (end of Prologue), 625 (helping after database crash), 250 (fighting undead in hold of derelict Tradesman), 3,500 (surviving the massacre aboard ship)

    New Spells
    Alyria's Mystic Hourglass
    Illusion (glamer)
    Level: Sor/Wiz 0
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Object touched
    Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

    A faint glow about one inch in diameter forms on the object touched and over the period specified by the caster changes colour from blue to red, before it flashes and vanishes.
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    Diedrik Carnard (Evrard Thibault), wandering performer of Rowaini origins
    Male Rowaini Troubadour 5

    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 212 lbs [158 lbs + 54 lbs]
    Hair: raven black (dark brown)
    Eyes: deep brown (dull hazel)
    Age: 26
    Experience: 10325

    Strength 14 (+2) [12 base, +2 racial]
    Dexterity 16 (+3) [14 base, +2 racial]
    Constitution 11 (+0) [11 base]
    Intelligence 16 (+3) [17 base, -2 racial, +1 level 4]
    Wisdom 12 (+1) [12 base]
    Charisma 17 (+3) [13 base, +4 racial]

    Hit Dice 5d10
    HP: 35 [10 + 5 + 9 + 5 + 6]
    AC: 19 or more [10 base, +3 dex, +5 armour, +1 deflection, variable dodge bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    Touch AC: 14 or more, Flat-footed AC: 16
    Init: +3 [+3 dex]
    BAB: +5
    Melee Attack: +7 [+5 base, +2 str]
    Ranged Attack: +8 [+5 base, +3 dex]
    Speed: 30 ft or 40 ft [when favoured terrain applies]

    Fortitude +4 or more [+4 base, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    Reflex +7 [+4 base, +3 dex]
    Will +5 [+4 base, +1 wis]

    eschew materials [1st-level]
    versatile performer [3rd-level]

    bluff +7 [4 ranks, +3 cha]
    concentration +4 [4 ranks]
    disguise +10 [5 ranks, +3 cha, +2 from disguise kit]
    diplomacy +7 [4 ranks, +3 cha]
    gather information +7 [4 ranks, +3 cha]
    heal +5 [4 ranks, +1 wis]
    intimidate +7 or more [4 ranks, +3 cha, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    knowledge (history) +7 or more [4 ranks, +3 int, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    knowledge (spelljamming) +7 or more [4 ranks, +3 int, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    listen +5 or more [4 ranks, +1 wis, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    perform (oration, song, dance, string) +11, +13 or +15 [8 ranks, +3 cha, +2 when more than one is used at one time, +2 equipment bonus when performing with cittern]
    profession (spelljammer) +5 [4 ranks, +1 wis]
    sense motive +5 [4 ranks, +1 wis]
    spellcraft +7 [4 ranks, +3 int]
    spot +5 or more [4 ranks, +1 wis, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    surival +2 or more [1 rank, +1 wis, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]

    hide +2 or more [+3 dex, -1 acp, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]
    move silently +2 or more [+3 dex, -1 acp, variable bonus when favoured terrain applies]

    Languages: Rowain, Larakese, Eldish

    Class and Racial Abilities:

    Rowaini Abilities- +2 str +2 dex -2 int +4 cha, Rowaini craftmanship, legendary item

    Troubadour Abilities- spellcasting, favoured terrain (wildspace +4, urban +2), troubadour music, increased movement, intimations of the vistas

    Spells per Day: 0-3, 1-3+1, 2-1+1
    Caster Level 4 (DC = 13 + spell lvl)
    Spells Known:
    0th- (6) detect magic, light, mage hand, mending, message, read magic
    1st- (4) cure lgt. wounds, expditious retreat, hideous laughter, inspirational boost
    2nd- (3) cure mod. wounds, sonic weapon, tongues

    hair trinket (legendary item, counts as headband, +1 deflection bonus to AC)
    masterworked bastard sword [670gp]
    2 daggers
    masterworked composite longbow +2 [1200gp]
    40 arrows
    +1 chain shirt [+5 ac, 2500gp]
    handy haversack [4000gp]
    ring of sustenance [5000gp]
    ring of featherfalling [4400gp]
    masterwork cittern
    2 explorer's outfits
    2 cold weather outfits
    winter blanket
    scroll case
    flint & steel
    ink & pen
    20 sheets of paper
    sealing wax
    signet ring
    disguise kit (9/10 uses)

    187 platinum pieces
    2 gold pieces
    5 silver pieces
    8 copper pieces


    Evrard and Diedrik look like very similar people, notably because they are the same person, but Evrard went to some effort to make Diedrik sufficiently different.

    Evrard Thibault, the last time he was seen, was no more than seventeen and wearing expensive clothes particularly popular amoungst the Rowaini nobility at the time, but of the colours particular to the Thibault family (navy blue & dark purple). He wore rectangular, gold-rimmed glasses, due to a slight problem with his vision and a signet ring bearing the family crest (three ravens upon a stone wall). He was clean shaven, had dull hazel eyes, and shoulder-length dark brown hair tied into a short ponytail behind his head, save for a single shoulder-length braid going down the left side of his face, and on the end was a small quicksteel ring with heartstone inlays, a minor family heirloom. Evrard was of modest height, but of sound build and considerable agility. What is most distinctive about Evrard is his Larakese features. He's mostly from his mother's side (Rowaini) but his appearance contains an equal share of his father's influence (Larakese). Like most of the Rowain species he was exceptionally attractive and had a magnetic personality. That was a fairly long time prior to now though.

    Diedrik 'Weaver' Carnard on the other hand, while bearing a resemblance to Evrard, is somewhat different in appearance. He is a handsome Rowaini gentleman (notably lacking in signs of Larakese origins) in his mid-twenties, with deep brown eyes, round spectacles set in a quicksteel frame, shortish raven black hair, and a small moustache and goatee. Like Evrard he has a single shoulder-length braid going down the left side of his face though, and on the end has a small trinket, a quicksteel ring with heartstone inlays. How Evrard manages his change in appearance is simply through strong hair dye, his disguise kit and temporary iris dye. His attire is generally a well worn suit of leather adventurer's gear, stitched in several places and supplemented with the odd metal plate, his shoulders for example. Underneath that is his chain vest, strengthened with a minor enchantment so as to protect him a little better. He carries a hand-and-a-half sword of good quality on his belt (but wields it with both hands as he lacks specific training with it), a dagger in his right boot, another in a sheath on his upper left arm and keeps a composite longbow strung across his back.


    For Rowaini gentlemen, both Diedrik and Evrard were fairly reserved, quiet, and shockingly intelligent. That considered, they were happy to keep quiet and let people assume they were the stereotypical, mentally deficient, Rowaini man (Evrard being mostly from his mother's side, it was assumed). The critical difference between Evrard's and Diedrik's personalities was an unintentional one though. Prior to his leaving home, Evrard was a warm-hearted and charismatic young man, and was often the target of many a young noble girl's affections. But the event that caused him to leave home left its mark upon him, and though still polite and charismatic, there was an element to Diedrik that was detached and cold. That's not to say Diedrik couldn't win the affections of ladies where he went, it's just that the change in character caused him to be a significantly different person, while maintaining significant similarities.

    Prior to leaving Evrard was an inquisitive young soul, and aside from learning the many diplomatic arts he also took some time to study history. That changed though, and Diedrik was an apathetic man, rarely desiring to know anything outside of his own business, which was a blessing of sorts considering some of the circles he moved through. While Evrard could never understand why someone could fight for someone else's beliefs in exchange for coin, Diedrik came to live by the money he would earn as a sell-sword, which was usually far more than he'd ever earn entertaining a mob in an inn. The personality change from Evrard to Diedrik came with what caused him to leave and then the experience of the world outside his own, the realisation that the world he lived on was truly only one of many. Diedrik's current personality is more Diedrik than Evrard, which came from a combination of efforts to prevent identification and changes he didn't even realise at first, but there are still elements of Evrard there and they nag at him to go back home and resolve what happened.


    Evrard's mother, Roese Galienne, was a strong and independent woman. She was a witty duelist who had won the affections of one of the Thibault family males, Arnaud, during a set of daring escapades they shared while spelljamming about the Spheres. In time she was married into the Thibault family, incedently to the man destined to take over the family leadership. Their first child, Josiane, was a girl, much to the family's discontent, and for the next five years they were unable to have any more children which only made the pressure from Arnaud's relations worse. Roese became aggravated with Arnaud's noble family and disappeared.

    Roese returned to her spelljamming ways for a few months, before getting tangled up into a war on Lara Kai. After spending a significant amount of time there the conflict was resolved, but towards the end she had met a ronin with whom she had a brief affair before he was killed in battle. All-in-all, the year of adventure had cured her wanderlust and allowed her to return home a months or so later willing to put up with the life and politics of nobility for a while longer. Not long after she got home it became clear that she was pregnant, but both she and everyone else assumed it had started after she had arrived home. Only when the child was born did complications arise, but fortunately, they were hastily overlooked as the child turned out to be male. He was named Evrard.

    Time passed as Evrard grew up, and it became evident to those around him that he was incredibly talented, like his sister. He was taught in the ways of diplomatics and weapons, and whenever Roese had the opportunity she would teach him of Lara Kai and the language. He was dubbed as the next successor to the leadership of the Thibault family line, but as Evrard grew up though this title confused him. He was always looking up to his mother and older sister, and could not logically determine why his older sister was not the person destined for leadership. Common opinion of women was not terribly good, but from Evrard's experience his mother and sister were more than capable of anything put before them. His mother had proven herself time and again throughout her travels, but back in Rowain she was thought of as inferior to her husband who actually depended on her for a lot of decision making. It was no different with his older sister, she displayed such wisdom, confidence and charisma that Evrard would go to her whenever he needed advice or just kind words of encouragement, but it baffled him as to why he was dubbed a leader when she was clearly a better choice.

    Evrard grew and so did his frustration. During his early teenage years he questioned his father as to why he was chosen and not his sister, to which his father responded with confusion. To him, and most of the rest of Rowain, the idea of a woman in leadership was just absurd. Evrard protested, and the two started arguing. Evrard was not about to give up though, not when there was someone more suitable for the position of leadership. Naturally he voiced his concerns to his sister, who in all her wisdom had long ago come to terms with not attaining the position of leadership despite a desire for it. Josiane told him not to worry, and that he would make a fine leader nonetheless. This settled the matter for a while, until the subject was brought up with his mother. After Roese had become a member of nobility, she was held back time and time again by social restraints placed upon her, and the fiery woman had always resented it. With his mother's encouragement Evrard's determination had been steeled, and he would see the right person into leadership. Josiane realised she couldn't dissuade the two of them from their objectives, so she had to go along with it.

    For a while the mother and son duo argued to have Josiane next in line to run the family, while Josiane herself stayed away from attention. Their quest was to no avail however, until they determined a simple plan. At such a time as Evrard received leadership, he would hand it over to Josiane. Josiane was not terribly pleased by the debating process involved with the attempts to get her into leadership, but she was overjoyed to hear the news that she could be given leadership without much complication. She had no doubts that Evrard would have made a good leader, but what she had not voiced was her agreement to her being the ideal person to be next in line for leadership of the family. Josiane simply didn't mention it so that Evrard wouldn't feel as bad were he unsuccessful, which she honestly expected, but the current plan appeared capable of working. Nonetheless, she felt the need to inform her father of what was going to happen. After all, Arnaud was her father, and despite being skeptical of a woman in leadership he loved his family very much. She decided it would need to be at the right time however, to help prevent Arnaud taking it the wrong way, and she told Evrard and her mother as much. They disagreed on whether to tell him at first, but Josiane's shrewd diplomacy won the day.

    The right time did not come quickly, and it was nearly year later before Josiane found the right time to tell her father. During that time however preparation had been made by the trio to ensure a smooth transition of leadership when the time came. And so, it was during the celebrations on the eve of a holy day when spirits were especially high that Josiane cornered Arnaud away from the festivities and explained to him that he had no control over her taking leadership when the time came. Arnaud felt betrayed, confused and hurt, but he had no choice but to accept it. How the rest of the family would accept it was another matter again, and he warned her of that.

    A few weeks passed and the thought of Josiane having leadership troubled Arnaud, so he sought out his uncle, Guibert, who had long been a mentor to him. Guibert reacted badly to the news, but told Arnaud there was nothing that could be done. In actual fact however, Guibert refused to allow such a thing to happen, and he figured he could take out two birds with one stone. He arranged for the assassination of Josiane, and arranged Roese to take the blame. That was how it happened, more or less. Josiane was found dead and Roese was accused. The marriage had never been quite the same since Evrard's birth, so Roese accused Arnaud of framing her. Arnaud himself was confused as it seemed Roese did it but had no motive. Evrard was under the impression that neither of them did it, but had no idea who else could have.

    Roese was found guilty of murder, and Evrard couldn't do enough to stop it, so when she was executed he fled Rowain. He hid his identity for a while, and used the large sum of money he had taken with him to fund his spelljamming about almost randomnly. When his money began to look as though it was going to grow thin however, he realised he would need to find a means of earning money as well. He used what was left to equip himself and design a fake idenity. A wealthy half-breed was probably easy for people to remember, so he became Diedrik Carnard, a generic Rowaini traveller. In time he learned the ins and outs of spelljamming, and the identity of Diedrik Carnard started to feel more real than Evrard Thibault. The two started to overlap to some degree, but Diedrik didn't care, he preferred it. He continued the life of travelling and performing, and even utilised his martial training from what felt like long ago in the occasional stint of mercenary work. He spent some time in Lara Kai disguised as a (full-blooded) Larakese entertainer, getting to know Evrard's other half, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    And then the present. Diedrik has built up a meager reputation amoung spelljammers as someone good to have aboard, for more than one reason, and is usually welcomed as he can easily earn his way from place to place as a competent sailor and swordsman. He hasn't ever encountered anyone looking for Evrard, but that hasn't ruled out whether anyone was or still is looking for him. Evrard's always tempted to return home and resolve what happened, but Diedrik's just as happy with his travelling lifestyle. There's something about the discovery involved with spelljamming, whole new worlds to learn about versus the reopening of old wounds isn't much of a competition.
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    Harmony “Talia” Arcana
    Female Dolathi Eldrich Infiltrator


    Character level: 4
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Height: 5’ 4”
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Silver
    Age: 22

    Str: 10 (+0) [base 12, -2 Racial]
    Dex: 20 (+5) [base 16, +2 Racial, +2 Cloak]
    Con: 16 (+3) [base 14, +2 Racial]
    Int: 18 (+4) [base 15, +2 Racial, +1 level 4]
    Wis: 12 (+1) [base 14, -2 Racial]
    Cha: 20 (+5) [base 16, +2 Racial, +2 Cloak]

    Class and Racial Abilities
    Dolathi Abilities- Physical Stats: two +2 and one -2, Mental Stats: two +2 and one -2 ; Alternate forms [Humanoid only]

    Eldrich Infiltrator abilities – Sneak Attack +2d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Dampen Aura +1, Trap Sense +1, Uncanny Dodge, Disguised Magic.

    Hit Dice: 9 + 3d6 (13) + 9
    HP: 31
    AC: 20 (+5 Dex + 4 Armor + 0 shield + 1 Ring)
    Init: +5 (+5 Dex)
    Speed: 30 ft

    Fort +4 [+1 base, +3 Con]
    Refl +9 [+4 base, +5 Dex]
    Will +5 [+4 base, +1 Wis]

    Save conditionals: Evasion,

    BAB: +3
    Melee Atk: +3
    Ranged Atk: +7

    Attack conditionals: Sneak attack

    Spells per day: 6/6/3

    Skills (84 pts Eldrich Infilrator)
    Bluff +10 [6 Ranks, +4 Cha]
    Concentration +6 [3 Ranks, +3 Con]
    Diplomacy +12 [6 Ranks, +4 Cha, +2 Synergy,]
    Disable Device +10 [6 Ranks, +4 Int,]
    Escape Artist +11 [6 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Gather Information +9 [5 Ranks, +4 Cha]
    Hide +7 [2 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Knowledge Arcana +10 [6 Ranks, +4 Int]
    Knowledge History +5 [1 Ranks, +4 Int]
    Knowledge Spelljamming +6 [2 Ranks, +4 Int]
    Listen +5 [4 ranks, +1 Wis]
    Move Silently +10 [5 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Open Lock +7 [3 ranks, +4 Dex,]
    Search +11 [6 ranks, +5 Int]
    Sense Motive +3 [2 Ranks, +1 Wis,]
    Sleight of Hand +13 [6 ranks, +5 Dex, +2 Synergy]
    Spellcraft +10 [6 ranks + 4 Int]
    Spot +5 [4 Ranks, +1 Wis]
    Tumble +8 [4 ranks +5 Dex]

    Spell focus (Evocation)[1st level feat]
    Empower Spell [Character 3rd]

    Languages: Altanian, Eldish, Seelie, Melodian,

    Spells known(6/3/1)
    Zero level: Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Dancing lights, Light
    First level: Mage Armor, Identify, Magic Missile.
    Second level: Melf's Acid Arrow

    -Cloak of Charisma +2 (8000 creds)
    -Gloves of Dex +2 (8000 creds)
    -Ring of Protection +1 (4000 creds)
    -+1 Studded leather (2000 creds)
    -MW Rapier (640 creds)

    -Backpack (4 cred)
    -Bedroll (.2 cred)
    -Paper (.8 cred)
    -Ink (16 cred)
    -Disguise kit (100)
    -MW Thieves' tools (200 cred)
    -Traveler's outfit (2 gp)
    -Courtier's outfit (60 gp)

    Money 1977 credits

    Appearance: Tall and slender, Talia usually wears her long dark hair tied back. She prefers tight fitting clothing, as it accentuates her figure and does not get in the way when she’s working. Her typical form is Rowaini.

    Personality: Generally, Talia is bright and cheerful, with a quick smile and an easy laugh. She is a wanderer, who loves adventure and meeting new people. However, her one true love is magic, and the thrill of learning new secrets.

    Background Talia had a wonderful childhood on Kanath. She had a good home, and parents who loved her very much. She attended good schools, and received a fine education.

    As long as she could remember, Talia was fascinated by two things: travel and magic. She loved to travel, learning about new places and new cultures. She was also fascinated by magic; how others used it, and how one went about acquiring more power. With those two interests in mind, she left home as soon as she was old enough. She was determined to see as many worlds in her lifetime, and learn as much about the arcane arts as she could.

    Her Dolathi blood and years spent at the infiltrator school have served her well to this end. She has found that very few will give up their secrets easily; often Talia has to resort to stealing them. Talia is not bothered by this, however; the thrill of the theft is almost as great as the thrill of learning the secrets themselves.

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    Name: Gaius "the Giant" Maximilianus
    Class: Gladiator 3
    Race: Tralg
    Size: Large
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LN
    Str: 25 +7 (17) Level: 4 XP: 8000
    Dex: 14 +2 (17) BAB: +3 HP: 44(1d8+3d12+10)
    Con: 17 +3 (13) Grapple: +14 Natural Reach: 10'
    Int: 10 +0 (14) Speed: 50' 
    Wis: 15 +2 (17) Init: +2 
    Cha: 13 +1 (17) ACP: -1
    Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor: 10 +6 +X +2 -1 +2 +X 19
    Touch: 13 Flatfooted: 19
    Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort: 5 +4 +9
    Ref: 3 +2 +5
    Will: 3 +2 +5
    Weapon Attack Damage Critical
    Unarmed +10 or +8/+8 1d8+7 20x2
    Guisarme(Reach 10-15')+1 +11 or +9/+9 2d6+11 20x3
    Longbow Comp +5 2d6+7 20x3
    Dagger(10') +10(4) 1d6+7 19-20x2
    Sunder(guisarme) +19 2d6+11 
    Trip(guisarme) +11 (Str check vs med opp : +11)
    Incredible Hardiness (double Con bonus to HP at level 1)
    Light Sensitivity (Dazzled in Bright Light for -1 to attack rolls and Spot checks).
    Low Light Vision
    Fury of Blows: Per monk at same level as Gladiator
    AC Bonus: Per monk at same level as Gladiator
    Unarmed Strike: Per monk at same level as Gladiator
    Fast movement: Per monk at same level as Gladiator +10'
    Uncanny Dodge
    Signature Move: 1/day Cha bonus to hit and dmg
    Battle's Euphoria: 1/day, +2 all saves, +2 dodge to AC, +4 Cha, last 3 rounds +1 per Cha bonus
    1: Power Attack
    G1: Improved Unarmed Strike
    G1: Cleave
    3: Combat Reflexes
    4: +1 Dex
    G3:Improved Sunder 
    Skill Points: 16 Max Ranks: 4/7
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Balance			 0 +2 +2 +4
    Intimidate		 2 +1 +3
    Jump			 3 +5 +10 +18
    Listen			 4 +2 +6
    Spot			 4 +2 +6
    Tumble			 5 +2 +7
    Vulgar praetorian
    High Praetorian
    Equipment: Cost Weight
    Chain Shirt +2		3375	50	
    Guisarme +1		1963.5	24	
    Dagger			3	2	
    MW Comp Longbow +7 Str	1550	12	
    40 Arrows		8	12	
    Handy Haversack		3000	4	
    200 ft Rope		40	~20
    7 days rations		7	~28
    2 Waterskins		4	~32
    Crowbar			4	~10
    Total Weight:104lb Money: 45 credits, 50 shiftcoins
    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 532 1066 1600 1600 8000
    Age: 14
    Height: 10'10"
    Weight: 1052lb
    Eyes: Green/Blue
    Hair: Bald (White)
    Skin: Light red
    At 10'10" and over a thousand pounds of pure muscle he cuts an impressive figure. In the arena his height is accentuated by the helmet with a red horsehair mohawk and two tall curved horns.His arms and legs are usually left bare to show off his muscles.
    Compared to other thralg he's handsome. Compared to humans he is odd. His face is slightly assymetrical, but wether that is because of his broken nose,the multitude of scars or his Tralg blood is hard to say.
    The fact that he shaves his head only adds to the confusion.

    Gaius is a professional fighter, no more, no less. He doesn't like bragging or boasting, and is unimpressed by those who do. While not being very intelligent he lives and breathes battle. He knows his limits and strong points, and acts accordingly.
    His one and only joy in life is battle. He only truly feels alive and free when he fights, when he hears the roar of the crowds, the screams of his opponents, and feels the thrill of adrenaline surging through his veins.
    Strangely enough he is not, outside of the arena, a violent man or a sadist. For him they are two completely different worlds.

    "The Giant" has only vague recollections of where he was born. He was captured by slavers early in life, and sold to the gladiator stable of Martinus Oppidae at the age of four. He fought his first fight in the ring at age 8, moving on to real gladiator sport by the time he was twelve. He has been making a name for himself for the last few years, appearing more and more in the main arena, and getting a few headliners every now and then. His horsehair-and-horned helmet is beginning to become famous, as is his whirling guisarme-technique. His most spectacular move, the leaping jump followed my a massive downwards stroke, is almost unblockable and is the favorite of the jaded audience at the arena
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    Siren 5

    Age: 56
    Apparent Age: 19

    XP: 11000
    HP: 37 (22+15)
    Initiative: +5
    Move 30

    Str: 8 /-2 (10-2)
    Dex: 13/+1 (11+2)
    Con: 16/+3 (15-2+2+1(lvl))
    Int: 19/+4 (15+4)
    Wis: 11/+0
    Cha: 22/+6 (16+4+2)

    AC: 14 (touch: 11, ff: 13)
    BaB/grapple: +3/+2
    Attack Melee: +2
    Attack Ranged: +4

    Damage: By spell

    Fort: 4 (1+3)
    Ref.: 5 (4+1)
    Will: 4 (4+0)

    Special Racial:
    Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron, Cold Iron Vulnerability, Faerie Form, and +2 to Diplomacy and Knowledge Arcana.
    Special Class:
    Siren’s Song, Soothing Voice DC: d20+25, Song of Fascination DC: d20+17, Honeyed Voice, Bewitching Song DC: 18 (10+2,5+6), Beauty’s Bounty II, Song of Suggestion DC: 18 (10+2,5+6).

    Feats: 1,3
    Eschew Materials
    Improved Initiative

    Skills: 8x10=80sp
    Skill, Total, Ranks, Ability, Synergy, Honeyed Voice, Sidhe.
    Bluff (Cha)......................... 16 (8+6+0+2)
    Concentration (Con)............ 10 (8+2)
    Diplomacy (Cha)................. 24 (8+6+2+2+2+2+2)
    Disguise (Cha).................... 16/18 (8+6+2+0/2)
    Gather Information (Cha)...... 12 (4+6+0+2)
    Knowledge (Nob and Roy) (Int) 5
    Knowledge (The Spheres) (Int) 5
    Move Silently (Dex)............. 9 (8+1)
    Perform (Singing) (Cha)........ 16 (8+6+0+2)
    Sense Motive (Wis)............... 8
    Use Magic Device (Cha)........ 14 (8+6)
    Speak Language (None)......... 2

    Languages: 1+4+2
    Seelie, Vaelysh, Altanian, Rowaini, Melodian, Eldish, Valsian.

    Spells Known:
    0: 12: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Know Direction, Light, Mage Hand,
    Mending, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read magic, Summon Instrument.
    1: 8 : Alarm, Attraction (psi), Cure Light Wounds, Grease, Hideous Laughter*, Magic Missile, Silent Image, Shield.
    2: 5 : Alter Self, Command Undead, Enthrall, Glitterdust, Invisibility*.

    0: 9
    1: 9+2+2 DC: 18
    2: 5+2+2 DC: 19

    Items: gp: 15000

    Cloak of Cha+2: 2x2x1000= 4000gpx0.8
    Belt of Con+2: 2x2x1000= 4000gpx0.8
    Handy Haversack: 2000gpx0.8
    Hat of Disguise: 1800gpx0.8

    Glamered Amaranthian Shimmersilk Dress (1000 gpx3= 3000gp)x?
    AC Bonus: +3, AC Penalty: 0, Maximum DEX bonus: +8, Armor Type: Light, Weight: 2 lb.

    2560gp in coins

    Possible Alter Self Forms:


    in e-mail.


    Her eyes are the first things that catches your notice as you look into her cowl. Set in a face of lustrous alabaster, its features and composition near perfect in shape, they are like a vision of the midnight sky, a boundless black depth filled with radiant light. In a face of youth they are ageless.
    You look into her eyes, and then she speaks. Her voice, rising from sensuous lips always seemingly on the brink of smiling, is warm and musical even in speach, but when she sings it carries a hint of sorrow.
    She raises a hand, long and sensitive tipped with deep red nails, and with a smile beckons you to follow.
    When her cowl falls her silken black hair runs down her shoulders, falling effortlessly into arrangement, and you soon learn what you already suspected. Her body is perfectly proportioned, lithe, firm and curvaceous. And her skin is smooth and cold like stone.
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    Bardach, LN Lacerta Animist

    Dex: 13
    Con: 16
    Int: 16
    Wis: 22
    Cha: 14

    HP: 46hp
    AC: 14
    Init: +3

    BaB: +5
    MaB: +8
    RaB: +6

    Fort: +7
    Ref: +5
    Will: +10

    Feats - Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Whips, Combat Expertise
    Skills - Climb: +11, Concentration: +11, Jump: +11, Knowledge: The Spheres: +11, Profession: Spelljammer Sailor: +11, Spot: +14, Survival: +14, Use Rope: +9

    +1 Shocking Mighty (+3) Whip Dagger Attack: +9 Dmg: 1d6+3+1d6 electrical Crit: 19-20 x2
    Dagger Attack: +9 Dmg: 1d4+3 Crit: 19-20 x2
    Heavy Crossbow Attack: +6 Dmg: 1d10 Crit: 19-20 x2
    Claws Attack: +9 Dmg: 1d8+3 Crit: x2

    Leather Armor Armor Bonus: +2 Max Dex: +6 Armor Check Penalty: 0
    Buckler Armor Bonus: +1 Armor Check Penalty:-1

    Spiritsworn Allies: Inal Abet - patriarch of a family of ape spirits that chose to come with Bardach's tribe when they were enslaved. There are 6 members of the family that Bardach can call upon to help in fights.

    Zephyr - A small air spirit that has taken to following Bardach around. Zephyr doesn't have much of a personality, but is intensly protective and possessive of Bardach when called upon. Bardach knows very little about where the creature comes from.

    Dawn Eyes - Dawn is a sarcastic Eagle spirit that has taken Bardach under her metaphysical wing. She thinks him capable of great things, but he is happy enough just where he is. The two are close friends, but sometimes bicker like an old married couple.

    Salarassa - Sal is a conniving snake spirit, and usually seems to be out to get Bardach into trouble as much as he is to get Bardach out of it again. Bardach cuts Sal a lot of slack though, as Sal was insturmental in helping Bardach escape from slavery.

    Klyzxle - A thoqqua spirit with a nigh unpronouncable name, Bardach has found being followed around by this bizzare being lately. It seems friendly, but Bardach has had little opportunity to bring it to flesh, as he's not foolish enough to allow a fire elemental onto a spelljammer.


    Bardach is a large Lacerta, huge and muscular by the standards of his people. His teeth are tiny and sharp, but his hands have very long fingers that end in daggerlike claws. His brown scale, spotted with green flecks, would remind a casual observer of a tree, but his gait is more that of a lazy predator, already full or meat but always willing to consider another kill.

    He dresses in the fashion of a sailor, tight leather armor and breeches, with calf high boots. He carries a long dagger on one hip, a whip on the other, and a large crossbow lashed across his back. His remaining few possessions are carries from ship to ship in a rucksack.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    ø Block Shayuri

    ø Friend+
    Name: Valerie
    Race: Rowaini
    Class/Level: Witch 5
    Gender: Female
    Exp 10900

    Valerie is beautiful, even for a people renowned for their beauty. Statuesque in proportions, with long flowing black hair and clear, flawless fair skin; the only feature more striking than her body are her brilliant emerald-hued eyes. She considers her physical beauty to be a valuable tool, and her mode of dress determines how she uses it; either through seductive display, or chaste concealing. Her own tastes, unencumbered by outside needs, ar for brightly colored long skirts or sarongs, with half-length tops, lots of jewelry and often a cape or cloak, just for dramatic flair.

    Strength (STR) 11
    Dexterity (DEX) 14
    Constitution (CON) 14
    Intelligence (INT) 12
    Wisdom (WIS) 16
    Charisma (CHA) 22

    Alignment: Neutral
    AC: 13
    Hit Points: 5d6+10
    Movement: 30'

    Init: +2
    Base Attack Bonus: +2
    Melee Attack: +2
    Ranged Attack: +4
    Fort: +5
    Reflex: +5
    Will: +9

    Race Abilities
    Rowaini Craftmanship: Rowaini get +3 racial bonus on all Craft skills. A Rowaini artisan who puts her heart and soul into her work (by spending 1 xp per day), assuming she succeeds at the Craft skill check, treats her result as if she had voluntarily raised the DC to be equal to the check result. Also, the results are doubled. This results in fine quality craftmanship quite quickly. They can also craft Masterpiece weapons, which give +2 to attack instead of +1 like masterwork, but these cost 10x as much as a masterwork weapon.

    Legendary Item:
    Staff of the Storm's Wrath - A length of oak, with a livid burn running black down one side and a knot with the heartstone forming a bulb at the tip. This staff allows any spell with the Air, Water, or Electricty descriptors to be cast as if with the Enlarge Spell feat, with no modification to spell level or casting time.

    Class Abilities:
    Witch Familiar
    Brew Potion
    Magical Artisan: Potion
    Augmented Reagents
    Bonus Metamagic Feat

    Bluff (Cha) +11 (5 ranks + 6 Cha)
    ConceCon) +7 (5 ranks + 2 Con)
    Craft (Jewelry) (Int) +9 (5 ranks + 1 Int + 3 racial)
    Diplomacy (Cha) +9 (1 rank + 6 Cha + 2 Synergy)
    Heal (Wis) +8 (5 ranks + 3 Wis)
    Knowledge (nature) (Int) +6 (5 ranks + 1 Int)
    Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +6 (5 ranks + 1 Int)
    Listen (Wis) +5 (2 ranks + 3 Wis)
    Spellcraft (Int) +8 (5 ranks + 1 Int +2 synergy)
    Spot (Wis) +5 (2 ranks + 3 Wis)

    1 Eschew Materials
    3 Energy Substitution: Electricity
    Bonus - Born of Three Thunders

    Languages - Rowaini, Eldish

    Spellcasting (CL5, Base DC 16)

    Slots Per Day
    0 - 11/11, 1 - 12/12, 2 - 9/9, 3 - 3/3

    Druid Spells Prepared
    5 0 - Create Water, Detect Magic, Cure Minor Wounds, Guidence, Purify Food and Drink
    4 1 - Cure Light Wounds x2, Produce Flame (electrical), Shillelagh
    3 2 - Summon Swarm, Barkskin, Bear's Endurance
    2 3 - Cure Moderate Wounds, Neutralize Poison

    Arcane Spells Known
    6 0 - Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Arcane Mark, Message, Acid Splash
    4 1 - Shield, Grease, Charm Person, Disguise Self
    2 2 - Scorching Ray, Mirror Image

    Money - 588gp 4sp

    Weapons -
    Staff of the Storm's Wrath - +2 to hit, 1d6 damage

    Armour -

    Gear -
    - In haversack
    Bedroll, 1sp, 5lbs
    Blanket, 5sp, 3lbs
    50' silk rope, 10gp, 5lbs
    Tent, 10gp, 20lbs
    Waterskin, 1gp, 4lbs
    10 days trail rations, 5gp, 10lbs
    Everburning Torch, 110gp, 1lb

    - On person
    2 scroll cases, 2gp, 1lb
    2 belt pouches, 2gp, 1lb

    - In Pouches
    Small steel mirror, 10gp, .5lb

    Magic -
    Handy Haversack, 3000gp
    Ring of Protection +1, 3000gp
    Vest of Resistance +2, 6000gp

    Crafted Potions 2260 gp / 100exp
    3 Cure Mod Wounds
    3 Barkskin +2
    3 Lesser Restoration
    2 Spider Climb
    2 Bear's Endurance
    2 Bull's Strength
    2 Cat's Grace
    3 Resist Energy

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