The Secret Scion - accepting alternates
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    The Secret Scion - accepting alternates

    Isida is throwing her hat into Eberron ring at last! I just got finished reading my new Eberron campaign sourcebook and now have a head brimming with ideas. Who's interested?

    This would be a game of intrigue, mystery, unexpected happenings, where nobody is quite sure what is going on or who to trust. A group of strangers is thrown together, and may only have themselves to rely on. Starting in Sharn, each person with a secret reason why they're running, this game will have rapid advancment.

    This will not be a first-come first-serve basis, go ahead and post your character idea (class, race and whatnot, as well as what they're running from) and I'll pick a group from there.

    Character Creation Info

    Starting at 1st level

    32 point-buy

    Books allowed - 3 core, MMII and MMIII, Eberron core book, and Complete Divine/Arcane/Adventurer/Warrior. Stuff from Races of Stone/Wild/Destiny will be by DM approval only, but all the things Races of Eberron are good. I also have City of Towers and the Player's Guide to Eberron so let me know if you want anything from that. If you have an idea that includes something from Unearthed Arcana that really interests you, lemme know.

    You're all running from something, so you must all have a reason that you've been driven or fled to Sharn. Also I'll work with each person to give them one special thing tied to their need to run. It could be something you stole, money or documents for instance. Or it could be valuable information, the loyalty of an important personage, or something else entirely.

    I also need one person who is willing to work with me on their character, because I need a very specific... somebody for part of this party. It would allow a lot of wiggle room in terms of class and personality and whatnot, but this person would be accepting some DM direction in character creation.

    Some suggestions as for what people could be running from could include:

    A warforged newly created from the secret House Cannith forge underneath Sharn has escaped, and the House is seeking to get him/her back.

    A shifter has drawn the ire of a particularly zealous Silver Flame missionary and is fleeing for his life.

    A changeling that impersonated a House Kundarak scion and made off with a substantial sum.

    People on the run

    Bront - Melphina Delena, Female Changling Rogue 2

    Rystil Arden - Rayni, CG Female Elf Warlock 2

    D20Dazza - Bail - NG Male Human Barbarian 2

    Erekose 13 - Hxapts Halcyrunne - CN Male Human Cleric 2 of the Dragon Below

    Someone - Harolk "THESE are swords" Karrathen - CN Male Human Fighter 2

    Ferrix - Shenstari - N Female Kalashatar Shaper 2

    stonegod - Tondrek - N Male Half-Orc Artificer 2

    Our Alternates, also on the run

    Prof Yeti - Rurik Loderr of Clan Kundarak - Male Dwarf (Fighter?) 1

    jeremy_dnd - Dre - Changeling Rogue/Sorcerer

    MavrickWeirdo - Khesh - Male Goblin Ranger 1

    manifold - A seeker of knowledge

    Inactive characters, running somewhere else

    lotuseater - Kazan Oleander - N Male Half-Elf Spellthief 1
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    this sounds great. i have one character in mind, but i wouldn't mind playing the dm assisted character if no one else wants to. i'm thinking of a half-elf spellthief, looking to take classes in master inquisitive. if this sounds good, i'll go ahead and write up a background explaining what he's running from.


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    Go ahead and post your character background and whatnot so I can see what you have in mind lotuseater.

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    I would love to join this game, but unfortunately I am too busy to take on another thread. I hope you enjoy your first Eberron experience.

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    Block Rystil Arden

    Rapid advancement eh? Well I do like rapidness

    Hmm...I've been looking to try out Eberron for quite some time to see if I like playing in the setting, and this sounds like an interesting concept. Intrigue has always been a favourite of mine. I'll also volunteer to be the GM guinea pig, as I often have an unhealthy desire to see character background details pop up in the game to fun effect.

    I have a few weird ideas already (though I'll wait to hear on the GM guinea pig thing so that, if I am chosen for that, I can make sure the one I pick meshes well with the desired role of the "very specific...somebody" )

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    Rystil, if you're brave, read the following: [spoiler]nothing to see here, move along...[/spoiler]
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    Block Someone

    I have too many serious and cerebral spellcasters running, so Id like to play something more bold, carefree and lacking some common sense, surely a fighter with an exotic fighting style (Im thinking something along the lines of two weapon fighting with twin exotic weapons)

    Such a person is bound to have had a duel with some inconvenient person, like perhaps someone important from House Thuranni, and realized (well, not him, his family or friends) that a long, quiet vacations far from home would be good for his health.

    How much background do you want, by the way? I could expand that as much as its needed, but also could include the important info in a couple paragraphs.

    Also, theres the starting money problem: It could cut some of my character ideas if I cant afford the equipment he should be usign. How much money will we starting with?

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    Background - at least 2 paragraphs, please don't write a small novel. Umm.. let's say 5 paragraph limit for initial character idea pitch.

    As for cash, it will be max for the class. Possibly any expensive weapons/armor could be part of the "special deal" I'm giving each character. Possibly.

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    Block Rystil Arden


    Nyaa-nyaa. It doesn't say anything secret anymore. But I'm telling Isida to take away 500 XP from your character for looking at this, you cheater!
    Last edited by Rystil Arden; Tuesday, 7th June, 2005 at 07:22 AM.

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    Excellent. Rystil will be the DM tool. Your idea looks good Rystil, run with it. Just put that thing I said in a spoiler block, would you?

    So the rest of y'all can just concentrate on your own ideas.
    Last edited by Isida Kep'Tukari; Tuesday, 7th June, 2005 at 06:59 AM.

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