Adventure:-- LPNN (Manzanita Judging)
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    Adventure:-- LPNN (Manzanita Judging)

    This thread is in response to Hallidor's adventure hook, and is termed (for now) simply LPNN.

    Could all interested players please post a link to their character in their first post, as well as their PC's current HP, any spells they have memorised, and any other current status information (PSPs, active spells, etc). In addition, include a few basic skills bonus totals, like Spot, Listen, Hide, Sense Motive.

    Once everyone has posted their PC in this thread, the adventure will "really" begin.

    Playing (tentatively):

    -- Juliana
    -- Zaeryl
    -- Vargo
    -- Ogrin
    -- Almayce
    -- Rasereit Vundinn {Very much pending/out of contact}

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