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    "Aye, nice working with you. Later.", Almayce says while he clumsily climbs on the back of his horse and starts the trip back to Orussus.

    OOC: It was fun while it lasted. Now I just hope that there's still an adventure coming to the Inn.
    --Xael "Blackrobe" Xorlarrin
    LEW characters: Almayce, Nezrak Duskstar, Ducane Grimm.


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    (OOC: I seem to remember there wasn't--oh well, at least we each have at least one character in an adventure )

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    "May your travels bring your wishes to you." Juliana says, as she heads off.

    OOC: Yeah, there's lots of people in the Inn, including one of mine. Only adventure is 1st level only.

    It's been fun

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    OK. I'll mark this adventure closed, & update the treasure post. Best of luck and Game On!
    My PbP characters

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