Shadows Descending - The party
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    Shadows Descending - The party

    Here all members of the Shadows Descending game will make an appearance.

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    Bendith Caerphilly
    CG Male Pixie Rog3/Nnj3
    Str  16 -4       = 12 [+1]
    Dex  15 +8 +1 +2 = 26 [+8]
    Con  14 +0       = 14 [+2]
    Int  14 +6       = 20 [+5]
    Wis  10 +4    +2 = 16 [+3]
    Cha   8 +6       = 14 [+2]
    HP    72 (6 + 5d6 + 4d8 + 20)  
    AC    25 (10 +1 [size] +1 [natural] +2 [armor] +8 [Dex] +3 [Wis])
    BAB  + 4 
    Fort + 7 (+2 [base] +2 [Con] +3 [resistance])
    Refl +17 (+6 [base] +8 [Dex] +3 [resistance])
    Will +10 (+2 [base] +3 [Wis] +3 [resistance] +2 [ki])
    Init + 8 (+8 [Dex]) 
    Spd   20 ft., fly 60 ft. (good) 
    Point Blank Shot
    Precise Shot
    Rapid Shot
    Skills            Ranks      Total
    Speak Common
    Speak Sylvan
    Speak Elven
    Speak Gnome
    Speak Halfling
    Tumble              9 +8    = +17
    Move Silently       9 +8    = +17
    Hide                9 +8 +4 = +21
    Spot                9 +3 +2 = +14
    Listen              9 +3 +2 = +14
    Search              9 +5 +2 = +16
    Disable Device      9 +5    = +14
    Open Lock           9 +8    = +17
    Sleight of Hand     9 +8    = +17
    Use Magic Device    9 +2    = +11
    Craft (Alchemy)     9 +5    = +14
    Knowledge (Local)   6 +5    = +11
    Perform (Dance)     3 +2    = + 5
    Appraise            3 +5    = + 8
    Class / Racial Abilities
    1/day Spell-like Abilities (CL 8):
        lesser confusion (DC 13)
        dancing lights
        detect chaos
        detect good
        detect evil
        detect law
        detect thoughts (DC 14)
        dispel magic
        entangle (DC 13)
        permanent image (DC 18; visual and auditory elements only)
        polymorph (self only)
    Greater Invisibility
    DR 10/Cold Iron
    SR 21
    AC Bonus
    Ki Power 3/day
    Sudden Strike +2d6
    Poison Use
    Ghost Step
    Sneak Attack +2d6
    Trap Sense +1
    Gravestrike*                                       16200
    +1 Small Nunchaku                                   2302 
    Efficient Quiver                                    1800
    Handy Haversack                                     2000
    +2 Periapt of Wisdom                                4000
    +2 Gloves of Dexterity                              4000
    +2 Bracers of Armor                                 4000
    +3 Cloak of Resistance                              9000
    60 Masterwork Arrows                                 363
    50 Masterwork Shuriken                               310
    * +1 Undead-Bane Small Composite Longbow (Str 12)
        Alg CN
        Int 14
        Wis 14
        Cha 10
        Bless 3/day
        Deathwatch Continually Active
        Speaks Common, Goblinoid, Giant
        120 ft. vision and hearing
    Triple Alchemical Weapon Capsule Retainer for nunchaku
    6 Ghostblight capsules 
    6 Quickspark capsules
    6 Quickflame capsules
    4 Quicksilver capsules
    4 doses catstink
    12 flash pellets
    6 doses lockslip grease
    12 thunderstones
    10 smokesticks
    5 tanglefoot bags
    100 tindertwigs
    20 sunrods
    5 small daggers

    Personality and Background

    Bendith Caerphilly originally entered training as a ninja as a joke - he intended to show the vaunted 'masters of the arts of invisibility' what invisibility really meant.

    Even after several years of training, he doesn't treat his adopted profession with the gravity normally associated with the role. But even Bendith will admit that he's learned a few tricks from his mentors in the clan. Pixies have long been familiar with the use of special arrows... but these rely on magic, rather than the assassin's concoctions.

    While Bendith is capable of pursuing serious goals, he is always alert to the humour in any situation.

    In recent years, his natural enthusiasm has been restrained a little by his acquisition of Gravestrike, a longbow once possessed by a gnomish Hunter of the Dead. The bow is undeniably handy - particularly when one faces its undead nemeses - but as its name might suggest, it has a thoroughly serious and even depressing outlook. It also has a tendency to get rather whiney if it doesn't get its own way... a habit that often sets Bendith's teeth on edge.

    Bendith has little regard for dragons, but it is at Gravestrike's urging that he finds himself in Mokmael. Rumours of a Great Shadow have been spreading, and Gravestrike wants to find out if its a Great Shadow that can be sent to a final resting place. To this end, Bendith has been frequenting taverns and shrines, trying to find out what's going on in town...

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    Anderos Trelliard - Human bard 2/ftr8 or Aristocrat 4/Fighter6 ?

    Lord Anderos Trelliard is a member of the minor nobility. As a young man he was an adventurer and a gallant knight. He competed in tourneys, and went on grand quests. He has always carried his families sword, which kept most of its powers hidden until it thought him worthy. His adventures were intrigue more often than dungeons, but he is no stranger to those either. He rescued the kidnapped daughter of another noble house, the lady Pamela deWridt, and one thing leading to another He married her.
    He continued to go on occasional quests, to put an end to the cult that captured her, but family responsibilities caught up with him. Her family gave him a manor house, and he has spent the last 8 years managing it. He has kept himself is shape, and does not yet suffer the infirmities of age. ( Perhaps due to a magical fountain once discovered, or the favors of a druidess)

    He has two children Acrovare, and Gillian.

    Recently his ancestral family sword began telling him that something was wrong, and that the balance was being upset in the capital. The sword charged him with restoring order. And said that since no paladin of his line was available he would have to do. He has grown tired of his sedintary life, and wishes to be on the road again, away from the watching eyes of the de' Wirdt family. He has thought about looking up some of his old compaions, like the pixe thief and psions that he once traveled with.

    - Karst is LG but has a tendency towards boasting. It claims in the right hands it would be a Holy Avenger. It is very goal driven, and impatient with its wielders moral failings, it is however proud of his fighting skills. It sheads light at will and can even cast a filed of its light to surround others. It has a draconic motief with wings as the hilt and a head at the pommel.For Anderos it functions as a Bastard sword +2, wis 14,chr 14, speech, 2 powers LG Ego: ego 8

    Bard2/Fighter 8
    Alignment: Neutral Good (lawful tendencies)
    Deity: ??
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 150 lbs

    Hair: brown, receding hairline
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 36

    Str: 18 (+4) [6 points] +2 magic
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 13 (+1) [5 points]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Level: Str x2

    Class Abilities
    Inspire Courage
    Counter song
    Bardic Knowledge +3

    1st Disguise Self, Silent Image (1)
    0th - detect magic, Mending, open/close, ghost sound, prestigiitation.

    Hit Dice: 2d6 (Bard); 8d10 (class)
    HP: 6(1st) + 4 + 56 + 20 = 86
    AC: 21 or 23 (+2 Dex; +9 Armour, +2 shield) Touch - 12, Flat-footed 19
    ACP: 5% (from feat)
    Init: +6 (+2 Dex; +4 Feat)
    Speed: 30 cant run.

    Fortitude 10 [+6 base, +2 Con, +2 magic]
    Reflex 9 [+5 base, +2 Dex, +2 magic]
    Will 7 [+5 base, +2magic]

    BAB/Grapple: +9/+4 /+13
    Disarm: +23 (9+bab,+4 size, +4 feat, +2 magic?, +4 str)

    Melee Atk: +17/+12 Bastard Sword (+9/+4 BAB; +4 Dx; +2 Magic +2 feats)(1d10+10)
    or 1d10+8 one handed ; crit 17-20 x2
    Missle Attack +12/+7 Compound long bow (1d8+3)

    Class Skills:
    Bard 6 +1 race+1 Int x 5 = 40. Fighter 2+1race+1 human x8 = 32. total 72
    6 Appraise (5 ranks +1 Int) = 6
    13 Bluff (8 ranks + 3 magic, +2 Chr) = 13
    19 Diplomacy (8 ranks +6 synergy, +3 magic, +2 Chr) = 19
    10 Gather Information (5 ranks + 3 magic, +2 Chr) = 10
    11 Kn Nobility (10 ranks +1 int) = 11
    7 Listen (7 ranks) = 7
    13 Sense Motive (13 ranks) = 13
    13 Perform (poetry) (8 ranks + 3 magic, +2 Chr) = 13
    6 Profession Noble: (6 ranks) = 6
    10 Ride (8 ranks + 2 dx) = 10 (-3 if armor check)
    6 Jump (0 ranks +5magic, +4 str, -3 acp)
    2 extra languages.

    Battle Caster (CArc) Human (allows casting in medium armor)
    Improved Iniative 1
    Exotic: Bastard Sword F1
    Power Attack F2
    WF Bastard Sword 3
    WS Bastard Sword F4
    Combat Expertise 6
    Improved Disarm F6
    Improved Critical 9
    GWF: Bastard Sword F8

    Languages: Elvish,

    4.5 k Circlet of Persuasion
    10.6k +1 Mithril Full Plate (+9ac, -3 armour check, +3 max dex)
    4k Gauntlets of Dragon Might +2 Str.
    18.5k Karst+2 bastard sword,
    int 10 wis 14, Chr 14, Kn Religion +10, Faerie Fire 3/day

    4k Cloak of Resistance +2
    5.5k Boots of Striding and Springing
    1.2k +1 buckler
    .7k +3 str mw compound long bow, 20 arrows.
    Signet ring (50gp)
    free Travlers clothing

    On Horse:
    light war horse(150gp) , military saddle & tack(75gp), Backpack, Silk rope(10gp), waterskin, Nobles outfit (75gp), 20 arrows (extra quiver) Bed roll, fine bottle of wine (packed securely, 10gp)

    100 gp, 3 gems (100each), 20 sp

    total : 49,776 gp

    Andros is staying with a old friend Tut' Keldir, another minor gentry with a house in the city.
    He is avoiding his upper class obligations and "taking the pulse of the city"
    or as Karst puts it - "wasting time in taverns" He would also be looking up old adventuring compaions, and laying some ground work to see what priests were running things.

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    Siam - Warlock 9

    Name: Siam
    Class: Warlock 9
    Race: Catfolk	
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CN
    Str: 12 +1        Level: 10       XP: 66000/78000
    Dex: 24 +7        BAB: +6/+1      HP: 52 (1d8+9d6+10)
    Con: 12 +1        Grapple: +7     Dmg Red: 2/cold iron
    Int: 14 +2        Speed: 40'      Spell Res: 
    Wis: 10 +0        Init: +7        Spell Save:
    Cha: 18 +4        ACP:            Spell Fail: 
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +4    +0    +6    +0    +1    +0    21
    Touch: 16              Flatfooted: 15
                  Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:           3    +1    +3    +7
    Ref:            3    +7    +3    +13
    Will:           6    +0    +3    +9
    Weapon                            Attack    Damage  Critical     Range
    MW Dagger                         +8/+3     1d4+1    19-20x2
    Eldritch Blast, ranged touch        +13       6d6      20/x2      60'
      (+1d6 damage due to Chausable of Fell Power)
    Invocations Known:
    Entropic Warding (least, 2nd)
    -20% miss chance vs. ranged attacks (as entropic shield)
    -leave no tracks or scent (as pass without trace)
    See the Unseen (least, 2nd)
    -See invisible/ethereal objects or beings within visual range (as see invisibility)
    -Darkvision 60'
    Eldritch Chain (lesser, 4th Blast Shape)
    -Can affect more than one foe as long as they are within 30'
    Fell Flight (lesser, 3rd)
    -Fly 40' for 24 hours
    -Good Maneuberability
    Voracious Dispelling (lesser, 4th)
    -As dispel Magic
    -Target takes 1 point of damage per spell level on succesfull dispel
    Languages: Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Feline
    Prof. Light Armor
    Prof. All simple weapons
    Eldritch Blast (sp)  Ray deals 5d6  ranged touch
    Detect Magic (sp)  At Will
    Damage Reduction (su)  2/cold iron
    Deceive Item  Take 10 on UMD
    Fiendish Resilience (su)  2 min/day fast healing 1
    Point Blank Shot
    Precise Shot
    Maximize Spell-like Ability
    Ability Focus
    Skill Points: 48         Max Ranks: 12/6
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise		   0	+2	     +2
    Balance			   0	+7           +7
    Bluff			   0	+4	     +4
    Climb			   0	+1	     +1
    Concentration		  12    +1          +13
    Diplomacy		   0	+4	     +4
    Disguise		   0	+4	     +4
    Escape Artist		   0	+7	     +7
    Forgery			   0    +2           +2
    Gather Information	   0	+4	     +4
    Heal			   0     0     0      0
    Intimidate		   0	+4	     +4
    Jump			   0	+1    +4     +5
    Know (Arcana)		  12	+2          +14
    Listen			   0    +2           +2
    Move Silently		   0	+7    +2     +9
    Ride			   0	+7           +7
    Search			   0	+2	     +2
    Sense Motive		   0	+0	     +0
    Spellcraft		  12	+2    +2    +16
    Spot			   0    +0           +0
    Survival		   0    +0           +0
    Swim			   0    +1           +1
    Use Magic Device	  12	+4          +16
    Use Rope		   0	+7	     +7
    Equipment:           	     		 Cost  Weight
    Mithril Chain Shirt                      1100   12.5
    Vest of Resistance +3   		 9000    1
    Cloak of Charisma +2			 4000    2
    Gloves of Dex +2			 4000
    Chasuble of Fell Power, lesser		 8000
    Wand of CLW (50 charges)                  750    
    Hewards Handy Haversack		 2000	 5
    -2 Waterskins					 
    -4 Sunrods					 
    -10 Days Rations				
    -Winter Blanket					
    -Case, Map or Scroll				
    -2 Flask				        
    -Flint and steel
    -Mirror, small steel				
    -Silk Rope 100					
    Total Weight: 20.5 lb      
    Money: 19446gp 5sp 7cp (In various gems)
                    Lt  Med  Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:     43  86   130  260   650
    Age: XX
    Height: XXX
    Weight: XXXXX
    Eyes: Silver
    Hair: Black w/red stripes
    Skin: Hairy
    With glowing silver eyes and a coat of hair that is black with red stripes (think white Bengal tiger except black hair with red stripes). The only difference is that the tail has a patch of white at the very tip.

    Waking up one morning to find that everyone in your tribe has been brutally killed in the night is never a good thing, especially after some rather vivid nightmares depicting demonic entities randomly killing everything in site, with I think some shadow thing looking down on the evil tidings with glee. Needless to say since that fateful day many years ago I am always a little afraid to go to sleep, not sure if I had anything to do with the massacre. I knew I was always different as there was something inside of me that was constantly looking for some release. One day while foraging with my fellow hunters we were ambushed by a band of Orcs. We were outnumbered and no match for those foul fiends and seeing the slaughter of my friends something snapped. I could feel the power inside of me release itself and I was able to strike down those Orcs one by one, saving a few of my friends. I was able to save my friends but at a price, the elders of the tribe were afraid of this power and never fully trusted me since. With a run of bad luck seeming to target the tribe I was forced to leave since they believed I was the one who brought on the dark tidings.

    I traveled for a time and came across a man named Liam Darkmantle who recognized the powers within me as he was also a Warlock (which is what I am I found out) himself and he took me under his wing. He informed me that most people thought of warlocks as evil (since most of our powers have a demonic origin) but we can use our power to fight evil instead. Since that day I have been training with him and I have grown fond of the man and consider him a true friend, if not family. He has mentioned himself that something dark might be happening to the land and mentioned something about a shadow which made me think of my dream those many years ago. I mentioned this to him and he instructed me that I should seek out information on this shadow and that I should go to the city of Mokmael to seek out answers. So here I am entering the city for the first time and feeling discouraged a little as the city is huge and I have no idea where I should even begin to look.

    Location within city
    I would probably be doing research in the cities libraries and arcane colleges or possibly attempting to gain information from the religious sites. The research would include researching this shadow thing and more of a warlock's abilities. Otherwise I would be meandering around the marketplace people watching and probably staying at an upscale Inn.

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    Torsak Calrun

    Character Concept:
    A character that believes in the balance between life and death. He understands that there is a never-ending battle between good and evil and neither side is going to win. He understands the balance between law and chaos, for one to exist the other must also. There is a balance to everything. In order to have wetness, you need dryness.

    Male human cleric

    A scruff looking man with dark eyes that have seen death stands tall in his full plate. He steadily holds his large steel shield with a scale painted on the front in his left hand and is unarmed in his right with a great air of confidence. A pair of lenses sit ontop his head, waiting to be placed over his eyes.[/color][color=#ffff99]

    Torsak doesn't believe in good or evil, he only believes in life or death. We all have our lives to live, but at some point death will come knocking on our doors. He believes it is his duty to make sure there is a constant balance between life and death, good and evil, law and chaos. For if one of these things fails to exist, the others will be forgotten. He is a very soft-spoken individual.

    He has seen death; he has stared death in the eye, and has not succumbed to the cold grip that is so tempting. For it was not his time yet. Life is a dream from which we all must wake, but only when our time is due.


    Torsak Calrun
    Male Human, 10th Level Cleric
    Hair and Eyes:
    Brown and Brown Deity: NONE
    Medium Humanoid (Human)

    Hit Dice: 10d8+10 (72 hp)
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 30 (+1 Dex, +11 armor, +5 shield, +2 natural, +1 deflection), touch 12, flat-footed 29
    Base Attack/Grapple: +7/+10
    Attack: +10 light mace (1d6+3), +10 touch attack (spell)
    Full Attack: +10/+5 light mace (1d6+3)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Turn Undead
    Special Qualities: Spontaneous Wounder, Darkvision 60ft, Healing Spells +1 caster level, Death Touch 10d6
    Saves(modifier/base): Fort +9(7), Ref +5(3), Will +15(7)
    Abilities(1st level/10th level): Str 14(16), Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 18(24), Cha 8
    Skills(modifier/rank): Concentration +14(13), Heal +20(13), Knowledge Religion +4 (4), Spellcraft +9(9)
    Feats: Augmented Healer, Spontaneous Wounder, Craft Arms & Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Focus (Necromancy)
    Alignment: Neutral

    Languages spoken: Common

    Domains: Healing and Death
    Spells per Day:(6/6+1/6+1/5+1/4+1/3+1)
    Spells Memorized:
    0th Level: Create Water, Detect Magic x2, Read Magic x2, Purify Food and Drink1st Level: Cause Fear*, Deathwatch, Doom, Divine Favor x2, Entropic Shield, Remove Fear2nd Level: Death Knell*, Bear's Endurance, Darkness, Hold Person x2, Resist Energy, Status
    3rd Level: Animate Dead*, Bestow Curse, Blindness/Deafness, Dispel Magic x2, Protection from Energy
    4th Level: Death Ward*, Divine Power x2, Poison, Spell Immunity
    5th Level: Slay Living*, Flame Strike, Righteous Might, Summon Monster V

    +3 Full Plate
    +3 heavy Steel Shield
    Heward's Handy Haversack
    Goggles of Night
    Belt of Giant Strength +2
    Headband of Wisdom +4
    Amulet of Natural Armor +2
    Ring of Protection +1
    Cloak of Resistance +1

    Healer's Kit
    Rope 50'
    Grappling Hook
    Signal Whistle
    Holy Symbol, Silver
    Spell Component Pouch
    Explorer's Outfit
    Light Mace
    6gp, 8sp, 5cp

    Born and raised in Mokmael, Torsak has seen many things. He has seen the death of his mother at his father's hands, the death of his father and the laws hand, and the death of a childhood at Fate's hands. Torsak was forced to grow up quickly. Not having anywhere to turn to he tried to find solace in one of the local temples.

    Spending a few years as a young altar boy on this temple, Torsak saw that though the face of the temple was pure, innocent, and good. Behind closed doors it was very different. The money gathered in the daily collection plates never went to a good cause, and the priests lived a different life than they preached. The young Torsak didn't know what to do. How could the gods give such men great power?

    This all eventually came to an end as a group of adventurers brought to light the true nature of the temple to the rest of the people. These heroes of a modern age where like angels to Torsak. Had they come to show him the life of a saint? Torsak saw this as an opportunity to get out of Mokmael and see the rest of K'ruli'ana. Asking these brave individuals if he may travel with them and experience everything life has to offer was very ambitious. But to his surprise, they allowed the young Torsak to travel with them.

    For 10 years, Torsak traveled with this band of adventurers seeing most of K'ruli'ana. During these years Torsak slowly learned he had the ability to use the same powers as many of the clergyman he grew up watching. How can this be? Torsak would ask himself as he discovered new abilities. I have shunted the gods from my life, why bestow upon me the power of their followers?

    After the end of the ten years, Torsak and his adventuring friends met their fate. A battle between them and the beasts, left them all for dead. Waking up days later, Torsak saw that there was nothing he could do for his comrades, and he decided to head home and retire. To this day, Torsak still does not understand why he has the abilities and powers he has, but he has learned to master them.

    To this day, Torsak has enjoyed the past two years of his peaceful life. He can be found all over Mokmael. He enjoys frequenting many of the taverns and inns and trying in order to hear the wonderful stories many of the bards tell. He knows many of them don't tell the ugly side of adventuring, but nontheless, he enjoys the stories. He has tried to learn more of his situation by visiting the local library and temples, but has come up empty. The only thing he has learned is that there is a balance in the world that is precious for everyone's survival. And now, there is this rumor of a usurping trying to destroy this balance. The balance the gods have set. Torsak must prevent this from happening or he may never know why he is who he is.
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    Grymsnarl Blinkdog Rogue

    Background:Grymsnarl padded silently through the dense undergrowth sniffing at the air as he moved. There it was again, that faint smell of something not right, something tainted, something that had upset the natural balance. He stopped and listened, his ears perking up and twitching left and right ready to detect the slightest sound, before again sliding quietly through the brush and continuing the hunt.

    He and his pack had been on the trail of whatever abomination was stalking the forest for almost a week now and, slowly but surely, the enemy had got the upper hand. As each day had passed another of the pack had succumbed to the wiles of the predator, another of his family had died a gruesome, painful death. It was always the same; the pack made 'camp' together and then during the evening one of the number would disappear. The disappearance would shortly be followed by a howl of pain and then, the inevitable; the remaining pack members would find the body, or what remained. Each body had been completely skinned. It was almost as if someone had turned his pack mates inside out - not a hair was found and the process was completed less than a minute after the howl had broken the evenings silence.

    Grymsnarl was the only one of his pack remaining, and he was ashamed to admit that he was scared. His adversary was getting closer to human lands and that meant trouble. He knew that if he didn't soon close with the enemy that his task would become so much more difficult. If he had to enter a human city it would become almost impossible - but he would not rest, he would have his vengeance.

    "OWWWWWWWWWW", he had been distracted, deep in thought when the trap snapped shut around his right leg. The blades of the wicked device crushed his leg, almost severing it. Grymsnarl dropped to the ground howling in pain, his lifeblood slowly seeping into the ground. Darkness engulfed his senses.


    The sharp tang of pinesap awoke him from a dream. He blinked his eyes and yawned. He was lying in the grass beneath a great pine, it's boughs spreading peacefully overhead, the bright sun shining through the leaves and dappling his dark fur with shadows. Beside him was a freshly slaughtered rabbit, a small hole had been dug amongst the tree roots and filled with sweet smelling water. He stood slowly and shook his head "What had happened" he wondered, "where was the pack?" and then he slumped back to the ground as the memories came crashing back upon him.

    For days he lost the will to live, he never saw who had tended his wound, which was completely healed with only a ring of furless skin showing where the teeth of the vicious trap had torn his leg apart. But soon the fire for vengeance had been reignited and Grymsnarl once again took up the hunt. Which, unfortunately, led him straight to the great free city of the humans - to Mokmael.


    The city confused Grymsnarl; it was a cacophony of sound and smells that constantly assailed his senses. He quickly lost track of the enemies trail, which had become quite tough to follow after the time he had spent convalescing in any event.

    He fell into the habit of patrolling the streets of Mokmael looking for any sign of his enemy. He circled the city once every couple of days sniffing for any trace, the scent of his opponent indelibly etched into his mind forever. It was lucky for Grymsnarl that the city was home to many a stray hound and he was able to blend in easily, adapting and learning to live on the streets.

    For two years now Grymsnarl has roamed the streets of Mokmael, searching for any sign of the enemy. Occasionally he will get a lead but it has all proven to no avail. But, he will not give up, he will persevere, he will continue to learn the ways of the city and he will have his vengeance.

    Grymsnarl has befriended several people in Mokmael, it is these few that know of his special heritage, most people believing him a simple wardog of above average intelligence. Generally he stays with Windwhistle, a bard that owns an above average inn in a below par section of one of the slum areas. The Whistling Gale is a tidy, well maintained inn whose clientelle are more often adventurers down on their luck rather than the usual petty criminal, thugs and vagabonds that frequent some of the seedier taverns of the district.

    It was at the Whistling Gale that Grymsnarl met Weldin Ghar of the Crimson Sun, a mage of some repute (at least in his mind). A tight friendship grew between Weldin and the hound, a friendship that grew until Weldin had become part of Grymsnarl's pack. Weldin has been a great boon to Grymsnarl, he has crafted special magical tools that the hound is able to use to compliment his own natural talents.

    Windwhistle would likely give an artist a free brew or two, or three, for a mural on one of his walls. He has a love of fine art and takes every opportunity he can to add to his collection, which he shows off to his patrons with great delight. You should have seen want happened to the kobold who ignored the 'do not touch the artwork' signs that litter the inn - messy!

    Note: He has at least three mysteries that he wrestles with.

    1. Who is the enemy?
    2. What did the enemy do with his family's pelts?
    3. Who saved him in the forest (and why?) - he owes a debt of gratitude.

    Appearance: Grymsnarl has a shaggy, unkempt look about him, with fur stripped brown, tan and black, except for a patch of white on his chest. His gold pupils stare from large, watery eyes, giving him a sad, about to cry look. His tail is long and heavily furred and his ears stand upright, and taper to a point. His right leg has a ring of skin where the fur wont grow.

    He wears a black leather harness that has steel rings at the joins. The front of the harness has a leather plate that a pouch has been attached to. Around his throat he wears a wide silver collar studded with dark blue crystal. Upon his front legs are tied tight black leather sleeves that have been embossed with runes. His right paw sports a small plain gold ring.

    Personality: Grymsnarl thinks of his friends as his pack and will do anything he can to aid them. He hates evil with a passion. He is not as intense and focussed with regard the loss of his first pack as he was when he first arrived in the city, having lost some of his bitterness when he found his new pack, but he still misses them dearly and wants vengeance. He is still a little scared, why did the enemy hunt his pack and why was he spared, or was he? Is the enemy still after him? For this reason he can be a little cautious at tiems.

    He is energetic and quick and always keen to go for a run or play.


    Rogue 4
    Blink Dog Medium Magical Beast (LA2 + 4HD)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Deity: ??
    Sex: Male
    Height: 28 at the shoulder
    Weight: 50 lbs

    Fur: Brindle
    Eyes: Yellow
    Age: 7

    Str: 8 (-1) [0 points]
    Dex: 22 (+6) [16 points]
    Con: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Int: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Cha: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Level: 2xDex

    Racial Abilities
    Magical beast 10-sided HD
    Blink (at will caster level 8; end or evoke as a free action)
    Darkvision 60
    Dimension Door (caster level 8; once a round as a free action and can act immediately after teleporting)
    Low-light vision
    +3 Natural Armour

    Class Abilities
    Sneak attack +2d6
    Trap Sense +1

    Hit Dice: 4d10 (monstrous); 4d6 (class); + 2d8 (LA)
    HP: 11(1st) + 27 + 20 + 14 = 72
    AC: 25 (+6 Dex; +3 Natural; +4 Armour; +2 Deflection) Touch - 18, Flat-footed 19
    ACP: 0
    Init: +8 (+6 Dex; +2 Feat)
    Speed: 40

    Fortitude 6 [+5 base, +1 Con]
    Reflex 14 [+8 base, +6 Dex]
    Will 6 [+4 base (+2 Iron Will), + 2 Wis]

    BAB/Grapple: +7/+2 /+7
    Melee Atk: + 15/+10 Bite (+7/+2 BAB; +6 Dex; +2 Magic)(1d8-1 +1d6 (electricity);x2)

    Class Skills:
    Blink Dog (2+Int) x 4 + (2+Int) x3 = 21; Rogue 8+Int x 4 = 36
    Hide 15 (9 ranks; + 6 Dex)
    Listen 8 (7 ranks; + 1 Wis)
    Move Silently 15 (9 ranks; + 6 Dex)
    Search 12 (10 ranks; + 2 Int)
    Sense Motive 5 (4 ranks; + 1 Wis)
    Spot 11 (10 ranks; + 1Wis)
    Survival 9 {11} (8 ranks; + 1 Wis; {+2 when following tracks})

    Track (Bonus Feat)
    Iron Will
    Weapon Finesse (Bite)
    Improved Natural Attack (increase natural attack die type) - MM
    Quick Reconnoiter (Spot and Listen as free actions; +2 Init) - CAdv

    Languages: Blink Dog; Common; Celestial

    +4 Harness of Armour 16000gp (5lbs) (leather harness with steel rings at the joins)
    Sleeves of Dexterity +2 4000gp (leather sleeves that are tied to the front legs)
    Ring of Protection +2 8000gp
    Collar of Natural Weapons +2 Shock 18600gp
    Bag of Holding 2500gp (15lb) (strapped to his chest)

    In or on containers
    Bag of Holding Type 1 (250lbs)
    3 Potions Cure Moderate Wounds 900gp

    Total weight carried 25 + whatever is pulled from the Bag of Holding lbs, light load.


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    Block Krug

    Name:  Slizz
    Class: Druid 9
    Race:  Lizardfolk
    Size:  Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Str: 12 (+1)      Level: 9        XP: 66000/78000
    Dex: 12 (+1)      BAB: +7/+2      HP: 71 (1d8+9d8+9)
    Con: 12 (+1)      Grapple: +2     Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 10           Speed: 30'      Spell Res: -
    Wis: 20 (+5)      Init: +1        Spell Save: - 
    Cha: 12 (+1)      ACP: 0          Spell Fail: 0%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:            10  +3    +0    +1    0    +5    +2      21
    Touch: 11               Flatfooted: 18
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      6    +1  +2       +9
    Ref:                       6    +1  +2       +9
    Will:                      6    +4  +2      +12
    Armor                    Bonus   Dex   ACP   ASF  Weight    Cost
    Leather +1, Slick             +3     +5     0     5%   20lbs    4910gp
    Weapon                    Attack   Damage     Critical   Range   Weight  Cost
    Sling of Shock +1            +8/+3   1d4          x2        50'    0lbs 8300gp
    Bullets (10)                                                       5lbs    0gp
    Scimitar +1                  +8/+3   1d6+2    18-20/x2       -     4lbs 2315gp
    Claws (2)                    +7/+2   1d4+1
    Bite                         +7/+2   1d4+1
    Languages: Common, Sylvan, Druidic
    Abilities: Hold Breath, +4 Balance/Jump/Swim, Animal Companion (Viper), Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Wild shape (large, 3/day), Venom immunity, Woodland stride, Trackless step, Resist Nature's Lure 
    Feats: Combat Casting, Natural Spell, Fast Wild Shape (Complete Divine), Eagle's Wings (Complete Divine)
    Skill Points: 46    Max Ranks: 12
    Skills                      Abil Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Balance                     Dex   4        +4+1    9
    Concentration               Con   8        +1      9
    Handle Animal               Cha  10        +1     11
    Heal                        Wis   8        +5     13
    Jump                        Str   4        +4+1    9
    Listen                      Wis   4        +5      9
    Knowledge (nature)          Int  12               12
    Spellcraft                  Int   7                7
    Spot                        Wis   3        +5      8    
    Survival                    Wis  10        +5     15
    Swim                        Str   3        +4+1    8
    Level 0 (6) - Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Naturewatch, Read Magic, Purify Food and Drink
    Level 1 (6) - Calm Animals, Charm Animal, Cure Light Wounds, Entangle, Speak with Animals, Obscuring Mist
    Level 2 (5) - Animal Trance, Bull's Strength, Briar Web (Complete Div), Summon Swarm, Fog Cloud
    Level 3 (4) - Call Lightning, Spike Growth, Wind Wall, Plant Growth
    Level 4 (3) - Ice Storm, Dispel Magic, Giant Vermin
    Level 5 (2) - Insect Plague, Animal Growth
    Equipment:                Cost  Weight
    Wand of Cure Mod Wounds 4500gp
    Wand of Magic Missile(9)6750gp
    Periapt of Wisdom       4000gp
    Boots of Levitation     7500gp    1lb
    Cloak of Resistance +2  4000gp    1lb
    Hat of Disguise         1800gp    -lb
    Ring of Protection +2   4000gp    
    Handy Haversack         2000gp    5lb
    - Traveler's Outfit        1gp    5lb
    - Rations (4 days)         2gp    2lb
    - Hooded lantern           7gp    2lb
    - Oil, pint (2)           .2gp   1lb
    - Rope                    10gp    5lb
    - Waterskin                1gp    4lb
     Bull's Strength         150gp
     Insect Plague          1125gp
     Wall of Thorns         1125gp
     Call Lightning Storm   1125gp
     Baleful Polymorph      1125gp
     Cure Crit Wnds (x3)    2100gp
     Flame Strike           1125gp
     Animal Growth          1125gp
     QUill Blast (CD)       1125gp
     Vigor, Mass Lesser (x2) 750gp
     Cloudburst              150gp
     Camouflage, Mass        700gp (11725gp)
     Rejuvenation Coccoon    1125gp
    Zim, Huge Viper, HD: 6d8+6 HP: 35 Init: +5 Speed: 20'/Climb 20'/Swim 20', AC: 15 (touch 10, flat footed 15), BAB: +4, Grapple: +15, Attack: Bite: +6 melee (1d6+4 plus poison), Space/Reach: 15'/10', SA: Poison, SQ: Scent, Saves: Fort +6 Ref +7 Will +3, Abil: Str 16, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 1, Wis 12, Cha 2, Skills: Balance +10, Climb +11, Hide +3, Listen +7, Spot +7, Swim +11, Feats: Improved Initiative, Run, Weapon Focus (bite)
    Total Weight: 36 lb                Money: 21821gp 2sp To be spent on scrolls and such later
                         Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift
    Max Weight:         43lb   86lb   130lb  344lb   
    Age: 30 years
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Eyes: Gray
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Brown with blue splotches
    Background: Slizz grew up as a member of a lizardfolk tribe, one of the 'handmaidens' to Galrus, an ancient Black Dragon. They were servitors to him, and not knowing better, served blindly. Slizz was a talented manipulator of nature, who would trap beasts and other prey for her draconic master, but eventually she felt that this was wrong. She sneaked away one night, and has been wandering ever since. She hopes to free her tribe from Galrus, whose influence has dirtied and corrupted the swamps around her.

    Description: Slizz is a walking swamp. Dragonflies dart around her ears, frogs crawl about her skin and mushrooms sprout from her chest. Her alert eyes constantly dart around, and she is curious about all things in she sees.

    Personality: Slizz appears to be dumber than she is, striding around clumsily, bumping into things, and feigning ignorance. She enjoys having her animal companion, Zat, slip around her body. She likes to freak conservative humans out, as well as ruining or causing trouble in temples. She believes that nature will return and consume all that has been constructed, and even magic will give way to nature someday. Her favourite wildshapes include turning into a serpent as well as a bat, or other reptilian forms. She rarely chooses non-reptilian forms, but when she does, says that she needs to take a 'mud bath'. She avoids using fire magic in particular.

    Location: Slizz is out and about 'repairing' nature, sending weeds scurrying over abandoned human habitats, or choking up roads again, or waterways.

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