Tales of the Eldeen reaches
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    Tales of the Eldeen reaches

    You know the drill

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    Name:  Caw
    Class: Sorcerer
    Race:  Shifter
    Size:  Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Str: 8  (-1)      Level: 1        XP: 0
    Dex: 16 (+3)      BAB: +0         HP: 6
    Con: 14 (+2)      Grapple: 0      Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 12 (+1)      Speed: 30'      Spell Res: -
    Wis: 13 (+1)      Init: +3        Spell Save: - 
    Cha: 15 (+2)      ACP: 0          Spell Fail: 0%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:            10  +0    +0    +3    0    +0    +0    +0    13
    Touch: 13               Flatfooted: 10
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      0    +2          +2
    Ref:                       0    +3          +3
    Will:                      2    +1          +3
    Armor                    Bonus   Dex   ACP   ASF  Weight    Cost
    Weapon                    Attack   Damage     Critical   Range   Weight  Cost
    X-bow, Light                 +3      1d8      19-20/x2       80'   4lbs   35gp
    Bolts (20)                                                         2lbs    2gp
    Dagger                       -1      1d4-1    19-20/x2       10'   1lbs    2gp
    Ranged Touch                 +3      -
    Languages: Common, Sylvan
    Abilities: Shifting (Swiftwing/5 rounds), Low Light Vision, +2 Balance/Climb/Jump
    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Alertness (If Familiar within 30')
    Level 0 (Known 4/Cast 6) - Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Prestidigation
    Level 1 (Known 2/Cast 4) - Magic Missile, Sleep
    Skill Points: 12    Max Ranks: 4
    Skills                      Abil Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                    Int   0    +1   +3      4
    Balance                     Dex   0    +3   +2      5
    Bluff                       Cha   2    +2           4
    Climb                       Str   0    -1   +2      1
    Concentration               Con   3    +2           5
    Hide                        Dex   0    +3           3
    Jump                        Str   0    -1   +2      1
    Knowledge (Arcana)          Int   3    +1           4
    Listen                      Wis   0    +1   +2      3
    Move Silently               Dex   0    +3           3
    Search                      Int   0    +1           1
    Spellcraft                  Int   4    +1           5
    Spot                        Wis   0    +1   +2      3
    Aliur, Raven, Tiny Animal, Hit Dice: 1/4 d8 (2 hp), Initiative: +2, Speed: 10 ft. (2 squares), fly 40 ft. (average), Armor Class: 14 (+2 size, +2 Dex), touch 14, flat-footed 12, Base Attack/Grapple: +0/–13, Attack: Claws +4 melee (1d2–5), Full Attack: Claws +4 melee (1d2–5), Space/Reach: 2-1/2 ft./0 ft, Special Qualities: Low-light vision, Saves: Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2, Abilities: Str 1, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 6, Skills: Listen +3, Spot +5 Feats: Weapon Finesse, Improved Evasion, Shared Spells, Empathic Link
    Equipment:                Cost  Weight
    Backpack                   2gp    2lb
    Belt Pouch                 1gp   .5lb
    Traveler's Outfit          1gp    5lb
    Rations (4 days)           2gp    2lb
    Hooded lantern             7gp    2lb
    Oil, pint (2)              .2gp   1lb
    Waterskin                  1gp    4lb
    Total Weight: 19 lb                Money: 67gp 8sp
                         Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift
    Max Weight:         26lb   53lb    80lb  116lb   
    Age: 16 years
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Brown
    Caw dresses in a sleek black cloak. He is quite tidy and neat and constantly adjusts his appearance. He has quite sharp and well-defined features. Aluir, his raven familiar, often chooses to sit on Caw's head, which the sorcerer has gotten used to.

    Caw always wondered what his nature was. He looked more human than his fellow shifters, but he knew his nature was different. While the Shifters had ties to the earth, he knew his magic was more arcane in nature. Physically weak, he was often bullied by other shifters, with their feral nature. Nevertheless, he was talented in the arcane arts, some even whisper 'Dragonmarked', and his ability has helped the tribe to spy and scout out foes, including alerting them of an ambush.

    Caw's father, who carried the crow aspect, died after drunkenly flying off on a scouting mission, and met his doom. His mother raised him before dying off last year, which made him determined to achieve all he could. He tends to get a bit tipsy, but swears not to get too addicted to alcohol like his father. His mother was a hedge mage, who knew some basic arcane tricks. The blood passed on to him. His parents were never formally 'married' and his father was a philandering bastard, whom Caw has no respect for and does not speak of. His father apparently was a handsome cad, and he has half-brothers and half-sisters amongst his tribe.

    However, he feels the eyes of suspicion on him, which has bred paranoia amongst some members of the tribe afraid of his arcane abilities, and is eager to leave with Scarfang on the journey after his rite of becoming. Caw is good friends with Silver, who is concerned with things other than just brawling and drinking.

    The war claimed many of his tribe and family (notably his father). He visits the grave of his mother and sings her a song in his cawing style. Otherwise he has few blood relatives.

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    Stulgar Swift

    Name: Stulgar Swift
    Class: Ranger
    Race: Shifter
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG
    Str: 15 +2 (8p.)     Level: 1        XP: 0/1000
    Dex: 16 +3 (6p.)     BAB: +1         HP: 10 (1dX8+2)
    Con: 14 +2 (6p.)     Grapple: +3     Dmg Red: XX/XXXX
    Int: 12 +1 (6p.)     Speed: 30'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 14 +2 (6p.)     Init: +3        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 10 +0 (4p.)     ACP: -0         Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +2    +0    +3    +0    +0    +0    15
    Touch: 13              Flatfooted: 12
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      2    +2          +4
    Ref:                       2    +3          +5
    Will:                      0    +2          +2
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Orc Double Axe(2H)        +4      1d8+3       20x3
    -Primary                  -4      1d8+2       20x3
    -Secondary                +0      1d8+1       20x3
    Hand Axe                  +3      1d6+2       20x3
    Longbow(120')             +4       1d8        20x3
    Dagger(10')              +3(+4)   1d4+2     19-20x2
    Languages: Common, Orc
    Shifter Type: Longstrider
    Shifting: Free Action, 1/day.  +2 Dex, 10' Base move for 5 (3 + Con) Rounds
    Lowlight Vision (120')
    Favored Enemy: Goblinoid +2
    Wild Empathy:* Listed in skills (Wisdom based)
    1 Exotic Weapon: Orc Double Axe
    1R Track
    Skill Points: 28       Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Balance			2    +3          +5
    Climb			2    +2          +4
    Hide			2    +3          +5
    Jump			2    +2          +4
    KN: Nature		4    +1          +5
    Listen			3    +2          +5
    Move Silently		2    +3          +5
    Search			2    +1          +3
    Spot			3    +2          +5
    Survival		4    +2          +6
    Swim			2    +2          +4
    Wild Empathy*		1    +2          +3
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Leather			10	15
    Orc Double Axe, MW		15
    Composite Longbow	100	3
    20 Arrows		1	3
    Dagger			2	1
    Handaxe			6	3
    Backpack		2	2
    -Bedroll		0.1	5
    -Waterskin		1	4
    -3 Days trail rations	1.5	3
    -50' Silk Rope		10	5
    -Whetstone		0.02	1
    -Flint and Steel	1	
    -Fishhooks (10)		1	
    Total Weight:65lb      Money: 104gp 3sp 8cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                66   133   200   200   1000
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 121lb
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Deep Tan
    Shifted Adjustments
    Dex: 18 +4     Speed: 40'   Init: +4
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +2    +0    +4    +0    +0    +0    16
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 12
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Ref:                       2    +4          +6
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Balance			2    +4          +6
    Hide			2    +4          +6
    Move Silently		2    +4          +6

    Appearance: XXXX

    Background: Stulgar Swift grew up in the area outside of Sylbaran with the Durgan* tribe, a tribe consisting of Orcs and Shifters. Stulgar’s father, Sturges, was a hero of the tribe during the last war. He braved huge battlefields to relay important messages between enemy lines. While delivering a message, Sturges happened upon an assassin sent to kill Farl, and managed to subdue and capture him single handedly, and as a reward, was gifted a special Orc Double Axe. Stulgar trained from a young age as a wilderness warrior, under his father’s tutelage when he could. When he reached the age of 12, Stulgar helped defend his home from intruding goblinoids from Droaam when needed, though always under the careful watch of elders..

    When the war ended, the Swift family moved to Redstone Spring, hoping to get away from the continuing fighting near the boarder. Stulgar spent times studying the ways of the wild and the warrior, but he never forgot what he had learned from his tribe. Proud of his longstrider heritage, Stulgar has learned to move through the woods swiftly, much like his father. He is a fine tracker, and has keen senses that he has sought to train even further. Despite being quite capable of being self reliant, Stulgar enjoyed spending time with others, testing his skills against theirs in games and contests, learning from them, and teaching when he could as well. He has spent time talking to others about the softer and lesser-known sides of Orcish culture and has found the many misconceptions of the race quite disturbing.

    When Stulgar was told of the upcoming Rite of Becoming, he became excited for the chance to show how far he had come, from the little child hoping to help defend his village to the grown warrior and master of the wild. Upon his successful completion of the rite, his father, proud of his son, presented him with the same Orc Double Axe he had been presented by Farl. Stulgar swore to his father he’d continue to make him proud, and told him of Scarfang’s request. His father replied that Stulgar had nothing left to prove to him, and he was already proud of his son. He gave Stulgar his blessing, and sent him off with what gear and money he could spare.

    *The Durgan tribe was originally a druidic tribe consisting of Orcs of the Gatekeeper tradition. During the extreme persecution of the shifters by the church of the Silver Flame, the tribe took refuge to a large number of shifters. The cultures have meshed, as the Gatekeeper Orcs are much more civilized that many of the more common orcs. The tribal chief alternates from an orc to a shifter, and currently the chief is an orc druid by the name of Farl Kul’Tar.
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    Ranvar Hardheart
    Neutral Good Beasthide Shifter Clr 1 of Balinor

    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 220 lb.
    Eyes: Pale Blue
    Hair: Red-Blond
    Skin: Sunburned

    STR: 13 [+1] (5 points)
    DEX: 12 [+1] (2 points, +2 race)
    CON: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    INT: 10 [+0] (4 points, -2 race)
    WIS: 17 [+3] (13 points)
    CHA: 12 [+1] (6 points, -2 race)

    Hit Dice: 1d8 + 2
    HP: 10
    Action Points: 5
    Armor Class: 18 (10 base + 1 Dex + 5 Armor +2 Shield)
    Initiative: +1
    BAB: +0
    - Melee: +2
    - Ranged: +2

    Speed: 20’

    FORT: +4 (2 Base + 2 Con)
    REFL: +1 (0 Base + 1 Dex)
    WILL: +5 (2 Base + 3 Wis)

    - Shifter Trait: Beasthide 1/day (6 rounds)
    Con 16; HP 11; AC 20 (10 Base +1 Dex +5 Armor +2 shield +2 natural); Concentration +6 (+10 casting defensively)

    - Low-light Vision
    - +2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb and Jump checks
    - Domains: Animal and Earth
    - Turn Undead 4/day
    - Turn Air/Rebuke Earth creatures 4/day
    - Speak With Animals 1/day

    1st Level
    - Combat Casting

    Knowledge (Nature) +4 (4 ranks, +0 Int)
    Knowledge (Religion) +1 (1 ranks, +0 Int)
    Concentration +5 (+9 casting defensively) (3 ranks, +2 Con)
    Balance -4 (0 ranks, +1 Dex, +2 racial, -7 armor check penalty)
    Climb -3 (0 ranks, +1 Dex, +2 racial, -7 armor check penalty)
    Jump -9 (0 ranks, +1 Dex, +2 racial, -7 armor check penalty)

    - Common

    Melee weapons
    -Heavy Mace +2 (1d8+1, 20/x2) (12 gp, 8 lb)
    -Sickle +2 (1d6+1, 20/x2) (6 gp, 2 lb)

    Ranged weapons
    -Javelin +2 (1d6+1, 20/x2, 30 ft.) (2gp, 4 lb) x2

    Mundane equipment
    -Adventurer’s Outfit (0 gp, 8lb)
    -Chainmail (150 gp, 40 lb)
    -heavy wooden shield (7 gp, 10 lb)
    -backpack (2 gp, 2lb)
    -belt pouch (1 gp, .5lb)
    -spell component pouch (5 gp, 2 lb)
    -water skin (1 gp, 4lb)
    -Grandfather Craggin's Holy Symbol (Priceless, 1 lb.)

    Weight Carried: 80.5 lb (medium load)
    Remain money: 14 gp

    Spells per day: DC 13+spell level
    0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light
    1: Calm Animals*, Magic Weapon, Bless
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    RORAL PARL - shifter fighter [1]

    Name:       Roral Parl
    Class:      Fighter
    Race:       Shifter
    Size:       Medium
    Gender:     Male
    Alignment:  Neutral Good
    Deity:      Balinor     
    Str: 18 +4 (16p.)     Level:    1     XP: 0
    Dex: 10 +0  (0p.)     BAB:     +1     HP: 13 [14]
    Con: 16 +3 (10p.)     Grapple: +5     AP: 5
    Int: 12 +1  (6p.)     Speed:   20'
    Wis: 08 -1  (0p.)     Init:    +0
    Cha: 10 +0  (4p.)
                          Base  Armor  Shield  Dex  Size  Shift
    Armor: 19 [23]         10     +7     +2     +0   +0    +4
    Touch: 10 [10]
    Flat:  19 [23]
                          Base  Mod  Shift
    Fort: +5 [+6]          +2    +3   +1
    Ref:  +0               +0    +0   --
    Will: -1               +0    -1   --
    Weapon                Attack  Damage  Critical
    Bastardsword           +5     1d10+4   19-20
    Shortbow               +1     1d6        x3
    Languages: Common, Goblin
    +2 Dex / -2 Int / -2 Cha (Shifter)
    +2 Con when shifting (Shifter)
    +2 to Climb / Jump / Balance (Shifter)
    Low-light Vision (Shifter)
    Beasthide Elite
    Exotic Weapon Prof. [Bastardsword]
    Skill Points: 12      Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skills:               Ranks  Mod  Misc
    Handle Animal +4        4     +0   --
    Intimidate +4           4     +0   --
    Ride +4                 4     +0   --
    Equipment:                Cost  Weight
    Backpack                   2gp     2lb
    Bedroll                    1sp     5lb
    Belt Pouches (2)           2gp     1lb
    Flint & Steel              1gp     0lb
    Lantern, Hooded            7gp     2lb
    Oil (3)                    3sp     3lb
    Rations (4 days)           2gp     4lb
    Waterskin                  1gp     4lb
    Whetstone                  2cp     1lb
    Bastardsword              35gp     6lb
    Shortbow                  30gp     2lb
    20 Arrows                  1gp     3lb
    Half-Plate                GIFT    45lb               
    Shield, Lg Metal          20gp    15lb
    Potion Cure Light (2)    100gp     2lb
    Total Weight: 95lb
    Money: 38 gp 5 sp 8 cp
    Age: 16 years
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Light Brown
    Skin: Light Brown

    Appearance: Roral has a way about him that gets people's attention. He stands more upright and out-front than many other shifters you might meet, and there's an air about him that commands authority. His gaze is of steel, and his muscles are of rock. He might seem somewhat humroless, but he would call it seriousness. There's a time and a place for everything, and he has no problem lightening up when that time comes... but more often than not, it's time to maintain control and keep the lands and people safe.

    History: A somewhat odd feature of Redstone Spring is that it was chosen to be the retirement community of Anders Marrillian, a former member of House Deneith and the Sentinel Marshals. The human Marrillian discovered the thorpe on his many travels throughout the Reaches, and he was welcomed in the shifter community when he solved a number of problems they were having with a band of the Children of Winter. Upon his retirement, he moved to Redstone Spring and has become the unofficial marshal of the town.

    Because he's been getting up in years, he has taken a young shifter under his wing, by the name of Roral Parl. Roral is a youth of quite prodigious strength and health, and has spent the better part of four years training with Marrillian in the aspects of fighting, combat, and law. Although other members of his community prefer the lightness of foot as they sneak throughout the forest, Roral has found he feels more at home encased in armor, and wielding weapons larger than most. Roral hopes that now he's completed his Rite of Becoming, Marrillian will recommend him to the Defenders Guild of House Deneith and that he'll eventually be able to become a Sentinel Marshall himself. The idea that he'll be able to journey from village to village as a shifter of the law is an enticing one.

    Roral Parl's parents are Reynard and Keral Parl and the family owns and works a tobacco farm on the edge of the thorpe. Roral is their only birthchild, although Reynard and Keral have numerous farmhands that they consider to be like family. These include Berrin and Borden Theramis - two young adult shifters who were orphaned during the incursions of the Children of Winter incident; Miko Dreebin, a young goblin girl who was found abandoned in the forest as a newborn six summers ago; Sorah - a younger brother of Silah Hardheart who specializes preparing the tobacco crop for market and trade; and Kugg, an elderly half-orc who does the farm's cooking.

    Roral has not met his grandparents on either side, because his parents have been quite open about the fact that their romance was not sanctioned by either of their families and that they came to Redstone Spring to start a new life together. This is why they are willing to take in so many non-shifters into their home... because they find it's not what you are but who you are that is truly important. It is for this reason that they are quite happy that Roral has taken to working with Anders Marrillian, because they want their son to follow his dream just like they did. They also both knew Anders from when they were children and remembered when the Sentinel Marshal would come through their village. He was a good man, and they're proud that he's taken Roral under his wing. He has also blessed Roral and his family by giving the young shifter his ceremonial splint mail armor as a Rite of Becoming gift. This has put Roral even further in Anders' debt, and is now very excited to prove that the Marshal's faith in him is not misplaced.
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    Umbra - Shifter Rogue 1

    Chaotic Neutral Shifter Rogue 1

    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 155lb.
    Eyes: Golden-Green
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Dark Coffee

    STR: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    DEX: 16 [+3] (6 points, +2 race)
    CON: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    INT: 12 [+1] (6 points, -2 race)
    WIS: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    CHA: 12 [+1] (6 points, -2 race)

    Hit Dice: 1d6 + 2
    HP: 8
    Action Points: 5
    Armor Class: 10 (10 base + 3 Dex + X Armor)
    Initiative: +3
    BAB: +0
    - Melee: +2
    - Ranged: +3

    Speed: 30’

    FORT: +2 (0 Base + 2 Con)
    REFL: +5 (2 Base + 3 Dex)
    WILL: +2 (0 Base + 2 Wis)

    - Shifter Trait: Longtooth
    - Low-light Vision
    - +2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb and Jump checks
    - Sneak Attack +1d6
    - Trapfinding

    1st Level
    - Longtooth Elite

    Use Magic Device +5 (4 ranks, +1 Cha)
    Hide +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Move Silently +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Search +5 (4 ranks, +1 Int)
    Disable Device +5 (4 ranks, +1 Int)
    Tumble +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Spot +5 (3 ranks, +2 Wis)
    Listen +5 (3 ranks, +2 Wis)
    Jump +6 (2 ranks, +2 Str, +2 Race)
    Balance +7 (2 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 Race)
    Craft (Traps) +3 (2 ranks, +1 Int)

    - Common, Orc

    Melee weapons
    -Spear +2 (1d8+3, 20/x3) (2gp, 6lb)
    -Sickle +2 (1d6+2, 20/x2) (6gp, 2lb)
    -Longtooth Bite +2 (1d6+2+1 Con, 20/x2)

    Ranged weapons
    -Shortbow +3 (1d6, 20/x3, 60 ft.) (30gp, 2lb)

    Potions or Psionic Tattoos
    -Type (gp)

    Wands, Staffs or Dorjes
    -Type (XX/50chg) (gp, 1oz)

    Mundane equipment
    -Adventurer’s Outfit (-gp, -lb)
    -Studded Leather Armor (25gp, 20lb)
    -Arrows (40) (2gp, 6lb)
    -Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
    -Flint & Steel (1gp, -lb)
    -Trail Rations -4 days (2gp, 4lb)
    -Waterskin (1gp, 4lb)
    -Masterwork Thieves Tools (100gp, 2lb)
    -Hammock (5gp, 1lb)
    -Whetstone (2cp, 1lb)
    -Flasks of Acid -2 (20gp, 2lb)

    Weight Carried: lb
    Remain money: 3gp 9sp 8cp

    With dark coffee colored skin and sleek black hair which is tied into an array of thin braids, his two golden green eyes seem to almost glow. With the strong jaw structure and facial features of a jaguar, his crouched stance and entrancing eyes nearly convinces you that what really stands before you is more beast than man.

    Umbra is like the shadows, the shifters of his tribe whisper that he has the mark of the traveler in his eyes. Perhaps it is true, perhaps not, but Umbra's talent amongst the shadows is unmatched by all but the most skilled of runners. To himself however, Umbra hears the whispers of his tribe and feels disheartened by their distrust, yet there lurks a darkness in his soul that whispers in his dreams when the hidden moon is said to rise.

    Even his name betrays that something lurks within the darkest reaches of his own shadow, a name he chose for himself, as if it had come to him out of the whispers.

    He heartens to prove to himself that the darkness within does not hold sway, that he will give honor to his tribe, this trip with the druid Scarfang gives him that opportunity.


    - Who are your parents?
    Lee-shan and Myra
    - What do they do.
    Lee-shan is a hunter for the tribe, a proper ranger. Myra is a tanner and leatherworker, working hides into useable leather equipment.
    - Are they still alive
    Yes, neither are even forty years of age.
    - Do you have uncles or aunts.
    He has a pair of aunts and an uncle on his fathers side, and four uncles on his mothers side.
    - What do they do, where do they live.
    All on his fathers side serve as hunters, it being their family tradition. While those on his mothers side are more varied, with a druid, a farmer, and two adventurers who’ve struck out on their own.
    - Do you have brothers, sisters? Older or younger?
    A younger sister named Shyri, about three years younger.
    - Nephews, nieces?
    No nieces or nephews, although he does have some cousins on his fathers side.
    - Are you related to the other PC's?
    - Who taught you what you know?
    A bit from his father, but his uncle who has now gone adventuring with his other uncle taught him a great deal of the more eccentric skills he knows (Use Magic Device, Disable Device, etc.)
    - How did the war affect the people you know?
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    Female Shifter Barbarian 1
    Medium Humanoid
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Region: Eldeen Reaches
    Height: 4’7"
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Hair: Brown/White
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 16

    Str: 12 (+1)
    Dex: 14 (+2)
    Con: 16 (+3)
    Int: 10 (+0)
    Wis: 14 (+2)
    Cha: 14 (+2)

    Class and Racial Abilities:
    +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Cha, Low-Light Vision, +2 racial Balance, Climb, Jump.
    Dreamsight trait: +2 Wis, speak with animals, lasts 3+Con rds; +2 Handle Animal and wild empathy

    Hit Dice: 1d12
    HP: 15
    AP: 5
    AC: 14 (+2 Dex, +2 armor)
    Init: +2 (+2 Dex)
    Speed: 40ft

    Fortitude +5 [+2 base, +3 Con]
    Reflex +2 [+0 base, +2 Dex]
    Will +2 [+0 base, +2 Wis]

    BAB: +1
    Melee Atk: +2 silver battleaxe 1d8 dmg (x3 crit)
    Ranged Atk: none

    Balance: 4 (0 ranks)
    Climb: 4 (1 rank)
    Handle Animal: 8 (4 ranks)
    Jump: 4 (1 rank)
    Listen: 4 (2 ranks)
    Survival: 6 (4 ranks)
    Swim: 3 (2 ranks)
    Know (Nature): 1 (1 rank, cross-class)

    Extra Rage (rage 3/day, +4 Str/Con, -2 AC, +2 Will, lasts 3+Con rounds)

    Languages: Common

    Silver battleaxe (100gp)
    leather armor (10gp)
    trail rations (14 days)
    rope (50 ft)
    holly and mistletoe
    traveler's outfit (extra)
    dried meat (3 lbs)

    Shift/Rage Modifications:

    Shift: +2 Wis, speak with animals, lasts 3+Con rounds
    Will: +3
    Spot: +3
    Listen: +5
    Lasts 6 rounds

    Rage: +4 Str, +4 Con, -2 AC, +2 Will, lasts 3+Con rounds
    Attack: +4 silver battleaxe 1d8+2 dmg (x3 crit)
    HPs: 17
    AC: 12
    Will: +4
    Lasts 8 rounds

    Shift + Rage:
    as Rage, but Will +5
    Spot: +3
    Listen: +5
    Lasts 8 rounds

    Character Concept: Silver was raised as a barbarian, but rejected her tribe's violent ways. She killed her tribe's chief and fled for her life, and came to Redstone Spring to study under the druids there.

    Description: Silver is a slight female shifter with a streak of white through her otherwise brown hair. Her distinctive shifter traits are fair and almost unnoticeable, leading some to mistake her for human.

    Personality: Silver is quiet and withdrawn, but harbors a violent inner rage that is usually directed towards those who threaten her sense of well-being. She is repelled by violence and ashamed at her capacity to engage in it. She blames her tribe, and by extension any violent or barbaric humanoids, for the hurt she has lived with all her life, and views the natural world of animals and plants to be a pure expression of harmony. She seeks to learn more about druidic magic and to find peace within herself and with the world. She has come to view Redstone Spring as a relative oasis of harmony where she hopes she can find the peace that she seeks.

    Since coming to Redstone Spring, she has come to feel that she needs to prove herself to her peers, who do not respect her. She is often defensive and seeks approval and acceptance from others.

    History: Silver was born with the name Palai, in an evil barbarian tribe called the Rageclaws. The Rageclaws are evil and violent savages, who wander in the northern region of the Eldeen Reaches. They value strength and combat ability above all else, and are known to prey on travelers, even at times eating the bodies of other humanoids.

    Palai was born with the rare dreamsight trait, and did not exhibit pronounced shifter racial traits. She was also much weaker than everyone else in her tribe, and was tormented constantly. She endured constant insults and ill treatment. She tried to earn the respect of her tribe by becoming a warrior, but always failed. She grew to despise their violent ways, and yearned for a more peaceful life and some measure of acceptance. The tribe's chief in particular treated her cruelly, but took a perverse liking to her, and vowed to make her his wife when she came of age.

    The only shifter she respected was a wandering druid who came to visit the tribe every summer. The druid helped her understand her rare gift, and explained how her dreamsight could give her the ability to speak with animals. She yearned to go with him and learn the ways of nature, but the village chief kept a close eye on her. The chief was a powerful warrior, touched with the spirit of lycanthropy, and she could not escape him.

    Then one day the tribe's warriors ambushed a traveling party of adventurers, including holy warriors of the Church of the Silver Flame. After a terrible battle, the adventurers were slain, and many warriors were wounded, dead, or dying. The tribe's chief was wounded, and Palai came upon the scene of the battle. Siezing on the opportunity, she picked up a silver-bladed axe and attacked the weakened chief, killing him. The other warriors screamed their rage at her cowardly betrayal, and they rushed at her to kill her. But she escaped into the woods, and never returned.

    She fled as far south as she could. She lived off the land, and by talking with various animals, she eventually made her way to Redstone Spring. There she took the name "Silver", and settled in to a nicer community than any she had ever known. She met some druids and began to ask them to teach her their ways. She found shifters living together in respect and love, and found a world unlike any she had ever dreamed could exist. She has made many friends (other PCs?) in the community and finally found acceptance.

    She recently completed her Rite of Becoming and is excited to be traveling with the Druid Scarfang. Perhaps she'll be able to impress him and he'll recommend her to a druid circle for initiation?

    Father: Scarg is one of the stronger warriors in the Rageclaw tribe, and as younger brother to the former chief, he now rules that tribe. He is ashamed and disgraced by his traitorous daughter, and has vowed to slay her if ever he sees her again. Silver fears that he is actively seeking her out, but maybe he has decided she must have perished in the forest...

    Mother: Dalai was a proud warrior woman of the tribe, and tried to raise her fair daughter to be strong and to command the respect of men and women alike. Despite her failure, she loved her daughter, and protected her from some of the more brutal teasing, but she died in combat when Palai (Silver) was 10, and thereafter the young shifter had to fend for herself.

    Tribal Chief: Gurrok was Scarg's older brother, but that did not stop the lycanthropic shifter from coveting his niece. He was not so depraved that he would not wait, but he made it clear that he intended to make her his bride. His advances fueled her rage and desperation until finally she murdered him and escaped the horror of her childhood home.

    Wandering Druid: Stern Wildoak is a wandering druid who moves among the tribes and villages in the northern Reaches. He did not condone unrestrained violence, but also did not feel it was his place to change the ways of the tribes. He tried to do what he could to teach them to live in harmony with nature. "Even the feral beasts are embraced by the natural order," as he would say. The tribe welcomed him for his magic and potions, as well as his tales of ancient battles with unearthly monsters. Once in a while he would take an apprentice, it was said, but he never took one from the Rageclaws. Palai hoped to be the first, but had to flee for her life, and has not seen him since.

    She has no other known relatives.

    She arrived at Redstone Spring when she was 13, and has lived there three years. She has just learned enough to be "civilized" and accepted in the community, and is participating in the Ceremony as her final act of assimilation. As such, she is very excited about the ceremony, and looks forward to a possible opportunity to finally be accepted into a druidic order through her upcoming mission with Scarfang. She has been learning little bits and pieces of druidic lore (anything they would share with someone who has not yet taken the Oaths) from others in the village, and hopes to impress him with her knowledge and desire.

    Relations to other PCs: (Written from Silver's perceptions. Feel free to suggest modifications.)

    Ranvar - he's outgoing and brash. He reminds her too much of the warriors she was raised with. Unlike them, though, he has never made fun of her or treated her as scum because she's small or weak. She is a little attracted to him, but shy and hasn't spoken to him much. She does like his sisters, Hayli and Kayli, and often spends time in and around their home helping with the gardening and housework.

    Caw - she emphasizes with his plight, and understands how he feels when others belittle him due to his smaller size. She enjoys talking with his familiar, Aluir, and finds Caw to be a pleasant companion. Caw is probably her closest friend (certainly among the PCs).

    Umbra - she doesn't know what to think about this guy, but he seems quiet and reserved, and that appeals to her, as she is of a similar demeanor. At least he doesn't appear to be a combat-hungry typical warrior type like Ranvar and Roral.

    Roral Parl - he seems nice enough, but she thinks he's misguided in training to be a warrior. She has little interest in his pursuits, believing that so much attention on the skills of warfare lead to evil in the heart. Some people are born with combative natures, but he is someone who has willingly chosen a life of combat.

    Stulgar - He also seems nice, and she considers him to be a competent woodsman, possessing skills which she respects. She doesn't consider him to be a posturing blowhard like some warriors. She likes him.

    The Last War: Other than its general effects on the village, she was largely unaffected by it, and may not even know it occured. Life in her tribe was constant movement and battle, and she knew no other state. The tribe probably did engage in battle as mercenaries from time to time, but was just as likely to prey upon refugees as bandits. She probably hasn't ever seen a warforged and has no idea what lies beyond the Reaches other than vague stories of days long past.
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