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    Mardo Fintwicz, played by Bihlbo
    3rd level Gnome Rogue (Speaker path)
    Alignment: CG

    Ability Scores
    STR: 10 (+0)
    DEX: 16 (+3)
    CON: 10 (+0)
    INT: 14 (+2)
    WIS: 10 (+0)
    CHA: 19 (+4)
    Hit Points: 17

    Fortitude: +2 (+1 racial)
    Reflex: +6 (+3 base, +3 Dex)
    Will: +1
    +2 vs. spells

    Speed: 20 ft.
    Initiative: +3 (+3 Dex)
    Armor Class: 15 (+1 padded furs, +3 Dex, +1 size)

    dagger +6, 1d3+3, crit 19+/x2, range 10 ft. (hidden)
    sling +6, 1d3, crit x2, range 50 ft.

    Racial Abilities
    Hand crossbows are martial weapons
    Low-Light vision
    Can swim at half land speed
    Can hold breath for Con x3 rounds (3 minutes)
    Skill bonus when trading

    Class Abilities rogue class abilities changed: drop sneak attack, gain feats (as fighter)
    Evasion ("Ref for half" instead means "Ref negates")
    Trapfinding (allows rogue to search for and disarm high-DC traps)
    Trap Sense +1 (+1 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by traps)

    Speaker Heroic Path
    Comprehend languages 1/day
    Persuasive Speaker +2 (bonus for all Charisma-based skill checks in which verbal persuasion plays a role.)
    Power Words (7/day)
    ____Opening (opens any door as if by a knock spell)

    Friendly Agent (+4 Sense Motive to detect agent of Shadow's allegiance, +4 Diplomacy to convince resistors of allegiance)
    Weapon Finesse
    Cleaver Fighting

    Appraise +5/+9 (3 ranks, +2 Int, +4 racial when trading)
    Balance +3
    Bluff +10/+12/+14 (6 ranks, +4 Cha, +2 verbal persuasion, +4 racial when trading)
    Diplomacy +10/+12/+14 (4 ranks, +4 Cha, +2 synergy, +2 verbal persuasion, +4 racial when trading)
    Disguise +8 (4 ranks, +4 Cha)
    - acting in character +9/+11 (Disguise +2 synergy, +2 verbal persuasion)
    Escape Artist +6 (3 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Forgery +8/+12 (6 ranks, +2 Int, +4 racial when trading)
    Gather Information +10/+12/+14 (6 ranks, +4 Cha, +2 verbal persuasion, +4 racial when trading)
    Hide +15 (3 ranks, +3 Dex, +4 Size, +5 from cloak)
    Intimidate +6/+8 (+4 Cha, +2 synergy, +2 verbal persuasion)
    Move Silently +6 (3 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Open Lock +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Perform +6 (+4 Dex, +2 racial)
    Profession (boater/sailor) +2/+6 (+2 racial bonus, +4 when engaged in boating as a trader probably)
    Profession (trader) +8 (4 ranks, +4 racial when trading)
    Ride +3
    Search +6 (4 ranks, +2 Int)
    Sense Motive +3 (3 ranks)
    Sleight of Hand +10 (5 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 synergy)
    Swim +4 (2 ranks, +2 racial)
    Use Rope +5 (+3 Dex, +2 racial)

    Erenlander*, Trader's Tongue, Norther (2), Orc (1)

    The skiff o
    The Skiff is currently hidden far upstream next to the river El.
    Mardo owns a small river craft, about as big as a wide canoe, made like a covered skiff. It has a flat bottom, a tapered bow, and short side walls. The front and back portions are covered, and hold cargo below. Most of the time, his handcart is disassembled and covers the center portion, locked in place. Mardo guides the craft from on top when he is alone. It has space enough for two other Medium creatures, or 4 Small. The craft can easily hold 600 lbs. of cargo, plus passengers. It's fairly stable with a good load of cargo below and one coxwain (pilot), because most of the weight is below the water line. With passengers it tends to get tipsy, so Mardo tries to prevent having more than one.
    It looks as though it were strapped together with crude ivy lashes and soggy strips of towergrass and driftwood. This is a ruse, however, to make it appear as pathetic as possible, to discourage others from attempting to board it. Below this veneer is a standard wood craft, made well enough to perform its function. Around the outside of the raft are boueys made from treated animal bladders or stomachs, which help prevent damage when jostling in a port. Rope (200 ft., hemp) is strung through bone eyelets around the edges, and coiled around the front, with a small grapple attached (this is common for river craft, as a safety measure).
    In the nose of the craft the keel is especially thick, and partially hollowed out. A secret compartment can be accessed through the interior, where contraband is stored. This is fairly copious, but the opening is small.

    The cart
    Mardo has a simple handcart made of a flat wooden surface with axle fittings and long handles on the underside. The axle and wheels detach when stored on the boat, and the flat of the cart fits into hooks to cover the open portion of the boat. It is usually locked in place. Mardo uses this to transport his goods from the skiff to places on land where he can barter. Mardo can usually strap most of his goods to this, but has a hard time pulling more than about 250 lbs.
    Contents of the cart
    good lock
    bedroll, blanket, tent-like contraption used with the handcart to make a lean-to
    Fishing gear (block and tackle, fishook, towergrass pole)
    bar of soap
    19 hunks of cheese
    salted pork, 20 pounds
    salted dog, 3 pounds
    2 flasks
    5 empty sacks
    2 clay pitchers filled with river water
    1 lb. salt
    1 gallon water
    8 candles
    15 bullets
    Thief tools
    12 sheets of paper
    50 feet of silk rope
    1 iron bar, 15 lbs.
    reserve rations for 6 days
    suit of tight, black clothes
    1 rolled-up piece of paper with strange writing and symbols on it

    Worn on his person
    Trader's Outfit (described in Appearance) - this is also "padded armor"
    dagger (hidden with a +11 modifier to the GM-rolled Sleight of Hand check)
    Small light crossbow, loaded, with 9 extra bolts (hidden with a +9 modifier)
    belt pouch
    small Sling and 5 bullets, plus 9 "natural" stone weapons (charms)
    4 stone charms that feel cool to the touch, and should give some protection from fire
    Elven Travelling Cloak (+5 competence bonus on Hide checks)

    Skiff cargo
    gnome-sized warm furs
    2 flasks
    8 empty sacks
    crude merchant's scale
    6 candles
    1 handmade horse-sized pack saddle

    8 flasks, 2 hunks of cheese, 1 keg ale, dog hides >> 1 handmade horse-sized pack saddle
    2 hunks of cheese given to the elves

    68 years old; Male; 42 lbs.; 3'2" tall; Small-sized gnome
    When trading, Mardo usually wears baggy, lined red wool pants with an alternating pink and yellow stripe down the sides, and a smart black wool jacket with leather lining on the shoulders, gold buttons and decorative studs, and a patch on the shoulder. The patch is a pink and yellow checkerboard pattern with an embroidered racoon in the center. He wears a red felt tricorner skullcap with emeralds attached all the way around the brim. Mardo takes his appearance seriously and doesn't allow his clothing to become threadbare without getting it fixed as soon as possible.
    However when travelling, Mardo covers this up with a long, hooded fur coat to keep warm. This coat seems to have been made of several types of creatures, but with care so as to not look ratty and patchwork.

    Mardo has a thick, blocky mustache and keeps the rest of his face clean-shaven. He wears his hair in a trim pompadour, and makes sure to wash it at least once every two weeks. All of his hair is jet black. He has a deep tan, and tries to spend as much time in the sun as he can, especially on cold days. He has most of his teeth, and all the important front teeth, all of which are a gleaming and bright gray color. His eyes are pale blue.

    Mardo's trade family was once very extensive, with a number of ships in the fleet and as many rafts as men. They covered the region all around the southern shore of the Pelurian Sea, and portions of the northwest shore near Fallport. Recent events have dwindled their numbers considereably, and in the south their influence has dropped. The Fintwicz traders are known for being good suppliers of and experts on cheese, and the Fintwicz dairy just northeast of Swift Water is so renouned for their cheese that it enjoys the luxury of having official-sanctioned guards. Fintwicz cheese has a similar taste to fetta, with a more creamy flavor and mottled pink flecks. The cheese is dyed yellow, so that with the pink flecks, it matches the colors of the family emblam. The Fintwicz dairy also produces a blander cheese in mass quantities, with mixed types of milk, for official military needs.
    Mardo grew up close to Fallport and worked with his family in the trading profession. Unusual among the Fintwicz family, Mardo's parents were ardent supporters of the resistance and frequently smuggled weapons and books into the Northlands. They specialized in overland trade and kept three boro for driving wagons. Mardo pulled his weight growing up and even helped with some smuggling. He took a particular interest in any rumors of items of magic, even though his parents were generally unwilling to smuggle cargo that could be detected by those legate pets.
    Once he set off on his own, Mardo quickly hired an assistant who only took the apprentiship in order to get out of town, where she was recently caught steeling. Eventually Mardo discovered her knack when he was caught selling some of her catch. He spent some time in a dungeon, waiting execution, when she and two others broke him out. It turns out she was part of a resistance group, and she'd been working on redistributing goods from legates and others in the serivce of the Shadow to her comrades. He joined this group for a time and learned a great deal about the ways of the Shadow's forces, and how to help with this "redistrobution" effort.
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