Who Wants to Be a Wayfinder: Under New Management
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    Who Wants to Be a Wayfinder: Under New Management


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    Plonk does!

    Name:  Plonk
    Class: Artificer
    Race:  Gnome
    Size:  Small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Str: 8  (-1)      Level: 1        XP: 0
    Dex: 14 (+2)      BAB: +0         HP: 8
    Con: 14 (+2)      Grapple: 0      Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 16 (+3)      Speed: 20'      Spell Res: -
    Wis: 10 (+0)      Init: +3        Spell Save: - 
    Cha: 16 (+3)      ACP: 0          Spell Fail: 0%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:             10    +3    +0     +2   +1     +0   +0    16
    Touch: 13               Flatfooted: 13
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      0    +2          +2
    Ref:                       0    +2          +2
    Will:                      2    +0          +2
    Armor                    Bonus   Dex    ACP   ASF  Weight    Cost
    Studded Leather             +3     5     -1   15%   10lb     25gp   
    Weapon                    Attack   Damage     Critical   Range   Weight  Cost
    X-bow, Light                 +3      1d6      19-20/x2       80'   2lbs   35gp
    Bolts (20)                                                         2lbs    2gp
    Dagger                       -1      1d4-1    19-20/x2       10'   .5lbs   2gp
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Burrowing Animal, Dwarven, Draconic
    Abilities: Low Light Vision, Size: Small (+1 AC, +1 Hit, +4 Hide), WP - Gnome Hooked Hammers, +2 Listen/Craft (Alchemy), +4 against Giant monsters, Spell like abilities 1/day - Speak with Burrowing mammals (Dur 1 min), 1/day - dancing lights/ghost/Prestidigation (Save 14), +2 ST against illusions, Artificer Knowledge (+4), Artisan bonus, disable trap, item creation
    Craft Reserve: 20
    Feats: Scribe Scroll
    Level 1 - 3 per day
    Skill Points: 28    Max Ranks: 4
    Skills                      Abil Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                    Int   1    +3           4
    Balance (cc)                Dex   0    +2   -1      1
    Bluff(cc)                   Cha   2    +3           5
    Climb                       Str   0    -1   -1     -2
    Concentration               Con   2    +2           4
    Craft (Clocks)              Int   2    +3           5
    Disable Device              Int   4    +3           7
    Hide                        Dex   0    +2   +4      6
    Jump                        Str   0    -1   -2     -2
    Knowledge (Arcana)          Int   2    +3           5
    Knowledge (Archi/Eng)       Int   2    +3           5
    Listen                      Wis   0    +0   +2      2
    Move Silently               Dex   0    +2   -1      1
    Open Lock                   Dex   2    +2           4
    Search                      Int   4    +3           7
    Spellcraft                  Int   4    +3           7
    Spot                        Wis   0    +0           0
    Use Magic Device            Cha   4    +3           7
    Equipment:                Cost  Weight
    Backpack                   2gp   .5lb
    Belt Pouch (4)             4gp   .5lb
    Exporer's Outfit          10gp    2lb
    Rations (4 days)           2gp    1lb
    Oil, pint (2)              .2gp   1lb
    Waterskin                  1gp    4lb
    Total Weight: 19 lb                Money: 67gp 8sp
                         Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift
    Max Weight:         26lb   53lb    80lb  116lb   
    Age: ? years
    Height: 3'4"
    Weight: ? lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Brown

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    Male-personality Warforged, 1st Level Scout
    Deity: none
    Medium Construct (Living Construct)

    Hit Dice: 1d8 (10 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Armor Class: 14 (+2 Dex, +2 armor), touch 12, flat-footed 12
    Base Attack/Grapple: +0/+0
    Attack: +0 slam (1d4) or +0 hand axe (1d6) or +2 short bow (1d6)
    Full Attack: as attack
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Skirmish +1d6
    Special Qualities: Trapfinding, warforged traits (immunities: poison, sleep, paralysis, disease, fatigue, nausea, exhaustion, sickening and energy drain; no natural healing of lethal damage, half magical healing; no eat, sleep or breathe; +2 Con, -2 Wis, -2 Cha; comp plating: +2 armor, light fortification (25%); slam: 1d4+Str)
    Saves: Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 10
    Skills: Climb +4(4), Hide +6(4), Listen +6(4), Move Silently +6(4), Search +7(4), Spot +6(4), Survival +6(4), Tumble +6(4), Know(Dungeoneering) +7(4), Know(Nature) +7(4).
    Feats: Track
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Description: Boromar is a 5-year old warforged who stands at the height of 5'10" and weighs 270 lbs. He does not wear clothing, but carries a satchel (backpack) with notes, maps and books. He is a slim model designed for stealth and speed, and his green eyes are remarkably perceptive.

    Languages spoken: Common, Dwarven, Goblin, and Elven

    Equipment: Hand axe, short bow, 20 arrows, backpack, misc. maps of local areas, 14pp, 23gp. Total weight carried is 11lb.

    More Background (Collected and Edited from previous posts on the boards...)

    Boromar was created as an instrument of war. He was designed to be a stealthy scout, who would slip ahead of the battlelines to locate enemy weaknesses. He was created with exceptional perceptive skills and mobility. He served Aundair admirably in the last few years of the war, and then was abruptly released from service when the Treaty of Thronehold was signed.

    Designed to be curious, he immediately took it upon himself to explore. He first began wandering in an expanding circle around his home base, mentally mapping all the lands he passed through, filling in the gaps in his knowledge from his military campaigns. As he traveled, he met various travelers and learned from them whatever he could. He gained necessary context to help him understand the world he was exploring, and it opened up his eyes to the vast treasure trove of experience that lies beyond the borders of Aundair. He came to realize that he would need direction to organize his explorations.

    So he came to Fairhaven, and enrolled in the University of Wynarn. He had learned that the Wayfinder's reputation was the greatest explorers in Khorvaire, and he wanted to learn their methods. He was able to pay his tuition with the valuables he had collected in his wanderings, and by picking up odd jobs during his education. He impressed the wayfinders with his extensive knowledge of the local area, his patient attention to fine detail, and his unmatched, instinctive desire to know and experience everything.

    He met other students and quickly befriended them. He always likes to talk and listen to others, to hear about their knowledge and experiences. He is excited to learn any new thing, and always eager to please others in order to learn more from them. He loves to go new places and see and do anything that he has never done before. He is (literally) tireless in his quest for new knowledge and experiences.

    He adopted his name from the name of a famous explorer in Eberron's recent history.

    Soon to graduate from the university, he knows that the world is full of dangers, and that the best chance he has to explore safely is in the company of like-minded friends, and so he has actively sought out any companions who would be eager to engage in long term explorations of the greater world.

    Boromar is NG.

    His time at the university: He spent the previous 3 years at the university. He studied everything he could, taking an overwhelming courseload, as he could study during the night and did not need to sleep or eat. He learned many languages, including a few ancient languages, and was particularly enamored by tales of ancient empires and Xen'Drik. As he has virutally no past of his own, and no racial past to speak of, he is fascinated by the ancient histories that stretch back for tens of thousands of years. (He has a very poor concept of time.) He is also intrigued by the suggestions of links between House Cannith's invention of the warforged and ancient Xen'Drik artifacts. He is not prejudiced against goblinoids or any other race, viewing the events of the world with a slighty detached demeanor, and an excited eye towards learning.

    Relations with other PCs:

    Tel Montayne - Boromar does not instinctively grasp human social classes and finds their interactions endlessly fascinating. The best analogy he has been able to develop is that human nobility is some kind of superior design, like advanced warforged created for leadership roles. He finds Tel's interactions with upper class students fascinating, and doesn't understand why Tel seems to disdain the rank and privilege he is obviously designed for. Boromar and Tel have had many conversations about human society, and the warforged has come to see Tel as a good friend and an expert on human relations.

    Glaw - Boromar feels very comfortable with his fellow warforged. Depending on Glaw's age and/or previous military rank, Boromar feels either superior or deferential towards him. (That is, if Glaw is younger and/or of a higher rank, then Boromar sees him as a superior model and defers to his presumedly greater skill. If Glaw is older and/or of a lower rank, then Boromar considers him to be somewhat outdated, and realizes that he is more skilled in tracking and scouting.) In any case, Boromar likely appreciates Glaw for their shared experiences, backgrounds, and (I'm guessing) interests. It is always nice to have someone who is familiar, and Glaw (who may be the only other warforged in the university?) is a comfortable friend. They have probably had endless conversations about the nature of Nature. (Note that Boromar also has 4 ranks in Know-nature, so he's clearly interested and educated in the subject.)

    Midian Rightson - Boromar knows him from the class they took together under Byless Delavert. Boromar may not know of (or understand) the druid's family dilemnas, but they have a shared appreciation for the natural world. Depending on the druid's beliefs, they may have had many conversations about the place of warforged in the Natural world. Boromar's thinking is that warforged are not originally part of Nature (they were clearly created by House Cannith) but that they are Bound up in, and consequently now a part of Nature. After all, they can die, as all natural things do. And (as Boromar believes) they live and think and (perhaps) have souls, as all natural things do.

    Incidentally, to which druidic tradition does Byless Delavert (and presumably, Midian Rightson) belong?

    Patruk Sivid - Boromar finds his experience fascinating. Although other students may be repelled by Patruk's interests, Boromar feels only the same detached excitement he feels with all new ideas. He is intrigued that a living human died and was brought back to life, and draws parallels between that and the "birth" of warforged, which are also lifeless, and then given life by some magical process. Boromar wonders what parallels may be drawn, and how undead (which he fought against during the war) fit into the picture - are they alive, or in some magically-enhanced state? Common wisdom says they are "unlife", and yet what does that mean for warforged? If corpses can be brought to a semblance of life by magic, then are warforged also some "semblance" of life? Are they truly alive? Or are they merely a facsimilie? These and similar conversations likely kept Patruk and Boromar up long into the night between exams.

    Plonk - Boromar doesn't really "dislike" Plonk - he doesn't dislike anyone - but he doesn't find much about the gnome that interests him. It sounds like Plonk has interest in Boromar, and the warforged doesn't mind being the object of his curiousity, and will endlessly answer his questions. He'll even let Plonk repair him (if the occasion ever arrives in the university), but he doesn't want Plonk to experiment on him. Boromar has probably seen too many science experiments of Plonk's explode, and doesn't want to suffer the same fate. Although Boromar is interested in most things, "scientific" inventions like Plonks are lowest on his list. Boromar's chief interests are exploring new lands and cultures, the natural world, and philosophical inquiries about life and meaning.

    Teivel ir'Torn
    - Teivel sounds like a popular, athletic, and not very studious fellow. Boromar has no interest in physical pursuits (he can't get fat by being lazy, and doesn't get fit by exercising) but he is obviously superior in athletic competition. Teivel might have talked him and Glaw into playing on his team to gain competitive advantages. I can see Teival being the kind of party guy who keeps the warforged strung along as pals that he can talk into any scheme he has in mind. If so, Boromar would definitely be susceptible to that kind of charm. Otherwise, Teival did not interest him much, and Boromar knows him only in passing.

    Johan d'Deneith - Boromar probably likes Johan very much. He is charismatic and treats everyone kindly, even warforged. Although "warforged equality" is not a concept that Boromar naturally ascribes to, I am sure he would have attended any rallys at Johan's urging with detached curiosity. Boromar considers Johan to be a curious subject: the warforged has no instictive understanding of love or the motivations behind male-female relationships, and watches his friend's many trysts with the observational skill of a naturalist studying the mating patterns of a strange species in its native habitat.

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    Did I not just say use Spoiler text to hide yer actual character sheet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primus
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    Did I not just say use Spoiler text to hide yer actual character sheet?

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    Johan d'Deneith

    Name: Johan d'Deneith
    Class: Paladin of Freedom 4
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: ?
    Str: 16 +3 (8p.)      Level: 4        XP: ----
    Dex: 12 +1 (4p.)      BAB: +4         HP: 44 (4d10+8)
    Con: 14 +2 (6p.)      Grapple: +6     Dmg Red: XX/XXXX
    Int: 14 +2 (6p.)      Speed: 20'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 14 +2 (6p.)      Init: +1        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 14 +2 (6p.)      ACP: -6/8       Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor: Plate        10    +8    +2    +1    +0    +0    +0    21
    Armor: Mithril      10    +4    +2    +1    +0    +0    +0    17
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 20
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +2   +2     +8
    Ref:                       1    +1   +2     +4
    Will:                      1    +2   +2     +5
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    MW Longsword              +8      1d8+3     19-20x2
    Lance(10' Reach)          +7      1d8+4       20x3
    Warhammer                 +7      1d8+3       20x3
    Dagger(10')             +7(+6)    1d4+3     19-20x2
    Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan
    Human Racial Abilities
    Aura of Good - Power equal to level
    Detect Evil - at will, per spell
    Smite Evil - +2 to hit, +4 to damage evil creature 1/day
    Divine Grace - Charisma Bonus to all Saves
    Lay on Hands - Heal up to Charisma Modifier times Level (8) HP per day
    Auta of Resolve - Immune to compulsion effects, all within 10' gain +4 morale bonus to save vs compulsion effects
    Divine Health - Immune to disease
    Turn Undead (1d20, 5/day, 2d6+4, Level = 2)
    Mark of the Sentinal: 
    - Shield of Faith (CL1) 1/day
    1: Mounted Combat
    1H: Favored in House 
    3: Least Dragonmark
    Skill Points: 25       Max Ranks: 7/3.5
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Bluff   		3    +2          +5 
    Diplomacy		7    +2    +2    +11 
    Handle Animal		5    +2          +7
    Heal			2    +2          +4
    Kn: Nobility		4    +2          +6
    Kn: Religion		2    +2          +4
    Ride			5    +1          +6 
    Sense Motive		7    +2          +9
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    MW Longsword		315	4
    Full Plate Armor	1500	50
    Heavy Wooden Shield	7	10
    Warhammer		12	5
    Dagger			2	1
    Backpack		2	2
    -Mithril Chain Shirt	1100	10
    -Bedroll		0.1	5
    -Waterskins (2)		2	8
    -4 Days trail rations	2	4
    Light Warhorse		150	Lots
    -Military Saddle	20	30
    -Saddlebags		4	8
    -Lance			10	10
    Total Weight:99lb      Money: 3gp 9sp 0cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                76   153   230   230   1150
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 195lb
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Tan

    Appearance: Johan is definitely a handsome young man. His short blonde hair is well maintained, and his deep blue eyes are a stark contrast to his well-tanned skin. He has a well-toned muscular physique, and stands fairly tall. His is fancily embroidered and has a gold clasp with the house insignia. His armor is well polished and maintained, and his clothing is always well maintained

    Personality: Johan is a bit of a wild child, but is generally good hearted. He follows his own view of what is right, and does not compromise that. He enjoys attention and the spot light, but has stopped seeking the negative spotlight of late. Johan enjoys the company of others, particularly the company of women. He is quite sociable, and has a way with words that can ease hostilities.

    Background: Johan d'Deneith has always had the easy life. His parents, Borris and Sandra, held great influence in the Deneith house, and were quite well off. His older brother and sister both manifested their dragon mark well before he was of age to, and his parents were often too busy training them to worry about Johan, so they would leave him with one of their many caretakers, which would either keep him “captive” in some small area of the estate, or pay little attention to him and let him run wild.

    By the time Johan was 16, he was making friends in the house with his charm. Which was a good thing, because it’s the only thing that kept him out of trouble. However, he had not manifested a dragon mark, so his parents sent him off to the school of his choice. Wanting to get away from his parents who lived near Sharn, he chose to go to the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven.

    Johan found some needed discipline at the university, but not a lot. He knew how to skate by on his wits and natural intelligence, though he was able to excel in skills at arms, as well as those of religion. Also, he truly enjoyed horsemanship, and trained in that extensively, going as far as taking an Animal Husbandry class with Prof. Byless Delavert to learn the proper care and maintaining of a horse. But his biggest change came when he took a class in Applied Religion.

    Of course, Johan took Applied Religion for the same reason most people did, Prof. Natasha Woodlow was very hot. Not to be discouraged by the stigma of a student-teacher relationship, he looked for reasons to spend extra time with her. Natasha, a Paladin herself, took advantage of the time to teach Johan, drawing on his strong beliefs and good-natured heart. Johan learned that not all Paladins stood for law and order, and that in his heart was the ability to be a Paladin of Freedom. By the time Johan came to figure out Natasha wasn’t interested in him as a man, he didn’t care. At semester’s end, she had publicly stated that Johan was an up and coming Paladin.

    Of course, this had its perks, because chicks dig paladins, not to mention good looking young wealthy nobles. Being a Paladin of Freedom, Johan started to watch his step a bit more, but he still enjoyed his fare share of the ladies. Always active socially, Johan was still an occasional troublemaker and definitely well known on the campus, but in general he flew on the straight and narrow, and the troubles he got into now was the occasional foray into areas he wasn’t supposed to be, or occasionally standing up to a professor he felt was treating him or another student unfair. He was heralded for standing up for any and everyone he felt had been wronged or held back, regardless of social status. He even led a few Warforged Equality rallies through Fairhaven and the University.

    With a renewed dedication, he also picked up his schoolwork, delving into religion and combat to augment his excellent horsemanship skills. If he had not skated through early in his scholastic career, he would have easily been near the top of his class, though as it was, he managed to finish with honors.

    Bront: Johan d'Deneith - human paladin (of freedom!)
    My relationship with myself is best not discussed in public

    jkason: Midian Rightson - human druid
    Took many classes with Midian, including Animal Husbandry, and likely Applied Relgion, as well as others in Midian's chosen ciriculum (As many would apply to the Paladin of Freedom). Neither of them quite took to the ciriculum, but they have a good mutual respect for each other. Midian sees some of what his family was hoping to see in Johan, though a large rebelious streek that would surely not have done, and Johan sees the student guided into his true calling by a wise teacher (though one not nearly as good looking as Natasha).

    Shayuri: Whisper - Changling Sorceress
    Mysterious and alluring, Whisper is good company. Her independant streak quite admirable. The mask is a bit offputting, and Johan feels that she is hiding her true beauty underneath, though he respects her personal beliefs and has not questioned them outside his own thoughts.

    L2 -> Paladin HP: +12 (10+2) SP: +5 (2+2+1)
    Ride +1, KN: Nobility +1, Sense Motive +1, Diplomacy +1, Handle Animal +1

    L3 -> Paladin[/b] HP: +10 (8+2) SP: +5 (2+2+1)
    Bluff +1, KN: Nobility +1, Sense Motive +2, Diplomacy +1

    L4 -> Paladin[/b] HP: +10 (8+2 SP: +5 (2+2+1)
    Sense Motive +2, Diplomacy +3
    Stat: +1 Str
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    Name: Vhir Leraek
    Class: Spirit Shaman
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Deity: None
    Str: 14 +2 (6p.)......Level: 2........XP: 1450
    Dex: 14 +2 (6p.)......BAB: +1.........HP: 11 (1d8+1)
    Con: 12 +1 (4p.)......Grapple: +2....Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 10 +0 (2p.)......Speed: 30'.....Spell Res: -
    Wis: 15 +2 (8p.)......Init: +2.......Spell Save: -
    Cha: 16 +3 (10p.).....ACP: 0.........Spell Fail: -
    ...............Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor: 10......+2...............+2.....................14
    Touch: 12..................Flatfooted: 12
    Fort: 3.....1..........................+4
    Ref:  0.....2..........................+2
    Will: 3.....2..........................+5
    Longspear.........+3..........1d8+2............20 x3
    Shortbow..........+3..........1d6..............20 x3
    -20 Arrows
    Dagger............+3..........1d4+2............19-20 x2
    Languages: Common, Sylvan
    Human - Extra Skill points
    Human - Extra Feat
    Spirit Shaman - Wild Empathy
    Spirit Shaman - Spirit Guide - Kreelah - Fox - Alertness
    Spirit Shaman - Chastise Spirits - 2d6 Will DC15
    Augment Healing - +2 healing per spell level
    Spontaneous Healer - Swap prepared spells for Cure spells from your spell list 2/day
    Druid Spells:
    0 Level Spells per Day/Retrieved - 4/3
    1 Level Spells per Day/Retrieved - 4/2
    Skill Points: 20.........Max Ranks: 4/2
    Handle Animal.........Cha..1.........+3...........................+4
    Speak Language - Sylvan
    Leather Armor...............10gp.........15lb   
    Fishing Hook x2..............2sp.............-  
    Flint and Steel.............1gp.............-
    Rations x3...................1gp...........2lb
    Travelers Outfit............1gp..........5lb
    Total Weight:43lb.........Money: 25gp 6sp 9cp
    Max Weight:43.....44-86.......87-130.......260.......650
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 180lb
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Light

    Appearance: Vhir is a tall, light skinned man with a short beard and close cut hair. His face is unremarkable but his piercing gaze and rich, deep voice give him a magnetic personality. He wears simple, rough spun clothes of greys and browns.


    Born into a small tribe at the borders of the Talenta Plains, Vhir spent his days ranging far and wide to hunt up food to share with his fellows. His tribe holds to rigid traditions and taboos that ensure the community remains tightly knit and healthy. Their rites are many, including what can and cannot be eaten, where to bathe, what to hunt, and how to
    honor the spirits.

    On a particularly long hunting trip, Vhir's food rations spoiled and became inedible. For days he searched but could not catch anything to eat. Hungry and desperate, he happened upon a fox hunting mice in a field. Though the fox was That Which Can Not Be Eaten, one of his tribe's taboos, Vhir killed it and had his first meal in several days. Feeling great shame for his crime, he buried the bones and fur and scattered the ashes of his fire over it so no animal would dig them up and expose his crime. That night his dreams were fitful as he relived the day through the eyes of the fox up to the moment when he was slain
    with his own arrow. Every night he dreamed the same dream. When he returned home, his tribe's spiritual leader noticed the change about him immediately. Taking Vhir aside she learned from him the truth. Vhir had broken the tribes laws and would be driven away if anyone knew. Having pity on his plight, she taught him over the course of a season
    how to speak to the spirit of the fox. When he had learned enough, she sent him away on a quest of atonement. Her instructions were vague, "Live for the Spirit", leaving him more than a little confused but resolute that he will find the meaning of her words and then complete his quest.

    He traveled ever westward until coming to Fairhaven where he worked as a fisherman to afford entry to college. His strange, primative superstitions often make him the subject of ridicule. He is slow to anger and weathers their jabs calmly. He can often be seen wandering the halls alone speaking quietly to himself, or rather to his unseen spirit. He is sociable and speaks often to others to learn the traditions of their homeland.

    His studies focused on the natural world, biology, botany, and wilderness survival. Many of his classes challenge his long held traditions taught by the tribe and he struggles to come to terms with the lessons presented him.

    Glaw & Boromor - The two warforged students he has met and interacted with have presented him with an enigma. How do living constructs fit in with the natural world? Do they have souls? While they are a puzzle he still seeks to solve, he does find their respect of the natural world impressive and often have common ground in conversations.

    Teivel - The dashing fancy fighter, Teivel, strikes a nerve with Vhir whenever he is around. Perhaps it is the way he can talk circles around Vhir or his rattling, noisome chain he fights with. Whatever the reason, he does not seek him out when he does not have to.

    Patruk - Studies of the undead and negative energy have long distrubed Vhir. He believes that the necromactic powers drain not only abilities, but part of the spirit from both the victim and the user. He pities the undead, sensing the torment of the trapped spirits that animate the corpses long after they should have fled. Vhir avoids the courses on necromancy and views the students who join them with suspicion. Until Patruk's motives and uses of his power become more evident, he will watch him warily.

    Tel & Midian - As masters of the wild, Vhir finds both students to be pleasent company. Long afternoons were spent discussing flora and fauna from their homelands. The best way to hunt a stag, pull a fish from a stream, and how to live with the land were popular subjects. He finds much in common with both of them and pays no heed to their ancestery.

    Plonk - When Vhir first saw one of Plonk's clockwork contraptions, he was fascinated by the dozens of moving parts and whirring gizmos. Vhir likes to watch him assembling something new and explosive, from a safe distance. He thinks the gnome slightly unbalanced, and his views on industrialization are troubling, but creating something that moves without being truely alive like the warforged is fascinating to him.

    Johan - The ways of a paladin are largely foriegn to Vhir. He finds the organization of a church odd but can draw a rough similarity to the function of a spiritual leader. Johan's drive to seek out evil and smite it is commendable but to Vhir evil is more than just ravenous monsters or schemes of men. It is also indifference or apathy towards all life. The cause of good is better than living in evil and a paladin is better to have around than not.

    Whisper - Perhaps even more alien to him than the warforged is the changling sorceress, Whisper. Her exotic, ever changeable form reminds him of an animal changing its fur color to match the seasons. She constantly surprises him with the secrets she knows about everyone and everything. Her many questions of the spirit world reveal many new concepts he doesn't have an answer for, driving him to study more after every conversation.

    Primus - Pending

    Prof Yeti - Pending

    Level 2
    Gained 2 hp's http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=175045
    +1 BAB
    1 0 level spell a day
    1 1 level spell a day
    1 more level 1 known a day
    4 skill points
    1 fort and 1 ref save
    Chastise Spirits - 2d6 Will DC15
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    Tel Montayne: Throws down with undead

    Tel Montayne
    Tel Montayne (1350 xp)
    Male half-elf Ranger 2
    CN Medium humanoid (elf)
    +3; Senses low-light vision, Listen +4, Spot +2
    Action Points 6
    Languages Common, Elven
    ************************************************** *******************
    AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14
    Hp 15 (2 HD)
    Immune Sleep
    Resistances +2 saves vs. enchantments
    Fort +6, Ref +6, Will -2
    ************************************************** *******************
    Speed 30 Ft. (6 squares)
    Melee double-bladed sword +5 (1d8+4/19-20) or
    Ranged dagger +5 (1d4+3/19-20/10 ft.) or
    Melee dagger +5 (1d4+3/19-20) or
    Melee double-bladed sword +3 (1d8+3/19-20) and
    Melee double-bladed sword +3 (1d8+1/19-20) if two-weapon fighting.
    Space 5 Ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Base Atk +2; Grp +5
    Atk Options Favored Enemy Aberrations +2, two-weapon fighting.
    ************************************************** *******************
    Abilities Str 16, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
    Special Qualities: Wild Empathy +4, Elven blood.
    Feats Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Double Bladed Sword, Track (b), Two-weapon fighting (b)
    Skills Climb +3, Craft (weaponsmith) +3, Diplomacy +4, Gather Information +4, Jump +4,
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Listen +4, Search +2, Spot +2,
    Survival +4, Swim +2.
    Possessions explorer’s outfit, chain shirt, double-bladed sword, daggersx5, ID papers with
    portrait, traveling papers, backpack, 50 ft. hemp rope, grappling hook, waterskin,
    weaponsmith’s tools, torch x3, signal whistle, flint and steel, belt pouch containing 4 gp,
    9 sp, 7 cp.

    A small but intense looking half-elf, Tel looks like a poor farm boy dressed up in nicer clothing than most farm boys ever see. He’s attractive and well-built, with a very honest face, but the intensity he carries himself with, some find off-putting. His dark coloration has drawn a number of women to him over the years, but none have been able to penetrate the defensives or emotions he wears on his sleeve.

    Tel speaks with a strong accent that marks him immediately as a poor farmer of Aundair. This has caused a number of the richer students of Wynarn University to immediately mark him as ignorant, slow, and beneath them. This has caused Tel to develop a fairly defensive personality over the years. He’s loyal to those he sees as friends, and unstoppable to those he marks as enemies. He often lets his passions drive him.

    Tel was born to a fairly wealthy human farmer’s daughter during the last war. Tel’s mother always refused to ever speak of his father, and Tel’s grandfather, while furious that his only daughter gave birth to a bastard, allowed Tel to take the family name, and stay on until he was old enough to apprentice out to a tradesman in the near-by town of Stormhome. Tel was apprenticed to a blacksmith when he was very young, and while he missed his mother (and after a fashion, his gruff grandfather) Tel preferred smithy work to farming work. About the time he was eighteen, and destined for a life of Mediocrity, a mysterious and rich noble bought Tel’s contract with the Blacksmith and paid for Tel to move far south and attend Wynarn University. Tel’s northern agrarian accent made his stand out against the scions of Dragonmarked and Noble houses, making him something of an outsider. Tel wasn’t particularly good at his studies, though he did fairly well in courses detailing the histories of incursions from Kyber, and he had for the first time since he’d been a small boy occasion to work on the hunting skills he’d learned back on the farm. Upon his graduation, Tel received a used Chain Shirt from his mother and grandfather, and a double-bladed sword from his mysterious patron, crafted by the blacksmith who had once been his master.
    Throughout school Tel has tried to determine the identity of his rich patron, and though he has never conclusively succeeded, he suspects it may be his long lost father, some wealthy noble from Stormhome who tracked him down, wanted to give him a good life, but wanted to keep him far away from his own business. Tel is just fine with that. He’ll strike far away from Aundair, see where the world will take him. After he’s a famous explorer, they’ll give him a heroes welcome.

    His first adventure came about earlier than expected. On his graduation day from Wynarn University...he didn't graduate. To cover the missing credits, he is asked to take part on an expedition to Xen'drick. While flying on an airship to Sharn, preparing for his departure to the continent of mysteries, Tel's ship was assaulted by a mysterious airship filled with undead. Under the cover of foul sorcerous mist, the undead pirates assaulted the crew of Tel's airship. Tel fought valiantly against the interlopers, throwing one particullarly offensive pirate clear out of the sky. Before the aiders fled in terror, Tel had the chance to stare down the laughing face of The Mockery himself captaining the ghost ship...a face Tel will never forget.

    HP Rolls HitPoints (1d8+2=5)
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    Kala Moonsight
    Female Shifter, 1st Level Druid (Shifter Sub)
    Deity: Balinor
    Medium Humanoid (Shapechanger)

    Hit Dice: 1d8 (10 hp)
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Armor Class: 16 (+3 Dex, +3 armor), touch 13, flat-footed 13
    Base Attack/Grapple: +0/+2
    Attack: +2 Scimitar (1d6+2, 18-20/x2)
    Full Attack: +2 Scimitar (1d6+2, 18-20/x2).
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: -
    Special Qualities: Beast Spirit Companion, Low-Light Vision, Nature
    Sense, Shifting 1/day (Dreamsight^ – 6(8*) rounds), Wild Empathy
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +5
    Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
    Skills: Balance (0) +5, Climb (0) +4, Handle Animal (4) +6 (+10*),
    Jump (0) +4, Know (Nature) (4) +4, Know (Religion) (2) +2, Survival
    (4) +7
    Feats: Alertness*, Dreamsight Elite
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    *When Beast Spirit is around
    ^Shifting – Gains +2 Wisdom, Can Speak With Animals, and (after
    full-round action) gains +5 Spot and See Invisibility.

    Languages spoken: Common, Druidic.

    Equipment: Scimitar (15gp), Hide (15gp), Flint and Steel (1gp),
    Mistletoe and Holly, Waterskin (1gp), Spell Component Pouch (5gp),

    Name: Kala Moonsight
    Class: Druid
    Race: Shifter
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Deity: Balinor

    Age: 26
    Height: 4'9"
    Weight: 95 lb
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: White
    Skin: Pale

    Appearance: Kala's most distinguishing feature is the veritable plume of platinum-blonde dread locks that erupts from and threatens to engulf her head. Her skin is very light and her eyes are a penetrating unnatural reddish color (her clan says that the eyes of all dreamseers are this color, but this may be just a local genetic abberration). While not shifting, her beastial traits are minor. Her nose is small and button-like and a light amount of fur covers her upper arms and lower legs. Her ears are slightly pointed and pierced with a number of bone and metal rings. She usually wears grey or black clothing, cut to accentuate her pleasingly curved figure.

    While shifting white fur covers her entire body and her normally large eyes grow even larger. Her nose extends into a shot sort of muzzle, but she does not gain a resemblance to any particular animal.


    Kala is a member of a lesser sect of Eldeen druids called the Shifting Claw. The Shifting Claw is a sect practiced mostly by shifters that emphasizes becoming one with the beast within. As a dreamseer, it was only natural that Kala take up the mantle of Druidess as her mother and her mother before had.

    The young druid trained with elder Claws, honing her connection to her lycanthropic heritage, but as she did she touched a part of herself that few shifters embrace or even notice. At the core of every shifter there is something undeniably human and as Kala explored herself, she found this core of inquisitiveness and lust for adventure and was never the same. After finishing her training, Kala left the Reaches, the home of her bestial-half, in order to seek out the world of men and explore the human side of her personality. After a few misstarts, a robbery, and one very sad night out in the rain, Kala was about to give up when she saw a piece of parchment posted calling for any and all interested applicants to apply at the Wynarn University of Aundair. After that all she had to do was take a ship (paying passage by offering up her Druidic magic), hop a lightning rail train (a harrowing experience that she will most likely not try again), and she was off.

    At University Kala studied various unrelated subjects. History and Natural Sciences came naturally to her while Cosmogony somehow hit a chord in her (she has a thing for moons). Any attempt at a technological class was a disaster (now she KNEW what the lab fee in Minor Magical Creations was for).and her limited educational upbringing was sometimes an issue. She just can’t get a handle on cooking.

    Kala is something of a strange personality. Her Shifting Claw training has always emphasized controlling the bestial side of her body, mind, and soul, and she still practices these beliefs, turning her lycanthropic heritage into a fierce weapon. However, she is currently focused on exploring her other side, the inquisitive irrascable human side. She has a ‘try anything once’ sort of attitude and an adventurous streak a mile long. If anyone ever challenges the party to a race to the top of the Galethspyr she’d be the first one to start climbing, if not the first to reach the top.

    Glaw – Kala is most uncertain of how to react to the warforged. They are not natural, yet they are beautiful examples of human ingenuity, living things that are both inanimate and walking around! She’s relegated all warforged to being mere curios except for Glaw whose knowledge of the woodlands is quite surprising and refreshing.

    Boromor – Boromor is a warforged and, as such, is completely alien to Kala’s experience. While she acknowledges that he can speak and act and think just as she, she’s still always a little surprised when the thing of stone and metal and wood actually says hello to her in the halls.

    Teivel – Unlike many of the women of Wynarn, Kala has absolutely no attraction to Teivel. He is aristocratic and cavalier while she much prefers men who will take you out into the forest at night and erm.. erhm… well… 0.o. Her attitude can best be described as indifferent though there is a certain amount of snarkiness that passes through her lips whenever he is present.

    Patruk – The shifter finds Patruk gloomy and reserved. She often tries to cheer him with some sort of joke or kind word, but perhaps he does not like cheering or perhaps she is not very funny. She is not particularly off put by his love of Death (one of her druidic teachers had once taken her to visit the home of a Child of Winter, it was fascinating!)

    Midian – Kala enjoys Midian’s company even if she finds his druidic philosophy somewhat silly (sure, its easy to describe EVERYTHING as being natural, just means you don’t have to change anything). They most likely met in some sort of Nature or Xoology class. There’s something about him that reminds her of home.

    Tel – Kala has a “thing” for Tel. He’s impulsive, action-packed, and full of passion and energy. Its not love, mind, but she wouldn’t mind finding out what he’s got hidden under all those layers of defensiveness. :wink, wink:

    Plonk – Kala adores the little gnome. His inventions and engineering skills fascinate her to no end. Also, she enjoys explosions.

    Johan – Kala is quite interested by the up and coming Paladin. His charm and dedication are quite alluring to her, though she has little concept of the privileges of House or Nobility. She, however, is not one to be flung and will tryst on her own terms or not at all.

    Whisper – Some say that both Shifters and Changelings share a bond of kinship in the form of the Traveller. Kala isn’t so sure about that. While the intelligent and secretive changeling is an interesting and thoroughly entertaining associate with much knowledge and , she s also highly unsettling and her masked presence is not always appreciated. If you asked Kala, she’d say “she gives me the hibbity jibbities sometimes.

    John Semlak - Pending

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    Err...forgive me, but I don't know how to hide my stats behind a Spoiler button. I don't see any icons or controls on the post screen that appear to do that.


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