The Wall of Honor
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    The Wall of Honor

    A standing tribute to all who have fallen, this tall wall inscribed with eulogies and surrounded by small grove of trees, is frequented by visitors from across the Planes who want to pay homage to their fallen brethern.

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    A plaque rests upon the wall.

    Zugran Korbeldan, High Marshal of Juxta City

    Tan menu selek lanun naman, my friend. You shall be missed dearly.

    Your elf,
    Bailey Stormwhisper

    ((Translation of the Dwarven: May your forge burn bright.))

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    A young elf with long pink hair and a black cape slowly makes her way towards the wall. In her right hand is a small peice of parchment cut out in the shape of a tear. Picking up her pace a little, the girl posts the parchment on the wall and then quickly walks away trembling. All that's written on the tear-shaped parchment is:

    ~For Mommy~

    Artwork copyright © 2003, Christopher C. Quigley

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    *walks over and kneels down in front of the wall*

    *mutters very softly his head bowed reverently* May the gods have mercy on all of your valiant souls. Fear not with your falling doesn't come the end of the war, but someone new to take up the flag and charge forward.

    *stands and dusts off his knees then walks off saying softly "I have not forgotten nor will I"*

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    Rest Well,Oh Great Forge.

    *Performs his Salute to his late comrade*

    -May you have a peaceful rest, Great Forge of the Plane of Limbo. And perhaps one day, I will see you again...

    Lord Galvas Einlander

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    Farewell, Gilgamesh...

    Lord Galvas Einlander

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    :walks to the wall and kneels down:

    Vila, the efferts you made to find your family will always live on in my memory. All I've ever hoped since I...heard, was that this was a nightmare, a hell...that I had been the one who...:holds back tears: You saved me...countless times, and others as well. Others knew you as Eslye. I will tell Andrew and Dexter, its only fair they know what...:breaks down, leaves a letter:

    "i wear a cross
    on my chest
    i turn to moss
    and i'm at rest"

    find peace...whever you are.

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    As she happens past the wall on her way to no where in particular, Silxa feels the presence of peaceful sadness. She approaches the wall and feels its smooth surface covered in the weeping memorials for ones lost. She takes from her neck a slender silver chain on which hangs a piece of green amber stone set in a silver back with scrolling flowers, and lays it at the foot of the wall near a plaque saying, "For my father who fought so bravely for a false and terrible king and was killed as a traitor, and for my mother who only loved my father and went to her rest in his defence. Also for my home land. Someday all will be restored and the true king willl be found. May it be that no one ever dares touch this memorial I have left for it is the only thing I have that reminds me of my youngest most happy years."

    She takes a few steps back and leaning on her staff with head hung low she mumbles an inaudible prayer before continueing on her way.

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    Leaning against the wall for a time in thought, the elven lady starts to hum some old elven lament absently. Squinting a bit over her frown she turns about and goes to work etching the elven words sheís thinking in her own addition to the wall, in an out of the way corner where she sits.


    I didnít hear you leave.
    I wonder, how am I still here.
    I donít want to move a thing, it might change my memory.

    Oh I am what I am Iíll do what I want, but I canít hide
    And I wonít go. I wonít sleep. I canít breathe, until your resting here with me.
    And I wonít leave. I canít hide. I cannot be, until youíre resting here with me.

    I donít wanna call on my friends.
    They might wake me from this dream.
    And I canít leave this bed, risk forgetting all thatís been.

    Oh I am what I am Iíll do what I want, but I canít hide
    And I wonít go. I wonít sleep. I canít breathe, until your resting here with me.
    And I wonít leave. I canít hide. I cannot be, until youíre resting here with me.


    (Stolen from the beautiful song ďHere With MeĒ on Didoís, No Angel )

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    D'win walks up to the spot were loved ones left behind leave their last wishes and thoughts. D'win walks up slowly and leaves a note. Though it is small it holds a lot of meaning.

    To my Fallen Angels that have fallen forever and will never return. To all that I have slain, I wish you the ebst of luck in whatever dismale after life you may be granted. And to the one that I loved, my love is forever with you. I thank my God for letting me have known you. I Love You still Lord Aries.

    With the note left she walks away it had been two years this day that they had been wed and one year this day that he was slain protecting her.

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