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    For Kiesier

    *A lovingly crafted plaque is placed on the wall of honour, which reads thus*

    Some times in our lives we are truly lucky enough to be blessed with meeting someone who fulfils every need and desire of our very soul. Some one who brings blazing passion to our bodies, and euphoric joy to our heart, tender understanding of our darkest deeds, makes us feel respected when previously we had no respect for our self. Some one, who in the darkest moment two lovers can face, can still lay a gentle hand on your cheek and say, “my heart still beats for you.” Someone who with out them, no matter whom else is around you, your world feels like an oubliette that you will spend the rest of forever falling through as the wind of your decent rips away your very flesh and whips over your every nerve ending. The one person, the one single entity in this multitude of worlds and planes whom you know in your heart of hearts was your one true love. And then there gone; giving their life to save yours, so that you may live, so that your family may live. Someone who is so selfless as to sacrifice their own immortality for the protection of children that weren’t even of their loins. Some one so strong of heart that they would give all just in the vain hope the one they love, will be able to walk back amongst you all no longer to be pained by their enemies cruelties. Such a man I have know, such a man I have loved, such a man I have worships, body mind and soul, and such a man I am never to hold in my arms again. I was honoured to have him in my life, even more honoured when he took me into his heart. There are not words enough to honour him, as he truly deserves. Nor powers of gods enough to ever tear the love I have for him from my breast. The only words I can say, the only funeral pier I can build him is the knowledge that no matter where I roam, no matter what I do with my life, from the day of our wedding and for ever onward,

    Kiesier Mytrians of the house of Slovan, Eternally I am yours. Usstan Ssinssrigg Dos my darling


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    Edge Sharpsword
    *Edge walks to the wall with purpose. Trying his best to remain stoic.*

    " has been three short years ago today. I hope...I know when you woke from your sleep, you opened your eyes to a new perfect world. I now carry on our name with honor...."

    *Edge lays a certain silver coin at the foot of the wall and turns away...not looking back.*

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    Savien walks slowly towards the wall. The memories are dim with years, and he is the only one left to remember them. He is half elven, and thus will be loong lived. His elven father will long outlive him, but both have outlived his human mother.

    She was left alone with him by his father, and did her best to raise him alone. He remembers now how very much she loved him, and a tear drifts down his cheek. She fell ill, and the last of her strength was spent seeing him cared for. He realized she loved him more than life.

    "This seems a fitting place to honor ypur memory mother," hewhispers. He then steps forward and hangs a small well carved plaque upon the surface of the cold wall.

    It reads:

    In loving memory of Saveene of Ordulin,
    May the gods grant you peace and rest,
    and cradle you in warmth and comfort,
    until we meet again.

    You son Savien

    He pulls his cloak about him, and looks at the other memorials on the wall, and thinks this a fitting place to honor the memory of a woman who gave her all for him. After a few moments of this he looks back to this last momento and whispers "Goodbye mother, rest well." He then turns and walks slowly and quietly away.

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    An elf walks up to read the stories left in tributes for the fallen. The elf kneels and prays for hours, once for each of the fallen. By the time he stands he has tear stains on his shirt, but he has stopped crying. He then turns and disappears back to his home domain, but you can hear his last words on the wind.

    "For his grace, they are remembered by those who care to do so."

    :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

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    A half dragon walks up to this wall of the honoured fallen

    (I have no loved ones that have fallen here but I hope that somewhere they have some one to watch over their place of memory.)

    stands in quite contemplation wishing welll to all the spirits honoured in this place

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    Jaerc wanders to the Wall and looks at it. He glances at it briefly and continues on his way.

    I wonder...if I will be remembered. Shame Jaerc self-pity does not become you.

    Turns to glance once more at the shrine and then hurries off

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    She walks quietly up to the wall and looks over the noble deeds recorded there. She murmurs softly, "it will still do," and attaches a small plaque of silvery raised letters on a darker grey background, almost hard to read but somehow clear enough:

    For One Who Is Gone
    Though some may scorn, others mourn.
    "What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil."

    The slightest of smiles shows in her eyes as she reviews the words, then fades as she walks away.

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    *A young drow walks to the board, kneels and places a small and plain plaque on the wall. It reads as follows:*

    For those who have done great things, and for those who haven’t.
    For those who have died, and for those who will some day.
    For those who have no one to cry for them.
    For those who have no one to tell stories of their great deeds or their near death experiences.
    For those who have been killed and for those who die the normal way.
    For those who have no one to even speak their names, or spend a moment to think of them.
    For those who once had friends and family, but now, no one even remembers their name.
    But mainly, for those who have no one brave enough, or maybe just because there’s no one left, what ever the reason, for those who have no one to put them on a wall of honor, for them there is this plaque.

    *the dark elf walks away slowly looking back only once as she leaves.*

    the lighter of the dark.

    “There is no black, no white, only shades of gray.”

    “Here’s to all the crying hearts
    Here’s to all the solo parts they play
    Here’s to all the memories
    That have be lost along the way.
    Here’s to all who cry
    Here’s to all who die
    Here’s to all but a lucky few
    Here’s to me, here’s to you.
    ~Here by: …well…. Me.”

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    Savin, Tiefling rogue, CG
    Savin attaches a plaque that reads "In memory of the late Firial Alriim, may his soul find rest", and lays a rose directly beneath it. He wipes a tear from his eye, remembering the good times he had with his late father.

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