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    Bhryn Astairre

    ~ another amid a small collection ~

    That small part of the wall that has come to be dominated by anyone who she has ever been close to has yet another tablet of precious metal added amid the silence. There, by her mother, her father, by the record of those in war, by her brother and her daughters'... It is of pale silver tinted with a burnished light so it sometimes seems afire if caught from the edge of the eye. Inscribed:

    Keep him safe.
    I cannot follow, not yet.
    Sleep well now in the last embrace of the Mount.
    Sleep safe, my son.

    ~ Tyrion ~

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    In Memory of Those in years past...

    *An elf in a simple forester's garb with a lyre strapped to his back, steps solemly up to this place of honor, and places a parchment enscrolled with these words.*

    To all those who have lived and cried, in my heart you shall never die. To those names in my distant past, your memory lives on ere when we crossed paths. Know that your hearts will exist ever on, so escrolled within this song...

    The Dusty Road

    Though I've walked many trails, and seen so many things.
    All the memories it portains, to those who've been with me.

    Your in my heart...your in my soul, you'll never fade again, no more.

    For now you've reached, your resting place, and look down on us from distant space.

    The dusty road, goes ever on, for unlucky few, this lasts anon.

    Watching love lie deep inside, seeing hope take wing and fly.

    But never fear, I shall go on, and so will you who've been left behind.

    Your mortal wings have long since spread. And so I shant not pretend.

    Though your souls, live ever on, and shall know, they shall know peace once anon.

    The dusty road, goes ever on...and so shall all those who have passed to the great beyond...

    And those have passed to the great beyond...

    Fer all those who have gone before me, and who shall depart after me, you will always be remembered.

    Borus, Shiv, Jaina, Hex, Elw, and all of the shall ever be in my heart.

    Fier Foxfer
    Bard, friend, companion, forever.

    *The elf places the parchment on the board and bows his head in respect for those friends past, present, and future. Then slowly turns away and walks into the distance....*

    The parchment blows slightly in a hidden breeze, and anyone who happens by and who stops to read the scroll shall hear the faint melody of a song coming from it, which seems to fit the words written there...

    ((For anyone who wishes to hear the actual song, catch me in the tavern sometime, or drop me a line through pm, and I'll see what I can do...Foxfer))

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    An old man slowly walks to the wall,raising his head as he reaches it.First he hesitates,but after a few moments he touches a small golden plaque with the name Jack of Tears engraved on it.

    ""It was my fault,i was the one who destroyed your life.May your shell never return and may your core stay on the realm of darkness"

    The old man lowers his head again as he turns,a few steps and he vanishes leaving only a tear which slowly falls to the ground.....

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    The beast comes to the wall with a dark book bound in Human flesh. As he comes near, he chuckles his usual chuckle, "Hm-hm-hm", and opens the book. The vial creature hangs a black pendant from the wall, and looks to the book. From this horrid book, he reads:

    "Souls of dead, I trap thee here, within this amulet of darkness. Never shall you see the Heavens, and live thee in the Hells. Thy deeds will go unforgotten by mortals, but to me, you are simply a pain. When your time comes, your souls shall come, and join me in the Hells. Your souls shall burn forever on, your hopes and dreams of life shall die. I bless thee with my ever service, and never shalt thy leave my home."

    Chuckles evily as the dark amulet now glows with the powers of evil and walks away, his job done.

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    A young, 12 year old girl hooded in blue, places an obsidian at the base of the wall.

    "For my Uncle..." It reads. "Pass quickly beyond the ninth precint, and rest well..."

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    A loss to all...

    A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, clad in black leather cloths, walks to the wall. She kneels before the wall and looks to the ground, crying. She places a ruby dagger at the foot of the wall, and says:

    My dearest uncle.... Uncle Se'kell, you had done much to help us all... Your love is remembered well, and I shall always miss you... I love you uncle... I miss you...

    She stands and walks away, crying

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    *Robed, a woman shuffles to the wall, placing on it a plaque of wood, burnt into which is an inscription.*

    For a friend gone from here.
    For her friends before her.
    For her friends here still.

    We miss you Ariel.
    We hope you come home soon.

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    The old man slowly walks to the wall,his face is emotionless as he places a black rose on the ground.He stares at the wall and words appear
    For my beloved wife Ugita,may your soul be free,may our children still be alife.
    The old man breaks down to his knees as tears fall to the ground.
    After a few minutes he gets up again,pulling his hood over his face.
    "Forgive me....."

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    For Bailey Stormwhisper.


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    Bhryn Astairre
    Slips up a clean piece of pale parchement, drawn with four dragons curled around each corner protectively and a simple black and white whorled seal at the bottom.

    For those lost who should never have gone,
    A single moment stood on the threshold belongs.
    I cannot touch what you may have been
    So at night I wish and whilst I dream;
    At night for my stolen ones I feel you are best
    Where you are. Stay there now and forever rest
    In a world free from pain and doubt.
    A world where you don't have to suffer being apart.
    Peace keep your souls my children,
    And may my dreams rest with your hearts...

    For Dragona's babes.

    For the nephews and neices I will never know.

    ~ Bhryn xxxx

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