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    For all those that have left us

    *He walks to the board in his usual dress and pins a sheet or two up*

    For all those who have left us we wish that you have a fair and peaceful rest and may the light of Valar watch over you in the realm thereafter. We will miss you all and have the hope that one day we shall see you again and have your love for our own.

    Lord Protector Corwin Sha'Kar
    House Protector

    * the note is written in every spoken language of the realms and radiates a faint magical aura*


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    To those lost

    This is to honor all those lost whether they be loves or friends or even comrades in arms.

    Death is not the end,
    Life still abounds,
    Death is merely a campsite
    On the way to eternal adventures.

    Ulraene Silvanosys

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    *walks by, looking over the memorials one-by-one*

    How did I become so lucky?
    I believe that no matter how hard you try, you cannot baptize a cat.

    Life is like a box of chocolates...just throw out the orange cream-filled ones.

    Gator...the other white meat.

    I am convinced that you can say ANYTHING about ANYBODY, as long as you say "Bless their heart" at the end.

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    Burdened with the horrible moments, stands by her own set of plaques, for her family, her lost loves and lost lives... too many, too little said, too quickly gone. Never feeling as old or as alone, bends slightly and cries softly, rubbing fingers over each plaque protectively... and perhaps a little lost...

    ...but when she moves, another little plaque sits at the bottom of them, shining a silvery blue with darker indigo writing.


    Do not fear the Darkness
    For I am by your side;
    I am the armour protecting
    Which, behind you hide.

    Do not fear the Darkness
    You are stronger than you know,
    And into that forever
    Now, you must yet go.

    Do not fear the Darkness
    It's weak and infantile;
    Gather up your courage
    And tighten it with a smile.

    Do not fear the Darkness
    I will walk with you some of the way,
    So you won't be lonely
    Until we must part our ways.

    Do not fear the Darkness
    And you will yet be free;
    I do not fear the Darkness
    For inside, you are with me.

    I will miss you, my sister of mortal birth.

    Bhryn xxx

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    *walks up and puts up a piece of paper*

    In memory of my friends who perished in the attempted drow invasion of the country Rondaris...Persivell, Gustaf, Derek, Ragnorak, Flynn, Bartley, Roc-Morbus, Caerlion, and everyone else who died to save our country. And of course...Nobble, who was brutally murdered today.

    *wipes a tear off of his face, and walks away*

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    A girl, more of a young woman really, meanders along the wall looking at and reading the tributes. In her hands is a piece of wood. Old, and broken, like a piece of driftwood, with irregular shape. The edges are still sharp and the color is bleached, but the front of the piece has been carefully and lovingly sanded and restored to a nice finish. Finding a place on the wall with enough room for the large book sized piece of wood, she holds it against the wall in the chosen spot her lips forming soundless words. Finally, the young woman steps back, the piece of wood staying in the place on the wall, and she brushes the dark sable hair from her face so she can be sure it's just right.

    The front of the plaque, so carefully and lovingly restored has had writing etched into its surface with a hot instrument. The handwriting is legible, though not beautiful by any standards. The writing has been painted silver and outlined in purple.

    This piece of wood. Abused and broken, misused and cast away.
    A fitting choice for me to use, as it represents so clearly what I was.
    Before you found me. Before you helped me. Before you saved me.
    All of you. People. Friends. Some of you even family to my thinking.
    Taken from me by time and distance, death, and sometimes my own actions.
    This is for you. So that you know, wherever you are, that I still remember.
    That I still appreciate you and what you did for me.
    That I still love you. All of you. Wherever you are. Wherever I am.

    Kiralari Shikonar

    Tears glisten at the corners of the rapidly blinking almost purple eyes, but she smiles and stands there lingering. Finally, the young woman wipes the tears streaking down her face on her sleeve and turns to walk away. There is nothing else she can do here.
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    Though You May Not Been Seen

    A traditionally black-wreathed woman approaches the wall, purplish-black hair waving gently in some unknown wind or another. Her hand raises, and the words gently begin to write upon the wall.

    The last time I saw you was when the leaves were crumpling beneath my boots. Brethren, I grieve your losses that formed your despair and guilt that claimed your unlives. We all have our flaws, but none were matched in battle, iron fists, or in the strength of a still heart. Be at peace, Brothers, I have forgiven you. May you find a way to content - the best salvation we have.


    She remains silent a long while, an honorable silence. No tears shed, only a gaze of respect, before she turns and departs.

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    this post is gone
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    Cameroth, could you please contact me? Either by email at or via MSN


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    i assume thats what u wanted and if not..then my e-mail is
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