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    *walks over to the wall, snarling at it as he removes his mask then spits upon the wall* Pitiful.
    *turns, placing his mask back on he walks off*

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    Darling Rynnora, My Heart Be With You

    The man who always appeared unscathed by the world around him looked so forlorn, so destitute, so altogether broken as he approached the wall. He shed no tears, but there was the telltale hint of redness around his eyes, the stain of tears, a testament that he had shed many before stepping into this place. He wore no battle raiment this day, simply dressed in somber colors, dark greens. His sword was strapped to his hip, but he carried another blade, identical to his, in his hands. Those strong hands trembled as he took each careful step forward. Upon reaching the wall, he knelt slowly and offered a silent prayer of hope for his dead sister, praying for her to be happy in the eternity beyond. Then, with a sigh, he nestled the sword and sheath pair gently against the wall, on its side. But he was not yet done, for he still had three other things to place along with the weapon. He reached a hand into his pocket and withdrew two simple bands. The first appeared almost Elven in make and design, and he set it down atop the sheathed weapon, carefully. The second ring was a simple silver band, with no elaborate traces to it, if observed fleetingly. On the inside of the band was carved a phrase in Draconic, meaning, "My daughter in heart, my precious in soul." This ring he set down as well, nestled alongside the first. He then pulled out a small wrapped sheet of parchment. It was nothing special, but it was all he had been able to write. He did not read it, just unfolded it and settled it atop her things.

    Dear Rynnora,

    The time is sadness, and all I can think of is how I must have failed you. I should have left you at home, so you would never know death. I see your face still, left pale in visage, eyes blank and open, no longer carrying that spark of life. In some way, I know my failings brought you here. Granted, my blade did not cut you down, but it may as well have done so. Know only that, in penance, I will be certain to avenge your loss. I am sorry.


    He then stood, his work done, and he stepped slowly away, his head bowed to hide the pain on his strong features. He was too strong a man to mourn in public, and he did his best to keep his stride smooth, his shoulders squared, and his demeanor aloof.

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    To Absent Friends, Past and Present. For the Missing, and the Missed.

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    A girl at the age of 15 with brown hair, and green eyes comes up to the wall of honor looking over a few notes she pulls her own out of her skirt and tacks it up on a free space. A simple note that reads.
    "I would like to honor my uncle. No one knows him but he will be missed my mom and I. I love you Uncle Poi..Hope to see you again one day. You know who :Buttercup and Rosey"
    She walks away sniffling softly as tears roll down her cheeks.

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    Corwin walks up and places a note of honor for everyone's dear friend*

    For our friend of the highest honr without dispute Gary Gygax. May his adventures continue with the gods themselve. May his sword be sharp and his spells be strong. May his faith preserve him in our memories for centuries to come.

    Corwin Michael Sha'kar

    Lord Protector

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    To My Lord

    Upon the cities gates your heart did bleed,
    Not an ounce of hatred did you seed,
    Yet when you needed friends the most,
    None stood by you at your post.

    Upon the cities gates did your soul become freed,
    By an evil lich with a heart of greed,
    Yet when you needed love the most,
    It twas not given to our host.

    And now that you are gone,
    No soul or heart to live on,
    They think of what went wrong,
    And then they will perish before the dawn.

    My rememberance of Lord Valkaryn Cress, Who died needlessly to save us from death, Unable to call his forces in reserve to arms, Lies in a tomb of honor next to heroes like Huma and Tanis Half-Elven.

    Your humble servant always Milord

    Corwin Michael Sha'kar

    Lord Protector of House Protector

    Prince of Arklon

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    For Lyzar.

    I offer you no poetry, nor flowery words. I have no words. Nothing would sound right. I miss you, sister, despite the last few years having been extremely difficult between us. I only sincerely pray that you are finally at peace, after all the torment the end of your life has brought you.

    ~Rill Veanson

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    Looking at the ground she wanders on in the general direction of the Wall, her steps unsteady a she reflexively pulls her wings tighter to herself. Lifting her young eyes, eyes that have seen her do things a child her age shouldn't have, she looks to the memories people put upon the board. Seeing one in particular she places her hand on it, feeling teary eyed. She shivers then drops her hand, turning to walk away. As she does a single, solitary black tipped red feather falls to the ground as if marking her passing

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