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    TMP- News Stories

    (( I was thinking to help create characters more, we could write up news stories and information about events and the like that involve our characters...))

    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 27th, 2030

    Leandra Zephyrine was named Humanitarian of the Year. The French born humanist, is being honored for her work in providing funds and supplies to schools across New York.

    Based on the proceeds of her own company and donations, Knights for Education, has become a strong foundation by which needy school systems can gain the funds they so desperately need.

    Miss Zephyrine has refused to comment on the receipt of the award, however her lawyer tells the press that she is glad that she could help and will continue to do so. He reports that Mizss Zephyrine said, "Education is the greatest gift we can give the children of tomorrow, and I mean to see that everyone recieves it, regardless of race, religion background or any other factors of discrimination."

    Her next project, is to begin funding and rebuilding those libraries in need.

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    City Council Run

    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 23rd, 2030

    Early news coming out of New York. Local Lawyer, Magician, Musician, and Comedian Matthew Tyff has announced his intent to run for New York City Council in the upcoming November election. Three of the eleven seats will be up for grabs and it is expected to be a highly contested run. Considering the new mutant related issues appearing in front of the council, this election is going to be a very difficult one and possibly one of the most controversial in the city's history. When asked for a comment, Mr. Tyff said the following.

    "I don't want to make any harsh judgements on the new people arising in our city. I feel as if each person should be offered the right to live peacefully, despite what science, mutations, adaptations, or otherwise has done to them. I will be voting for any legislation that allows them to live without scientists disturbing their lives." he commented when asked if any mutant-related votes would be cast if he were to be elected.

    When asked about the traditional issues, he said he will follow the new Liberation Party platform as released this coming July at their New York City Convention. Mr. Tyff will be appearing on several news programs and live internet chats in the coming weeks.

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    I can always add a 'Current News' page to the TMP website, and if someone wants to compile and write stuff for it I can update it from time to time. No more frequently than once a week please, but I can promise that often.

    In the future Setting Coordinators will presumably be able to update the pages at which time more frequency might be possible.

    Anyway, just mail me and pounamu

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    I'd be interested in lending a hand with that -- I've done some news writing in the past, and it's fun to make up news ^_^

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    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 27th, 2030

    At 2:18 AM last night, police recieved a call about a strange disturbance in downtown Manhattan. At around 2:00 AM, said witnesses, a flickering light could be seen emanating from within a condemmed warehouse, accompanied by loud cracks and popping sounds. One witness described "a sound like a man shouting" and "a frightening moan, like a badly hurt person." At 2:08 a sonic boom rocked the area, waking people for blocks around, and shattering the foundations of the building.

    Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man leave the warehouse and run westwards, dissapearing soon after. A subsequent police search of the warehouse turned up the bodies of two people, both of which were in an advanced stage of decay. Both corpses had recieved shots to the head from a large-caliber handgun, using the latest in caseless bullet design.

    "Why someone would shoot dead bodies, I don't know," said one officer after the bodies were taken away. "I just hope this isn't target practice for some kind of sniper, or another deranged cult."

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    New York Opinion, Weekly Issue- March 29th

    Our new candidate! Crook or Caring?
    March 28th, New York, New York
    Robert Fulham

    I took some time to go to several places where Matthew Tyff was known to frequent and I learned quite a bit. First, according to several people that spoke to him, Matthew Tyff continues to avoid addressing questions on his support of the mutant uprising. A man I met in a new club in the city claimed that Mr. Tyff never even attempted to address the question with him, but instead placed his focus on education and assisting the city's youth projects. Although he seemed caring about such projects, Mr. Tyff never even made any specific promises to help the city.
    We here at The Opinion find it insane to elect a man supporting this mutant agenda. Deaths are being reported daily from mutant-related activities and it's time the government stepped in to begin eradicating the new mutant population.
    When asked about how knowledgable Mr. Tyff was, Michael Corrin-Sorria, a local youth volunteer said "He knew just about as much as any other politician." which isn't vary assuring about the intelligence of Mr. Tyff. Do we honestly want a stupid man in a seat of power in our fair city? Vote down Matthew Tyff this coming election, for the sake of our city.

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    Self-defense allowed by Law

    New York City, New York (AP)
    March 29th, 2030

    Police are confirming today that a murder in The Meeting Place was self-defense. Earlier in the day a reporter by the name of Robert Fulham attempted to assassinate politicial figurehead and candidate for City Council Matthew Tyff. The dart almost killed him but actions by Matt Aiden saved his life. Later evidence proved that Robert Fulham had the gun responsible for the attempt and the poison collecting device. Fulham returned to the Meeting Place later that day for another attempt at shooting him, evident since he was gathering poison from the air when Matthew Tyff shot him with a registered firearm. Police have deemed the action Pre-determined Self-Defense and will not be filing charges on Tyff. Fulham's family would not comment.

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    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 30th, 2030

    The ceremony to present the Humanitarian of the Year Award, to Miss Leandra Zephyrine, read more like a who’s who of New York, than charity ball. The de’Medici family was out in full force. As usual Michael was busy with his work, however this did not stop his wife Starla and heir apparent Lucient, a decorated Captain in the Air Force, from attending. The pair arrived with their usual flair for drama, Starla in a stunning houte coture gown and looking like she had stepped straight off the runway.

    Maxwell Anderson of Max Fashions, was also present. Maxwell arrived early, alone as he always appears in public, and left just after the main speech, not without first making a rather large donation.

    Gina Hernandez was present, making use of the publicity to further promote her growing new empire El Defensa.

    It was then that Miss Zephyrine arrived. She was accompanied as usual, by the entourage she keeps while in the public eye. The French-born humanitarian was flanked by the ever present figure at her side, her lawyer Nicholi Stefanov. At her other side was the commonly seen individual, David Ravenclaw of Native American descent.

    Miss Zephyrine has an adamant refusal to speak with the press, finding herself shy when confronted by them. Thus, accompanying her, were two young women from her youth outreach programs, helping to keep the press at bay.

    Miss Zephyrine’s speech was remarkably short, and charming in her soft French accent: “I thank you, mon amis, for this award. I hope that I can continue to provide an education to all those who seek it, now and in the future. Knights for Education, is a means of the past, providing a path to the future.. Oui.. thank you, Merci.”

    While once again Miss Zephyrine refused to speak with the press, her lawyer Mr. Stefanov had these comments: “Miss Zephyrine has approved a matching funds program for tonight. For every dollar raised by this evening’s event, two will be donated from her funds.”

    “Miss Zephyrine would also like to implement a matching funds program with the city of New York, so that Knights for Education not only provides funds to inner city schools, but also raises the money to help fund public libraries, and provide for higher education opportunities.”

    Miss Zephyrine and her entourage left the event early, in order so that she might further avoid talking with the press.

    The rest of the who’s who list, of course enjoyed the party..

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    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 30 2030

    Kidnapping Foiled at Local Club

    The heavy security of a nightclub in El Barrio disrupted the kidnap attempt on an immigant academic at approximately 3am this morning.
    Professor Alex Woodham had been drawn into discussion with O. Chandler who aledged that an ex-student of Prof. Woodham had taken techniques learnt in Prof. Woodham's classes and furthered them into bombs capable of killing thousands. Chandler had photos as evidence and claimed to be a government agent who needed Prof. Woodham's aid to stop the ex-student and "save the world". However by the time Chandler came to lead Prof. Woodham out of the building, Woodham had become uncertain and resisted, drawing the attention of TMP manager Jade Walker, off-duty but present at the time.
    Walker tried to stall the departure in the hope that Prof. Woodham would ask for help. Chandler lost patience at this point and injected Prof. Woodham with a sedative. A struggle resulted, drawing the attention of other customers in the club. Walker recalled, "It was quite amazing really. There were only two other women present, but when they realised the situation they tried to help in getting Prof. Woodham away from his would-be abductor even though Chandler may well have been further armed." Chandler then called for assistance, and four men in military uniforms forced their way into TMP which triggered a security system installed in the prior years when TMP's main area had been the grand foyer and meeting rooms of a WIZO branch. (See "alien luck", page 4 ((below)) ) This security system raised the alarm and sealed the exits, which effectively trapped kidappers and waylayers inside and notified the security personel in WIZO offices above the club.
    When questioned, Chandler claimed government backing for his actions and insisted that WIZO personel responding to the security alarm assist them, claiming to outrank them.
    Suffering the effects of the sedative, Prof. Woodham decided then to return to his residence without waiting to lay charges. He was escorted by a WIZO staff member.
    Without Prof. Woodham's backing the security personel had no choice but to allow the would-be kidnappers to depart. However the would be kidnappers were required to leave their identification for checking. All five individuals appeared to hold government issue identification. However a National Defence spokesperson this morning denied the existance of the disaster upon which Chandler based his story; also of the existance of or authority for any civilian seeking opperation in New York City.
    Prof. Woodham has not been avaliable for comment.

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    Alien Luck

    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 30 2030
    Pg 4 (Weekly Opinion Column)
    Kaity Aytes

    Alien Luck
    Coincidences or conspiracy?
    In light of the recent events at newly reopened The Meeting Place, this reporter took a closer look at the locations history. What was revealed is a series of unforunate events to fall those working of and attending the site.
    WIZO (Wormhole Intergalactic Zelta Organization) was set up in 2019 after the alleged Interplanetary Treaty appeared, organised and signed in secret by more than twenty representatives of the human population and apparently seven visiting dignitaries, to facilitate the immigration of alien life fors into human society without our knowledge. WIZO offices quickly appeared across the globe, major cities having as many as five branches. That little public opinion was sought before the alleged forging of this historical document became evident.
    Although it is unknown the date of purchase by WIZO, the site commonly known as The Meeting Place became the El Barrio (NYC) WIZO office in 2023. Here begins its unfortuate history. Although not a major target of the Anti-Alien riots of 2025 which gutted many other such branches, the El Barrio site faced lobby groups, picketing and death threats which polarised the local community. It is this reporter's belief that this caused the emergence of major gang activity which, although cracked down on by police in the following years, remains a problem today. WIZO was forced to lose its doors and took on a less open approach, continuing to put aliens amongst us but hiding themselves from public view.
    In 2027 the street level of the building was renovated and became The Meeting Place, a nightclub under management by ex-military officer Reesa Harrison. It remained plagued with difficulties from failing technology to allegedly unprevoked organised attacks, earning it reputations ranging from haunted to cursed. Harrison was forced to give up TMP by late 2028.
    And on to the present. TMP remained closed for renovations for over a year before opening this weekend just past under new management but it appears that renovating and changing staff could not wipe clear the darkness beneath. Already TMP has been the site of foul plots endangering human life. Sources report that on the very first night two customers were taken to Metropolitan Hospital for emergency care. The following evening emergency crews were called by TMP staff to the alley alongside the building to attend two people; however they were held at gunpoint and prevented from collecting one of the victims. Only yesterday the nightclub became the scene of two assasination attempts upon a pro-mutant candidate for City Council, Matthew Tyff. The second attempt claimed the life of the alleged attempted murderer, my fellow reporter Robert Fulham. The early hours of this morning were split by security sirens brought upon by an alleged kidnap attempt, also within the nightclub.
    This reporter awaits reports of further disturbances and urges readers bold enough to attend the nightclub themselves, please be careful lest you become a statistic.

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