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    NYC Reports

    Side column article

    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    May 23rd, 2030

    Recently, NYC Reports was contacted by a rather disgruntled sounding
    person, who wished to remain anonymous, about a massive scandal
    commited by NY Furniture and Appliances.

    Supposedly, one of their managers was increasing the prices of their
    products, and not alerting the owner, Dingly Finnigan. The manager,
    who shall remain unnamed, was keeping the money for himself. When
    inquired about the subject, Dingly simply stated 'no comment', and
    went on his way gruffly.

    Wether or not this is true, we cannot say, but some of our reporters
    are looking in.

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    Front page teaser and A3 article


    NYU professor missing for ten days, no leads in case. For full story see page A3

    On page A3:

    Local college professor missing

    Callista Dare, Associated Press

    An NYU professor of Anthropology and Linguistics has been reported missing by coworkers. Doctor Alisa McConaway has not been seen or heard from since Sept. 1.

    McConaway left New York for London on August 31 to give a paper on the connections between geographically seperated cultures at London University. She arrived at London University on schedule but has not been seen since. The last person to speak with her was Dr. Riley Capstan of London University's anthropology department.

    "She seemed in exceptional spirits when she arrived here," said Capstan. "We made plans to meet at the pub for a drink. She never got there."

    Calls to McConaway's hotel in London confirm that she checked in the evening of August 31.

    Colleagues at NYU are surprised that she has not contacted anyone.

    "She is prone to leaving on short notice for days or weeks at a time," said Dr. RA Reed, a colleague. "But she always lets someone know how long she'll be gone and when we can expect her back."

    According to Reed, McConaway informed no one.

    Lindsay Morrisay, manager of McConaway's 106th Street shop, Scholar's Gate, told the Associated Press that McConaway had made arrangements in the event of her disappearance so that the store could operate as usual.

    "She treated this trip like any other," Morrisay said. "We didn't expect anything to happen. I don't think she did, either."

    A secretary in the Anthropology office at NYU reported seeing men in uniform carry large boxes out of McConaway's office on Sept. 6. McConaway's research assistant confirmed that there were items missing from McConaway's office.

    Authorities have declined to comment on the situation.

    McConaway is a relative of Christopher McConaway, CEO of Kyler, Inc. No one at Kyler, Inc. could be reached for comment as of this printing.

    The Department of Anthropology at NYU is offering a reward for any information on McConaway's wereabouts. If you have information, please call 555-1212.

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    A clipping has been taken out of the newspaper, and placed here for all to read

    Horrific Attack Leaves Victim In Critical

    Late last night, while taking her dog for a walk, Mrs. Jennings of Central Apartments stumbled upon a horribly beaten man. On assessment of the crime scene, Officers were able to identify the victim as one Allan Darkwood, retired S.W.A.T officer. Allan did in fact retire when involved in an accident that left him paralyzed about three years ago. Allan is currently being held in New York Presbyterian Hospital. His health is currently critical.

    Officers were able to determine that Allan had in fact been beaten, and shot, however, no witnesses have come forward at this time. A Dr. Richard Conny commented "His wounds are quite serious, and we expect that his chances of recovery are slim, but we like to hope that it's not impossible."

    If you have any information on the crimes, please call the New York Police department.
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    double-post, sorry
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    Attack Victim Died

    Allan Darkwood, who was emitted into the Presbyterian Hospital Last night for a gunshot wound and multiple beatings, died this morning at 3:00am. Despite all efforts from surgeons and doctors, Allan was not able to recover.

    Allan Strass was born in Norfolk Virginia in 2004, making him 26 years old. Allan had been orphaned at the age of ten, when both his parents were killed in a car accident. He had no siblings, and grew up as a single child under the Darkwood family. Entering the Police academy at the age of sixteen, graduating the summer, just before his twenty-first birthday. Working with the S.W.A.T and Narcotics team, up until three years ago. Due to an accident, he was forced to retire. Allan was hospitalized for two and a half years, from injuries sustained during the accident.

    The darkwoods proclaim that the funeral will be held this Sunday at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 1359 Broadway, they also urge that anyone who wishes to come, are welcome.

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    Serial Kidnapper Captured in Brooklyn

    November 06, 2031 (AP)

    The public liason of the FBI field office in New York City confirm the arrest of Anthony Mitchell in a pre-dawn raid on November 6th for the alleged kidnapping and murder of some twenty-five girls since 2005.

    "An anonymous tip was called in last night on Mr. Anthony Mitchell," reported Special Agent-in-charge Mike Green, head of the field office in Manhattan. "The fact that such a monster has been taken off the streets allows us to close the books on over twenty child kidnappings over the past twenty-five years."

    An anonymous source within the FBI alleges the victims were taken when they were between the ages of three and seven, kept alive in the run-down house in Brooklyn, and killed one by one. The youngest victim is reported to be three, while the oldest lived into her twenties.

    Mr. Mitchell will be arraigned in Brooklyn Superior Court this morning on twenty-five counts of kidnapping and murder, among other charges.
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    (OOC: I'm so late in the game on this thing, I hardly used Chris till a recent event ( check for the post about two teams going at one another). any way, Back on wizards I had set this guy up, and wanted to post something about him but never got to, so here what I'm posting for a news bit, was ment for like a year ago, but we can put it down as now, or for what ever date you wish)

    Six years ago detective Chris Striker of the NYPD's special victums unit, was charged with illegal possession and distrobution of cocane. A deal was made that if he left the force, he could still continue his work as a Private Investigator and had done so for the past six years, steadily winning back some trust amoung his former police commrades. However, thanks to the efforts of and old friend of Chris' on the force, the truth was found that he was set up by the former captain and his own partner. After the trial today,where he was cleared of all charges, the new captain of the SVU came to Chris with an offer to return to the force and a promotion, however the newly cleared PI simpy shook his head and stated" I found I have more freedom of ability to prevent crime as a PI, then an offical police officer, but thanks for the offer." The captain smiled and responded with" well if you change your mind, the position will be there waiting." Detective Striker continues to roam the streets as a PI, stoppingn crime when and where he can, but now, has his honor restored.

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    New York Citys most Expensive Wedding!

    NY Times

    New York City's Million Dollar Wedding

    New York City's most expensive wedding was held recently, for who is now widely regarded as Corporate Shark Wes Chandler's surrogate daughter, Brooke Wyss (17) as she wedded her boyfriend of two years Keath Maelae (19). It was an elaborate affair with a magnificent guest list that read like a cross between a charity ball and military dance. With guests ranging from Sergeant McMallen of the United States Airforce, Private Investigator Chris Striker, and Keath Maelae's grandmother, it's clear to see that this new family will certainly be a huge one.

    The elaborate ceremonies included a flock of doves that flew over those gathered to represent the eternal bond between the two young lovers was set. The ceremonies finished with a night-club style reception. The young couple's first dance was a surprise for all present as they danced too a classical/Techno piece.

    For dinner, an elaborate four-course meal was served, with a chicken cordon bleu dish served as the main course, and a Flamin Alaskan served on each table for the dessert.

    All in all, it proved to be a 1.3 million dollars well spent.

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    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    February 1, 2032

    At approximately 11:00 last night, wealthy corporate shark and suspected mobster Weston Nielson Chandler was shot in the club, The Meeting Place.

    No suspects are currently in custody, but a witness was able to give police a description of the perpetrator. She informed authorities that the shooter seemed inebriated, however, evidence suggests that the shooting was planned.

    Chandler is currently in stable condition.

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    Business Section, front page, left side column.

    Local club under new ownership

    Hakim Dwazi, Staff Writer

    The Meeting Place, a hangout near Greenwich Village in Manhattan, has recently come under new ownership. After several recent incidents, former owner Jade Walker made the decision to sell the club, according to new owner Brigid O’Connell.

    Walker had recently moved to New Zealand and was not available for comment.

    O’Connell, the club’s new owner, released a brief press release regarding the change in ownership.

    “It wasn’t an easy choice for [Walker], by any stretch of the imagination,” O’Connell said. “She’s had to relocate recently, though, and in the end it was the best choice to make, given the circumstances.”

    The new proprietor of the alternatively quiet and popular nightclub is a reserve officer in the United States Navy and is a native of Chicago. She has lived in New York for the past several years and for the past year has run the offices located above the nightclub.

    “The opportunity to buy the place was one I couldn’t pass up,” O’Connell admitted. “The building is in a good location, and the club’s regulars are great people. I’ve enjoyed working in the building and I think I’ll enjoy owning it just as much.”

    There has been speculation recently about the survival of the club, given some particularly violent events in the club’s past, most recently the shooting of local businessman Weston Chandler.

    “Security is going to tighten up, that’s for certain,” O’Connell told reporters who inquired about Chandler’s shooting. “It’s horrible what happened to Wes, and we’re going to cooperate however we can with authorities to figure out who did this and why.”

    There will be little change in staffing at the club, which comes as no surprise. O’Connell has said that she will depend on them the same way Walker did during her tenure as owner of the club.

    Longtime bartender and friend of both women, Gabriel Saint, said, “Rumours that the Brigid is a harsh and evil woman are true, but only if you have the misfortune to work for her so customers need not worry. That and she seems quite taken with the assortment of dangerous animals so there's no need to worry about the zoo moving any time soon. Which is good, I'd miss the Gila Monster. I call him Jaime.” Saint is near legendary for his strange sense of humor at the club, sources confirm.

    O’Connell confirmed that not much will be changing at the club.

    The Meeting Place is located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 102nd Street. Last call is at 4 a.m. and doors open at 6 a.m. for dry breakfast. The club can be reached at 555-7437.
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