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    Mystery Killings
    Anonymous Editor
    March 8, 2032

    Late last night there was a murder down in Central Park. The two victims were reported dead early this morning when a couple on their morning jog found the two bodies left in the path. The bodies were later identified as criminals somewhat high on America's Most Wanted list. No names have yet been released. No one was allowed to enter Central Park for the majority of the day while investigators started to clean the crime scene.

    However, later the local authorities were pushed out of Central Park and the case was given to government authorities. The agents claimed to be FBI and refused to answer any of the press's questions. Local police said, "We don't know what's going on. Only very rarely do we get completely kicked out of the crime scene this early in an investigation." All evidence was completely gone from the scene only three hours later and citizens were allowed back in. Every blade of grass that may have been coated with DNA was removed and shipped off for further analysis.

    Later that night around 4:30 p.m. was yet another killing. NYPD was quick to act and arrive at the scene of the crime, only to be pushed off the scene almost immediately by the FBI. The victim's name has not yet been released, but local police say it was a middle-aged caucasian woman. She was found in a house on the edges of New York by a neighbor who had heard a scream coming from the home. The house seemed to be filled with drugs and alcohol, but the local authorities did not get a very good look at the house.

    The NYPD can say that the murder was most definitely done alone and the city should be weary of these new attacks. There has been many reported crimes that the FBI have taken over and lacked to report an official criminal behind bars.

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    New York City, New York, USA (AP)
    March 14, 2007

    Business elite Weston Nielson Chandler was taken to the hospital this afternoon in a comatose state. The Head of Security for Chandler Enterprises, Eve Roscoe, told reporters that she found him collapsed in his office with no apparent injuries.

    "I couldn't wake him up, so I called 911," Roscoe stated. "There has been no change in his condition since I found him this afternoon."

    When questioned about the second man rushed to the hospital with Chandler, Roscoe stated that the incidents were unrelated. "It was damn lucky for the second guy that the ambulance was already here for him," she said. "An investigation of the incident is underway."

    No further information has been released.

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    New York City, New York

    March 20, 2032

    A body was discovered deep in the Bronx today. The woman, identified by her street name The Eye was blind, in her early forties. The body was pinned up like a butterfly on display, and police are saying they have no leads at current. They are urging the public to not panic, there is no evidence anyone else might be in danger at the moment, however if anyone does have any information that might be of use to this investigation, they want them to speak up.
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    March 21, 2032, New York, New York

    Psycho Copy Cat

    The movie Psycho came to life today when the body of a woman was found in someone elses shower on the night of the 20th. The young blonde female, who police are saying was probably in her mid twenties, died from several deep stab wounds to her back, chest, and sides. She was later moved into the shower where the body was found, and though police have no current leads, they are stating that evidence is showing the resident of the house hold is most likely not a suspect.

    One strange aspect of the body is the numerical code placed beside it on a sheet of paper with black ink. Believed to be a date, there is some speculation that this might be a serial killing due to at least one previous case as having a similarly formatted numerical code beside it.

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    Derevko Group Rumored to Purchase Local Realty Company

    The New York City Business Charter - 3:45 PM EST Thursday, March 22 2023 by Travis Smith The New York City Business Charter

    Today there have been unconfirmed reports about a possible buyout to Esquire Realty, Inc. This does comes to the surprise of many analysts and its shareholders as Esquire Realty, Inc., have been experiencing some devastating managerial problems, along with extravagant spending. As a result last January they were forced to try and sell a few of its waterfront properties to pull the company out of debt, which unfortunately faired rather unsuccessful and has since been forced by its board of directors to consider the option of possible buyout bids. This might come as a blessing and a curse to CEO Walter Heleski as shareholders have been selling the company's stock since the lather part of February and any bids offered have not even made it to the SEC.

    Though the story of the buyout is ordinary, the Group responsible for the possible buyout is not. The Derevko Group is a European held corporation, which has just recently acquired its C-Class Corporation license, and is running in the U.S. as Caramia Acquisitions. Sources say that the moment they were legally able to conduct business they hit the ground running.

    This is the first time since Esquire Realty started searching for buyers, that a foreign owned company has made a buyout bid. Though these are still rumors sources close to the aligning Esquire Realty have made note, that Caramia Acquisitions is the only company that has submitted the proper paperwork to the SEC for approval.

    Caramia Acquisitions corporate headquarters is located in Paterson, NY. Derevko Group global headquarters is located in the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic.

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    The Ten
    New York, New York, March 23

    Another shocking, and disturbing murder occurred last night with the death of 10 varsity foot ball players from a local university. The scene looked like a satanic ritual, with a large number of twigs placed up right in the ground around the bodies which seem to have been specifically displayed. Police reports that another numerical code was discovered by the bodies. Police are not saying much, but what they are saying is that there is still currently no solid evidence this murder is connected to the previous two.

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    Train service disrupted between NYC and NJ

    March 24, 2032

    New York City, NY (AP)

    Train service between Manhattan and New Jersey under New York harbor is in disarray after a power outage this morning.

    The New York Port Authority, which is responsible for the rail service under the harbor, released a statement which read, "A large section of conduit was apparently struck by a massive power surge which has destroyed the underwater cable." The Port Authority is estimating ten to fifteen days for service to be restored.

    Commuters between New York and New Jersey have been advised to take the ferry or make other arrangements. The ferry service will be adding additional launches to it schedules until repairs have been completed.

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    New York, New York
    March 27, 2032

    Movies and Murder

    There's been a break through in the three murders recently commited in New York City. A young film student recently turned over packages she had recieved after each of the murders. Each package contained a piece of the victims body, and a DVD film of each of the murders. Though police are not certain, there is currently speculation that each of these murders was commited to resemble a movie. This was figured out when investigators examined the film of the woman in the shower, and saw just how much like Psycho the film resembled. Interestingly, the numerical code beside the body in the shower matched exactly with the release date of the film.

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    South street Seaport

    At 3:34pm yesterday, Toxic Sin's concert equipped van pulled to the side of pier 17, Lead Singer Nathan Sane (InSanity) jumped upon a display of fish, and started his patented intense scream. As always through the underground information lines, teenagers in gear appeared everywhere, and by 4pm, it was thought there was a fullscale riot taking place on Fulton. NYPD officers were dispatched, Nathan, Queen Mab and Moore were cuffed and escorted off.

    An amused Carlotta, the latin love interest of Nathan was seen bailing the trio out of prison. It was stated that they were charged with unlawful gathering, and disruption of trade and/or traffic.

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    Black March
    New York, New York, March 29

    The serial killer has struck again, this time killing in the classic style of Black Christmas, suffocating his victim on the back of a rocking horse and leaving the body in an attic. From the same school as the foot ball team that was decimated by this killer, the police are now clearing out all possible suspects from the university. Police say they may have found a suspect, but no names have been released, and they are not saying whether or not an arrest can be made at this time.

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