Planescape: A Hopeless Beginning Characters
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    Planescape: A Hopeless Beginning Characters

    Characters for my Planescape game Planescape: A Hopeless Beginning should be posted up here for quick reference. Post 'em here when they're done guys.

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    Here is Felixavunus, or Felix for short. He'll be an alt:


    Felixavunus, Male Pseudodragon Dragon2/Wiz3: Tiny Dragon ;
    HD 2d12+8 ( Dragon) , 3d4+12 ( Wizard) ; hp 46; Init + 1; Spd 15, Fly, Good 60;
    AC 19 (Flatfooted: 18 Touch: 13);
    Atk +7 base melee, +6 base ranged;
    +7/+2 ( 1d3+2, Sting; 1+1, Bite ); SA: Poison (Ex);
    SQ: See invisibility (Ex), Telepathy (Su), Immunity: Paralysis (Ex),
    Immunity: Sleep (Ex), Spell Resistance (Ex): 19;
    AL NG; SV Fort + 8, Ref + 5, Will + 8
    STR 14
    DEX 12
    CON 18 (+2 due to race)
    INT 16
    WIS 14 (+2 due to race)
    CHA 12

    Skills: Alchemy + 5, Concentration + 10, Hide + 14, Intuit Direction + 3,
    Knowledge (arcana) + 7, Knowledge (The Planes) + 7, Listen + 5,
    Profession (Scribe) + 5, Scry + 6, Search + 8, Spellcraft + 11, Spot + 7.

    Feats: Combat Casting, Hover, Scribe Scroll , Wingover.

    Spells in Spellbook (Wiz 4/3/2): 0 -- Detect Magic, Read Magic, Resistance, Arcane Mark. 1 -- Shield, Identify, Color Spray. 2 -- Protection From Arrows, Melf's Acid Arrow

    Spells Prepared (Wiz 4/4/1): 0 -- Detect Magic, Read Magic, Resistance x2. 1 -- Shield x 2, Color Spray x 2. 2 -- Protection From Arrows


    Spellbook, wizard's
    Spell component pouch
    Rations, trail (per day); Rations, trail (per day) x 4
    Ink (vial)
    Inkpen x2
    Waterskin (full)
    Reading Spectacles, Tiny
    Tophat, Tiny

    Ring: Wizardry (I)
    Wondrous: Heward's handy haversack
    Wondrous: Amulet of natural armor (+1)
    Wand of Monster Summoning I (50 charges)
    Wand of Magic Missile (3rd level) (50 charges)

    Felixavunus, or Felix for short, is a pseudo dragon living the life of adventure. He keeps most of his items in his Haversack strapped around his body. It can be pulled to the front of his chest and slung back into place if he needs an object from there. His spellbook is almost as large as he is, and is kept in one of the dimensional pockets of his sack. At night he can be seen reading from or scribing spells into his spellbook by lantern light. This bad reading habit has caused him to have to use corrective spectacles when examining an object or writing closely. He is always wearing his lucky tophat.

    I'll write more on him if he ever gets out of alt status if you want me to do so.
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    Female Feral (1) Anthropomorphic African Elephant (5) Barbarian 2

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Size: Large
    Type: Monstrous Humanoid
    Base Speed: 50
    Space: 10 ft.
    Reach: 10 ft.

    Str: 34 (+12) [18base + 12racial + 4template], 38(+14) in frenzy
    Dex: 18 (+4) [18base + 2racial - 2template]
    Con: 22 (+6) [14base + 6racial + 2template]
    Int: 10 (+0) [14base - 4tempalte]
    Wis: 20 (+5) [14base + 4racial + 2template]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [13base + 1level]

    HP: 64 (3d10 + 2d12 + 30Con) [10+5+6+6+7]
    Fast Healing 3

    AC: 27 (10base + 4dex + 5armor + 2enchantment + 7natural - 1size) / 13 / 27
    + 2frenzy

    Fortitude: +11 (3base + 6con + 2resistance)
    Reflex: +9 (3base + 4dex + 2resistance) + 2frenzy
    Will: +10 (3base + 5wis + 2resistance)

    Init: +4 (4dex)

    Base attack bonus:
    Grapple: +21 (5base + 12str + 4size)

    Claw: +17 (5base + 12str + 1enchantment - 1size), 2d6+12 damage, Threat 20/x2
    Full attack:
    2 claws: +15 (5base + 12str + 1enchantment - 1size - 2secondary attacks), 2d6+13 damage, Threat 20/x2
    Gore: +15 (5base + 12str + 1enchantment - 1size - 2secondary attacks), 1d8+7 damage, Threat 20/x2

    Skill points: 20
    Max Skill Ranks: 8
    Climb: 14 (4ranks + 12str - 2AC)
    Intimidate: 10 (8ranks + 2cha)
    Survival: 13 (8ranks + 5wis)


    Lvl 1 - Multiattack
    Lvl 3 - Power Attack


    +2 Mithral Chainmail 8300
    Necklase of Natural Weapons +1 7800 (works for 2 claws and gore attacks)
    Cloak of Resistance +2 4000
    Ring of Sustenance 2500
    Ring of Protection +1 2000

    Potion of Cure Serios Wounds x2 1500
    Potion of Enlarge Person x2 500
    Potion of Bull's Strength x3 900
    Potion of Bear's Endurance x2 600

    Backpack 2gp
    Bedroll 1sp
    Flint and Steel 1gp
    Belt Pouch 1gp

    Gems worth of 600gp

    23pp 65gp 9sp


    Simple Weapons
    Martial Weapons
    Light Armor
    Medium Armor

    Class Features:
    Fast Movement. + 10 speed
    Illiteracy. Cannot read or write.
    Whirling Frenzy 1/day. +4str, +2dodge AC, +2reflex. +1attack, -2on attacks. 3+con rounds.
    Uncanny Dodge. Retains Dex bonus while flat-footed.

    Darkvision 90 ft.
    Improved Grab

    Story of Minala:
    Minala was not like other girls. In fact, the other girls didn't think Minala was a girl at all, what with the trunk, the tusks and the big, flappy ears. But a girl she was, allthough quite a special one. Where she came from, no-one knew. One day, she was just there, roaming the streets, begging for a few coppers or a scrap of food to make it one more day. With time the other streeturchins came to know and trust Minala. After all, a small mountain armed with feral claws and big tusks was good to have in a rumble. Minala soon came to realize that the other kids used her for protection, and that few were not really her friends. That is where Kandeen came in. Kandeen is Minala's very best friend. In face, she is Minalas only friend. Too bad no-one but Minala can see or hear her. Minala seems to be the only one who know that Kandeen is even there. Kandeen is a beautiful princess from "somewhere beyond the mountains. Follow the moon, and cross the silver-river, and you'll find my kingdom" as Kandeen use to say. As the years went by, Minala came to realize that friendship was hard to find for one such as she.

    Untill one day. She heard talk about a city called Sigil. In Sigil one could find people off all shapes, sizes and colors! Perhaps there she could finally be acceped for who she was? With Kandeens guidance, Minala found the way to Sigil. True, she needed the help of a wizard of considerable powers, and it cost her almost everything she had, but it would be worth it, she knew.

    Sigil was.... unexpected! Minala and Kandeen roamed the streets of the Lower Ward for days, untill one evening she heard screams from an alley. A couple of kids were surrounded by dark-clad men holding knives. Seeing the kids in danger reminded her of her days as a lonely girl back home, and a red rage descended on her mind. What happened next she didn't really know, but the kids were safe, and the thgus taken care of. Kandeed complained of the blood and gore covering Minalas clothes and skin. Minala didn't really care; The kids were safe now, that was all that mattered. Since then she made it her mission to protect the kids of the Lower Ward.

    And so it was for a few years. Thugs, rapists, pimps and other scum that was after the kids got what they deserved from Minala; A long "vacation" from life. Apparently she most have taken care of one thug too many, and one day they came after her. Red-clad men in strange uniforms overmanned her and took her to a prison of some sort. She was kept there for a few days untill she was transported to a ship of some sort. She is not sure, but she think that the trip between her cell and the ship might have involved magic of some sort as well. Finding nothing else to do, Minala tried to get some sleep. Kandeen said she would to keep an eye on the door as Minala slept, so she should be safe.... This is when the ship crashed into the wall, and the floor opened up...

    Regarding Kandeen: Kandeen is a figment of Minalas imagination. As a result of loneliness, a feeling of not belonging, and constantly being teased by the other girls, Minala created Kandeen, the perfect best friend. Minala will usually consult Kandeen as to what to do, seeing as Kandeen is ever so much smarter than poor, dumb Minala. I am not sure wether to make Kandeen a part of Minalas personality or not yet. The way I see it, I got two ways to handle this.
    1: Treat Kandeen as a invisible make-believe presence at all time. Minala will talk to her, ask her questions etc, but never get a response. That is, Minala will get responses, but only in her head.
    2: Treat Kandeen as another part of Minalas personality. When Minala talk to her, Kandeen actually answers. Of course, Minala is the one doing all the talking then, but she is not aware of ot herself. A split personality might be hard to play, but fun as well.
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    CG Male Ghaele-8

    Str 16 +4    = 20
    Dex 15 +2    = 17 (+2 Gloves)
    Con 12       = 12 (+4 Bracers)
    Int 13 +4    = 17
    Wis 18 +2 +1 = 21 (+2 Periapt)
    Cha 14 +2    = 16
    HP    46 (6d8 + 6) (+12 Bracers)
    AC    15 (10 +3 [Dex] +2 [Natural]) (+1 Gloves, +5 Armor, +1 Shield)
    BAB  + 6 
    Fort + 6 (5 [base] +1 [Con]) (+2 Bracers)
    Refl + 8 (5 [base] +3 [Dex]) (+1 Gloves)
    Will +10 (5 [base] +5 [Wis]) (+1 Periapt)
    Init + 7 (+1 Gloves)
    Spd   50ft. (humanoid form), fly 150ft. (perfect) (globe form)
    Light Armor Proficiency
    Improved Initiative
    Rapid Transformation
    Concentration           9 +1    = +10 (+2 Bracers)
    Knowledge (Religion)    9 +3    = +12
    Knowledge (The Planes)  9 +3    = +12
    Sense Motive            9 +5    = +14 (+1 Periapt)
    Listen                  9 +5    = +14 (+1 Periapt)
    Spot                    9 +5    = +14 (+1 Periapt)
    *Diplomacy              4 +3 +2 = + 9
    *Bluff                  4 +3    = + 7
    *Tumble                 4 +3    = + 7 (+1 Gloves)
    *Heal                   3 +5    = + 8 (+1 Periapt)
    Racial Features
    Darkvision 60ft.
    Low-Light Vision
    Chaotic Subtype
    Good Subtype
    SR 16
    Acid Resistance 5
    Cold Resistance 5
    Protective Aura
    Alternate Form
    Light Rays
    Gaze (5ft., 1HD)
    Electricity Immunity
    Petrification Immunity
    Spell-like Abilities (CL6)
    At will:
    Alter Self
    Color Spray
    Comprehend Languages
    Continual Flame
    Cure Light Wounds
    Dancing Lights
    Detect Evil
    Detect Thoughts
    See Invisibility
    Chain Lightning
    Charm Monster
    Dispel Magic
    Hold Monster
    Greater Invisibility
    Major Image
    Wall of Force
    As Cleric-8
    0: 6+d/day, DC 15 (+1 Periapt)
    1: 6+d/day, DC 16 (+1 Periapt)
    2: 4+d/day, DC 17 (+1 Periapt, 5+d/day)
    3: 4+d/day, DC 18 (+1 Periapt)
    4: 3+d/day, DC 19 (+1 Periapt) 
    +4 Bracers of Health      16000
    +2 Gloves of Dexterity     4000
    +2 Periapt of Wisdom       4000
    +1 Mithral Shirt           2100
    Masterwork Warhammer        312
    Masterwork Buckler          165

    Background, Description, Personality
    Estariel is very young, in Celestial terms, and woefully inexperienced.

    Were he an angel from a Lawful demesne, he would doubtless be locked in some hierarchical, rigid, century-spanning training program. Might even be coming up to that ritual of angelic adulthood, getting the stick inserted...

    ... well. Fortunately, Estariel does not descend from such a tradition-bound culture. The Eladrin have always favoured individuality and freedom of expression. A young Ghaele is provided with guidance, not rules; with role models, not strictures. Not for the Eladrin, the five-hundred-and-fifty gradations of sins and infractions. Their codes are based around loose tenets and principles, chief among them - "Be Excellent to each other".

    Estariel has been sent into the world, not to save it... that will come in time. But rather, to experience it, in all its glorious contrast. One cannot truly grok Goodness until one has seen the full spectrum of what creatures are capable of.

    And where better to experience a full spectrum than Sigil? No lack of contrasts in the City of Doors, to be sure.

    While on his Extraplanar Experience, Estariel is encouraged to observe before meddling. Of course, the elder Eldarin know full well that it is a rare Ghaele who can stay out of trouble for very long - none of them did, after all. They fully expect that all such itinerant youngsters will become embroiled in all manner of excitement and adventure before they return home. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the warning will at least remind the wanderers to give a little thought to where their actions may lead them.

    Estariel is still possessed of a lot of childlike naivete. He has yet to truly comprehend the nature of evil - he understands on an intellectual level that it is a bad thing, but he has not fully processed it emotionally. He is still inclined to trust a little too readily, to offer his assistance where he sees a need without examining to closely... the very cliche of a wide-eyed tourist.

    Like all the humaniform celestials, he is an attractive specimen, though something about his way of walking and moving calls the word 'floppy' to mind. Even his hair - shoulder-length, black, and gently-waved - somehow conveys an impression of gangliness. Estariel is not foolish - far from it - but his sincere ingenuousness can easily be mistaken for it at times.
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    Vaerhia Sweetcaress

    Vaerhia Sweetcaress

    Character Sheet

    Female Succubus
    Alignment: CN?
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Age: 300

    Classes: Psion (Telepath) 3, ECL 5

    XP: 28,000/36,000

    Speed: 30’ walk, 50’ fly

    HD: 3d8 (racial) + 3d6 (psion)
    HP: 42

    Init: 7 [+5 Dex +2 Psicrystal]

    STR 14 (+2) [14 base]
    DEX 20 (+5) [17 base +2 racial +1 HD]
    CON 12 (+1) [10 base +2 racial]
    INT 24 (+7) [18 base +4 racial +2 enhancement]
    WIS 16 (+3) [16 base]
    CHA 27 (+8) [17 base +8 racial +2 enhancement]
    Original Rolls

    AC: 24
    [10 base +3 armor +5 nat armor +5 Dex +1 deflection]

    Fort +5 [4 base +1 Con]
    Ref +9 [4 base +5 Dex]
    Will +9 [6 base +3 Wis]

    ~ Resistances (acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5)
    ~ Poison Immunity

    Languages Known:
    ~ Abyssal
    ~ Celestial
    ~ Draconic
    ~ Planar Common
    ~ Elven
    ~ Infernal
    ~ Ignan
    ~ Auran
    ~ Undercommon

    Base Attack: +4
    Grapple: +6 [+4 base +2 Str]

    Claws (x2): +9 [+4 base +5 Dex]
    Critical: 20/x2
    Damage: 1d6+2

    MW Rapier: +10 [+4 base +5 Dex +1 masterwork]
    Critical: 18-20/x2
    Damage: 1d6+2

    ~ Weapon Finesse (Use Dex instead of Str for light weapons)

    Bluff +19 [+8 Cha +9 ranks +2 feat]
    Concentration +10 [+1 Con +9 ranks]
    Diplomacy +23 [+8 Cha +9 ranks +2 Bluff +2 Diplomacy +2 feat]
    Disguise +10/(+12) [+8 Cha +2 ranks (+2 Bluff to act in character)]
    Gather Info +17 [+8 Cha +9 ranks]
    Hide +10 [+5 Dex +5 ranks]
    Intimidate +17 [+8 Cha +5 ranks +2 feat +2 Bluff]
    Knowledge (Planes) +16 [+7 Int +9 ranks]
    Listen +16/(+18) [+3 Wis +5 ranks +8 racial (+2 Alertness)]
    Move Silently +10 [+5 Dex +5 ranks]
    Perform (dance) +12 [+8 Cha +4 ranks]
    Search +11 [+7 Int +4 ranks]
    Sense Motive +14 [+3 Wis +9 ranks +2 feat]
    Spot +17/(+19) [+3 Wis +6 ranks +8 racial (+2 Alertness)]
    Survival +3/(+5) [+3 Wis +0 ranks (+2 on Planes)]
    Use Rope +8 [+5 Dex +3 ranks]

    ~ Negotiator [HD 1]
    ~ Psicrystal Affinity [Psion 1]
    ~ Persuasive [HD 3]
    ~ Weapon Finesse [HD 6]

    Racial Abilities:
    ~ Subtypes (chaotic, evil)
    ~ Ability Scores: Dex +2, Con +2, Int +2, Cha +8
    ~ Proficient with all simple and martial weapons, but not with armor or shields
    ~ Land speed 30’
    ~ 60’ Darkvision
    ~ Poison Immunity
    ~ +8 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks
    ~ 2 claws 1d6+Str each
    ~ Alter Self (Su) (Any humanoid, at will)
    ~ +5 Natural Armor
    ~ Resistances (acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5)
    ~ Tongues (Su) (Continuous)
    ~ Telepathy (Su) 100'
    ~ Fly 50’ (average)
    ~ Lesser succubus powers 3/day (Sp) (detect good, detect thoughts, suggestion)
    ~ Favored Class: Succubus.
    ~ Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Escape Artist, Hide, Knowledge (The Planes), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Spot, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Survival, and Use Rope

    Class Abilities:
    ~ Disciple: Telepath
    ~ Manifesting Powers (see below)
    ~ Bonus feat at 1st level (see Feats section)
    ~ Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (all), Profession, Psicraft, Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Sense Motive
    ~ Power Points: 21 [11 base + 10 bonus)

    Telepath Powers:
    1st Level
    ~ Charm, Psionic
    ~ Attraction
    ~ Mind Thrust
    ~ Telempathic Projection
    ~ Empathy

    2nd Level
    ~ Id Insinuation
    ~ Cloud Mind

    Type: Diminutive Construct
    HD: As master’s
    HP: ½ master’s
    Initiative +2
    Speed: walk 30 ft climb 20 ft*
    AC: 17 (+4 size, +2 Dex* +1 natural)
    BAB/Grapple: +0/-17
    Special Qualities: Construct Traits, Hardness 8
    Saves: As master’s
    Abilities: Str 1*, Dex 15*, Con -, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 10
    Skills: Climb +14*, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Search +2, Spot +6
    Feats: Alertness
    * With self-propulsion ability activated.
    Granted Abilities: Alertness, improved evasion, personality (Nimble, +2 Initiative), self-propulsion, share powers, sighted, telepathic link, deliver touch powers, +1 natural armor, +1 Int adjustment

    ~ MW Rapier (worn) [320 gp]
    ~ Ring of Featherfall (Left Hand) [2,200 gp]
    ~ Ring of Protection +1 (Right Hand) [2,000 gp]
    ~ Bracers of Armor +3 (worn) [9,000 gp]
    ~ Cloak of Cha +2 (worn) [4,000 gp]
    ~ Headband of Int +2 (worn) [4,000 gp]
    ~ Bag of Holding Type I (belt) [2,500 gp]
    ~ Small Mirror (Bag of Holding) [10 gp]
    ~ 50 ft of Silk Rope (Bag of Holding) [10 gp]
    ~ Fine Clothing and Jewelry (Bag of Holding) [1,300 gp worth]
    ~ Money Pouch (Bag of Holding) [1 gp]
    ~ Potion of Haste (Bag of Holding) [750 gp]
    ~ Potion of Cure Moderate x2 (Bag of Holding) [300 gp each]
    ~ Potion of Cure Light x5 (Bag of Holding) [50 gp each]

    GP: 58
    SP: 19
    CP: 10
    (Kept in money pouch in Bag of Holding)


    Vaerhia in her natural form has long, dark red hair – hair with a touch of violet, making it almost a burgundy wine color. It falls in waves and curls to slightly past her waist, and she leaves it free to frame her face and body. She has cat’s eyes of emerald green, with the same slightly smug superiority and indulgence that cats are known to have in abundance. Her body is lush and perfectly formed, naturally, with a figure that draws the eyes of men, and a few women, wherever she goes. She might be mistaken for human or tiefling if not for her wings and barbed tail – both speaking of her Abyssal origins clearly enough. Two small horns curve up from her forehead, both dark red, matching the arrow-shaped barb on the end of her tail and the shading of her wings, and dainty fangs can sometimes be seen between her full lips.

    She moves with a conscious grace and seductive sway that is second nature to her and her kind. She dresses provocatively in varying shades of red and black, and all her clothing is finely tailored to show off her physical assets perfectly. In addition, she always wears a finely-made and engraved silver headband, set with a large ruby (although the sharp-eyed might note that the stone is actually a ruby-colored crystal, and it looks as if it might be removable). Silver chain earrings, long enough to brush her shoulders, make a delicate chiming noise every time she moves her head. Matching chain ‘bracers’ grace her wrists and lower arms – a delicate tracery of tiny silver and platinum chains set with small rubies. On her left hand is a platinum ring engraved with tiny feathers; on her right a platinum ring inset with tiny emeralds. A dusky rose-red silken pouch is tied to her belt. A heavy emerald green cloak, embroidered with beautiful abstract designs, completes her outfit. Occasionally she will wear a rapier with a red leather-wrapped hilt.

    Vaerhia uses her natural form the majority of the time in her home of Sigil; when somewhere where her natural form would cause alarm, she tends to wear a form of a beautiful human woman with the same hair and features (minus the more demonic ones).


    Vaerhia strolled the streets of the Market Ward in Sigil, a slight smile on her face. She was in a good mood today; last night’s companion had been quite forthcoming with the information she needed. Indeed, he had known tidbits about her client that she wouldn’t have guessed at. Of course, not all that information would go to her “client”. She laughed lightly, oblivious to the looks she drew. Not that that paltry magic items merchant even knew he was her client yet. But, having heard Braex was looking for information on shipments of his main rival, she decided that he would become one. After all, she knew just the man to talk to.

    Now, that new information… perhaps she’d use some of that info to blackmail Braex… hmm… that sounded like a very good idea indeed. Now, only to decide what she wanted from that paltry merchant….

    She smiled to herself. Braex was a small fish, compared to some she had worked with in the last century or so since being sent to Sigil. But small fish are sometimes willing to pay more to hear the dark of the matter than are big fish.

    Besides, she’d had enough of big fish. Her smile drifted into a tight-lipped expression of anger. Wasn’t it a big fish who sent her here? Who declared her useless until she fully developed the powers her sisters had in abundance? Despite the other powers she'd been developing?

    Vaerhia smoothed her expression into one of pleasant reflection and continued toward her destination. No sense thinking of Him – she has enjoyed her time here in Sigil. She was able to do whatever – and whomever – her whims demanded. Like now… she hardly needed the money from selling information – but the danger, oh yes….

    Seeing the Inn and Tavern that was her destination, she dismissed her prior thoughts from her mind. Time enough for that later.


    Vaerhia leaned against the door of the Drunken Dabus, swinging it open. Vaerhia stayed leaning in the doorway for a moment, surveying the common room of the inn and tavern. After every eye in the room was upon her, she gave a slight smile, fangs peeking between her full lips, and entered the room, letting the door swing shut behind her. She glided to the bar, smiling wider as she noted the quickly averted eyes of several of the more experienced patrons. She heard a harsh whisper from her left – “That’s a succubus, clueless, glance away ‘afore she decides to take an interest in you!” There was a slight hesitation before his companion replied, “It might be worth it…”

    She leaned on the bar and glanced without interest at the menu hung behind it. “Tanar’ri Twister,” she ordered, and flipped a few coins across the bar. The tiefling behind the bar caught the coins deftly and dropped them into a pocket before mixing Vaerhia’s drink. Noise had resumed in the room before she had even reached the bar – even one of her ilk was only good for a moment of attention in Sigil. She lounged against the bar, turned to face the door. Her mark would enter soon, she knew. One of the things she had discovered last night was that he visited this particular tavern every day at about Peak. She would wait.


    Vaerhia was on her fourth drink (this one a Cager’s Cocktail), and beginning to get impatient. Mr. Paltry Merchant should have been here by now. With a snarl, she drained her glass and slid it down the counter to the barkeep. “One more, Adia,” she ordered.

    “Let me get that,” a smooth voice intervened, dropping a few coins on the counter.

    “Rhalen.” Vaerhia turned to face the newcomer. “I didn’t see you… slide in.”

    The tiefling chuckled, although the laughter held a slight forced note. “Of course not – I have a room upstairs. After all, I’m sure that your… abilities are every bit as keen as those of your sisters in the Abyss.”

    Vaerhia narrowed her eyes slightly at the return barb as she accepted her drink and sipped from it. She studied the man before her. Fine, pale green scales that could be mistaken for skin at a distance covered his exposed arms and face – and, she had reason to know, his entire body. His head was hairless, and his eyes were the flat, dead eyes of a serpent. The slightly false smile he directed at her concealed fangs, she knew, and his bite could inject a deadly poison.

    Of course, Rhalen’s appearance and abilities was not all that unusual in a city comprised of every race imaginable – and crossbreeds of said races – but he was unaccountably touchy about his snake-like appearance. Just as she was about her lack of many traditional demonic abilities.

    They knew each other well, which wasn't surprising considering their long on-again, off-again relationship. Just as she knew his methods and techniques of gathering information - he knew hers. Just as he knew her likes and dislikes - she knew his. That might be why they started their current relationship - consisting of occasionally shanghaiing the other off to a distant planar locale. He had initiated it to remove her as a rival for a job. She continued it, and he retaliated. Little did he know how much she enjoyed the game.

    She decided against requiring how his trip to the Nine Hells - courtesy of her, of course - went, and smiled at him instead. “Well, Rhalen, what brings you here?” Vaerhia gestured about the tavern. “Don’t you have a kip in the Lady’s Ward?”

    “Indeed,” he replied, accepting his own drink from Adia with a nod. “But business brings me here.” He sighed theatrically. “And you? Business, or…” Rhalen let his eyes wander down her form, “…pleasure?”

    She laughed lightly. “Business by the name of Braex, small-time magic item merchant.” She paused and sipped her drink, watching Rhalen through half-lidded eyes. “The same business that brings you here, I would hazard to guess.”

    Rhalen laughed, a hearty and loud sound. “And it would seem that both of us are disappointed,” he said. “For Braex is not here, and we are. It seems that our information was a little off in that respect.” He takes a long drink from his goblet. “Rivals we are in selling the chant, but here we are, both betrayed. Ah, well.” He looked at her sidelong. “Perhaps we can make the best of the day, eh? Forgive each other for wrongs done in the past?”

    Vaerhia smiled slowly. “Perhaps…” she drawled, letting her eyes drift over his form as the familiar emotion, desire spiced with danger, filled her. “After all, no sense in wasting the day….”

    Rhalen led the way up the stairs.


    Several hours after sharing a departing toast with Rhalen, Vaerhia awoke on the slave ship. “Oh, superb, Rhalen. Well done.” She murmured to herself, chuckling slightly as she examined the manacles around her wrists. “I suppose you haven’t yet forgiven me for that little jaunt to the Nine Hells I sent you on a few years back.” She smiled and leaned against the wall, trying to find a more-or-less comfortable spot.

    No sense getting all riled up right now. She’d wait; something would turn up.

    Something always did.

    Changes from Savage Species:

    Class Skills: Add Diplomacy, Intimidate, Survival, and Use Rope; subtract Ride.

    Level 1: Claws should do 1d6, like any other medium creature.

    Level 2: Remove clairaudiance/clairvoyance, desecrate, darkness, and doom from the list of spell like abilities.

    Level 7: Energy Drain, if applied with a kiss, now incorporates a Suggestion to accept another kiss from the Succubus, Will Save DC equal to the Energy Drain Fort DC.

    Level 8: The Succubus no longer has access to Unholy Blight.

    Level 9: Spell Resistance is now equal to 12 + Character Level.

    Level 11: DR is now 10/cold iron or good

    Level 12: The Succubus no longer has a 10% chance to summon a Balor. Replace this ability with a 30% chance to summon a Vrock.
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    A.K.A. Krikit

    Aranea Sorcerer 1 (effective sorcerer level 4)
    Medium Magical Beast (Shapechanger)

    Hit Dice 3d8 + 1d4 + 16/12 = 39/35
    Speed 50ft; Climb 25ft
    AC 17 (10 + 5 Dex + 1 Natural +1 ring), FF 12, Touch 16
    Init +5 (+5 Dex)

    Str 11/9 (11)
    Dex 20/16 (16)
    Con 18/16 (14)
    Int 16/12 (12)
    Wis 13/11 (11)
    Cha 20/16 (15 + bump at 4 HD)
    Stats are Natural Form/Gnome Form (Roll)

    Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+3
    Attack (Natural): Bite +8 melee (1d6 plus poison) or web +8 ranged
    Attack (Gnome): Dagger +8 melee (1d3-1) or light crossbow +8 ranged (1d6)

    Fort +7/+6; Ref +8/+6; Will +4/+3

    Bluff +7/+5 (2)
    Climb +10/+9 (2 ranks, can always take 10)
    Concentration +11/+10 (7)
    Diplomacy +5 (0)
    Escape Artist +9/+7 (4)
    Jump +8/+7 (6)
    Listen +3/+2 (0)
    Spot +3/+2 (0)

    Ability Focus (Web)
    Weapon Finesse

    Sorcerer Spells Known
    Level 0: Acid Splash, Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
    Level 1: Comprehend Languages, Mage Armor, Magic Missile
    Level 2: Acid Arrow

    Spells per Day: (6/7/4 DC:14+spell level)

    Special Attacks
    Bite - natural weapon dealing 1d6 +1.5 str + Poison
    Web - 6/day. 10' range increment, max range 50'. Effective against opponents of up to Large size.
    A successful hit roots the target in place. They can escape with an Escape Artist Check of
    DC 16, or a Strength check of DC 20 (includes +2 for Ability Focus). The web has 0 hardness, 6hp, and takes double damage form fire.
    Spinning and throwing a web is a Standard Action.

    Special Qualities
    Darkvision 60'
    Poison 2d6 Str primary and secondary damage; DC 14

    Alternate Form: At will, Krikit can assume the form of a handsome male gnome, or a hybrid
    spider/gnome form. In gnome form, he cannot use his web or poison abilities.
    In gnome form, Krikit's stats are adjusted as shown.

    Krikit usually travels in the form of a handsome gnome with twinkling blue eyes, black hair and spade beard. Whenever possible, he dresses in rich fabrics cut in the latest fashions.
    In his natural form, KrikitiKalikamok resembles a great, shiny black spider, his legs spanning some eight feet. His many eyes and wicked fangs are disturbing for most humanoids to behold.
    Worse, though, is his hybrid form. In this case, his body is still vaguely humanoid, but the size of an elf's, while his head remains gnome-sized and his features a bizarre blend of gnome and spider.

    KrikitiKalikamok is a member of the order of Envoys. The Envoys are Aranea who have taken it upon themselves to help bring peace and understanding to the many nations of the world of Ithimara. The fact that the humanoid rulers of those nations view the Aranea as cold-blooded monsters capable of the most depraved atrocities just makes it a little more challenging. Krikit has had several successes (and a few failures) in his efforts to bridge the diplomatic divides in and around the nation of Toulon. His latest mission was a fiasco. He was acting as an advisor to Baron Ravenwood, and attempting to negotiate a settlement with a disgruntled vassal named Etienne Valmont. The negotiations never got off the ground, however, as Valmont attacked the diplomatic party, siezed Krikit and the others, and sold them into slavery. Krikit had no idea the kinds of slaver connections Valmont had, however, and soon found himself on another plane entirely.
    Qty	Item			GP Each	Cost
    1	Courtier's outfit	30	30
    1	Signet Ring		5	5
    1	Wand: 			6750	6750
    	Lesser Orb/Electricity 
    	(CL 9)	
    1	Ring of Protection +1	2000	2000
    1	Handy Haversack		2000	2000
    1	Ring of Sustenance	2500	2500
    1	Icicle: Light Crossbow	8335	8335
    	  +1 Frost
    20	Bolts			0.1	2
    1	Dagger 			322	322
    	  Alchemical Silver
    2	Dispel Magic		375	750
    1	Fox's Cunning		150	150
    1	Bull's Strength		150	150
    1	Cat's Grace		150	150
    1	Eagle's Splendor	150	150
    1	Bear's Endurance	150	150
    1	Owl's Wisdom		150	150
    5	Cure Moderate Wounds	300	1500
    3	Protection from arrows	300	900
    Coin and other negotiables		1006
    				TOTAL:	27,000
    ================================================== ================
    Stat rolls can be found at
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    This is the link to the stats:

    This is the link to the roll for the number of pouches in the Robe of Useful Items:

    This is the link to the rolls concerning what the patches actually are:

    Here's the character sheet:

    Male Fire Genasi
    Alignment: CN
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 115
    Age: 19

    Classes: Rogue 3/Bard 4

    XP: 28,000

    Speed: 30’

    HD: 7d6 +14 [Con]
    HP: 39

    Init: 3 [+3 Dex]

    STR - 14 (+2)
    DEX - 16 (+3)
    CON - 15 (+2)
    INT - 17 (+3) {+2 race]
    WIS - 6 (-2)
    CHA - 14 (+2) [-2 race]

    AC: 17
    [10 base +3 armor +3 Dex +1 deflection]

    Fort +4 [2 base +2 Con]
    Ref +10 [7 base +3 Dex]
    Will +3 [5 base -2 Wis]

    +2 to saves against fire spells and effects.

    Languages Known:
    Planar Common

    Base Attack: +5
    Grapple: +7 [+5 base +2 Str]

    Unarmed Attack - +7 to hit, 1d3 +2 damage

    Balance +13 [10 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Climb +12 [10 ranks, +2 Str]
    Jump +14 [10 ranks, +2 Str, +2 Synergy]
    Perform (Comedy) +12 [10 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Swim +12 [10 ranks, +2 Str]
    Tumble +15 [10 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 Synergy]
    Escape Artist +13 [10 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Bluff +12 [10 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Listen +4 [6 ranks, -2 Wis]
    Sense Motive -1 [1 rank, -2 Wis]
    CROSS CLASS BARD - Spot +1 [3 ranks, -2 Wis]
    CROSS CLASS ROGUE - Knowledge (The Planes) +6 [3 ranks, +3 Int]

    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Improvised Weapon Proficiency (made up)
    Healing Flames (Races of Faerun) - When you use your control flame spell-like ability, you instead may touch the flame and heal yourself a number of hit points of damage depending on the size of the fire. This counts as a use of your control flame ability for the day. Excessive contact causes damage.

    Fire Genasi Racial Traits
    +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma.
    Medium size.
    Fire genasi base land speed is 30 feet.
    Darkvision: Fire genasi can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
    Control Flame (Sp): Fire genasi can cause a nonmagical fire within 10 feet of them to diminish to the level of coals or flare to the brightness of daylight and double the normal radius of its illumination. This ability does not change the heat output or fuel consumption of the fire source, lasts 5 minutes, and nay be done once per day. They use this ability as 5th-level sorcerers.
    +1 racial bonus on saving throws against fire spells and effects. This bonus increases by +1 for every five class levels the genasi attains.
    Automatic Languages: Planar Trade (Common) and Ignan. Bonus Lanugages: Any (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
    Favored Class: Fighter
    Level Adjustment: +1.

    Class Abilities:
    Sneak Attack +2d6
    Trap Sense +1
    Bardic Music
    Bardic Knowledge
    Inspire Courage +1
    Inspire Competence

    Spells Known ----------------- Spells Per Day
    6 0-level --------------------- 3 0 Level
    3 1st Level ------------------- 3 1st Level
    2 2nd Level ------------------- 1 2nd Level

    0 Level
    Mage Hand
    Know Direction
    Detect Magic

    1st Level
    Expeditious Retreat
    Feather Fall
    Tasha's Hideous Laughter

    2nd Level
    Mirror Image

    Elixir of Fire Breath - 1100
    Bracers of Armor +1 - 1000
    Slick Leather Armor of Invulnerability - 12920
    Robe of Useful Items* - 7000
    Ring of Protection +1 - 2000
    Ring of Jumping - 2500
    Potions, all kept hooked to belt - Haste 750
    Fly 750
    Bull's Strength 300
    Traveler's Outfit
    Backpack - 2
    Bedroll - 2
    Crowbar - 2
    Flint and Steel - 1
    Clay Mug - 2cp - hooked to belt
    Belt Pouch - 1
    Waterskin - 1
    Rations, 6 days - 3

    Everything that can be worn is worn, everything else is kept in the backpack unless otherwise noted.

    * Pouches in Robe of Useful Items:
    2 of each:
    Bullseye Lantern (filled and lit)
    Mirror (a highly polished 2x4 ft. steel mirror)
    10 ft. Pole
    50 ft. coil of Hempen Rope

    1 of each:
    Bag of 100 gp
    2 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
    Silver Coffer (6 in x 6 in x 1 ft.), 500 gp value
    24 ft. Wooden Ladder
    12 ft. long Rowboat
    Window (2 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft deep)

    GP: 87
    SP: 9
    CP: 8

    Brief History/Personality:
    Eclaiyan grew up among Humans, going by his name only because that's what everyone called him, and not because he knows that it was given to him by his parents as he has never met them. Somehow found by a passing sailing vessel in the middle of the ocean, near dead, he was rescued and brought to shore where he was claimed by the captain of the vessel after no one else would claim him. Growing up, he attempted to learn the ways of being a shipwright, but he was never good at it. Instead, he always had a penchant for physical abilties, and soon his bouncing around and general tomfoolery earned him more than just a pretty penny. He took up the job of entertaining the rest of the crew after the original entertainer was washed overboard in a raging storm, and stayed in that position for years. Sailing around the world taught him many things that others know little of, though he never uses this knowledge to belittle his peers, choosing instead to use it to entertain the new recruits with stories from abroad. He soon realized his fire-affected heritage when he rescued many a crewmember from a fire that started while the ship was docked. He has thought little of it however, instead choosing to make himself as he sees fit, though he still longs to discover his origin in full. This investigation has proven difficult at best, as no one seems to know much about such things in the places he has visited. Always the first to crack a joke and smile at the unfortunate happenstance, he is the ultimate free spirit, his mannerisms directly expressing his chaotic nature, and is extremely partial to both a good time and true brotherhood!

    Then one day, as suddenly as he was found as a child, he awoke in a cell, only remembering that he had gone to bed the night before aboard his ship. And then it all happened...
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    I Defended The Walls!

    ø Block Scotley

    ø Friend+

    Wyk Woodswalker

    Bariaur Male Scout 4/Psychic Warrior 2/Cleric 1
    Exp: 21,001

    +4 Str: 18 (+2 race)
    +4 Dex: 18 (+1 4th level bonus)
    +3 Con: 16
    +2 Int: 14
    +2 Wis:15
    +1 Cha:12 (-2 race)

    Height: 6’6”
    Weight: 285
    Age: 38
    Hp: 56
    Speed: 40’ Base +10’ Celerity Domain +10’ Scout Fast Movement
    AC: 23 Touch 14 Flat Footed 16 (rare due to uncanny dodge)
    +1 dodge bonus +1 if moving 10'+
    Init: +4
    Alignment: CG
    Patron Deity: Ehlonna
    Languages: Common, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal

    Fort: +9
    Will: +7
    Ref: +8

    Bab: +5 Gapple: +9

    Melee: +9
    +1 Shocking Frystalline (Makes weapon Good) Long Sword +10 (+8 two-weapon) 1d8+5+1d6 electrical 19-20/x2 s (9,015gp)
    +1 Adamantine heavy shield spikes +10 (+8 two-weapon) 1d6+4 (+2 2weap) p 20/x2
    MW Glaive +10 1d10+6 20/x3 s (308gp)
    MW Cold Iron Heavy Aspergillum (Race of F) +10 (+8 two-weapon) 1d8+4 20/x2 b (500gp)
    Daggerx3 +9 1d4+4 19-20/x2 (6gp) p/s
    Charging Ram Attack +10 2d6+6 20/x2 b
    Alchemical Silver Hand Axe +9 1d6-1+4 20/x3 s (26gp)

    Ranged: +8
    MW Mighty Composite Long Bow +9 1d8+4 20/x3 range 110’ p (850gp)
    Dagger, Thrown +81d4+4 19-20/x2 range 10’ p/s

    -Two weapon Fighting (use one-handed and light weapon at the same time at -2 to hit)
    -Improved Shield Bash (maintain shield bonus to AC when shield bashing)
    -Shield Charge (free trip attack with shield bash on charge)
    -Dodge (+1 AC vs. one opponent)
    -Mobility (+4 Ac vs. certain movement related AoO)
    -Spring Attack (Move before and after attacks)

    +1 Mithril Breastplate barding (2,400gp) AC+5, -1 armor check, max dex bonus +5
    +1 Heartening (ex psi hb) Mithril Heavy Shield with +1 Adamantine spikes (7,750gp)

    Skills: 82 (8x7+2x3+10x2Int.)

    Appraise cc (1+2Int)
    Autohypnosis (5+2Wis)
    Balance (+4Dex+2Syn) ac
    Bluff cc (5+1Cha)
    Climb (+4Str) ac
    Concentration (+3Con)
    Craft (+2Int)
    Diplomacy (1+1Cha+2Syn)
    Disable Device (1+2Int)
    Disguise cc (+1Cha+2Syn to act in character)
    Escape Artist (+4Dex) ac
    Forgery cc (+2Int)
    Gather Information cc (1+1Cha)
    Heal (2+2Wis+2Kit)
    Hide (3+4Dex) ac
    Intimidate cc (+1Cha+2Syn)
    Jump (5+4Str+2Syn) ac
    Knowledge (arcana) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (Geography) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (Nature) (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (Planes) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (Psionics) (1+2Int+2syn)
    Knowledge (Religion) (5+2Int)
    Listen (3+2Wis+2race)
    Move Silently (5+4Dex) ac
    Perform (Wind Instruments) cc (1+1Cha)
    Ride (+4Dex.)
    Search (2+2Int.)
    Sense Motive (2+2Wis)
    Sleight of Hand cc (1+4Dex+2Syn)
    Speak Languages (n/a)
    Spellcraft (1+2Int+2syn)
    Spot (7+2Wis+2race)
    Survival (3+2Wis) (+2 to avoid getting lost and avoid hazards, in natural environments, the planes, tracking)
    Swim (+4Str) acx2
    Tumble (5+4Dex+2syn) ac
    Use Rope (+4Dex)

    Scout Features:
    -Proficient with all simple weapons, plus handaxe, throwing axe, shortsword, and shortbow as well as light armor.
    -Skirmish: +1d6 damage to attacks in a round where 10’ or more of movement takes place, and +1 AC
    -Trapfinding: Use search to locate traps with a DC higher than 20 and use disable device to bypass or disarm traps including magical ones.
    -Battle Fortitude: +1 to fortitude saves and initiative.
    -Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be caught flat-footed
    -Fast Movement: +10 enhancement bonus to base land speed
    -Trackless step: Cannot be tracked in natural surroundings
    -Bonus Feat

    Psychic Warrior Features
    -Proficient with simple and martial weapons, all armor and shields except tower shields
    -Manifest powers
    -Bonus Fighter or Psionic Feats

    Cleric Features
    -Domains Good +1 caster level ‘good’ spells, Celerity +10’ base move
    -Turn Undead (+2syn+2true holy symbol)
    -Proficient with simple weapons, all armor and shields except tower shields
    -Chaotic Good Aura
    -Divine spells
    -Spontaneous casting of cure spells

    Bariaur Features:
    -Outsider: Gain the extra planar sub-type when not on Ysgard. Not subject to ‘person’ spells.
    -Darkvision 60’
    -Quadruped: +4 vs. bull rush/trip attacks, 1.5x carry cap. Must wear barding and no boots
    -Powerful Charge: Ram attack 2d6+1.5x str. bonus when charging
    -Spell Resistance 11+class level
    -+2 Wills saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities
    -Keen senses: +2 racial bonus on Listen and Spot
    -Favored Class Ranger +1 level adjustment

    Powers Known (2 1st Level)
    -Expansion: become one size category larger (1 pp 1 rounds/level +2 pp 1 min/level)
    -Prescience, Offensive: Gain a +2 insight bonus on damage rolls (1 pp 1 min/level)
    Power Points 1 (+2Wis)(1 stored in Cognizance Crystal)

    Divine Spells
    -0 Level Detect Magic, Light, Virtue DC12
    -1st Level Protection from Evil (D), Bless, Light of Lunia (Planer HB) DC13

    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750gp)
    True Holy Symbol (+2 turning checks) (500gp)
    Planer Atlas (+2 knowledge planes checks) (25gp)
    +1 Cognizance Crystal (1000gp)
    Mirror of Suggestion (Psi) (3600gp)
    Mechanus eye (100gp) (+1 on search when looked through)
    Scroll Spirit Weapon, Cure minor wounds x2, magic weapon, sanctuary (225gp)

    Backpack (2gp)

    Case, scroll (1gp)
    Bedroll and winter blanket (6sp)
    Quivers x2 20 regular arrows, 16 cold iron and 4 alchemical silver (11gp)
    Flint and Steel (1 gp)
    Waterskin x3 (2 water 1 wine) (3.2gp)
    Explorers Outfit
    Courtiers Outfit /w Jewelry (80gp)
    Clerics Vestiments (5gp)
    Thieves Tools MW (100gp)
    Healers Kit (50gp)
    Saddle Bags (4gp)
    Trail Rations x8 (4gp)
    Torches x2 (2cp)
    Books of Poetry (10gp)
    Bugle (5gp)
    Flute (5 gp)
    Holy Water x6 (75gp)
    Anarchic Water (25gp)

    Cash: 8gp, 11sp, cp8 10gp gems x3

    Appearance/Personality: Wik is an imposing figure, tall and muscular with a surprising grace and quickness. Curving horns like those of a mountain goat ram and as thick as a man's arm sprout from his head. Golden hair spills down his back like a mane and covers his flanks. While his upper body is that of a man with bronze tan skin and sleek musculature, his lower body resembles a Ram with golden hair, cloven hooves and a stubby tail. A goatee beard juts from his chin. He is athletic and capable of impressive feats of leaping and tumbling. His eyes and ears are keen and he misses little. His hazel eyes sparkle with mirth and a wry smile seldom leaves his lips. His features are sharp and angular, yet handsome. His voice is rich, but with a slight tremulous quality to it. He speaks boldly and never hesitates to share his opinion on any subject. He is a shameless flirt with members of the opposite sex showing little regard to race and seems to delight in exotic conquests. He revels in battling evil, especially devils. His blade and shield swing with equal vigor as he shouts war cries and prayers while racing from opponent to opponent literally running circles around his foes. He tackles social situations much as he does battles. Like most of his race he is lacking in social graces and subtlety. He is loud and opinionated. He charges into discussions tossing out barbs and quips with little regard for how they might be perceived. He tactics in seduction are equally blunt and despite abundant face slapping he is only slightly more reserved at these times. He enjoys music and poetry, but has little forte with either. He at least can recognize good music or poetry if not write or perform it.

    He wears a suit of shining mithril armor. A helmet with a long nose guard between high arches for his horns perches on his head. His back and chest are covered with think plates etched with a forest scene in bas-relief. Along his flanks run interlocking plates looking much like a lobster's back continuing the arboreal motif. Below this collection of plates is a skirt of pale green leather studded with small mithril disks. This skirt hangs down to his knees all the way around. His lower legs are protected by grieves of overlapping metal plates. A large mithril shield painted with a rampant unicorn on a forest green field is carried on his left arm. A pair of quivers bristling with arrows and a heavily built long bow hang to either side just behind where his upper and lower body are joined. Behind them is a pair of saddle bags. Over his shoulder is a long sword. The hilt is wrapped with wire and the blade is fullered and made of a grainy metal that seems to have tiny reflective crystals in it. The blade glows with a cool blue light that flickers occasionally with a brighter band of light that starts at the hilt and moves up to vanish at the point. A mace like weapon with an oaken hilt and a gray head marked by innumerable tiny holes hangs from a belt next too a brace of daggers. A glaive with dark stained wood handle and carefully honed blade completes his armament. An odd assortment of gear hangs on straps and chains around his neck including a crystal vial, a bronze eye with a green glass lens, a scroll case, a brass bugle, a large primative silver unicorn pendant as well as an alchemical silver hand axe.

    Background/History: Wik was born in the forests of Ysgard. He spent his youth wandering the woods and peaks with his flock. He learned woodcraft and also was taught the lore of a priest of Ehlonna who is revered by his people. However, much as he loved the forests and hills of his home he felt a wanderlust even greater than most of his kind. He felt a calling to stamp out evil, but the peaceful lands of his birth held few such oportunities. His mind just seemed to see things differently than his fellows. He grew in strength and discovered he could enhance his physical ability with the power of his mind. This further seperated him from his own people in whom such gifts are rare.

    One day he chanced upon a battered group of adventurers who had barely managed to escape death through a planer gate. They had lost a battle with a band of demons. Young Wik nursed them back to health and led them to a place of gates where they could return to other worlds. He convinced them to take him along. While it was hard to leave his flock, he knew there had to be more to life. Soon, he was visiting planes vastly different from his home. He discovered that he liked meeting beings different from himself--especially women. His skills of forest craft and natural speed made him an excellent scout. He left the intrepid band of adventurers eventually to become a mercenary in fights against evil where ever he could find them.
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