Drugs in D&D

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Thread: Drugs in D&D

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    Drugs in D&D

    These are bast off the formate given in lords of darkness.
    Tell me what you thing of them.

    Orkok ("Pain bringer")

    Description: This small green root with red leaves comming out the top like a carrote. Usely put on the blades of weapon to case incrediple pain and bring people down in a much faster than normal. Its pumeld into a past then mixed with a bit of standered ink giving the past a purple color. Its also known to be very addictive to those howe are hit with it.

    Type: Injury DC 14

    Inital Effect: 1d4 points of damage and 1 point of temporary con damage.

    Secondary Effect: 2d6 points of damage and 1d4+1 points of temprary con damage.

    Price: 300 gp.

    Side Effects: None

    Overdose: If another dose is taken in 1d4 rounds affter the first the user suffers 4d4 points of damage and 1d4+2 points of temporary con damage and 1d6 points of tempory Dex damage.

    Addiction: Medium

    Earth Root ("Earth Root Salve")

    Description: The plant realy insent a root but realy a mushrom that grows under ground like a truffel. Looking like a patato in apperence but smelling like roses and colored black. The oil from it is mixed with common healing salve and used to in hance its healing powers. Its used often in the military by commbate medickes.

    Type: Contact DC 25 or injury DC 30

    Initial Effect: Heals 2d8 points of damage.

    Secondary Effect: Heals 3d4 points of damage and the user takes 1 point of tempory Wisdom damage.

    Price: 200 gp.

    Side Effectes: None

    Overdose: None

    Addiction: None

    Fire Root (Magical)

    Description: This root is bloode red looking like a sweet patato. Mulched up and aplide with common trail rashens.

    Type: Ingested DC 14

    Initial Effect: The users speed increases by 10 ft. gets a +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity. While taking 2 points of tempory Con damage. This effect lasts for 2d12 minutes.

    Secondary Effect: The users speed increases by another 10 ft. and gets another +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity. While taking 4 points of tempory Con damage. The bonuses last untile the first effect end.

    Price: 1,000 gp.

    Side Effects: When the first effect ends, the user suffers 2d4 points of tempory Con and is exsosted like a Barben coming out of his rage.

    Overdose: A second dose takin with the first still in effect the user takes another 1d4 points of tempory Con damage and 1d2 points of tempory Wisdom damage.

    Addiction: High

    Any ideas some of your own youl like to add.

    And sorry about my spelling.
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    By the way if your playing a FRc thays nights would use orkok on there weapons.

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    So they take a total of 6+2d4 con(2 primary+4secondary+2d4end of efffect) damage by the end of one dose. That seems excessive and will kill the average person.

    A bit much if you ask me.

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    Another resin its cald fire root it tends to bern you up.
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    Bump .

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    Hey LAS I believe that each of the drugs is great and crappy in its own way but maybe you should put things online from books you actually own.

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    If I have what I need to usit like what all the things they do ill usit what do you think I did the last time I barowed the book that last day I was there. Plus when they where done with the fight they ran into a thing of Earth root salve and then they whent and to the lokel alsmest and bot more what ontil they meat the other ones plus all thos that where in the book that I have to use hehe. They dont know whats coming. Plus the that bot then is a cleric so his wisdom will be in pane every time he uses it.
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    Ooookey... The poisons need to be refined a bit. If you'd like some good rules for making poisons, you should get a copy of the Traps and Treachery book. They have nice rules for creating new poisons and the prices are high enough to keep poisons uncommon.

    You shouldn't mix regular damage and Con damage, because combined the HP losses are too great. This poison especially. For the price of 300 GPs, I would suggest DC 14 (fine) Initial 1 Point Secondary 1d6 Points. That'll give the poisoned victim time to react, but it'll do some seriuos damage when the minute has passed.

    Earth Root
    Why make this a poison? The word poison is completely negative and healing should be ...well positive. I see what you have tried with the Wisdom damage, but I'd leave it out. How about this:
    Earth Root
    This blaablaablaajadajada makes for an excellent healing salve. When applied on a wounded PC, the salve increases the PCs natural healing rate to 5 times his level, but the PC must remain
    in bed because the medicine is so powerful (PC is effectively Exhausted). One dose is enough for 8 hours of use so a 6th level PC would heal 30 points in 24 hours and 10 points during a normal nights sleep... Cost could be around 200 since it requires time to work. (Alchemy-check DC 20)

    Fire Root
    Fire it up! This one actually looks fine and I'm not in the mood for a deeper look at it. Duration should be fixed IMO. I'd say 10 minutes or so and maybe it could be Speed +10 +2 STR +2 CON and -4 DEX? "That stupid blundering barbarian!" Make the character Fatigued after 1 use and if he takes another dose, he'd become Exhausted. Price at 200-500.

    When using so called beneficial poisons or drugs, you don't need a saving throw. The amount you consume is always enough to get you high if you are looking to get high. Only when the poison is given to you against your will (as in darts) should you roll a saving throw. PCs tend to get really pissed if they've spent hundreds of gold pieces on drugs that don't work!

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    That whats the DC are for you need to see the lord of darkness book then and these are not poisons.

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