The Sky Breathes All Life - Characters
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    The Sky Breathes All Life - Characters

    Alright, here's the thread for your characters, throw them up when you got em.
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    Name: Lily Foster
    Race: Human
    Class/Level: Warlock 3
    Age 19

    (STR) 8 (0 pts)
    (DEX) 14 (6 pts)
    (CON) 14 (6pts)
    (INT) 12 (4pts
    (WIS) 12 (4pts)
    (CHA) 15 (8pts)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    AC: 17 (10 + 2 Dex + 5 armor)
    Hit Points: 18/18
    Movement: 30'

    Base Attack Bonus: +2
    Init: +2
    Melee Attack: +1
    Ranged Attack: +4
    Fort: +4
    Reflex: +3
    Will: +4

    Race Abilities
    Extra Feat
    Extra Skill Points

    Class Abilities:
    Eldritch Blast - 2d6
    Detect Magic
    Damage Reduction: 1/cold iron

    Bluff +7 (5 ranks, +2 Cha)
    Concentration +6 (4 ranks, +2 Con)
    Diplomacy +8 (2 ranks, +2 Cha, +4 synergy)
    Intimidate +6 (2 ranks, +2 Cha, +2 synergy)
    Sense Motive +6 (5 ranks, +1 Wis)
    Use Magic Device +8 (6 ranks, +2 Cha)

    Night Haunt (Use Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, and Unseen Servant as spell like abilities 1/day each)
    Point Blank Shot (+1 to hit and damage within 30')
    Precise Shot (Compensates for penalty firing into melee)

    Languages -

    Eldritch Spear - Blast range 250'
    Spiderwalk - Move as per Spider Climb

    Money - 194gp 5sp

    Weapons -
    Spiked Gauntlet +1 to hit, 1d4 damage

    Armour -
    Blackmail +1 (AC +5, Max Dex +6, Check 0, Weight 10lbs)

    Gear -
    Backpack (2lbs, 2gp)
    Bedroll (5lbs, 2sp)
    Flint & Steel (1lb, 1gp)
    Small Steel Mirror (1lb, 10gp)
    2 Belt Pouches (1lb, 2gp)
    Waterskin (4lbs, 1gp)

    Magic -
    Blackmail (Mithril Chain Shirt +1) 2100
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 100
    Potion of Protection from Arrows 300


    Born in an orphanage run by the nuns and nurses of the goddess of mercy, Lily's childhood was troubled, and for more than the usual reasons. She didn't fit in well with the other children, for one thing. Her temper made it hard for her to make friends. Had she been physically larger, she might have become a bully. As it was, she was merely frustrated a lot. When she was twelve, she had a quiet period...and then started disappearing. She'd eventually turn up, in cupboards, under stairs, nestled away in the attic or basement...anywhere private...and be escorted back to the appropriate common areas. Only to vanish again.

    What the nuns didn't know, couldn't know, was that Lily had started coming into her powers, and was keeping them secret. She'd find places to hide, and practice. Finally she started asserting herself over the other children, swearing them to secrecy. It took some time, but the nuns eventually noticed that a new pecking order had emerged, with Lily inexplicably at the top. The other children were more afraid of her than any of them, and refused to explain why. Worried and suspicious, the nuns arranged to spy on the children in secret, and were aghast to find Lily ruling her playground with threats and dark, shadowy powers.

    One nun took up Lily's cause, in contrast to the rest who wanted the girl out. She asked for one month.

    One month to turn Lily around, or she would step aside and not protest Lily's expulsion.

    The nun in question was, in fact, a latent sorceror, though she'd never taken her power far...and always regretted it. When she showed Lily some of her own ability, she formed an instant bond with the young girl. It quickly came out that Lily's abuses stemmed from the fact that it was the only way to get the other kids to do anything with her at all. Left to their own devices they just avoided her. Lily had to force the issue, or be an outcast. Unfortunately, she was right. By that time, the damage had been done and there was no going back; no fixing it. But Lily felt she'd learned her lesson as well.

    At the end of the month, Lily was allowed to stay...but to the surprise of all, she elected to leave on her own. At the tender age of fourteen, she apologized to the other kids, and said goodbye to the nun that had taken the time and effort to understand her, rather than simply shut the door on her...and left the place she'd known as home.

    When Lily left, she had a purpose in mind though. She wanted to track down her parents, and see what these powers were. She'd already surmised they were different than what she'd seen in the orphanage. Less limited in some ways, but somehow...darker as well. They still frightened her, and she was happy to try to put them out her head as the nun had suggested. Pretend they don't exist, unless you REALLY need them. And it did help. Armed with her good looks and her assertiveness, Lily was able to dig up rumors, even from fourteen years back. Rumors that led her to a small town perched near iron and copper mines in the lonely mountains. A wretched stone tower perched on a hill overlooking it.

    It was here that Lily learned the story leading up to her birth.

    Related to her by a friendly, and somewhat tipsy bartender, and an off-duty performer, Lily learned the story of Lucy, her mother, who had been seduced by a sinister man who had moved into the tower some twenty years ago when it was in better repair. When Lucy had vanished, the town rose up in a mob and stormed the tower. They recovered Lucy from within, but the man had gone, along with his possessions. Even so, they'd set fire to the cursed place, and returned Lucy to her parents. The poor girl, however, seemed in a daze, and she could not or would not come out of it. Though she ate and drank and did her daily routine, she did not speak, nor seem aware of where or who she was.

    Her pregnancy, when it became evident, sparked immediate controversy. Many townsfolk believed the baby should not live, as it was clearly a conception steeped in black magic and malignancy. Others contested that the baby be given a chance to demonstrate which side it walked on. In the end, it was Lucy that settled it. In the last month of her pregnancy, she again reappear a few weeks later, exhausted and sick, but free of her child. Her fever had made her delerious, and she claimed the baby was stillborn. The following morning she was dead...hanged in her own room by the rafters. The door had been locked. On her bed was a note in her own hand reading simply, "I remember now. I remember everything. I'm sorry."

    Devastated by the news, Lily exploded in her temper, then collapsed into tears. She told the two men her story, and why she had sought her mother. Everything they'd told her seemed to confirm her worst fears.

    She was tainted, touched by darkness, and it seemed there was nothing she could do about it. The two men were taken aback, and more than a little afraid. They suggested that perhaps yes...that Lily's origin might have upset the balance of her soul...but that her actions could still have an impact.

    Lily seized on this idea with fervor. Yes. YES. So what if her powers were largely good for destruction? Did angels not bear swords and bows? If she destroyed only evil, then surely she could still be saved! Surely there could be redemption for her, if she worked to rid the world of the very darkness that coursed through her veins.

    And so she threw herself into her powers, developing them, bringing them forth. At the same time she studied various dark religions, faiths, and the cosmological planes associated with fiends. By understanding evil, she would become the perfect weapon against it. Finally, feeling she was ready, she decided to join the military at 18...two years after hearing the story of her parents, and finding her new path. She reasoned that the military could use her abilities well...and that she could use the training and experience it would offer in her coming battles.

    And so it came to pass that after one year in the service, during the darkest days of the Elf War, Lily found herself assigned to a ship in a desperate defense against a coming all out attack by the Elven Armada.

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    Female Human Ninja 4

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Size: Medium
    Type: Humanoid
    Base Speed: 30
    Space: 5 ft.
    Reach: 5 ft.

    Str: 08 (-1) [0pts]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Con: 10 (+0) [2pts]
    Int: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Cha: 16 (+3) [8pts + 1level]

    HP: 13 (4d6)

    AC: 15 (10base + 3dex + 2wis) / 15 / 12

    Fortitude: +1 (1base)
    Reflex: +6 (3base + 3dex)
    Will: +3 (1base + 2wis) + 2 Ki

    Init: +3 (3dex)

    Base attack bonus: +3

    Sai Melee: +6 (3base + 2dex + 1MW), 1d4 damage, Threat 20/x2, Range 10 ft.
    Shuriken: +5 (3base + 2dex), 1d2-1 damage, Threat 20/x2, Range 10 ft.
    Sudden Strike: 2d6 damage.
    Disarm: +8 bonus.

    Skill points: 56
    Max Skill Ranks: 7
    Bluff: 10 (7ranks + 3cha)
    Disguise: 12 (7ranks + 3cha + 2synergy)
    Escape Artist: 7 (5ranks + 2dex)
    Gather Information: 10 (7ranks + 3cha)
    Hide: 8 (6ranks + 2dex)
    Listen: 7 (5ranks + 2wis)
    Move Silently: 8 (6ranks + 2dex)
    Sense Motive: 9 (7ranks + 2wis)
    Sleight of Hand: 10 (6ranks + 2dex + 2synergy)

    Human Bonus - Combat Expertise
    Lvl 1 - Improved Disarm
    Lvl 3 - Weapon Finesse


    +1 Sai, 2301gp
    Shuriken x50, 10gp
    Camouflage Kit, 40gp
    Listening Cone, 20gp
    Jumping Caltrops, 150gp
    Potion of cure light Wounds x4, 200gp
    Potion of Jump x2, 10gp
    Potion of Pass Without Trace, 50gp
    Potion of Cats Grace x2, 600gp

    Simple Weapons.
    Hand Crossbow, Kama, Kukri, Nunchaku, Sai, Shortbow, Short Sword, Shuriken and Siangham.

    Class Features:
    AS Bonus: Adds Wis bonus to AC. Gains +0 AC Bonus.
    Ki Power: Can use Ki Power a number of times equal to 1/2 class level + wis = 4. Gains +2 Will saves as long as one or more daily use of Ki.
    Sudden Strike: If opponent is denied Dex bonus, Poleil does +2d6 damage.
    Trapfinding: Can use search skill to find traps and Disable Device to disarm them.
    Ghost Step: Can use 1 daily use of Ki Power to become invisible for 1 round. This is a swift action. Does not provoke an AoO.
    Poison Use: Never risks accidentally poisoning herself when applying poison to a weapon.
    Great Leap: Always makes Jump checks as if she was running and have the Run feat.

    Poleil was a young woman roaming the streets. The highest bidder got the price; that was how she was taught by her supperiors. Till one night. Her customer, a rather wealthy noble, demanded more than he payed for. It wasn't the first time this happened, and at first Poleil went with it. Then something snapped inside of her. A few minutes later she left the room, a bloodied trail following her down the stairs and out on the streets. She wandered the streets in a red-hued daze for several days untill she was picked up by one of the "mothers" of her guild. "I have been looking for you Poleil. What happened with <censored> was... unfortunate. However, it is time you knew. The House deal not only in pleasures. Consider it your first test of many to come."

    The next months Poleil was trained in the use of nunchaku, sai, shuriken, kai and other weapons of the ninja. Her mind and reflexes was trained so as to better avoid danger. She was taught where to strike her opponents for the best effects, and how to use the shadows to her advantage. And now she is on her first, official mission. It is somewhat two-fold; protect the ships captain (or high-ranking officer, a noble on board or something) while under cover as a harlot. The second part of her mission is to eliminate a low-ranking officer (or soldier, priest, whatever) that have neglected to pay The House for services previously hired.

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    ø Friend+
    Alister Delbraeth
    Male Human
    Aristocrat 2/ Fighter 1
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Experience: 3,000 xp

    12 Strength (+1)
    14 Dexterity (+2)
    10 Constitution (+0)
    16 Intelligence (+3)
    10 Wisdom (+0)
    12 Charisma (+1)

    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30’

    BAB: +2
    Grapple: +1

    Melee Attack: +4
    Damage: 1d6+1 (MW Rapier)
    AC: 16 (Dex +2, Armor +4), touch 12, flat-footed 14

    Melee Attack: +5 (10’ Reach)
    Damage: 2d4+1 (MW Ranseur)
    AC: 16 (Dex +2, Armor +4), touch 12, flat-footed 14

    Melee Attack: +15 (10’ Reach)
    Damage: Disarm
    AC: 16 (Dex +2, Armor +4), touch 12, flat-footed 14

    Hit Points: 17
    Fortitude Saves: +3
    Reflex Saves: +3
    Will Saves: +4

    Light Armor Proficiency
    Medium Armor Proficiency
    Heavy Armor Proficiency
    Shield Proficiency
    Tower Shield Proficiency
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Combat Expertise
    Improved Disarm
    Weapon Focus (Ranseur)

    +3 Appraise [0]+3 (Int)
    +1 Balance [0]+1 (Dex, Armor)
    +6 Bluff [5]+1 (Cha)
    +0 Climb [0]+0 (Str, Armor)
    +0 Concentration [0]+0 (Con)
    +3 Craft [0]+3 (Int)
    +8 Diplomacy [5]+3 (Cha, Negotiator)
    +3 Disable Device [0]+3 (Int)
    +1 Disguise [0]+1 (Cha)
    +2 Escape Artist [0]+2 (Dex)
    +6 Forgery [3]+3 (Int)
    +6 Gather Information [5]+1 (Cha)
    +0 Heal [0]+0 (Wis)
    +1 Hide [0]+1 (Dex, Armor)
    +7 Intimidate [6]+1 (Cha)
    +0 Jump [0]+0 (Str, Armor)
    +7 Knowledge (Geography) [4]+3 (Int)
    +8 Knowledge (History) [5]+3 (Int)
    +7 Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) [4]+3 (Int)
    +0 Listen [0]+0 (Wis)
    +1 Move Silently [0]+1 (Dex, Armor)
    +1 Perform [0]+1 (Cha)
    +6 Ride [4]+2 (Dex)
    +5 Search [0]+3 (Int)
    +7 Sense Motive [5]+2 (Wis, Negotiator)
    -- Speak Language [0]+3 (Int)
    +0 Spot [0]+0 (Wis)
    +0 Survival [0]+0 (Wis)
    -1 Swim [0]-1 (Str, Armor x2)
    +2 Use Rope [0]+2 (Dex)

    Weapons and Armor:
    Masterwork Ranseur (1d6 damage, x3 crit, 10’ reach, +2 on disarm checks)
    Masterwork Rapier (1d6 damage, 18-20/x2 crit)
    Masterwork Chain Shirt (+4 AC, +4 max Dex bonus, -1 Check Penalty, 20% Spell Failure)

    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Signet Ring

    A lot of people would look at Alister, walking a pace behind his father in a presteen officer's uniform, and see a typical priveleged snot with his whole life laid out before him on a silver platter. And they wouldn't be so very far wrong. Alister's never known anything that most people would describe as hardship. He was born the only son of a very wealthy and prominent family with a strong military tradition, his father being the distinguished Captain Delbraeth. What's more, he never suffered the neglect that some children of wealthy families do. In fact his parents, and most especially his father, took a very active role in his upbringing.

    The problem, as far as Alister is concerned, is precisely that. He's never known a moment's freedom, a moment's independence from the stifling influence of his father. He's never been able to escape the crushing weight of the expectations that are placed on him. Ever since he can remember, his father has never stopped pushing him and testing him.

    His earliest memory of his father is sitting opposite him at a heavy wooden desk he could barely see over, in his father's study. It was a large room, but was made claustrophobic nonetheless by the shelves that filled every wall, full of old leather bound books, charts, and maps. His father's gaze was severe and unblinking as he waited for Alister's answer to the problem he had just outlined. Tentatively the boy spoke. "Manoeuvre a division of cavalry eastward as a distraction, ready to retreat if the enemy engages them, and then the main body of your forces can take the high ground to the west and fight on advantageous terms." His voice wavered, but he did not hesitate or mumble. He knew from long experience that was bound to result in admonition.

    His father just stared, a look of disdain coming over his face. "And what if the enemy does not stand still or take the bait you have offered? What if they simply retreat to the north and wait for us to leave our position? Time is not on our side. If I had done that, we would have been forced to engage them further to the north and would have lost all advantage we could possibly have had." He let his harsh words sink in as his son coloured and stared at his shoes, before eventually continuing after a suitable period. "Now listen to how I actually won the battle, and this time try to learn something. First, I issued orders to the first infantry..."

    And so on. There had been hours of such lessons every day, his father picking over his old campaigns in this manner. These days he was old enough so that his father's process of grooming him to fill his shoes had moved on to having him accompany him each day while he attended to his duties. He has recently even begun to delegate many of his decisions to his son, and then berate him openly for the shortcomings he perceives in them.

    All this might not be so bad if Alister truly wanted nothing more than to walk in his father's footsteps, but of course that is not the case. The spark of rebellion in Alister may be strongly repressed, but it burns brightly. He longs to break free of his father's shadow, and to live life on his own terms. If to do so meant giving up all his advantages he would gladly do so... if only he could find the courage to stand up to his father. So far though, it has not happened, and it seems unlikely to happen any time soon.

    It is, then, unsurprising that in his official capacity as an officer Alister tends to be somewhat bitter and abrasive. He has a natural flair for leadership, and a great deal of tactical intelligence, but he has no love for exercising these things - at least not so long as he is doing so in the way his father wishes him to. He's therefore not at all well-liked. There's natural resentment for the captain's son, who is so clearly given preferential treatment, and this distances Alister from everybody else and so forces him into that role that he himself resents. It's a vicious cycle, and Alister sees little way to escape it.
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    Name: Sye Dillinger
    Classes: Bard 
    Levels: 3
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: NG 
    Str: 8 -1       CL: 3           XP: 
    Dex: 14 +2      BAB: +2         HP: 12 (3d6+0) 
    Con: 10 +0      Grapple: +1     Dmg Red: 
    Int: 14 +2      Speed: 30'      Spell Res: 
    Wis: 12 +1      Init: +2        Spell Save: 
    Cha: 16 +3      ACP: -0         Spell Fail: 
              Total    Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc
    Armor:      16      10    +4    +0    +2    +0    +0    +0
    Touch:      12              
    Flatfooted: 14
           Total   Base   Mod  Misc
    Fort:  +3        1    +0   +2*  [Feat: Nymph's Kiss, Cloak of Resistance]       
    Ref:   +7        3    +2   +2*  [Feat: Nymph's Kiss, Cloak of Resistance]       
    Will:  +6        3    +1   +2*  [Feat: Nymph's Kiss, Cloak of Resistance]     
    * - Nymph's Kiss applies only against Spell or Spell-like ability.  Against other saves
           this bonus is reduced by 1 to reflect that Nymph's Kiss does not apply
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical     Special
    Dagger                   +1      1d4-1      19-20 x2
    Light Crossbow (80')     +4      1d8          20 x3
    Languages: Common, Halfling, Sylvan
    Bardic Knowledge - Check: +7 (3 Bard + 2 INT +2 Synergy Know(Hist))
    Bardic Music - 7/day (3 Bard + Extra Music)
      Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence
    1H: Extra Music
    1:  Nymph's Kiss
    3:  Versatile Performer
    Skill Points: 60       Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total [Reason for Misc Modifier]
    Bluff                  6      3    2      11  [Feat: Nymph's Kiss]
    Diplomacy              6      3    8      17  [Synergy: Bluff, Know(Nob), Sense Motive; Feat: Nymph's Kiss]
    Disguise               6      3    4      13  [Synergy:Bluff; Feat: Nymph's Kiss]
    Gather Information     6      3    4      13  [Synergy: Know(local); Feat: Nymph's Kiss]
    Hide                   6      2           8
    Knowledge(Local)       6      2           8
    Knowledge(History)     6      2           8
    Knowledge(Nobility)    6      2           8
    Perform(String)*       6      3    6      15  [MWK Fiddle, Feats: Nymph's Kiss, Versatile Performer]
    Sense Motive           6      1           7
    * - Perform(Dance) and Perform(Sing) granted by the Feat: Versatile Performer as
           if each had 6 ranks as well.  The Misc Modifier for the MWK Fiddle does
           not apply to either of these Perform checks.
    Equipment:                       Cost   Weight
    +1 Studded Leather Armor        1,175    20.0
    Masterwork Darkwood Fiddle        130     1.5
    Cloak of Resistance             1,000     1.0
    Total Weight:22.5 lb    
    Money: 395gp 0sp 0cp
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120lb
    Eyes: Sky Blue
    Hair: Golden Blonde
    Skin: Pale


    Sye Dillinger has always been normal – for a child lucky enough to be educated. In school, she had her areas in which she excelled, but she also had her areas in which she was absolutely awful. She was great at learning the history of the land and even appreciated debating about the various reasons that history had taken the course it had. She spent many hours in study over the various lands and kingdoms and tried to soak up as much knowledge as she could humanly absorb. He goal was never to prove herself to be more knowledgeable than the next guy, she just wanted to learn.

    But of course, there also were the more physical aspects to schooling. She never did very well at all with fine motor control sports. Catching and throwing balls was just not her thing. Wielding a sword often gave her trouble. For her own protection, she did manage to pick up the use of a dagger – but even that was never as good as her father had wanted to see. As she tried the more physical sports, Sye was able to pick up and use the crossbow with some success. But in this regard she has always considered herself sub par.

    Then, there were the arts. Music came naturally to her. Writing also was a skill she enjoyed. She loved to write lyrics, poems, and even short stories. But to combine both talents into one masterpiece and set her poems to music was simply joy for her. Her father grumbled in that there was no money to be made in poetry, but he loved her anyway. Her mother merely smiled and said that she hoped Sye would find a husband who liked poems, because otherwise it would be like living with her father for the rest of her life. Sye just smiled at her mother when she said this and went out into the woods to study.

    While in the woods studying her precious history, Sye’s mind began to drift off. She wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but it almost seemed as though her eyes became fuzzy for just a moment. When her eyesight cleared, a handsome and wealthily clad young man stood before her. He asked Sye, “Wouldn’t you like to run away with me and share in my wealth? Look at my lavish clothing and the luxury that I live in. This could all be yours if you want it.” Sye laughed out loud and replied, “You sound just like my father. He says that money is one of the main goals in life and keeps encouraging me to use my talents in a way that will earn money. Rather, I like to do things for others that make them happy, regardless of whether it gets me anything or not!” The young man thought for a moment and replied, “Well, I am a prince over a small kingdom. Wouldn’t you like to come away with me and help me rule it when my time comes?” Sye again laughed and replied, “I don’t think so. I have my own kingdom here. The woods and the forest are my muse, I listen to them with a kind ear and they inspire my talents. I don’t need the troubles of a kingdom to weigh me down.” Once more the man thought, and he even sat down on a nearby stump to ponder. “I know. I’ll just be honest. You are a beautiful young woman, and your beauty has captured my eyes. I must have you as my future queen, and I must be honest about how I feel!” Sye laughed once more. “Physical beauty is fleeting. You may think me beautiful today, but in sixty years when my face wrinkles and I am old and fat – will you still find me beautiful? Beauty truly comes from the person within, not from the physical appearances on the outside. Again, I must decline.”

    Instantly, her eyes clouded over once more and she fell into a light sleep. In a matter of minutes when she awake, she found herself face to face with a pixie. The pixie looked to her and replied, “Sye, as much as I tried to tempt your heart, you proved to me that you heart was not capable of temptation. I tried to tempt you with money, prestige, and beauty but you held fast. I tried to tempt you with flattery, lust, and adulations but you were not interested. More than that, you honored my woods with your speech. You have proven yourself much unlike the rest of the humans around you. And I would like to give you a reward for your loyalty to the true spirit of life within you. Ask, and I shall reward you.” Sye again smiled and replied, “It is not right for me to ask for a gift, I did not do anything to deserve it other than be who I am. If you desire to give me a gift, then give me what you feel is honorable. I would much rather receive a gift that is true from your heart than one that is requested by my own. I would be honored by whatever you would present to me.”

    The pixie again smiled and bowed low. “Again you honor me. Let me then give you this: my friendship. I am Lamark, a pixie of this forest. Whenever you should have need of me, just come to this forest and call out my name. I will hear you calling and will come to honor our friendship.” With that he approached her face and kissed her on the nose. He then sat upon the same stump as the image of the beautiful young man had sat – and Sye and Lamark talked. For the next several years they often spent afternoons talking in the forest. As Sye grew older, she would bring her fiddle into the forests and perform poetry and dance for Lamark, who would often join in the dance and be inspired to add his own poetry. The rest of her schooling years were spent in this fashion.

    One day, however, the time for her schooling came to an end. It was time for her to marry – or at least support herself through work. Her father came to her one night – drunk. He had just been laid off from his job and wasn’t handling the pressure well. As he entered her room he startled Sye and she jumped up to meet him. He grabbed the top of her shirt in an attempt to balance himself and the shirt tore – nearly exposing her chest. Her father looked at her through his drunken eyes and began to lecture her. “Let’s see where your history gets you in life! Let’s see how much money that history can make you! Let’s see where that fiddle-playing and dance lands your sorry good for nothing freeloading butt!” He struck her across the cheek out of a drunken rage. “Only place you’ll every find work is as a ‘lady’ in the taverns!”

    Sye knew that he was under a lot of pressure and also knew that he didn’t know what he was doing because of the alcohol. She began to sob as she ducked under his arms and ran down the hallway and out the door. She did not remember to grab another set of clothing on her way out. As she entered the cool air outside the house she fell to the wet grass. “I forgive you, father. I cannot accept what you have done and said, but I still love you.”

    Sye picked herself up off of the ground and ran into town. She swore off any alcoholic drink on account of what it had done to her father that night. Fortunately, as she ran into town she met an amazing traveling minstrel by the name of Jacobus. Jacobus saw her trained musical talent and immediately knew how to put it to work. He taught her to dance and recite her poetry while he played on his mandolin. He played his pan pipes while she played her fiddle. Under the tutelage of Jacobus she learned the lifestyle of a traveling minstrel. But she learned far more than that. Sye learned how to talk people out of a drunken stupor. Sye learned when to begin a simple or amusing debate to free up people’s tongues – and eventually to open their pocketbooks in appreciation for a good evenings entertainment. Sye learned that her talents were useful, even if she couldn’t wield a dagger well. And through it all, whenever she returned home she reacquainted herself with Lamark and sang of her journeys with Jacobus. Even Jacobus thought that Lamark was wonderful – for a pixie.

    And then one day it happened. Jacobus grew deathly ill. The doctor said something about consumption. Something caused him to lose his strength and to have horrible fits of coughing. She began to play more and more solos in taverns and inns, playing to make Jacobus smile as he watched than anything else. Eventually Jacobus died; Sye mourned the loss of her mentor and closest friend. For the first time since the night when she was struck by her drunken father – she felt alone and unsure of where to go.

    Then she heard the cry one day by the town crier. “The humans and dwarves will wage war on the elves! Anybody can serve; all hands are needed to defend our land! No person too small, no ability will go unused!”

    She knew what to do. She said so-long to Lamark. She refused to say goodbye, because she vowed that if she survived the war then she would return to Lamark and tell him of her travels and the war. Before too long she found herself serving upon an airship.

    She could do most jobs, but she especially liked addressing those around her regarding the war. She could relate the historical significance of the battle as well as remind the troops of the reasons that they fought the war with the elves. She could lift their spirits and inspire them into courage through her ability to tap into the communal memory of who they were as people. She could give advice to anyone who sought an understanding about the typical tactics of elves and how they had been fought before. She was willing to do any job that her captain asked, but the job that she prized the most was being the rallying force of the troops and an advisor when needed.
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    Male Human Barbarian1/Expert1

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Size: Medium
    Type: Humanoid
    Base Speed: 40
    Space: 5 ft.
    Reach: 5 ft.

    Str: 16 (+3) [10pts]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Con: 10 (+0) [2pts]
    Int: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [6pts]
    Cha: 10 (+0) [2pts]

    HP: 15 (1d12+1d6)

    AC: 18 (10base + 2dex +4chainshirt +2 shield )

    Fortitude: +2 (2base)
    Reflex: +2 (0base + 2dex)
    Will: +2 (2base)

    Init: +2 (1dex)

    Base attack bonus: +1

    L.Sword + 6/1d8+3
    Raging L.Sword + 8/1d8+5

    Skill points: 37
    Max Skill Ranks: 5

    Feats: Adept Learner, W.Focus: Longsword


    MW L.Sword (320)
    MW Chain Shirt (250)
    MW Lg Stl Shield (170)

    160 gp

    Class Features:
    Fast Move(+10 ft)
    Rage(+4str, +4con, -2AC, +2will saves vs ench.) 1/day. Lasts 6 rounds


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    Male Human Rogue 3/Swashbuckler 1

    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Size: Medium
    Type: Humanoid(Human)
    Base Speed: 30ft
    Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft, 10ft with spiked chain

    STR 12 (4 points)
    DEX 15 (6 points+1levels)
    CON 12 (4 points)
    INT 14 (6 points)
    WIS 14 (6 points)
    CHA 10 (2 points)

    HP: 21 (5d6+3d10+4)

    AC: 15 (10 base +2 Dex +3 Armor)

    Fortitude +4 (+3 Base +1 Con)
    Reflex +4 (+3 Base+1 Dex)
    Will +3 (+1 Base+2 Wis)

    Init: +2

    Base Attack: +3
    Melee: +4 or +5
    Ranged: +5

    MW Spiked Chain +6 2d4+1 x2 Crit 10ft Reach
    Dagger +5 1d4+1 19-20/x2 Crit 10ft Range Increment
    Hand Crossbow +5 1d4 19-20/x2 30ft Increment
    Shortbow +5 1d6 x3 Crit 60ft Range Increment

    73 Points Max Ranks 7

    Bluff +6 (6 ranks)
    Climb +4 (3 ranks + 1 Str)
    Craft(Poisonmaking) +8 (6 ranks + 2 Int)
    Disable Device +8 (6 ranks + 2 Int)
    Heal +4 (2 ranks + 2 Wis)
    Hide +8 (6 ranks + 2 Dex)
    Knowledge(Engineering) +5 (3 ranks + 2 Int)
    Knowledge(History) +5 (3 ranks + 2 Int)
    Knowledge(Religion) +5 (3 ranks + 2 Int)
    Move Silently +8 (6 ranks + 2 Dex)
    Open Lock +5 (3 ranks + 2 Int)
    Profession(Shipwright) +6 (4 ranks + 2 Wis)
    Search +8 (6 ranks + 2 Int)
    Spot +6 (4 ranks + 2 Wis)
    Tumble +8 (6 ranks + 2 Dex)
    Use Magic Device +6 (6 ranks)

    Able Learner
    Weapon Finesse (Swashbuckler Bonus)
    Combat Expertise (Human Bonus)
    Combat Reflexes


    MW Spiked Chain
    x5 Daggers
    Hand Crossbow
    -10 Bolts
    -20 Arrows
    MW Studded Leather Armor

    Handy Haversack
    Hand of the Mage
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 Charges)
    Drow Poison, 4 doses (Injury DC 13, Initial Damage Unconscious, Secondary Damage Unconsciousness for 2d4 hours)
    Oil of Taggit, 2 doses (Ingested DC 15, No Intial Damage, Secondary Damage Unconsciousness)
    Potions, Cure Light Wounds, 4 doses

    Bedroll, Winter Blanket, 20 Candles, 5 Pieces of Chalk, Crowbar, 10 Flasks, Flint and Steel, Grappling Hook, Small Steel Mirror, Belt Pouch, 10 Days Rations, 50ft Silk Rope, Signal Whistle, Spade, 4 Torches, 2 Waterskins, Sunrod, Thieves Tools, Artisan's Outfit, Traveller's Outfit, Military Uniform, Cleric's Vestments, Silver (un)Holy Symbol

    32pp 9gp 5sp 2cp

    Class Abilities:
    Sneak Attack +2d6
    Trapsense +1
    Weapon Finesse(Bonus Feat)

    Physical Description:
    Looking no older than twenty four and standing a little over 6'1" Vaeris strikes an imposing figure in his black cloak and studded leather armor, although he has been leaning toward chain shirts recently. He is well toned and, upon the unlikely event he is seen without a shirt, could be described as "cut". He weighs about one hundred sixty pounds and tries to maintain a light gear load. His hair is black peppered with grey on the temples, a leftover from his previous appearance in his fifties despite magical rejuvenation. His face and somewhat angular in appearance but not overly so. His eyes, a stone grey shade, seem to be those of a man far older than he appears outwardly. His main distinguishing feature is a large scar over his jugular, incompletely healed from his fight with Rimris even after magical aid.

    From the journal of Tarthiel, Speaker of the Dead, as related by the Vampire and Diviner Rimris:

    "It was on the eve of the full moon, my great ritual was nearly complete. Long had I desired to raise an army of those like me. That was when my scouts reported the presence of the hunters encroaching upon my territory. It was not the first time I had church inquisitors come to hunt me down but these were different somehow. With my ritual's components gathered and ready I felt I had time to scry upon these interlopers and learn their secrets. When I attempted to center my eyes upon on them I met a powerful magical barrier, uninvited diviners were apparently not allowed to look upon these mortals. Unperturbed I scryed upon my nearby minions, still I could not see the interlopers. I ordered several mortals to steal items from them and bring me them in order to use more powerful auguries upon them. When my minions brought back several coins with the story that they had been given to them freely by the man in black I was astonished. I quickly ordered the sentries set to double and began studying the items.

    "Instead of the visions I sought I conjured phantoms of many dead creatures such as myself. Apparently the man in black had a sick sense of humor. I delved further into the mysteries of the coins and saw the man as a child, he played as any human child would and seemed to get along well with the other whelps. I flashed to his apprenticeship in a port city, a skilled worker, he rarely had his master correct him as he worked the planks steadily into ships. His beginnings as a craftsman went well and I saw him grow rich on his work as a shipwright. He worked diligently still and his business grew.

    "Then I saw it, agents of a church with which I am still unfamiliar with training their star pupil. Clearly he had had this training before, how did I miss this? He had guided my visions somehow, no doubt with the help of his mage friend. He was no cleric though, he was an assassin of utmost skill and a quick lip. I learned all I could of his fighting style with that damnable chain. Now I regret that but then it seemed the inteligent course of action.

    "The next morning while I slept he began his attack, later when I awoke only half of all my minions still lived. Apparently the man in black, who later that night I came to know as Vaeris, had killed many of them while they yet slept. Those who were awake for the attack were put to the sword by a beast of a man and a halfling wizard. They had managed to bring down the beast at the cost of many lives and the wizard had been slain by my spawn but Vaeris and a cleric yet lived and still skulked in my castle.

    "I made for the room of the ritual and began, if the interlopers were still in this area when the ritual was complete then they would join me as vampires. When the ritual was nearly complete I heard the screams of my guards and the blast of magic as the cleric tore through them. I continued my chanting bent over the alter but I did not have much of that before I felt the sting of magical silver in my back. The man had waited in the room of the ritual and I had not detected him warded though I was. I spun quickly catching him in the ribs with my fist. He had not expected me to be so old and powerful apparently. I felt his life energy flow into me and I made for his throat with my fangs in order to end the fight then and there but I failed to get a good hold. Precious blood spilled from his jugular onto the floor. I summoned several of the shades of those I had slain before and they set into him sapping his speed and strength. I returned to the ritual hoping the brief intermission would not interupt it now, not in this crucial stage. The sounds of the battle outside drew closer and the fight behind me sounded ferocious indeed. Then within minutes of the end of the ritual the sounds of the battle behind me ended. I let out a sigh of relief and continued.

    "Unfortunately the man must of been stronger than he looked because I felt the chain tighten around my ankle and drag me away from the altar. I fought back immeadiatly and Vaeris and I became locked in mortal combat. I attempted to bring more minions to my side but as they arrived the cleric engaged them having finally burst through our defenses. I managed to free myself of Vaeris's grasp and ran toward the battle weary cleric, catching her in my grasp I held her as hostage between me and the weakened man in black. I threated her life should he approach and backed toward the shuttered window. He merely smiled and once more brought his chain to bear. I was shocked by his callousness toward the life of his comrade and nearly feinted when he took her head off with the chain. I dropped the corpse from my arms as he rushed me. The impact from him, even in his weakened state, sent us both tumbling out the window and down to the rocks below. The sun engulf me in its morning rays before I hit and for sometime I assumed he had died as well.

    "Later I would learn from other spirits that he had survived, although badly weakened, and had sold much of his gear in order to restore himself to health and the youth I had divined before the fight. Last I heard was from a recently deceased mind flayer was he had once again commenced his training and had become deadly once more."

    Status reports from the official dossier of Vaeris, templar to his holiness:
    "...the boy is growing strong in his work on those ships and the training with the chains is proceeding at an accelerated rate. This one shows much promise, he wholeheartedly commits himself to us, his sense of honor is as strong as any of his trainers and he is as cold-blooded as any of our priests. This morning while I oversaw his training in the holy grove I had to briefly return to the temple in order to heal one of our faithful injured in battle. During the time I was gone acolyte Tirden was killed by Vaeris as they sparred, by the time I returned Vaeris had nearly concluded the death rights and was ready to continue his training against a more experienced opponent. The boy almost scares me."
    ~High Templar Crozi

    "...upon return to the clearing Vaeris and I had set up camp we discovered our comrades bodies. While I inspected the injuries Vaeris kept watch. I determined quickly that the acolytes had been slain by elvish arrows, these pointy ears continue to get my temper to flare. Due to my skills at following tracks I led the chase while Vaeris guarded from several yards back. The tracks steadily began to converge with our own from the morning patrol. A few hundred yards from where we turned back to camp earlier we spied the elven village. Waiting until nightfall we crept into the village, while I warded myself with spells Vaeris went about killing the guards. When several of the best defenders of the tree top settlement were dispatched I called upon the burning power of his holiness and sent the central tree ablaze. With the many panicing elves running about the defenders had a hard time distinguishing friend and foe. Vaeris cut down several more warriors while I quickly suppressed the elves limited magical support. After the fight we allowed the children to fend for themselves and forcefully ejected them from the village after telling them to flap. The women's lamentations nearly drove me insane but Vaeris chained several of them. After two days travel several were dead but upon return to the temple thirteen were auctioned off to local nobles. The remaining two were kept by Vaeris and myself as trophies of the hunt. Those fool elves, we had intended only a few elk but instead managed to bring down two hundred "immortals"..."
    ~High Priest and Master Tracker Vorsic of the Irontooth Orcs

    "...after my interview with Templar Vaeris (promoted upon my orders) I have determined the following to be true:
    One: Vaeris, while an effective scout and infiltrator, is not at his best in these roles.
    Two: The changing of his name in all records past and present is required considering his new title as "follower of the roads".
    Three: His skills at eliminating lone opponents, even powerful ones, at beyond even mine. While his skill at destroying a crowd is not impressive his tactic of using one brutally mauled corpse as a sign to the mob that he will do the same to them has dispersed several riots and even forced a hobgolin detachment's surrender. He should be placed in our Black Guard.
    Four: Upon his likely assignment to the Black Guard he should be given command of elimination and assassination missions. He's too good to waste under an incompetant commander and shows good command potential himself.
    My recomendation of his new post should be taken extremely seriously..."

    ~attributed to Veril, follower of the road of the moon.
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    Check my latest post on the Recruiting Thread for updates, as we are starting soon!

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