The Great Bazaar
The marketplace of Sigil, the City of Doors, center of the planes, is a maze of tent stalls and shops that sells anything and everything to those from a thousand worlds. More information on the setting can be seen here:

Please remember that the Great Bazaar, like the other forums named for the room settings, are for in-character posts only. OOC messages directed to a player or a group may be written in the "ISRP General Chit Chat" forum.

You can put occasional minor OOC comments into posts by using doubled parentheses "((like this))" but too many OOC messages written onto IC threads quickly become OOC discussions and disruptions that distract from the game itself and are not permitted.

If you must reach a player OOC and choose not to use or are unable to use PMs or email, please remember to use the OOC board.

- Magi Trelian, with great help in the phrasing of this from Magi_Pounamu's previous rulings