Vendors in the Great Bazaar
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    Vendors in the Great Bazaar

    Now every large market area needs a guide, right? and here's the chant on the best merchants around, who'll fix you up right.

    ((Anyone is welcome to post an in-character description of their merchants and shops of any sort. Please try to include name, store name, description of wares and prices, description of shop or stall. Performers and entertainers are also welcome to post where they might be found, what type of entertainment, suggested contributions. All posts must adhere to the CoC. Please limit OOC information and/or use a weblink if you need to add more info.))

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    Vendor: Jeajea Veanson (Jay-jay Vay-en-sun)

    Stall: The Adventurer's Purse Rest Stop

    Description of wares and shop: An area has been cleared. There is little in the area aside from a stout-looking table and a chair. On the table is a plate with some food and a stack of empty plates. The plate with food is in front of a slightly elderly looking human man, who has a cheery smile from his spot on the chair. To the side of his plate is a bundle of papers, tied up with string. There is a quill beside the bundle.

    Over the table is a small banner, clean and cheery, reading "The Adventurer's Purse Rest Stop (affiliated with The Adventurer's Purse Inn in Greyhawk). Stay a night in our luxurious and affordable rooms, magically protected!". A sign attached to the table warns strictly against checking out late.

    Prices: Altered Rope Trick 50gp (lasts 10 hours), assorted food and drink wares 1cp-3gp.

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    Block Jaerc

    Vendor: Jaerc Morningstar

    Stall: Magical Identification and Rumours from the Prime's

    Description of wares and shop: A table with a colorful blanket levitating above it stands in this area. Hanging from the table is a magically lit sign proclaiming..."Want to know if your item is magic? What it does? Even it's entire history? You've come to the right place. Need the scoop on Iuz's doings in Keoland last week? Want to know the price of barley in Neverwinter? Need a calander for Krynn's moons for the next century or two? You've come to the right place."

    Sitting behind the table is a golem carved of ebony and ivory, shaped like an elf. When presented with questions it immediatly effects a sending to the proprieter who gets to work immediatly. Runes carved into the golem's chest proclaim just that.

    Prices: Dependant entirely on question. For most magical identificalion between 10 and 50 gp

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    Vendor: Dregnar

    Stall: Grandpa's Mask Emporium

    Description of Wares and Shop: Amongst the other stores of the Sigil Bazaar, one catches your eyes. A simple shop, not to big, no more than than twenty feet by twenty feet. You look in the old display windows, are greeted by hundreds of masks, some grinning rouges, others bizarre creatures beyond the imagination. You look up at the hand-painted, wooden sign. 'Grandpas Mask Emporium'. Inside the shopkeeper, a young man with pale skin and black hair, wearing a simple carpenters garb and apron, greets you with a winning smile, and a warm 'hello'. You look behind him, wondering if this place carries any other ware, only to find more of the same. Wooden racks and wall-hooks are covered in the bizarre masks.'

    Prices: 1-5 copper for an unextraordinary mask, 10-15 silver for a masterwork or particularily large mask, and from 100gp+ for magical masks.

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    Legacy of Literature

    :At the end of a certain section of tents, just beyond the dining section of the Bazaar, sits a thin silver tent which rises no higher than that of an ogre, with a pointed top that slightly droops over itself, pointing towards a small sign which has been embroidered upon the front, which often changes to the common script of any being who reads it (by some magic or other means). The sign, located just above the entrance to the tent itself, reads "Legacy of Literature"

    ::Upon entering, the actual size of the tent seems to change dramatically, holding shelves upon shelves of leather-bound books, tomes, scrolls, parchments, and the like, to which these groups extend towards a circular ceiling of marble. Through the labyrinth of bookcases and short cabinents (holding information to locate certain kinds of books), a customer is permitted to wander amongst the shelves, which have been catagorized by genre, from romantic tales and poetry, straight from the finest bardic colleges, to documentations of political worth in humble regions. Older articles and the like are located in the back region of the tent, under a sort of preservation spell to keep the parchment from rotting ::

    ::Tomes which may hold magical or spiritual properties are located in a special section of the library, warded through various alteration and detection spells to prevent accidental casualty to the customer. A scholary man with large-rimmed glasses and a hunched figure ((Those with experienced eyes will notice it is no more than a construct)) will aid any being who needs it to locate a certain article in this region.::

    ::In some cases, a grim character in morbid attire may be present, willing to aid any customer that requires the search of certain pieces in general, and also would handle the economical portion of the shop. Otherwise, a second scholarly man, this time balding and a little round underneath his linen robe, will offer assistance::

    ::Prices include for any literature that is popular and coming of age of less than a century to be around 20-30 sp ((Any currency of this sort is accepted)), unless holding magical properties of some sort, to which it is generalized by historical archives for actual value. Similar value placements are given to tomes of age older than a century.::

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    Legacy of Literature (Closed)

    ::The silver tent in ruins lies now where the expected store once was::

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    Block Darkmoor_Runebane

    Vendor: Darkmoor Runebane (dark-more rune-bane)

    Two Story Shop: The Crystal Spark

    Location: 'Three Daggers Alley' along the outer edge of the Grand Bazaar that heads toward the Guildhall Ward.

    Description of wares and shop: Before you stands an imposing two story shop along the edge of one of the many alleyways that lead into and surround the Grand Bazaar. The building is constructed of a glossy midnight black volcanic stone (mined from Gehenna) offset by thin trails of a light grey mortar (with a high lead content). The architectural style of the building has a gothic motif, and several large gargoyles constructed entirely of crystal peer downward, almost as if they're watching you. The windows of this shop are a spectral mosaic of crystals of every variety and hue fused together in an interlocking honeycomb pattern.
    The sign over the doorway reads "The Crystal Spark" constructed of an etched mythral plate with crystal inlay forming the calligraphy of the sign which both glows with an indigo iridescence and radiates a mentally audible message of "Welcome to the Crystal Spark" to anyone who passes under it.
    Inside the building are many display cases, racks and statues displaying various equipment. The cases are constructed of a strange solid yet ectoplasmic material nearly as strong as a wall of force and displays all manner of arms, armor, crystals gemstones and jewelry of all shapes, sizes, hues, quality, opacity and description. Of the various statues that can be found some are huge masses of solid carved crystal that seem to stand guard as silent centurions, others are more mannequin like and are covered in a variety of either piercings or elaborately drawn tattoos.

    Every item is constructed wholly of crystal forged as strong as steel (including a variant known as deep crystal), or partially of crystal and solidified ectoplasmic sometimes called ferroplasm. Many of these items radiate a strange indigo iridescence and nearly three tenths of the weaponry also radiate a form of 'mental static' that may include battle cries, poems, prose, chiming or odd else.
    Here one can find many forms of armor and shields from buckler to tower shields, padded armor of ectoplasm to various style of crystal (or deep crystal): chain, scale, banded, splint, breast, half and full plate. Weapons, fit for ranged and melee combat that include: composite and cross-bows, clubs, axes, lances, poles arms, maces, flails, daggers, short to great swords, gauntlets, throwing stars and more.
    Other items that can be found in the the shop include strange crystal stones (powerstones), gems (cognizance crystals & third eyes), wands (dorges), staves (drilbu), headbands (psicrowns), as well as: amulets, anchors, boots, gloves, ectoshells, masks, mirrors, lenses, pearls, and torcs of varying power, description and effects.

    Prices: Varies by item, for reference consult the following:

    SRD 3.5 - Psionics:

    The Minds Eye:
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    Block Sadye

    A small ad posted along with the rest reads as follows:

    New to the Cage? A bit clueless about the wonders and horrors of Sigil? Want to make sure you don't get bobbed and peeled? Or are ya simply lookin' for the latest chant or the dark on things? Well cutter, you're in luck. For the best tout and personal guide to Sigil and its many wonders, just look for the spiral horns above the crowd, most often found in the Great Bazaar or Shiney's Cage.

    Prices range from a handful of stingers and up depending on the difficulty and duration of services acquired. All guide fees are non-refundable, but trust me cutter, it'll be the best jink you've melted since you blitzed through that gate. Make sure you tumble to the dark of Sigil before banging around the Cage on your own. You'll be glad you did.

    At the bottom of the note is an imprinted sigil of a rose vine curling around a dagger.
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    Vendor's Name: Nathan Goldheart
    Shop name: Goldheart Forge
    Wares: Various types and styles of weapons, armor, jewelry and other forge made goods. Some goods having various types of enchantments. Prices vary and add half again to double price for enchanted goods.
    Location: near the western gate, a short ways from the Cafe area
    Description: one of few perminent structures, the Goldheart Forge is a good sized square building with four windos, two to the front and two to the side, a sign hanging above the door which reads in old english text "Goldheart Forge". Inside the shop is divided in two, the front is the shop where racks of larger weapons and armor hang, and display cases of smaller weapons, armor and jewelry are shown, a work desk to the back and left corner is where the paper work and some jewelers work is done, a couple chairs to the front of the shop is where people can sit and wait. A door to the back leads tot he forge itself where only the shop keepermay enter.

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    Shop name: Aishlynn's Accessories

    Owner: Aishlynn Nightplume

    Wares: Potions, Scrolls, Rings, Neclaces, Bangals, Braclets, Tiaras, Ect.

    Special wares: custom made for each customer upon request

    Description: a small door in the side of a building leads into a rather large dome shaped room lit only by candles and filled with the smell of inscense, behind a small table sits the owner and a pseudodragon.

    Prices: Potions 25-50 silver, Scrolls 10-25 copper, Jewelery 50-100 gold, custom peices 100-1000 gold, Also items to be made into custom peices will cost only to remake or reshape the item

    items can be talor made if the proper measurements are supplied
    Location: east sigil

    Reach me:
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