Stall owner-Moghes (Mo-Jes)

Stall name-Moghes Oddity office

Stall Description-This stall serves a weird purpose it is a task office for full time and part time bounty hunters and adventurers. on a massive signboard in the center of the stall are lists of various bounties. some of the bounties are really out there and others might make some read twice.
the stall itself is only a ten by ten cube but there is a door in the floor that leads to the internal store where a keyed portal and labratory rest. customers can request golems or dolls as well as other similarly fashioned constructs to be well constructed here.

Note-(there will be a seperate post for any bounties.)

Current stock- Wooden dragon doll 200 silver peices, stone defender doll 400 silver peices, Terror doll (fashioned to look like a dead body) 50 silver peices.
two-tone golem (iron and stone) 500 golden peices, Lesser beholder golem (no magical eyes but it floats) 600 golden peices.