The Sky Breathes All Life - IC
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    The Sky Breathes All Life - IC

    Alright, were going to use Invisible Castle to make your rolls, and I generally like a narrative approach to describing what your characters do and how they act (as per this game for an example), but if you would prefer to do it more traditionally, heres some rules that I like using for posting:

    Actions in *asterisk*
    Thoughts in italics
    Text in color unique to each character and in quotes
    Spoilers for rolls, linking the Invisible Castle page within. Also use spoilers for OOC stuff and secret information

    Regardless of which way you want to express your character, try to use color and quotes for text, and spoilers for rolls and OOC anyway.

    The Sky Breathes All Life


    The large nations of Constancy ruled by King Gregory Constantine, The Perfect Carving ruled by Head Cleric Kurak of Moradin, and Neila ruled by Highmage Dable Lakefront lived in relative peace. After repelling multiple significant incursions of all manner of creatures over their century-long histories with each other, the leaders of each had come to learn that the only way to exist was to co-exist. This was especially evident after a massive incursion of Orcs allied with Lizardmen to the north that threatened to wipe out every other nation 500 years ago.
    Open trade had been in effect for more than a hundred years, and everyone was so prosperous that it often seemed to the common man that there was no distinction between the three great countries aside from climate and often publicly voiced disputes over mere acres of land. War was unheard of, though small skirmishes in border towns were barely more common. Though on the surface things seemed as though nothing could go wrong, matters were not nearly as simple underneath.

    Political Tension

    The leading Dwarves of The Perfect Carving had a bit of religious zealotry among their ranks, and often went to the extreme with sending missionaries and religious diplomats into the other nations. Though they worshipped the God of Dwarves, they saw no reason why he wouldn't want more followers regardless of race, and openly accepted anyone into their organization of worshippers, though only Dwarves could become clerics, save a few very rare exceptions. This not only annoyed the Elves of Neila, but often times angered them, which resulted in an exile of multiple groups of religious Dwarves from the woodlands throughout the years. This was seen as a bit extreme by the Dwarves, and as such, religious peace between the two nations was not common.
    The situation was never helped by the Elves perceived - and often expressed - superiority over the other races and countries. Trade was controlled more strictly in Neila than in any other nation, as they wanted to ensure racial inequality in favor of themselves and control market prices in favor of their natively produced goods. This overall attitude generally spilled over into every aspect of the Elves relations with the other races and nations, including the races that lived within Neila. In addition, the first appearance of Half-Orcs came about just after the major Orcish incursion into Human lands 500 years ago, which the Elves immediately despised. They saw the half-blooded to be an aberration, a dangerous threat and overall unnatural entity to be kept from Elven lands, and as such, there are no Half-Elves in existence. Needless-to-say, the Elves had better relations with the Humans than with the Dwarves, due mainly in part to the greater size of the Human lands compared to the Dwarven lands (referring to necessity in trade), and to the general religious neutrality the Humans exhibited.
    The Humans and Dwarves were not as friendly towards each other, however, due to the war held between the two in centuries past. All of the conflict was over land and a particular town called Hardfought, and the Human nation eventually emerged as the victor, claiming all the land in dispute, including Hardfought. The Dwarves and Humans have been at odds ever since, and only over the past few decades have things eased up a bit.

    The Leading

    In recent years, the Dwarves of the Perfect Carving had begun to develop technology that would eventually lead to the construction of airships. Once the Elves of Neila caught wind of this, they conscripted the best Gnomish engineers in the country to develop the same technology. Due to the gap in power between the Dwarves and Elves, the Elves caught up to the Dwarves technology relatively quickly, and both were approaching the actual production of the airships. During this time, the Humans became increasingly irritated at the tyrannical control the Elves exercised over the trade market going into and out of Neila, and skirmishes started to erupt in the borderlands between Constancy and the Elven lands, which continued for a few years.
    After constant negotiations, the Elves grew too tired of arguing and attacked the Human lands with their newly built airships referred to as the Double A's, or Augmented Automatons. Charged and sailed by magic with mechanical support, these flying ships could cover great distances much faster than any other vessel and were outfitted with enough firepower (consisting of cannons that fired Thunderstones, among other things) to support large-scale conflicts. After completely decimating the Human cities of Milys and Sharniq, the forces of King Constantine struck back, and the first battle of the war was fought at a small Gnomish fringe settlement called the Green Gaggle. This is where it all began, an instance referred to as The Leading.
    The Gnome Malexander was a scientific and magical leader of the community of the Green Gaggle. One night, he awoke with a start from an alien dream of Half-Orcs and other odd half-beings. Everyone seemed to notice a change in Malexander as he constantly pondered this dream in the following weeks. Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him, and some say, insanity did, too.
    He set out with his apprentices to capture a Human boy named Ecord and an Elven girl named Skryala as he slowly slipped farther from society. Over the following months through magic, coercion, and manipulation, Malexander warped the children to his own particular needs, eventually leading to the conception of a female child between the two, all unbeknownst to the other leaders of the Green. A mere week after the girl was born, the border dispute between the Elves and Humans erupted in its first battle, which was held within and around the Gnomish community.
    As the battle ensued, the Elves discovered Malexander's hideout beneath his home - containing Malex, his apprentices, Ecord, Skryala, and their Half-Elven offspring. At the same time, Human soldiers burst into the house, and in the ensuing chaos Malexander escaped, as did Ecord and Skryala, now in love with each other. All of Malex's apprentices were killed, and the Half-Elf was captured by the Elven forces, even though the Humans ended up winning the battle and keeping control over the Green Gaggle. Malexander, Ecord, and Skryala have not been seen since.

    The Sky Erupts

    The land was fraught with turmoil. The Elves of Neila went ballistic with the discovery of the Half-Elf, claiming that the Humans were responsible for this abomination, as none of their kind would ever do such a thing. The Humans denied the Elves accusations, citing negligence on the part of the Elves, and saying that it wasn't as bad as the Elves were making it out to be while pointing out a rogue Gnome as the individual culprit. The following year consisted of much conflict and a very tense cease-fire, as both sides argued and debated over many things, including the fate of the Half-Elf child.
    It wasn't long until the Elves had whipped themselves into a frenzy, which is when they first struck. After a week of constant defeats at the hands of the Elven Double A's, the Humans called out for help from their Dwarven neighbors. Seeing this as a good opportunity to test their mettle and technology and as a way to expand into Human lands to hopefully gain a political foothold, Head Cleric Kurak accepted the alliance, along with a tribute of land. Suddenly, the Humans had airships of their own, and the tide started to turn against Neila. Care for the Half-Elf's well being was forgotten and she was thought to be dead or otherwise imprisoned, though no one knew for sure.

    Now you sit on the morning of the eve of the largest airship campaign ever launched. Spending the last 3 days in a tent city surrounding the staging area, you are among your fellow shipmates, each preparing his or her things for the morning flight. Youve had plenty of time to meet most of the people that you will each be working with, and in some cases, that includes each other. There are mobile shops of every kind among the grounds, providing for almost any service you could need, though luxuries are inherently absent, save the ale, which is in plentiful supply thanks to the Dwarves. The past 2 nights, your leadership has kept things relatively quiet, but today they have decided to loosen their grip a bit, as tomorrow the fighting will begin. You have one day and one night before takeoff.

    [See spoilers for additional information regarding individual characters.]
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    Let's get started!

    Shayuri - Lily Foster:
    Not much to say here, you said it well enough yourself! You've been in the military for about a year and have gained minor rank while serving. You're currently assigned to a special combat unit focusing on support. As far as the other characters go, Alister Delbraeth commands your unit from 4 steps up from your supervisor, so you know who he is but have never met him. You also know Jonathan Vars personally, as he has been involved with keeping up on the maintenance of the rest of your unit's equipment, and occasionally, your own, though your relationship has been very business-like. You've also had recent personal dealings with Duncan Freehold, a shipwright, who seems to know more about certain things than he should. You generally associate with other members of your unit.

    AmorFati - Poleil:
    You have been hired on by the ship's captain, Lucius Delbraeth, to protect his son, Alister. Alister is not aware of your assignment, and he is not to know. Unbeknownst to the captain however, you are also there to ensure that the best front-line soldier on the ship, Jargis the Block, does not survive the trip. You somewhat know Sye Dillinger, a local entertainer and military advisor, as she performs in the common areas that you frequent in order to keep up your guise as a harlot.

    Eluvan - Alister Delbraeth:
    Simple enough, you are in command of quite a few units and organizations on the ship, including a special combat unit focusing on support (though you're more than a few ranks up from that unit). Your father relies on you to make important decisions concerning the day-to-day operations of the ship's maintenance as well. Concerning the other characters, you personally know Jonathan Vars, the ship's master craftsman and maintenance supervisor, who also crafted your rapier personally. You also know Sye Dillinger, as she is one of your advisors concerning the lower ranks of the enlisted forces and she knows much about Elven fighting tactics. You generally associate with your father's friends and upper ranking officers.

    Nonlethal Force - Sye Dillinger:
    You are an advisor to Alister Delbraeth concerning the lower ranks on the ship and Elven fighting tactics. Also, you are familiar with a woman named Poleil, a relatively popular harlot who frequents the common areas that you entertain in your off-time. You are well known on the ship and are friend to many.

    Jemal - Jonathan Vars:
    You are the supervisor of all military Civil Engineering jobs and general maintenance of the ship to which you are assigned. You personally know Alister Delbraeth and his father and ship's captain, Lucius Delbraeth, and you personally crafted Alister's rapier. You're also somewhat familiar with Lily Foster, a member of the Special Support Combat Unit.

    Lord Wyrm - Duncan Freehold (Vaeris):
    Under the alias Duncan Freehold, you are assigned to a particularly nondescript division of shipwrights, answering ultimately to the ship's maintenance supervisor, Jonathan Vars. You are also there in supervision of the woman Poleil as she attempts to protect the captain's son, Alister Delbraeth, and as she attempts to rid the ship of its finest front-line soldier, Jargis the Block. She does not know who you are, or that you're there to watch her. While serving, you've noticed the talents of a young warlock named Lily Foster assigned to the Special Support Combat Unit, and have made contact with her to hopefully bring her in contact with the organizations you frequent (if you so choose).

    If you have a specific objective, it doesn't actually start until you're physically on board the ship. In the days prior to boarding, most of you have only your daily duties to tend to, which end in the evening, giving you time to peruse your surroundings for anything you might need, and to make any other relations you might want to make.

    You each awaken in your tent or your unit's tent, as the previous night's escapades brought each of you back home, alone or with friends.
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    Didn't know exactly where Sye was beginning, so I assumed that she would be found in a gathering place of the troops - perhaps with their leaders or perhaps not. One of those off-duty times you spoke of earlier. If this is not a suitable place to begin, please tell me and I'll correct. Also, I am claiming the color OLIVE for Sye if that is acceptable.

    Sye sits, tuning her fiddle for a small amount of time. As she narrows in on the instrument being tuned, she picks up the tempo of her playing. Soothingly the bow slices through the air over the strings. As she runs up and down the scales to test the tuning, she runs through a familiar tuning song with the lyrics appropriately changed to meet the current situation.

    "When we fly through the air, a hunting we will go!
    Let's not have any despair, for a hunting we will go!
    We shall go get us some elves, for the battle has begun!
    For now there's blood to be shed, for the battle has ........... begun!"

    She holds the tune one the second to last word in the line, 'has,' only to finish of the stanza with two quick strokes of the bow against the string as she sings the last two syllables of the last line. She turns to those around her and lifts her bow adding, "Here here! Come now, lads and lasses. Pick up those sorry faces! Lift your chins up. Nothing quite so nice as rising up to the challenge of the morning, or at least that's what Jacobus used to say to me as we toured the land looking for inns to play in. Who's up to the task at hand, let me hear your cheer!"

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    Claiming royal blue for Vaeris

    Duncan sprang awake with a start. This was the third week in a row that the nightmare had persisted, he looked out the flap in his tent. The cool morning air clung to his skin like velvet. Duncan splashed some water on his face and got dressed in his artisan's clothing. He took care to conceal the scar on his neck, scars like that provoked questions and questions led to death. He stepped outside his tent and moved purposefully to the airship. Waving at the guard sat near his workstation he set about tiding the place while the images of his dream played through his head once more.

    The images of the vampire were hard to shake, but the ones of the priestess Cailin were far more imbedded. He had accomplished his mission but at what cost. When he had returned to the temple broken and bruised the clerics took him in and nursed him to health, however in order to restore him they took many of the magic items he had plundered from the enemies of the church. Cailin would never have done that, she loved him enough that she accepted the death he dealt her. The nightmares would persist still from that great sin. It did not help that his new target superficially resembled Cailin.

    Finishing cleaning his work area it occured to Duncan he had not yet eaten. He moved to one of the mesh tents and sat down to a quiet meal.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    In a tent still only dimly lit through the seams of heavy canvas, Lily opened her eyes and took a deep breath. Four others shared the tent, but all of them were still asleep. Even so, Lily grabbed her clothes off a nearby chair where she'd left them the previous night; folded and ready to wear, and took them under her covers so she could dress. It wasn't that she thought she was bad-looking. But she hated leaving her pale, milky-white skin exposed. Especially where others might see it.

    Finally dressed in all but armor, Lily stalked into the gathering daylight to see about some breakfast. The smell coming from the mess tents was wood fire and roasting grease and hot cider...her stomach growled just getting near it. On pushing the flap aside, she noted that there weren't all that many people here this early. On the other hand, there were more than usual. The coming battle hung over the camp like a pall...disturbing not just her sleep, it seemed.

    Lily made her way to one of the servers and asked for a slice of the roasted ham, with cheese if there was any, and a soup bowl along with a mug of the cider. With her spoils, she made her way to a table that a few others were at, took a seat, and started eating. Her mind wandered back to her dreams as she ate, turning her expression unconciously pensive.

    (tag, anyone in the mess tent )

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    You see the young warlock that you've been watching closely walk into the mess tent in which you're eating. She gets some food and has a seat, alone, a few tables away from you.

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    Block Eluvan

    Alister awakens early, as usual, and spends a considerable amount of time preparing for the day ahead - washing, dressing, polishing everything that could be polished, and combing his hair until every aspect of his appearance is immaculate. It is a routine to him, since his father has always insisted on him being perfectly groomed. As he does so his mind is filled with no real excitement or anticipation of the day ahead. He will have considerable responsibility in the running of the airship that he'll soon be boarding, but the idea isn't exactly thrilling to him. Just another of his father's tests, to all intents and purposes. It hardly even occurs to him that if he fails this test lives may be lost. He's used to thinking about things coldly and tactically. As he goes about his morning routine his face is set and dispassionate, and it doesn't change as he completes his preparations and steps out of his tent, setting off briskly to the officer's mess tent.

    He doesn't really take in his surroundings - the early morning sunlight starting to warm the night's chill air, the slight breeze that blows across the waking encampment, the smells of smoke and cooking coming from his destination. He is aware of all of them, but he does not really notice or savour the sensations. He steps into the tent and makes his way to the seat next to his father that is always reserved for them. He sits down with a formal "Good morning commander", delivered without any glance at his father.
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    OOC: After the morning routine, you can each just give me a basic description of what you want to accomplish for the day, if anything, including that night. I will assume your basic chores and duties are taken care of throughout the day, and we can move on afterwards.


    "Well sir, good morning to you, too. I assume your night went well last night?..."

    Your father trails off as two other ranking officers enter the tent, standing to greet them formally. No one else in the tent pays you any mind. After your father sits back down, he engages in conversation with the others at the table, occasionally pausing to sneak a look at you, expecting you to engage in the conversation as well, even though none of the other officers ever make an attempt to engage you themselves. the rest of the meal is uneventful, and you are aware of your duties for the day, none being specified by your father.

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    Duncan stands from where he sits in the mess tent. Proceeding with the fluid grace of someone who has done a job for a very long time he gathers his food and moves to sit with the young warlock girl.

    "Anxious about the upcoming battle? The test of your mettle is not far off." Duncan spoke without an hint of emotion. More like a sage consulting a grimore or witness to an event than a soldier talking to another. "Or would fear better describe your state of mind? I am curious."

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    Sye finishes the work of trying to lift the spirits of the troops that she has already begun. Once accomplished, she reports to the commanders on the status of the morale of the trrops and then inquires about the movements of the elven armies - specificaly the aerial teams. She sticks around the commanders until evening when she heads back into the tavern/soldiers mess (whichever is used) and proceeds to entertain the troops some more.

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