Hey all...I've been collecting and reading D&D stuff for the past year or so now...I have a sizable collection (PHB, DMG, MM, OE, CC1, CC2, T&T, R&R, S&S, S&F, T&B, DotF, HBG, E&A, Dragon 274, 282-292, Dungeon 87 & 88, the first 3 Freeport adventures, and Sunless Citadel plus Grimtooth's Traps Too, Lite, and Dungeon of Doom just for fun) that I've been reading, re-reading, etc off and on. ANYWAY, I'd really like to PLAY sometime soon. Yeah, that's right, I've never really played D&D, and neither has anyone in my crew. We're all 24-25 olds, pretty intelligent, active imaginations, video and board-game players, who all love the sci-fi/fantasy stuff...we've just never really played D&D. We've read the novels, played the PC games, etc...but never really did the pnp thing. Now I wanna take the plunge so to speak.

That said, how should I do so? I've convinced my crew to all get PHBs...so that's taken care of. I guess I"m gonna DM...that's fine with me. I've always taken a sort of "leadership" role anyway. But how should we go about char generation, choosing a setting, picking a first adventure, etc? Should we try Death in Freeport or the Sunless Citadel (I know the adventures are of different themes...one more Lovecraftian mystery, the other dungeon-crawlish...but which would you suggest for a firsttime group of players/DM)? Or perhaps give the boxed Adventure game a shot? Any other tips/tricks/suggestions?

I'm hoping to play this weekend...maybe next...we'll see...

Help me out, y'all!!