Loex'edar: The Dragonwars
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    Loex'edar: The Dragonwars

    A world wrecked by war and destruction. Fire, brimstone and ash; forests,
    rivers, jungles, swamps... No more. Death and destruction rules this world.

    The war bewteen the good and the evil dragons had raged for aeons withot
    resolve. When one victory was achieved on one side, the other side achieved
    victory somewhere else. It was a stalemate, for sure. Then the DragonShards
    was discovered. There were ten of them, all together. One for each of the
    ten Dragons of Power; Aasterinian the Messenger, Astilabor the
    Hoardmistress, Bahamuth the Lord of the North Wind, Chronepsis the Silent
    Watcher, Falazure the Night Dragon, Garyx the Cleanser-of-Worlds, Hlal the
    Keeper of Tales, Lendys the Weigher of Justice, Tamara the Beneficence and
    Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon. Each of these Shards gave the holder great
    power. There was also rumours about an eleventh Shard, The Shard of Io the
    Great Eternal Wheel.

    Unfortunately the Evil dragons got a hold of most of the Shards, and as such
    began the downfall of all that was good. Corruption started to seep through
    the lesser dragons, and more and more of the dragonkin joined the evil in
    their cause of destruction. In a span of hundred of years the Good dragons
    were all but obliterated, and all the lesser races were either enslaved by
    the evil dragons or completely wiped out. Now the good dragons fight a
    futile struggle against the evil dragons and their hosts of followers. The
    odds are getting darker and darker, and the Dragons of Power seems to stay
    out of the struggle alltogether. Then a slight ray of hope emerges from the
    darkness. A never before seen wyrm calling herself Cyrem contacts the Good
    dragons, claiming to know how to get a hold of the DragonShards. Showing her
    words to be truth, she delivers to the forces of good two of the
    DragonShards, the shard of Astilabor and the Shard of Garyx. And so the hunt
    is on. The rest of the Shards will be recovered, whatever the price. The
    salvation lies in holding all the shards. Or so Cyrem says. There is more to
    Cyrem than is first apparent, but she keeps her secrets to herself - for

    The council of The Elders lasted for days. Where dragons are concerned, that
    is nothing new though.

    Cyrem appeared in Okarthel'Kear out of nowhere a few weeks ago, carrying two
    items of remarkable origins. One was a twelve-faceted gem in the purest
    violet imaginable, flawless in every meaning of the word; perfection
    incarnate. The other was a transculent sphere filled with what appears to be
    liquid fire. If peering closely into the fire, one could make out a dark,
    menacing reptilian eye looking back at you. Cyrem claimed these were two of
    the fabled DragonShards of legends. Of course, the Elders did not believe
    her at first. A plot like this had been expected for quite a while, but
    decided to examine the so-called DragonShards. Days went by without any
    words from the Elders, without so much as a hint wether Cyrems claims were
    true or not. On the eve of the fifth day the council emerged from the Hall
    of the Five, bearing grave tidings. An army led by one of the most feared
    Shadowdragons, a dragon known only as The Darkness, was slowly but surely
    approaching Aurix'Ner. Aurix'Ner is one of the eleven remaining strongholds
    of the Good Dragons, and also where most of writings of ages past were kept.
    There was no time to loose and the Elders and most of the other able-bodied
    dragons left for Aurix'Ner in hopes of protecting it against the coming
    onslaught of The Darkness. Left behind were five of the Elders, one
    representing each of the five major Good Dragonflight and a small garrison
    dedicated to keep Okarthel'Kear safe. Having no other choice than to trust
    Cyrem, the five remaining Elders again secluded themselves from the rest of
    their kin, debating what to do about the matter. This time they were only
    gone for three days. When they emerged they carried a scroll engraved with a
    list of names. The scroll was handed to Cyrem, with instructions how to use
    the magical item. The message was then sent out to those whose name was on
    the list, asking them to come to Okarthel'Kear as soon as possible. Still
    more days went past, and the ones who were called to started to appear.
    Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Radiant, Battle and Faerie. They were
    all there, but their number was still increasing with each passing day. One
    by one you were introduced to Cyrem in the Chamber of Traquility. Each of
    you were then handed the magical scroll, given to you to read.

    "Good tidings to you, brave young dragons. We, the council, have decided to call upon our brightest hopes in these times of peril. We need a flight of dragons to go and find some hope for us now. The great silver bearing this scroll, one Cyrem, knows where this hope may be found. Please, follow her directions and bring us back a dragonshard. Our hopes go with you, and may Bahamut watch over you."

    Now, you have all decided to heed the call of the council. Cyrem has given you directions to a great castle in the sky, many days travel to the north and east. Instead of a grand fanfare, there was silence among the dragons watching you as you departed Okarthel'Kear. Every dragon there, no matter its age or status, bowed its head to you as you passed.

    You are no more than a half-day of flight from Okarthel'Kear when you spot, perhaps a half-mile distant, forms in the sky around a mountaintop. At almost the same moment you see them, they turn and begin flying towards you. They do not appear to be dragons, but instead seem bipedal creatures, about 11' tall, with wings. And weapons.

    The mechanics of combat in a situation like this are a little new to me, so I want to run one nice easy little scuffle before we get into a big bad to-do. Please bear with me That said, initiative time!

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    Zathros : Male Wyrmling Gold Dragon Fighter 6

    Zathros had heeded the call by the elders. He did not know what the future held, but he now had something to focus on. Like the others he saw the large creatures flying toward them and prepared for what may come.

    OOC: Initiative: 9

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    Shayuri, one of the youngest of the group; a smallish but otherwise well-formed golden wyrmling with eyes like poured quicksilver, bugled a warning cry a the sight of the strange creatures. They might not be evl dragons, but their size and might lend them some formidability. A slave or proxy race of the chromatics, perhaps.

    She growled harsh, strange words that were Draconic, yet with a cadence and grammar all their own. Her sleek yellowed form shimmered and vanished like a mirage. She then narrowed her eyes and tried to see the things more clearly as they came closer. If she could figure out their nature in time to be of tactical use, so much the better.

    Init: 8

    (Casting Invisibility on self first. Then will attempt to make Spot roll at +10 and/or Knowledge roll if needed, to ID these things. Just let me know which Knowledge specialty is needed. Arcana is +19.)
    Last edited by Shayuri; Thursday, 20th October, 2005 at 08:10 AM.

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    ooc for shayuri
    The dreatures that are approaching are rather easily recognizable as dragonkin, a bastard race that the chromatic dragons have been breeding for some time now. Dragonkin share non of your intelligence and wisdom, preferring to seek after magical baubles. You are fairly certain that you and your companions can fight them off, though it may be a bit of an annoyance to do so.

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    Versveshedar was on edge ever since he had gotten here, seeing so many dragons in one place was... disturbing. In his eighteen years, dragons had always been his enemies and while his mind told him that these were allies, family even, his emotions still bordered on fight or flight.

    Still they had sent him after these shards. At first he was angry, they were sending what amounted to children after what perhaps amounted to their only hope. Then he realized the elders simply did not trust Cyrem. If this proved to be false, they were sending expendable resources. It was a harsh decision, but this was a war, one which they were losing, so perhaps a necessary one.

    It did not take much imagination to see why they had asked him to come, he was older, experienced in leading and fighting dragons. The others, while they appeared quite talented, needed someone to guide them.

    When the winged humanoids appeared, he was angry at himself, he had thought they would have more time and could discuss strategy and capabilites before they had to fight.

    He peered at them, trying to figure out what exactly they were facing. Whatever they were, they see as well as a dragon and that is saying something. Worse case, they are some kind of demon.

    (OOC: Initiative: 17
    Versveshedar is also trying to figure out what they are (spot +20, KS: Arcana, Nature, Religion +13))

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    FLitterdust chuckles to himself as he sees the armed bipedals flying their way. He clears his throat a little bit.

    "They've got weapons, boys ... er ... guys ... er ... heck ... nevermind. I'll get used to flying in a flight of mixed genders soon enough. But if you'll all allow me to shake off the dust on my abilities that haven't been used for a while, I'd like to offer you a blessing as you go forth to kick some evil tail."

    Flitterdust smiles at the simplicity of the spell, but offers it anyway. "Bahamat, smile down upon these warriors and as we begin may this fight be a sign of your divine conquest upon the wrathful evil encroaching through the land." He snaps his fingers at the completion of the prayer as the divine energy extends around him. [spoiler]Casting Bless - a simple spell, but who knows, it might help.[/spoiler]

    I'd still rather you roll, but just in case here are my rolls. I rolled a Know(arc) check to identify ... but I don't know that I made it so I left it out of my post.
    Init: 32
    Know(arcana) if needed: 14

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    <Lucky that I got a chance to go on this voyage. This is going to be fun!> "Ooh, time to play. They have sticks, too." Drumaxius flies to inctercept one of the winged creatures--he'll try to rip into one pretty heftily.

    ooc: Initiative +6, Power Attacking for 5... bite attack: +25, damage 2d6+18

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    Luminous has been silent for the briefing and trip, her only action being to lower her natural radiance to a level that it wouldn't be a beacon to the evil ones.

    When the attackers are spotted, she snaps her wings back, commencing a powerful lunge that propels her toward the enemy. As her powerful wingstrokes bring her closer, she studies them to determine what they may be, even as she pinpoints one to attack.

    Coming into range, she closes with her chosen target and snaps forward, attempting to bite the smaller creature in half.


    Rolls: Init/Spot/Attack, in that order.


    Init: 11+6=17
    Spot: 19+22=41
    Attack (bite): 20+28=48 (Rolled nat 20) Roll to confirm crit: 19+28=47.

    Note: bite has a 10 foot reach.

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    Thric Martivar

    Noticing the humanoid forms Thric cuts downward.
    "Fan out, no need to lose anyone to these wretched forms!" The Silver one commanded before disappearing from view.

    Ring of Invisibility

    After vanishing Thric rises as sharply as he can to gain altitude over his enemies.

    +8 Initiative modifier

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    Versveshedar watches two of their number charge forward, the brash copper and the radiant dragon.

    "Stop! Come back!" he yells loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough for the distant humanoids to be able to determine what he is saying.

    "Let them come to us. We all fly at different speeds, charging forward is only going to seperate us. We are stronger together than apart." he says to those remaining.

    "Let them come to us, and let none of them escape. They may have answers to question, it is best if we can keep at least one of them alive."

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