Living Supers Character Submission
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    Living Supers Character Submission

    This is the official thread for character submission. To submit a character for approval, post the character in the thread, and a Living Supers Judge will review the character.

    Character Creation Guide Lines:
    Players in the Living Supers Campaign World are allowed two characters.
    The Characters are to be built with the following:
    Character 1) Power Level 10, 150 Power Points
    Character 2) Power Level 8, 120 Power Points

    Currently Allowed Materials:
    Mutants and Masterminds Second Edition
    Living Supers Approved Rules Content

    Current Rulings on specific powers:
    These powers are officially Banned Powers:
    Dimensional Movement
    Temporal Movement

    These Powers are officially Limited Powers:
    Summoning (Capped at 5 Minions; Heroic Extra Banned)
    Duplication (Capped at 5 Duplicates; Heroic Extra Banned)

    Note: Please read the uniform notes in the Approved Rules Content thread for the uniform description.

    A few notes on posting your character: the more math you show the sooner We'll review it. So, if you would be so kind as to make our lives a little easier by posting things such as how many skill points you spend on each skill, We'll get to your character faster. If you don't post your math, We'll still review it as promptly as possible, but showing your math insures a speedy response.

    Approved Characters will be kept in the approved character list which will be updated as new characters are approved. The list will note the PP that character was last approved for.

    Whenever your character advances PPs and wishes to spend them, the character should be reapproved. Please send a link in e-mail to the Character Judges so they may check it out. Please, use a sblock ( [ sblock ] without the spaces) to put all your advancement notes in a single section on the bottom of the page, which will make reapproval much easier. Awarded PPs will also be listed in the Character Tracking Thread.

    To submit a character, or get changes approved, please e-mail a link to the sheet to the character judges. Characters are welcome to enter the HQ thread, but only approved characters are allowed on Missions. A character than begins a mission before it is approved will not earn anything for participating in that mission. Approval and advancement will be handled as quickly as possible. If you have earned PP that you have not spent, you do not need to submit yourself for approval. You only need approval for spending PP.

    When Sending an e-mail, please put Living Supers in the title, so the judge will know what you are e-mailing them regarding.

    Character Judges: (E-mail all for character submissions)
    Hero4Hire- jerichodrumm at yahoo dot com

    If you have only the 1st edition, you can find the conversion guide here. Most of the information needed for the conversion is included, but the information is not complete and does not replace a book. We encourage you to procure yourself the second edition book.

    2 Preferred character forms have been uploaded. You can use those, or any other sheet, as long as we can read it and understand it.
    LSForm1 Preview
    Str: 10 +0 (XX PP)	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 0
    Dex: 10 +0 (XX PP)	AB: +0 (XX PP)	XP: 0
    Con: 10 +0 (XX PP)	Grapple: +0	HP: 0
    Int: 10 +0 (XX PP)	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 10 +0 (XX PP)	Init: +0
    Cha: 10 +0 (XX PP)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+0	+0	+0	10 (XX PP)
    Dodge:		+0	Flatfooted: 10
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		0    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+0 (XX PP)
    Ref:		0    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+0 (XX PP)
    Will:		0    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+0 (XX PP)
    Toughness:	0    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+0
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+X	DC X	Tough		Bruise
    Power			+X	DC X	Will		NA
    Movement Types:
    Feats: (XX PP)
    Skill Points: X (XX PP)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    XXX			0	+0		+0
    Power (XX PP/Rank + XX PP = XX PP)
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	xxx	xxx	xxx	xxxx	xxxx



    Abilities XX + Skills XX (XX ranks) + Feats XX + Powers XX + Combat XX + Saves XX - Disadvantages XX = XXX / XXX
    LSForm2 Preview
    Power Level:
    Power Points:
    Experience Points:
    Hero Points:

    STR XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)
    DEX XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)
    CON XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)
    INT XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)
    WIS XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)
    CHA XX(XX) +XX(+XX) (XX PP)

    TOUG +XX (XX Con + XX Feat + XX Power)
    FORT +XX (XX Base + XX Con + XX Feat + XX Power) (XX PP)
    REF +XX (XX Base + XX Dex + XX Feat + XX Power) (XX PP)
    WILL +XX (XX Base + XX Wis + XX Feat + XX Power) (XX PP)

    INIT +XX
    DEF XX (10 + XX Base + XX Feat + XX Power)

    Melee:Attack +X (DC XX SAVE, CRIT, TYPE)
    Ranged:Attack +X (DC XX SAVE, CRIT, RANGE, TYPE)

    Skill +XX (XX Ranks + XX Atb + XX Feat + XX Power)

    LANGUAGES (XX Ranks)


    Feat XX

    Power XX [DESCRIPTORS](XX PP/Rank + XX PP = XX PP)
    FR: Name XX (XX)
    PF: Name XX (XX)
    EX: Name XX (+XX)
    FL: Name XX (-XX)

    Power XX [DESCRIPTORS](XX PP/Rank + XX PP = XX PP)
    FR: Name XX (XX)
    PF: Name XX (XX)
    EX: Name XX (+XX)
    FL: Name XX (-XX)
    Alternate Power XX [DESCRIPTORS](XX PP/Rank + XX PP = XX PP, XX PP Net)
    FR: Name XX (XX)
    PF: Name XX (XX)
    EX: Name XX (+XX)
    FL: Name XX (-XX)

    Deviceescription [XX DP] (XX PP/Rank + XX PP = XX PP)
    FR: Name XX (XX)
    PF: Name XX (XX)
    EX: Name XX (+XX)
    FL: Name XX (-XX)
    Device Power XX [DESCRIPTORS](XX DP/Rank + XX DP = XX DP)
    FR: Name XX (XX)
    PF: Name XX (XX)
    EX: Name XX (+XX)
    FL: Name XX (-XX)


    Abilities [XX]
    Combat [XX]
    Saves [XX]
    Skills [XX]
    Feats [XX]
    Powers [XX]
    Drawbacks [XX]
    Total [XX]
    Unspent [XX]

    Real Name:




    Any XX represent numbers

    The first number is the enhanced value. The number in () is the innate value. If both are equals, the () can be ignored.

    The first number is the enhanced value, sum of all applying. The number in () is the value if you cannot apply your entire modifier. The note is the situation where the number in () apply (ex: Flat-Footed, Without device...)

    Write down your base movement here, for each type you have. Note, 1 MPH is approximately equal to a Base movement of 10 feet.
    Move for Base is Standard/Double(x2)/All Out(x4). Leap is Running/Standing/Vertical

    The first number is the total with all modifiers. The second is the number of rank you have in the skill.

    DESCRIPTOR: All power have at least one Descriptor, his source Write down all applicable descriptor there.
    FR: Free power that come with the basic power (Ex: Alternate Form, Device, Super-Sense...)
    PF: Power Feat
    EX: Extra
    FL: Flaw

    Alternate powers are listed next to the powers they are alternates of. The net PP is the ultimate cost of buying the power.

    DEVICE: Devices have their own self contained points, labeled DP for purposes of keeping them notably separate from PP

    Full LIVING SUPERS Roster
    Amazing Mister Jones (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved)
    Aquaphibian (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved)
    Astralle (PL 8, 120 PP) (not yet approved)
    Avatar (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Body & Spirit (PL 10, 150 PP) (retired by player)
    Bright Girl (PL 8, 120 PP) (MIA?)
    Carrion (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Circe (PL 10, 157 PP) (currently quasi-approved, but to be re-built/re-approved due to changes in House Rules)
    Clay (PL 10, 150 PP)
    CPU (PL 10, 160 PP) (approved)
    Danny Razors (PL 10, 150 PP) (never approved, player MIA)
    Dominus (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Echo (PL 8, 120 PP) (retired)
    Fimbulwinter (PL 10, 150 PP) (not yet approved)
    Flux (PL 10, 150 PP) ("in flux")
    Gauntlet (PL 10, 153 PP)
    Ghost (PL 10, 150 PP)
    The Golden King / Midas Pessinus (PL 8, 120 PP) (rejected & never re-submitted)
    Gremlin (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Griff (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Gun Monkey (PL 10, 150 PP) (to be re-built/re-approved due to changes in House Rules)
    Handsome (PL 8, 120PP)
    Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville (PL 10, 160PP) (approved)
    Highbrow (PL 10, 160 PP)
    Hummingbird (PL 10, 150PP)
    Ice (PL 10, 150PP)
    Intrepid (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Invisible Man (PL 8, 120 PP) (not yet approved, to be re-tooled)
    Jack Barrett (PL 10, 150 PP) (submission rejected, never re-submitted. MIA?)
    J-SIN/Jason (PL 8, 120 PP) (not yet approved)
    Juggler (PL 10, 150 PP) (MIA?)
    Kid Dinosaur (PL 10, 150PP)
    Kunoichi (PL 10, 150 PP) (MIA?)
    Magus (PL 8, 120 PP) (tentatively but not fully approved; may be being re-built)
    Mecha Musume (PL 10, 150 PP) (currently approved, but to be re-built/re-approved due to changes in House Rules)
    Million Mask (PL 8, 120 PP)
    Mister Scares (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved)
    Monkey Wrench (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Nimbus (PL 8, 120 PP)
    Nimrod (PL 10, 150 PP) (newly submitted, not yet approved)
    Paladin (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Pandora (PL 8,120 PP)
    Proto (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Psyren (PL 8, 120 PP) (approved)
    Roughneck (PL 8, 120 PP)
    Scout (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved)
    Sergeant (PL 8, 120 PP) (approved)
    Silver Dragon (PL 10, 150 PP) (not yet approved)
    Speed Freak (PL 10, 150 PP) (original rejected; re-submitted and awaiting approval)
    Spitfire (PL 8, 120 PP)
    Tarantula (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Thrash (PL 8, 123 PP) (not fully approved [approved version not posted in this thread])
    Titan (PL 8, 132 PP) (approved)
    Toad (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Twilight Gryphon (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved)
    Turret (PL 10, 150 PP)
    Zenji The Arcane Antiquarian (PL 10, 150 PP) (approved but retired/NPC)
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    Gun Monkey (PL10)

    Name: Gun Monkey
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Str: 14 +2 (4 PP)	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 163
    Dex: 20 +5 (10 PP)	AB: +7(14 PP)	XP: 6
    Con: 14 +2 (4 PP)	Grapple: +9	HP: 1
    Int: 14 +2 (4 PP)	Speed: 100'
    Wis: 14 +2 (4 PP)	Init: +5
    Cha: 8 -1 (-2 PP)	
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+5	+0	+5	20 (10 PP)
    Dodge:		+5	Flatfooted: 12
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8 (6 PP)
    Ref:		6    	+5	+0	+0	+0	+11 (6 PP)
    Will:		6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8 (6 PP)
    Toughness:	0    	+2	+8	+0	+0	+10
    Attack				Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+7	DC 17	Tough		Bruise
    Strike:Energy, Pen.	+7	DC 25	Fort		Bruise
    Blast:Energy, Autofire	+10	DC 25	Tough		Bruise	Crit 19-20
    Blast:Sonic, Pen.	+10	DC 25	Tough		Bruise
    Blast:Fire, Burst	+10	DC 20	Ref		Bruise
    Dazzle:Visual,Burst	+10	DC 25	Ref		Dazzle
    Stun, Ranged		+10	DC 20	Fort		Stun
    Movement Types:
    Base: 100/200/400
    Swing: 100/200/400
    Leap: 300/150/75
    Feats: (27 PP)
    Uncanny Dodge
    Improved Aim
    Quickdraw R:1
    Evasion R:2
    Precise Schot R:2
    Attack Focus(Ranged) R:3
    Dodge Focus R:5
    Defensive Roll R:8
    Power Attack
    Accurate Attack
    Improved Critical: Standard Shot (1)
    Skill Points: 92 (23 PP)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Acrobatics		15	+5		+20
    Climb			15	+2		+17
    Craft: Electronics	8	+2		+10
    Craft: Mechanical	8	+2		+10
    Disguise		4	-1		+3
    Disable Device		8	+2		+10
    Knowledge: Technology	4	+2		+6
    Notice			10	+2		+12
    Search			8	+2		+10
    Stealth			8	+5		+13
    Swim			4	+2		+6
    Languages: English
    Task Force Comunicator
    Additional Limb R:2 : Prehensile Tail, Prehensile Feet (1 PP/Rank = 2 PP)
    Speed R:1 - 10 MPH (1 PP/Rank = 1 PP)
    Super-Movement: (2 PP/Rank = 6 PP)
    -Sure Footed R:2
    Leaping R:4 (1 PP/Rank = 4 PP)
    Super-Senses: (1 PP/Rank)
    -Extended Vision (100') (1 PP)
    -Accurate & Extended Hearing (100') (3 PP)
    -Danger Sense(Hearing) (1 PP)
    Regeneration: (1 PP/Rank)
    -Bruise: Once per Standard Action (2 PP)
    -Unconsious: Once per Round (1 PP)
    -Injured: Once per 20 Minutes (1 PP)
    -Staggered: Once per 20 Minutes (1 PP)
    Device R:7: Guns, PF: Restricted to him (3 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 23 PP) 
    -Standard - Blast: Energy, PE:Autofire(+1) R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:30)
    -Penetrating - Blast: Sonic, PE:Penetrating(+1) R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:1*)
    -Firebomb - Blast: Fire, Area(50') R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:1*)
    -Flashbomb - Dazzle Visual Area R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:1*)
    -Stun - Stun, Ranged R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:1*)
    -Charge - Strike: Electricity, PE:Penetrating(+1), PE:Alternate Save:Fort(+1) R:10 (3 PP/Rank = 30 PP, Device:1*)
    *Purchased as an Alternate Power
    Alternate Power: Device: Second Gun (Power Feat of Device, 1 PP)
    -Same functionality as the first.  He simply must be disarmed of both.
    Inhuman Appearance 
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	 58	116	175	 350	 875
    Sblocked to save space. Free for all to read, though not all of it is public knowledge.
    Gun Monkey resembles a normal human most when he stands, and walks upright. He has short brownish black hair over his body, except for parts of his face, hands, and feet that are hairless, where they show his brownish skin.

    Since he has joined the Task Force, he has begun wearing navy blue spandex pants that stop just below his calves and have a hole for his tail, and a navy blue spandex mid-sleeve top. He has a black belt where he carries any gear he has with him, including his 2 pistols. The holsters for the pistols are oddly designed, that while holding them secure, allow him to draw the pistols with either his hands or his feet, or even occasionally his tail.

    When in disguise, he wears a trench coat with a hat (think the Thing), a white t-shirt, and a pair of jeans with a hole for his tail. He almost always carries his pistols with him, even when in disguise.

    Gun Monkey tends to be fairly reserved. He seems to be a bit awkward and mistrusting around men. Around Women, he is a bit more trusting and at ease, since the only woman heís had extended contact with was generally nice to him. He has a bad temper, which, when triggered, will usually result in him taking it out on some object, or if provoked enough, the object of his rage. Despite all of this, Gun Monkey is fiercely loyal and extremely curious. The only issue he is truly well versed on is current technology, otherwise heís been extremely out of touch. He generally avoids discussing his past, particularly because he doesnít remember it.

    Journal Entry: Day 1
    I donít know how I got here. I donít remember anything before waking up. All I know is my whole body aches, even my tail. Someone is sliding food in through a portal in the door, but they wonít talk to me or anything. I found this journal and a pen, so I figure I should write out what Iím thinking. Were my hands always like this?

    Journal Entry: Day 3
    They finally let me out. 2 large men brought me into a room, where a voice asked me to do various physical activities in them. I argued at first, but there didnít seem to be any harm, and I did feel like I needed to stretch my legs. I hope I did well, I just wish the ceiling was a bit higher. The men donít look quite like me, not enough hair, and their tail is tucked up in front of their legs. That must be awkward.

    Journal Entry: Day 10
    Iíve met the woman behind the voice, Dr Elizabeth Strap. Sheís much more pleasant in person. After my daily exercise, they brought me into a class to teach me electronics and mechanics. It seemed quite simple, though I was assured that it was quite advanced. They want to have me in some kind of class every day now. This should be fun.

    Journal Entry: Day 20
    Iím writing this with my feet. It seems I can use them like hands. Iím learning to deal with my tail better too, seems I can use that like an extra hand if I need to, though I donít have any fingers. The pain is finally gone, though I feel like Iím changing somehow.

    Journal Entry: Day 30
    I took target practice today with some throwing stones. I missed the bulls-eye once. Everyone was staring at me, I think I disappointed them. Later, I was so upset; I ended up throwing the chair in my room. Iíll have to do better.

    Journal Entry: Day 38
    Apparently they were happy with my target practice. They are teaching me how to build this device they call a pistol, and have had me test with a sample. Itís a strange device, but Iíll probably understand more once I learn how to build my own. I still havenít seen anything like me. I guess they donít have tails, or at least thatís what Elizabeth tells me.

    Journal Entry: Day 60
    Iíve mastered this pistol thing. I even made a few tweaks they appear to be surprised with. It seems awfully dangerous, and itís obvious they donít trust me, sending guards to watch me while I put it together and take it apart. Beth wonít tell me why Iím here, just that itís important and for a good cause.

    Journal Entry: Day 61
    Iím beginning to see and hear better. I heard some people talking about the other experiments down the hall, a Dr Shue and Dr Wagner, or at least thatís what their name tag said. But they were so almost at the other end of the hall from the medical exam room. Iíve gotten pretty good and locating where a sound is coming from.

    Journal Entry: Day 77
    Apparently, Iím designated number 7. I think that means there are at least 6 other experiments going on. Iím beginning to not like whatís going on here. Theyíre watching me closer, and Iím seeing less of Beth. I heard someone call me a monkey in the distance. I wonder what that is?

    Journal Entry: Day 81
    They let me watch this thing, they call it TV. I found some channel where you can discover all kinds of things. I finally saw what a monkey is, and I do kind of look like one, but I look more like the others I see here at the lab.

    Journal Entry: Day 95
    I finally got an answer from Beth. Apparently Iím special, one of a kind. She admits there are others, but they donít function like I do. She seemed proud of me, which was good, but there was a bit of sadness in her eyes.

    Journal Entry: Day 102
    That guard had it coming. He shouldnít have been making fun of me like that. I donít know what the big deal is, heíll wake up with a headache, nothing more. Beth was mad, and told me to be careful for my own safety. That didnít make sense, am I not safe here?

    Journal Entry: Day 110
    They let me out again. I guess they figure a week was enough punishment. Beth keeps on looking at me strangely, and now theyíve started to teach me some geography. I think Iíll be learning why Iím here very soon.

    Journal Entry: Day 131
    They finally let me out of the restraints. Do they think because Iím not human I donít have feelings? Why would I want to kill people? I hope I didnít hurt anyone too much, particularly Beth, who seemed quite upset as well. I guess theyíll remember that for a while though.

    Journal Entry: Day 135
    I met the others. Numbers 1-5 were all monkeys or apes of some kind, but seemed a bit different. They all could communicate using sign language, and seemed to chatter with each other a lot. Number 6, who looked like a more upright Gorilla, was a different story. He couldnít speak, but seemed to understand Bethís hand movements as well as the others. She handed him two guns similar to mine, and he followed us along to the target range. She said I should call him ďGun MonkeyĒ, a nickname heíd been given by some of the guards. I shrugged and decided not to argue. Heís a pretty good shot, and seems like a nice fellow. Shame he canít talk.

    Journal Entry: Day 145
    Iíve been on the run for several days now. It was horrible; I donít know where to begin.
    Beth came to me late about 4 nights ago. She said it was time to go. She handed me my guns, and tried to lead me out. I got the feeling she didnít intend to come back, so I told her we should take the others too. I found number 6, who she quickly armed as well and then lead us to the others. There was a doctor in the room with number 5, giving him some kind of injection, and number 5 quickly dropped. In anger, I shot the doctor, not sure what setting, but he didnít look good.
    Beth, Gun Monkey and I ran, hoping to escape the compound. The guards came at us quickly, but Gun Monkey and I seemed to work well together. One of the guards caught us from behind, and shot at me, but he was a poor shot, and hit Beth right in the eye, the tranq dart sunk straight into her head, and she convulsed and collapsed. I grabbed her badge and went with Gun Monkey, and we quickly got outside the compound through a window. He hoisted me over the fence, which I cleared with a leap that surprised even me, but before he could jump, the guards tore into him with the mounted turrets. Cursing them, I ran, and quickly lost any pursuers. I knew if I had turned, I would have killed them, and there had been enough death.
    Iíve been hiding since. It seems Iím somewhere in Mexico, and besides strange looks I get from most of the natives, they donít speak English. Iím making a break for the U.S. boarder, perhaps I can make a life there.

    Journal Entry: Day 150.
    Iím in the US now. Iíve managed to disguise myself well enough that I can pass for an ugly man, but I canít get too close. They say this is the land of opportunity, so letís see what opportunity they have for a 6í tall monkey.

    Journal Entry: Day 162.
    This new UN Task Force sounds interesting. A place where I might actually fit in and be normal. I just hope I can make it there.

    Journal Entry: Day 198
    Iíve been accepted to the task force. Iím using the moniker ďGun MonkeyĒ to honor number 6. I think Beth would have been proud. I hope that I can avenge her someday, but until then, I will carry her card with me.

    Gun Monkey has prehensile feet, as well as a prehensile tail that he is able to grab onto things with, and keep his balance. When moving in combat, he often will flip, roll, or hang, and fire with any of his prehensile appendages. He has no off-hand.

    Gun Monkey can swing freely and quickly if the conditions are right for it, such as available swinging line, vines, or even handrails. He has increadable natural jumping ability enhances by his acrobatic skills. Combined with his prehensile feet and tail, he is extremely surefooted and can maneuver over obsticles freely and easily.

    Gun Monkey has precice vision and hearing, able to use both senses at an extended range, and for targeting. He also has an uncanny ear for danger that makes him increadably hard to sneak up on.

    Gun Monkey is quick, maneuverable, and hard to pin down. He is extremely hard to catch off guard, even if snuck up on. He is good at dodging and rolling with blows. Gun Monkey is a crack shot with any ranged weapon, with uncanny aim and precision.

    Gun Monkey has two custom blaster pistols that he is fully capable of builing and repairing. While they rest in holdsters on his hip, they are easily accessable by his legs and tail as well, and are likely to be fired, in tandem, from just about any limb. The Pistols are reinforced, durable, capable of being used in Melee if needed, and only function for Gun Monkey himself.
    The pistols have several modes, which can be changed at an instant:
    -Standard - A high rate of fire energy blast
    -Penetrating - A penetrating sonic blast
    -Stun - A stunning beam
    -Firebomb - A firely explosive blast
    -Flashbomb - A visualy dazling blast
    -Charge - The pistol is charged with a penetrating electricity that works much like a super charged taser.

    Gun Monkey doesnít know much about his origin, other than the fact that Beth told him he was different. Of the experiments, he was the only one who was originally human, though he is unaware of this fact, and a DNA test wonít help at this point given his splicing with other primates as well as some natural mutations. All of his powers are mutations, except for his gun, which is a technological device.

    Initial: Abilities 24 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 24 + Powers 37 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 = 150 / 150

    Earned 6 points in Help Wanted
    Speed - 1 PP
    Power Attack - 1 PP
    Accurate Attack - 1 PP
    Leap - + 1 PP
    Regeneration - 1 PP
    Improved Crit - 1 PP
    Current: Abilities 24 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 27 + Powers 40 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 = 156 / 156

    Earned 7 points in The Great Iridium Con
    Leap - + 1 PP
    Regeneration - +4 PP
    Super Movement - +2 PP
    Current: Abilities 24 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 27 + Powers 47 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 = 163 / 163
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    Name: Monique De Lorme "Psyren"
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Str: 8 -1 (-2 PP)	PowerLevel: 8	PP: 128 / 128
    Dex: 12 +1 (2 PP)	AB: +5 (10 PP)	XP: 8 / 8
    Con: 12 +1 (2 PP)	Grapple: +4	HP: 1
    Int: 14 +2 (4 PP)	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 16 +3 (6 PP)	Init: +0
    Cha: 20 +5 (10 PP)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+4	+0	+2	16 (8 PP)
    Dodge:		+2	Flatfooted: 12
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		4    	+1	+0	+0	+0	+5 (4 PP)
    Ref:		4    	+1	+0	+0	+0	+5 (4 PP)
    Will:		2    	+3	+0	+0/8	+0	+5/13 (Mind Shield) (2 PP)
    Toughness:	0    	+1	+0	+0/9	+0	+1/10 (Force Field)
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+5	DC 14	Tough		Bruise
    Mental Blast(Perc)	-	DC 23	Will		Bruise
    Mind Control(Perc)	-	DC 18	Will		Control
    Mind Reading(Perc)	-	PC +10	Will		Mind Read/Sensory Link
    Audio Dazzle(Perc)	-	DC 18	Ref		Dazzle (50' Selective Blast)
    Telekinetic Grapple	+5/15	DC 25	Tough		Grapple/Bruise
    Telekinesis		+5	-	-		Trip/Disarm, STR +10
    Confuse			-	DC 23	Will		Confusion (P79)
    Movement Types:
    Base: 30/60/120
    Leap: 9/4/2
    Flight: 25 MPH:250'
    Feats: (5 PP)
    Accurate Attack
    Dodge Focus R:2
    Fascinate R:2 (Diplomacy, Perform)
    Attractive R:2
    Skill Points: 36 (9 PP)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Bluff			4	+5		+9(17)*
    Diplomacy		8	+5		+13(18)*
    Gather Information	2	+5		+7
    KN: Pop Culture		1	+2		+3
    KN: Current Events	1	+2		+3
    Perform: Sing		8	+5		+13
    Perform: Dance		3	+5		+8
    Sense Motive		6	+3		+9
    Languages		+3
    *Bonus applies to anyone influenced by her looks.
    Languages: French, English, Spanish, German
    Mental Blast R:8 (4 PP/Rank= 32 PP) [Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Mind Control, PE:Consious(+1), PF: Mental Link(1), Subtle (2), Progressive Initial Duration: 1 day for 2nd save (5) R:8 (3 PP/Rank + 8 PP = 32 PP, 1 PP*)[Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Telepathy, PE: Sensory Link(+1), Comprehend(R:1), Subtle (2) R:8 (3 PP/Rank + 2 PP/Rank + 2  = 28 PP, 1 PP*)[Mental, Psionic]
    AP: Sonnic Control PE: Range(Per)(+1), Selective (+1), PF: Precise (1), Subtle (2) R:7 (4 PP/Rank + 4 = 31 PP, 1 PP*)[Psionic]
    AP: Telekinesis PE: Damaging(+1), Subtle: Subtle (2) R:10 (3 PP/Rank + 2 = 32 PP, 1 PP*)[Psionic]
    AP: Confuse R:8 PE: Area: Burst (+1), Selective Attack (+1) (3 PP/Rank = 24 PP, 1 PP*)  
    *Purchased as an Alternate Power for 1 PP
    Supersense: Precognition F:Uncontroled(-1) ( 1/2 PP/Rank = 2 PP)
    Flight R2 (2 PP/Rank = 4 PP)
    Force Field R:9 - PF:Selective ( 1 PP/Rank + 1 PP = 10 PP)
    Mind Shield R:8 (1 PP/Rank = 8 PP)
    Supersense: Mental Awareness (1 PP)
    KN: Pop Culture Roll 5+
    Psyren was a pop singer (Britney Spears, Christina Agulera, Jessica Simpson level/type, though with more emphasis on her singing than her dancing) from France early in the decade. She looks somewhat similar. She has also done modeling and publicity for the resolutes, including an ad and callender involving the new uniforms and a french bikini.
    KN: Pop Culture Roll 10+
    Psyren was a pop singer from france (Did a lot of english singing though) who was popular from the early 2000 till early 2004 when she droped out of sight. Definately looks like this could be her.
    KN: Pop Culture Roll 15+
    Psyren released her own album 4 years later in 2000. Known for good vocals and entertaining dance beats, as well as writing much of her material herself, she was a sensation for a while till early in 2004 when she walked off in the middle of a concert. You'd be suprised if this wan't her by the look.
    KN: Pop Culture Roll 20+
    In addition all this, you remember hearing about a TV appearance she made in the US before she released her first album in '96 at age 16 under her real name, Monique De Lorme.
    Disadvantages None Tradeoffs: -Def: -2, Tough: +2 Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push Max Weight: 26 53 80 160 400
    [IMAGEL][/IMAGEL]Appearance:Psyren is a shapely redhead who carries herself with confidence and poise. Her uniform is a stylized topless top/bustie, with skin tight pants and a pair of boots. She has a strong french accent.

    Monique De Lorme has been used to a public life, and is familiar with how to be open yet guarded in public. In private, she compassionate and empathic, even without her psionic powers. She is generally not one for direct confrontation, and would prefer a more peaceful approach. She is supportive of her friends and teammates, in both a task force roll and that of a friend and companion.

    Monique De Lorme was born in Bordeaux, France, and lived a somewhat normal child hood till she was about 12. Singing in a class choir, a scout singled her out and offered her entry into a fine arts boarding school in Parris. There, her talent for singing and entertaining was honed. She was a background singer on a few albums, and even had a spot appearance on a US TV show as an exchange student. Under the guidance of her music teacher, Mr. Phillip Bisset, who had risked his personal savings, she released an album at the age of 16 with moderate success. Deciding that she had best finish her schooling, she graduated early and put herself through a performance arts advanced school, graduating at the young age of 20, and working with Mr. Bisset on a new project.

    Deciding to change her image a bit, and having a little more creative input, she released her first album as Psyren. With a hipper beat, better vocal range, and certainly her looks didnít hurt, she soon was known around the world. She toured, created music videos, and released a second album, which met with slightly less success, but had become a general pop culture icon till early 2004, when she mysteriously dropped out of public view after walking off stage in the middle of a concert.

    Monique had somehow mysteriously connected to the mind of one of her audience members, and it scared her enough to flee off stage. She hid for a while before eventually talking to Phillip about what had happened. Phillip encouraged her to explore this a bit, and tried to help when he could. She learned some of the extent of her powers, and also learned of the deep love Phillip had harbored for her, even as a child. Flattered but unable to see him in the same light lead to some awkward moments between the two, and soon she had to back away from the only confidant sheíd had. Sheíd had a falling out with her parents over money, and had simply let them work their way out of her life rather than confront them, and she had no siblings that she knew about.

    Phillip, wanting to help her, did some research on the new UN Task force being formed, and came to her with an idea. There was only so much help he could give her, but perhaps she could find more help with the Task Force, as well as make a difference. Seeing the sense in this, she applied, offering the name Psyren to use as her code name, and hoping the publicity would help the new Task Force, now being called the Resolutes.

    She later thanked Phillip, and told him that perhaps, in time, her feelings might change, but she needed time to deal with her powers now. Phillip continues to write songs for her to sing, and occasionally visits her, but the two are simply close friends. Meanwhile, she has been able to explore her powers better at the UN, though she needs to develop some more mental discipline before she can tap into them further.

    Psyren was always the consummate professional entertainer, and has been skilled at holding the attention of an audience well before she discovered her psionic powers. And since her youth, she had had dreams or visions that would seem to come true or provide a glimpse into the future, though these were few, far between, and rarely very long or detailed.

    He mental powers allow her to fly using a fairly basic telekinesis requiring little concentration on her part. She has learned to shield her mind from attacks and probes, and how to shield her body from harm with a projection of power. These feats are all fairly simple for her, and she can do them almost reflexively.

    Her visions still come at random, but they are longer and more vivid now. It is one of the few things she has not been able to learn to control, though she has much discipline to learn yet.

    When she actively concentrates, she can meld her psychic powers to her will and do several things. First and foremost, she can strike down someone with a blast of mental energy, and need only be able to see her target. She can exert her will on someone else, who will act for her as she directs them, leaving them confused about their actions once she releases them. She has a strong telepathy, allowing her to communicate with anyone within 200,000 miles mentally, and read the minds and senses of those within her perception. She can control and distort sound, dazzling those in an area. She also has great telekinesis, allowing her to lift 24 tons, or move up to 60 tons, and can crush others with her great mental strength.

    While she has learned to control her powers, she still lacks some mental focus that would help her tremendously, and has not yet learned how to tap into her mental senses fully yet. However, she is patient and dedicated to learning.

    Abilities 20 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 57 + Combat 18 + Saves 10 Ė Drawbacks 0 = 120 / 120

    +8 PP
    Mental Sense (1 PP)
    Force Field +1R (1 PP)
    Flight +1R (2 PP)
    Charisma +1 (2 PP)
    AP: Confuse (on Mental Blast) (1 PP)
    4 SPs (1 PP)
    Abilities 22 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 62 + Combat 18 + Saves 10 Ė Drawbacks 0 = 128 / 128
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    Aika Hyuga "Kunoichi"

    Name: Aika Hyuga "Kunoichi"
    Size: medium
    Gender: female
    PL: 10 (trade off +2/-2 Attack Bonus/Damage)
    Str: 10 +0	PowerLevel: 10	XP: 0
    Dex: 16 +3	AB: +4 (+8 Melee)
    Con: 14 +2	Grapple: +8
    Int: 12 +1	Speed: 100'
    Wis: 14 +2	Init: +3
    Cha: 10+0	HP: 4
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+6	+0	+4	20
    Dodge:		+7	Flatfooted: 13
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8
    Ref:		10    	+3	+0	+0	+0	+13
    Will:		6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8
    Toughness:	    	+2	+0	+8	+0	+10
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+8	DC 16	Tough		Bruise
    Precision Strike	+12	DC 23	Tough		Bruise
    + Paralyze (linked)	---	DC 18	Fort		Paralyze
    Disintegration		+10	DC 18	Fort		Toughness Drain
    + Damage		---	DC 23	Tough		Lethal
    Power Drain		+8	DC 18	Fort		Power Drain
    Movement Types:
    Base Speed 100/200/400, 10 MPH
    Water Walk, Wall Crawling, Swinging
    Leaping(3) 50/25/12
    Assessment, Acrobatic Bluff, All out Attack, Attractive(1),
    Attack Focus(4) Melee, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus(4),
    Evasion(2), Luck(3), Uncanny Dodge
    Skill Points: 15(60 ranks)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Acrobatics		12	+3		+15
    Bluff			0	+0	+4*	+5
    Diplomacy		3	+0	+4*	+8
    Concentration		8	+2		+10
    Medicine		8	+2		+10
    Notice			13	+2		+15
    Sense Motive		12	+2		+14
    Stealth			7	+3		+10
    *attractive (1)
    Languages: English, Japanese (1 Skill Point)
    joukei[super vision] +12 (effects: X-ray(4), radius(2), Darkvision(2),
    Danger Sense(1), Detect Life(3); Flaw: Action[Move](-1); AP shouten Joukei;
    .5pp rank; 6pp) [Mutant]
    shouten joukei  [focused super vision] +10 (X-ray(4), Extend(1),
    Darkvision(2), Detect: Life(3); Flaw: Action[Move](-1); 5pp total;
    cost 1PP as Alt Power) [Mutant]
    Speed +1 (1pp/rank; 1pp) [training]
    Chakra Control (Super Movement) +2 (Wall Crawlinging; AP:Swinging,
    Water Walking, Leaping +3; 2pp/rank; 7pp) [Mutant, Training]
    Morph +3 (2pp/rank; 6pp) [Mutation]
    Chakra Burst (Protection) +8 (Modifiers: continuos(+1),
    Sustained(-1) [+1]; 1pp/rank; 8pp) [Mutant] [Reaction]
    Gentle Strike (disintegration) +8 (modifiers: Autofire(+1), 
    Range [touch] (-1), limited [must be using Super Senses](-1); PF: Slow Fade,
    Accurate(1); 3pp rank; 26PP) [Training]
    Precision Strike (strike) +8 (modifiers: Linked Paralyze(+2), Autofire(+1),
    limited [must be using Super Senses] (-1); PF: Accurate(2);
    26pp; 1pp as Alt Power) [Training]
    Chakra Disruption (Drain All Powers) +8 (Modifiers: Autofire(+1),
    Action[Full Round](-1), limited [must be using Super Senses] (-1);
    PF: Slow Fade x2(1/min); 26pp; 1pp as Alt Power) [training, mutation]
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	33	66	100	200	500
    16(Abilities) + 16(Skills) + 19(feats) + 57(Powers) + 20(Combat)
    + 22(Saves) = 150
    Appearance: *see attached picture

    Personality, History, and Power description

    Personality: Aika is incredibly shy, and lacks confidence in her abilities, due to a life time of being looked down on by her family for not being as perfect as her brother. She is a warm and kind person, but mostly her timidity wins out. She is trying to change herself, trying to become more assertive, but it is rather easy to fade back into the crowd, much more then to stand out at any rate. While shy, Aika is also driven to excel at everything she does, hoping that her parents, and the people around her well recognize her abilites.

    History: Aika has always been a good little girl, obeying her parents, kind, smart, and generous, she is shy to a fault. The thing that has shaped her life most, is her parents' approval, and her struggle to earn it in the shadow of her brother, the super everything. He has talent, mutant powers, looks, grades, he was the example held up to her, one that no one ever thought she could meet.

    Since her childhood Aika has worked tirelessly to improve herself. Always alone, always trying her hardest to win approval, she has trained her body, honing her abilities in secret, there are days when she trains for over a dozen hours straight, past her endurance, where only her will to become better has kept her going. She has yet to tell her parents about her own mutation, wanting to earn everyones' respect before she reveals herself.

    Fighting Style: Aika's combat style is entirely dependent on her joukei to anyalyze her opponents and find their body's weak points and nerves, which she strikes with precise amounts of force, she calls her style 'yasa dageki' or 'gentle strike', because it doesn't rely on any great amount of strength to injure the opponent, something she doesn't have.

    Power Description: Aika's power is to control her body's energy, her chakra. She can manage a lot of tricks with it due to long hours of training. When she focuses chakra into her eyes, she gains super human visual abilities. She can see perfectly in the dark, she can detect other living people by seeing their body energy, she can even see through solid objects(but not lead), and in a 360 degree circle around her, stoping her from being caught unawares. If she chooses she can focus her vision even further in one direction increasing her visual range by a factor of 10.

    To defend herself, she has trained her body to let out a burst of Chakra to slow down and weaken incoming attacks greatly. Her precision control of Chakra that allows her to let out bursts to stop attacks also allows her to walk on walls, and even on water. Aika can let out a burst from her feet as well to increase her leaping abilites. She can also use her precision chakra control to alter her appearance, into any humanoid form that she might need.

    Aika can also use her Joukei in combination with her attacks, giving her pin point accuracy, and the ability to strike directly at her opponents internal organs, a truly deadly form of attack that she is loath to use as its possible to kill with a single touch of her hand to her foe. Instead of striking her opponents organs, she prefers to use her Joukei to strike at their nerves, paralyzing them, a much more temporary solution to problems, though even that can hurt quite a bit. Another combination of fighting techniques and her Joukei is disrupting her opponent's energy flows, draining away their powers.
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    Codename: Sergeant

    Codename: Sergeant
    Name: Sergeant Patrick O'connor
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Trade-Off: (Att:+4/Dmg:-4)(Def:+2/Tou:-2)
    Str: 12 +1 	PowerLevel: 8	PP: 128/128
    Dex: 12 +1 	AB: +6
    Con: 14 +2 	Grapple: +7
    Int: 18 +4 	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 14 +2 	Init: +1
    Cha: 18 +4 	Hero Points: 5 Luck(4)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+10	+0	+0	20
    Dodge:		+5	Flatfooted: 15
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		1    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+3
    Ref:		1    	+1	+1	+0	+0	+4**
    Will:		6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8
    Toughness:	    	+2	+1**	+0	+3*	+2/+5*/+6**
    *Undercover Vest (Equipement)
    **Defensive roll cannot be use on both save
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+6	DC 16	Tough		Bruise
    Heavy Pistol		+12	DC 19	Tough		Lethal/Bruise
    All-Out Attack				Reduce defence to raise attack
    Attack Focus (Range) 2			+2 attack bonus to all range attack
    Attack Specialization (Heavy Pistol) 2	+4 attack bonus with Heavy Pistol
    Benefit (Security Clearance)		Easier acces to classified info and ressoucres
    Connected				Gain favor with successfull Diplomacy roll
    Contact					Gather Information take 1 minute to use
    Defensive Roll 			+1 Toughness or +1 Reflex against area attack
    Eidetic Memory				+4 bonus to remember, can use Knowledge untrained
    Equipement 5				25 points worth of equipment
    Fascinate (Bluff)			Can fascinate target with oppose Bluff roll
    Improved Pin				-4 opponnt's grapple check to escape
    Improvised Tools			Do not suffer -4 penalty for not having tools
    Inspire 5				Give bonus to allies for an HP
    Leadership				Can remove some condition for an HP
    Luck 4					+4 HP
    Master Plan				Gain bonus in planned situation
    Power Attack				(-AB/+Dmg)
    Precise Shot 2				Reduce penalty for Cover and shooting in  melee
    Well-Informed				Can roll Gather Information to learn about a group
    Skill Points: 108
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Bluff			10	+4		+14
    Computer		 2	+4		+6
    Concentartion		 2	+2		+4
    Craft (Visual Art)	 2	+4		+6
    Diplomacy		10	+4		+14
    Disable Device		 5	+4		+9
    Drive			 2	+1		+3
    Gather Information	10	+4		+14
    Intimidate		 5	+4		+9
    Investigate		10	+4		+14
    Knowledge (Behav. Sc.)	 5	+4		+9
    Knowledge (Civics)	 2	+4		+6
    Language		 2			
    Notice			10	+2		+12
    Profession (Pol. Off.)	 5	+2		+7
    Search			10	+4		+14
    Sense Motive		10	+2		+12
    Stealth			 6	+1		+7
    French, English, Spanish
    Binoculars		(1)	-1 visual Notice every 50ft
    Camera			(1)	
    Cell Phone		(1)
    Digital Audio Recorder	(1)	Pick sounds at 10 feet
    Flashlight		(1)	Light at 30ft, 15ft wide
    Handcuff x2		(2)	Disable Device (DC:25) or Escape Artist (DC:35) to escape
    Heavy Pistol		(8)	Dmg: +4, Range: 40ft
    Mini-Tracer		(1)
    Multi-tool		(1)
    Parabolic Microphone	(1)	-1 audio Notice every 50ft
    PDA			(1)	
    Stun Ammo		(1)	Allow bruise damage with firearms
    Supressor		(1)	Subtle PF on firearms
    Undercover Vest		(4)	+3 Toughness
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	43	 86	130	260	650
    Attributes(26) + Skills(25) + Feat(31) + Combat(32) + Saves(6)

    My name is Patrick O'connor. I've been in the police for now... I was in 77's promotion. That's almost thirty years. I've seen a lot. I've been on traffic, on patrol, on bureaucracy, in criminal. I've been in the criminal for over fifteen years. I liked it. Not much stress. It is more like a chess game. The criminal do his crime and set his pieces. I must play with what he gives me. It is hard to do something when you have only your king and a few pawn and your opponent have a few queen. I havn't solve every crime I've pass on. Forget it, it's impossible, except on TV. But I've maintain the best average in the country for the last five years, since that old Sergeant White retired.

    But since that blasted comet came on earth, my job description changed. It is one thing to have to catch a man, someone whose limits, both physical and mental, are the same as yours, or at least limits you can understand. But with the apparition of those Supers, my task have been a lot much harder. The chess game is now in 3D, with new pieces and new rules. You must be quick thinking, you must have the good connection, the good influence, the good ressrouces and most of all, you must have them quickly, as you never know what sh*ts those Supers will throw at you.

    I've been working on Super case since the first one. I've arrested the greatest numbers of them. Don't confuse, those as strong as that Rocky are out of my range, but there is a few powerfull enough to get on a swat team that I have arrested. Most of them have the firepower of a pistol in there eyes,, hands or place you dont, want to know. The main trick, find there weak point. Not an easy job. If you can't find one, well, put a bullet between his eyes... they will survive but they will sleep for enough time to contain his powers. I can't believe how tough they can be.

    My retirement is in less than ten years, but I start to think I won't have it. The government wanted someone of experience on that team of Supers that is supposed to stop all those freaks that the police can't handle. Instead of asking a military, they asked me. Promised me a good retirement. I must be a masochist, but I accepted. Now, I'll have to keep those kids in ranks and make sure they don't abuse of there new toys they call powers. I hope they will understand fast enough what await them, that they can't predict what sh*ts will fall on them next, or it might be the last.
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    Codename: CPU

    Codename: CPU
    Name: Cedric Purkiss
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Trade-Off: (Att:+0/Dmg:-0)(Def:-2/Tou:+2)
    Str: 10 +0 	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 160
    Dex: 12 +1 	AB: +10
    Con: 14 +2 	Grapple: +10
    Int: 18 +4 	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 14 +2 	Init: +0
    Cha: 10 +0 	HP: 2
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+8	+0	+0	18
    Dodge:		+4	Flatfooted: 14
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		3    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+5
    Ref:		4    	+1	+0	+0	+0	+5
    Will:		3    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+5
    Toughness:	    	+2	+0	+10*	+0	+12*/+2
    *Force Field bonus
    Attack			Attack	Damage		Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+10	DC 15		Tough		Bruise
    Aura			+10	DC 25		Tough		Bruise
    Blast			+10	DC 25		Tough		Bruise
    Blast(Area)			DC 20/25	Refl/Tough	Bruise
    Stun			+10	DC 20		Fort		Stun
    Stun 			+10	DC 20		Fort		Stun
    Stun(Area) 			DC 20/25	Refl/Fort	Stun
    *Reduce by Blast(Area) Reflexe save
    Movement Types:
    Teleport	300ft./1000ft.
    Evasion 2				Reflexe save give (No damage/Half Damage)	
    Improved Initiative			+4 Initiative
    Improvised Tools			Do not suffer -4 penalty for not having tools
    Invention				Can create inventions
    Luck				+1 starting HP
    Second Chance (Computer)		Can reroll Computer rolls
    Second Chance (Disable Device)		Can reroll failed Disable Device rolls
    Skill Points: 72
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Computer		10	+4		+14
    Disable Device		10	+4		+14
    Notice			 6	+2		+8
    Knowledge(technology)	 6	+4		+10
    Craft(Electronic)	 6	+4		+10
    Craft(Mechanic)		 6	+4		+10
    Craft(Structure)	 6	+4		+10
    Craft(Chemical)		 6	+4		+10
    Concentration		 8	+2		+10
    Search			 8	+4		+12
    Animate Object 5 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank + 3pp) 13pp
     Flaw: Limited - Machine only 			(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Progression(Range) 1 		(1)
     Power Feat: Progression(Animation) 2 		(2)
    Comprehend 2 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank) 4pp
     Free: Speak with machine 			(0)
     Free: Understand machine 			(0)
    Datalink 3 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank + 1pp) 4pp
     Power Feat: Machine Control 			(1)
    Electrical Control 10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank + 5pp) 28pp
     Extra: Penetrating				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
     Power Feat: Alternate Power 6			(6)
    Alternate Power: **Aura (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank) 12pp (Free)
     Extra: Penetrating				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
    Alternate Power: Electrical Control  10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank) 22pp (Free)
     Extra: Penetrating				(+1/rank)
     Extra: Area(Burst)				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: Range(Touch)				(-1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
    Alternate Power: Stun 10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank) 22pp (Free)
     Extra: Range					(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
    Alternate Power: Stun 10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank) 22pp (Free)
     Extra: Area(Burst)				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
    Alternate Power: Stun  10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 2pp/rank) 22pp (Free)
     Extra: Aura					(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Power source needed 8		(-8)
    Alternate Power: Nullify 7 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 3pp/rank) 21pp (Free)
     Extra: Affect Object			(+1/rank)
     Flaw: *Limited - Electrical Object Only	(-1/rank)
    ESP 3 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank) 3pp
     Flaw: Medium: Visual Sensors			(-1/rank)
    Force Field  10 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank) 10pp
    Immunity 5 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank) 5pp
     Free: Electricity Immunity			(0)
    Teleport 3 (Mutant, Psychic, Electric - 1pp/rank) 3pp
     Flaw: Medium: Powerline			(-1/rank)
    *Limited(Electrical Source):
    To use any power with this limitation, a power source must be in line of sight
    of the hero and within power rank*50ft, or the hero must touch the power 
    source. For the area effect, the source must be within the area range. If there is no power source, CPU can gather static electricity in the air, and bioelectricity to use that power, but to a maximum rank of 2.
    Aura alone is simply Strike with Aura Extra and a flaw Limited - Aura Only.
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	33	 66	100	 200	 500
    Attributes(18) + Skills(14) + Feat(7) + Power(67) + Combat(36) + Saves(8)

    "I see here that you have been in the army."
    "Yes, I've been minesweeper for three years. I've learned everything on bomb disabling, and a few trick to build one too. During that time, I also learn a few tricks about figthing. I was pretty good. I could have made the special forces, but I decided to leave instead, as my military service was ending. I wanted to have a fixed job."
    "And you worked in a construction business? For only one year."
    "Demolition business would be more precise. I was responsible to set all the explosive in the big building. A lot less stressfull and well paid as my knowledge is not a common one."
    "What is you interests?"
    "Electronics and computers. I'm memeer of a small devloping group. We are working on freeware, mainly Linux OS, trying to make it more convivial and popular. My task in the group is to make sure there is no security breach. So when I'm not working on that, I am working on my computer, upgrading it. You should see the latest thing I've done. My friends wanted to build a home-made super-computer. The CPU was creating so much heat that we had to put it in liquid nitrogen. The electricity bill double, but it work better than anything we can find on the market. We can only use it for about 24h, but for teh tasks we need to do, it is more than enough."
    "So, why have you left and want to join the Task Forces?"
    "I liked my military experience. It is once it was finish that I saw it. But the problem with the military experience, it is the meaning of those war we fought. We have gone in Irak to find weapon of mass destruction, and what have they found. Nothing! But they left the country in the desolate state than they have taken it. The only difference, it is civils against civils instead of a tyran against his country. Capturing Sadam was a good thing, but I'm really not sure the cost worth it. The task force is a UN organisation. An army of a country defend teh interest of teh country only. The UN protect all country. They are not perfect, but the at least, there objective are the best I know. What I will do will make more senses."
    "And what make you a Super?"
    "I can control technological objects. They may be computers or machine. I can comunicate with them, hack them, control them. I think it's come from the fact I can control electricity. I can create ligthning as long as I have a source of electricity near... not that good in the forest, but for urban mission, that's quite good."
    "You have any family members?"
    "My parents and a sister. Why do you need to know that?"
    "The member of the task force will face many dangers. If something happen, we need to know who we have to warn."
    "Does it mean I am in?"
    "We will call you as soon as we have taken our decision. Thank you."

    PP Award

    Quake yout booty: 10 PP

    Spent PP
    +1 Refl (1PP)
    +1 Will (1PP)
    +16 Skill Points (4PP)
    Computer +2
    Disable Device +2
    Notice +2
    Knowledge(technology) +2
    Craft(Electronic) +2
    Craft(Mechanic) +2
    Craft(Structure) +2
    Craft(Chemical) +2
    Feat: Luck (1PP)
    New Alternate Power to Electrical Control [Nullify (Electrical object only) 7] (1PP)
    Reduce Flaw on Electrical Control [Limited - Power source needed 8] (2PP)
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    Kid Dinosaur

    Cover Name: Kid Dinosaur
    Real Name:  Arthur ďChipĒ Diggs
    Size: medium
    Gender: male
    PL: 10
    Str: 8 -1	PowerLevel: 10	XP: 0
    Dex: 14 +2	AB: +1
    Con: 14 +2	Grapple: +0
    Int: 14 +2	Speed: 30í
    Wis: 12 +1	Init: +2
    Cha: 14 +2	HP: 2 
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+1	+0	+0	11
    Dodge:		+0	Flatfooted: 10
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		0    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+2
    Ref:		1    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+3
    Will:		1    	+1	+0	+0	+0	+2
    Toughness:	    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+2
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+1	DC 14	Tough		Bruise
    Movement Types:
    Run 30/60/120
    Fearless, Luck
    Skill Points: 7(28 ranks)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Bluff			4	+2		+6
    Computers		2	+2		+4
    Intimidate		6	+2		+8
     (prehist. creatures)	8	+2		+10
    Notice			6	+1		+7
     (acting)		2	+2		+4
    Languages: English
    Shapeshift +20 (extra: linked to Healing [0]; flaw: Prehistoric animals only [-1]; 
    flaw: action (full action) [-2]; power feat: can speak in human voice in 
    all forms [1pp])  (5pp/rank - 101pp) [Mutant]
    Healing +9 (extra: linked to Shapeshift [0]; extra: total [+1]; 
    flaw: range (personal) [-1]) (2pp/rank Ė 18pp) [Mutant]
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	26	53	80	160	400	
    Age 13 (minor)
    16(Abilities) + 7(Skills) + 2(feats) + 119(Powers) + 4(Combat)
    + 2(Saves)  = 150
    Advancement - 9PP from Bront's Quake Your Booty, still unspent.

    Personality, History, and Power description

    Personality: Chipís powers have allowed him to cast aside his shy nature. He is inquisitive, friendly, and over-eager to demonstrate and use his powers. He can get annoyed (pout) when reminded that heís still just a kid.

    The lack of a strong family structure does leave him a little bit lonely, though his powers are still new enough that he hasnít had much time for introspection. Seeing strong family units can stress him out.

    History: Chip spent most of his first thirteen years bouncing through the Illinois foster care system, an unremarkable and immediately forgettable ward of the state. He was terminally shy, making few friends in each new school and almost going unnoticed by his foster families. Though shy, Chip was quite intelligent and spent a considerable amount of time reading. His greatest fascination was with dinosaurs Ė reading books, watching television documentaries, and going to natural history museums (one of the few things heíd ask of his foster families).

    Shortly before his thirteenth birthday, as a geeky junior high student, Chip was subjected to a bullyís machinations. He was repeatedly pushed and tripped on the playground. Humiliated and fighting back tears, Chip intensely wished he could defend himself. And then it happened Ė he transformed into a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex in the middle of the crowded playground. Chip loomed over the bully and unleashed a roar not heard by any living creature in the last 65 million years. The bully fainted dead away and the rest of the study body either cowered in fear or ran.

    Chip found himself caught between terror and exhilaration. The raw power of his new form was liberating, and as he got used to the idea, he began to like it. Clever as he was, he figured he must be one of the new super-powered humans. Three hours later, after terrorizing the city in over a dozen different forms, the police finally talked him down and he returned to human form.

    The trauma inflicted on several of the children, and subsequent clamoring of the parents, forced the school district to ask him to remain at home. His foster parents were almost equally frightened. Chip, however, was having the time of his life. Anthropologists were clamoring to see him and he even landed a gig with the Discovery Channel to act in a dinosaur documentary. (Heís secretly hoping Spielberg invites him to star in the next Jurrasic Park.)

    About a month later, the answer to both the school district and the foster care systemís problems came knocking. Seth Sharpman and Major Nueworth couldnít miss the news coverage that the kid had generated. All parties agreed (including the budding super hero Chip) that it would be in everyoneís best interests that he be placed into the custody of the Resolutes with only occasional oversight by the State of Illinois, provided that they made arrangements for his continued education.

    Power Description: Chip has the ability to transform himself into nearly any prehistoric creature - everything from dinosaurs (his favorite) to more recent creatures such as the sabre-toothed tiger. He can assume forms ranging from a few inches long to the massive Brachiosaur Ė over a hundred feet from head to tail. When he transforms, his body restructures itself, healing some degree of damage in the process.

    The anthropologists that have studied him learned that his very DNA seems to change when he undergoes the transformations. However, they canít conclusively show that itís actual dinosaur DNA. Regardless, theyíve deemed him an invaluable tool for study.

    Psychiatrists have surmised that his restriction to prehistoric forms is likely a psychological block. Whether he can ever grow out of it remains to be seen. Chip, for now, could care less. Whatís more cool than being a dinosaur?

    Player note: Iíll be statting up a number of ďcommonĒ forms. Any others can be developed as needed.

    Frequently used forms (more to come, time and need pending):


    Ankylosaurus Ė (huge, space 15í, reach 10í) 4í tall, 6í wide, 25í long; 3.5 tons. Low frame with heavily armored plates fused into its back. Heavy club-like tail useful for bashing.

    Str 24 Dex 14 Con 22 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 14
    Toughness (+14, 8 impervious), Fort +12, Ref +6, Will +4
    Additional limb 1 (tail) [1pt]; Growth 8 (feat: innate; flaw: permanent) [17pts]; Immovable 4 [4pts]; Protection 8 (extra: impervious 8) [16pts]; Strike 3 (feat: mighty) [4pts]
    Feats: Fearless, Luck, Attack Specialization (tail-club/strike +2 to hit)
    Skills: Bluff (+6), Computers (+4), Intimidate (+12), Knowledge (prehist creatures) (+10), Notice (+7), Profession (acting) (+4)

    Combat: Attack +8 (includes Ė2 for size, +2 for specialization), Damage +10 (tail club), Defense +4 (includes Ė2 for size; -4/+4 tradeoff), Initiative +2

    Lift Ė as Str 34 (appx 1000lbs, 1ton, 1.5ton, 3ton, 7.5ton)

    Additional points spent from shapeshift Ė 78pts


    Velociraptor Ė (small) 3í tall, 6í long, 30lbs. Smaller than portrayed in Jurassic Park. Very fast and nimble with razor sharp teeth and sickle shaped toe-claw for holding prey.

    Str 10 Dex 24 Con 18 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 14
    Toughness +4 (or +6 w/defensive roll), Fort +4, Ref +10 (or +12 w/defensive roll), Will +2
    Shrinking 4 (feat: inherent, flaw: permanent, extra: normal strength) [5pts]; Speed 3 (~50mph running) [3pts]; Strike 6 (claws/teeth) (extra: penetrating 4) [10pts]; Leaping 3 (10x normal) [3pts]; Super Senses 1 (low-light vision)
    Feats: Fearless, Luck, All-out attack, Attack focus (melee) 5, Defensive attack, Defensive roll 2, Elusive target, Evasion, Grappling finesse, Improved critical (strike) 3 (17-20 range), Improved initiative
    Skills: Bluff (+6), Computers (+4), Intimidate (+6), Knowledge (prehist creatures) (+10), Notice (+12), Profession (acting) (+4), Stealth (+15)

    Combat: Attack +14 (including size and melee attack focus, +4/-4 tradeoff), Damage +6 (bite/claw strike, penetrating, -4/+4 trade-off), Defense +14 (includes +1 size, +4/-4 tradeoff), Initiative +11.

    Lift: as Str10 (33, 66, 100, 200, 500)

    Additional points spent from shapeshift Ė 100pts

    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Ė (huge, space 15í, reach 10í) Ė 20í tall, 40í long (w/tail), 7 tons. Large, powerful predator with massive jaws and keen senses.

    Str 28 Dex 14 Con 22 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 14
    Toughness +12 (+2/-2 tradeoff), Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +5
    Growth 8 (feat: inherent; flaw: permanent) [17pts], Protection 5 [5pts]; Strike 1 (bite; feat: mighty) [2pts]; Super Senses 3 (low-light vision, scent, track) [3pts]
    Feats: Fearless, Luck, Improved grab, Improved pin, Power attack, Fearsome presence 10 (Will save DC20)
    Skills: Bluff (+6), Computers (+4), Intimidate (+15), Knowledge (prehist creatures) (+10), Notice (+14), Profession (acting) (+4)

    Combat: Attack +8 (includes Ė2 for size), Damage +10 (bite), Defense +6 (includes Ė2 for size, -2/+2 tradeoff)

    Lift: as Str38 (just under 1ton, 2, 3, 6, 15)

    Additional points spent from shapeshift Ė 92pts


    Pteranodon Ė (medium) Ė 25í wingspan, 6í body, 140lbs. Wide wing-spanned hunter, capable of fly-by attacks.

    Str 10 Dex 20 Con 16 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 14
    Tough +7, Fort +8, Ref +12, Will +2
    Flight 3 (50mph) [6pts], Protection 4 [4pts], Strike 4 (beak/claws) [4pts], Super Senses (vision: extended 1, distance sense) [2pt]
    Feats: Fearless, Luck, Evasion, Favored environment (air) 8 (+8 to apply between attack and defense each round while in air), Grappling finesse, Move-by action
    Skills: Bluff (+6), Computers (+4), Intimidate (+6), Knowledge (prehist creatures) (+10), Notice (+15), Profession (acting) (+4), Stealth (+10)

    Combat: Attack +8 (+4/-4 tradeoffÖcap of +14), Damage +4 (strike) (-4/+4 tradeoff), Defense +6 (+2/-2 tradeoffÖcap of +12)

    Lift: as Str10 (33, 66, 100, 200, 500)

    Additional points spent from shapeshift Ė 76pts

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