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    placeholder for


    I promise I will get the write up done

    Character Concept: Stonewall is able to merge with stone (including concrete, pavement, brick, walls, mountainsides and similar materials) and become part of the object. He is composed of living stone and whilst merged is able to manipulate the stone structures around him (earth elemental control). He is able to instantly move to any part of the stone he is merged with and partially reemerge any part of his body (so he could stand at the bottom of a wall merge with it and have his arm reach up from the top of it to grab(engulf ) a flying chracter). Whilst merged he can sense those around him and he also has increased strength, fortitude and invunerability (as long as he is touching the ground).
    Was also consdiering fast healing as long as he is merged but will think about that one.

    Description: Stonewall stands just under 8 feet tall and is 6 feet across his shoulders. His bodyisa composed entirely of stone usually a grey-white but it changes according to the material he has most recently been merged with (eg if he merges with red brick he'll appear reddish-coloured)
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    One of the really cool things about the mixed PL is the ability to have sidekicks and such. So, does someone want to do an interwoven backstory with me? Let me know, I don't have an idea for my PL 8 charachter yet. Thanks.

    I guess, I'll reserve this space for the uncreated SIDEKICK!

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    Name: Dominus
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Str: 10 +0 [0pp]	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 150
    Dex: 16 +3 [6pp]	AB: +10 [20pp]	Unspent: 0
    Con: 20 +5 [10pp]	Grapple: +10	HP: 1
    Int: 16 +3 [6pp]	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 20 +5 [10pp]	Init: +3
    Cha: 14 +2 [4pp]
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total[6pp]
    Defense:  	3	+0	+0	13
    Dodge:		+2	Flatfooted: 11
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total[6pp]
    Fort:	3    	+5	+0	+0	+0	+8
    Ref:	0    	+3	+0	+0	+0	+3
    Will:	3    	+5	+0	+0	+0	+8
    Toughness:	0    	+5	+0	+5	+0	+10
    Attack		Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+10	DC 15	Tough		Bruise
    Hellfire Blast		+10	DC 25	Tough		Bruise
    Eruption (HF Blast)		Percep.	DC 25	Tough		Lethal
    Disintegration		Percep.	DC 14	Fort		Drain 4 Tough
    -Secondary Effect			DC 19	Tough		Lethal
    Hellfire Strike		+10	DC 25	Tough		Lethal
    Movement Types:
    Feats: [7pp]
    Accurate Attack
    Improvised Tools
    Power Attack
    Uncanny Dodge: Mental
    Skill Points: 8 [2pp]
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Concentration		4	+5		+9
    Notice			4	+5		+9
    Languages: English
    Hellfire Control 10 (Mystic, Divine - 2pp/rank + 8pp) 28pp
     Power Feat: Innate				1
     Power Feat: Alternate Power			7
    Alternate Power:  Blast 10 (Mystic, Divine - 2pp/rank + 1pp) 21pp  (Free)
     Extra: Range- Perception				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: Action- Full Round				(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Alternate Power:  Boost 4 (Mystic, Divine - 3pp/rank + 8pp) 20pp  (Free)
     Affects all Skills at once, raising them to 15(16) ranks 	(3/rank)
     Extra: Total Fade					(+1/rank)
     Flaw: Range- Personal				(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Innate				1
     Power Feat: Subtle				2
     Power Feat: Slow Fade				5
    Alternate Power:  Disintegration 4 (Mystic, Divine - 5pp/rank + 1pp) 21pp  (Free)
     Extra: Duration- Concentration			(+1/rank)	
     Extra: Range: Perception				(+1/rank)
     Flaw: Distracting   				(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Alternate Power:  Strike 10 (Mystic, Divine - 2pp/rank + 1pp) 21pp  (Free)
     Extra: Penetrating					(+1/rank)
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Alternate Power:  Telekinesis 6 (Mystic, Divine - 3pp/rank + 2pp) 20pp  (Free)
     Extra: Range- Perception				(+1/rank)
     Power Feat: Precise				1
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Alternate Power:  Telepathy 8 (Mystic, Divine - 1pp/rank + 4pp) 20pp  (Free)
     Mental Senses, 200,000 mile range (Earth to Moon)
     Comprehend- Anyone Understands			2
     Power Feat: Innate				1
     Power Feat: Subtle				1
    Alternate Power:  Teleport 9 (Mystic, Divine - 2pp/rank + 3pp) 21pp  (Free)
     Range of 20,000 Miles (Anywhere on Earth)
     Extra: Accurate					(+1/rank)
     Flaw: Long-Range					(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Change Velocity			1
     Power Feat: Easy  				1
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Immunity 9 (Training, Preternatural - 1/2pp/rank + 1pp) 6pp
     Life Support					9 ranks
     Flaw: Half Effect (1/2 DC or x2 Time)			(-1/rank)
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Leaping 4 (Training, Preternatural - 1pp/rank + 0pp) 4pp
    Protection 5 (Mystic, Divine - 1pp/rank + 0pp) 6pp
     Power Feat: Innate				1
    Regeneration 9 (Mystic, Divine - 1pp/rank + 3pp) 12pp
     Recovery Bonus 4					4 ranks
     Resurrection 5: Every 20 Minutes, Stopped by Cremation	5 ranks
     Power Feat: Innate				1
     Power Feat: Persistent				1
     Power Feat: Reincarnation				1
    Super Movement 2 (Training, Preternatural - 2pp/rank + 1pp) 5pp
     Slow Fall, Trackless				2 ranks
     Power Feat: Alternate Power: Permeate 2		1
    Super Senses 10 (Trainingg, Preternatural, Mystic, Divine - 1pp/rank + 2pp) 12pp
     Blindsight (Mental)- Acute, Radius			6 ranks
     Danger Sense (Mental)				1 rank
     Low-light vision					1 rank
     Tracking (Mental)					1 rank
     Ultra-Hearing					1 rank
     Power Feat: Innate				1
     Power Feat: Subtle				1
    	             	Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	58lb	116lb	175lb	350lb	875lb
    A tall man in his early forties, Dominus appears to weigh about 200lbs. His dark hair is flecked on the temples with grey showing his age, his eyes show a great wisdom, and his lips are in a near constant half-smile. Dominus likes to wear black suits and conservative but dark sunglasses, even indoors. His shoes are always well polished and the laces are neatly knotted and tucked in. When in the field he likes to wear a black trenchcoat on top of his suit. He wears his hair with a part to the left and keeps it fairly short on the sides with a little extra length on top, the hair is always gelled and well groomed. His teeth are remarkably white and his skin is slightly tanned.

    Dominus has a rather odd personality considering his background. He always tries to remain joyful regardless of the situation. Sometimes he maintains this joy at rather inappropriate times, which leads to one of three possible conclusions. One, he could be someone who takes joy in others suffering, although this is unlikely. Two, he is attempting in his own way to keep everyone's spirits high due to his empathic powers. Three, he is slowly slipping from sanity and positive emotions such as joy and hope are all that keep him from sliding past the brink. Whatever the cause he maintains a rapier wit and constantly needles opponents in the midst of combat. In addition he is something of a ladies man, there is something strangely alluring about him though he does not say what it is.


    The first memory of his own Dominus had was of rising with a shroud covering his face. Someone was screaming to one side and he felt cold. Removing the shroud he saw that he was dressed as a priest and had taken a gunshot through the heart. The wound had closed itself and as he stood the coroner shrieked in the corner because the dead man had risen. Dominus felt his head pounding and he could barely recall a previous life. In him he could sense memories of thousands of lifetimes, the collective memories of humanity dating back to the begining. He felt scared and alone and he ran out of the morgue. As he ran several police cars chased him, with a hard rain stinging his flesh he was driven into an alley that had no escape. The police men were shouting and through the storm Dominus could barely hear them. He felt his body warming and looked at the officers, they blocked his escape and he could not pass them. He raised a hand and it felt like part of his body reached out to attack the officers, they were struck with blue flame and lay on the ground unconcious. The power felt completely natural and seemed an outgrowth his own inner will.

    Dominus felt memories come bubbling to the surface, they were of a middle aged man, a father, whose home had been invaded and he killed. Dominus followed the memories to the door of the home and recalling the memories of an expert burglar he picked the lock. He freed the two children of the dead man and found the man's wife dead. Dominus then awaited the killer, when he came Dominus grappled with him and was brought to the ground, the killer choking Dominus. Dominus felt the warmth within his body and called it to the surface, the killer was torn asunder in the hellfire. Dominus had a vision there, laying in the ashes of the murderer. He learned that he was gifted with the collective memories of those who were, are, and are yet to be. Dominus had gained the powers because of a great sin of his past. He said a prayer and took up a crucifx as if by habit, he then went forward into the night to attempt to redeem himself for a sin he did not know.

    Dominus's Hellfire is light blue.

    Dominus can only access the memories of males, he has postulated this may be because a female exists with powers similar to his.

    PP totals: Abilities 36 + Skills 2 (8 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 73 + Combat 26 + Saves 6 = 150 / 150

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    Concept/Archetype:Mecha Pilot
    Power Level: 10
    Real Name: Timothy Zaron
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Size: Medium (Large in Suit)
    Height: 5'10" (9'1")
    Weight: 150 lbs (823 lbs)
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Nationality: USA
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    ABILITIES (18 pp)
    STR 12(+1) +20(+5)
    DEX 14(+2) 
    CON 14(+2)
    INT 12(+1) 
    WIS 14(+2) 
    CHA 12(+1) 
    SAVES (11 pp)
    TOUG +14 (+12 Force Field) Note - 12 ranks Impervious
    FORT +6 (+2 Con + 4 purchased)
    REF  +5 (+2 Dex + 3 purchased)
    WILL +6 (+2 Wis + 4 purchased)
    INIT +2 (+2 Dex)
    SPEED- 100 MPH
    Leaping- Running 375 ft, Standing 187 ft, High 93 ft
    COMBAT (22 pp)
    BASE DEF +5
    DEF 14
    BASE ATT +6
    Melee: +5
    Ranged: +8
    Rail-Gun/Grenade Launcher: 12 (Size Modifier Included)
    SKILLS (24 pp/92 ranks)
    Climb +10 (5 ranks)
    Computers +5 (4 ranks)
    COncentration +4 (2 ranks)
    Craft(Electronics) +11 (10 ranks)
    Craft(Mechanical) +16 (15 ranks)
    Drive +4 (2 ranks)
    Know(Physical Sciences) +6 (5 ranks)
    Know(Technology) +15 (14 ranks)
    Know(Tactics) +6 (5 ranks)
    Medicine +5 (3 ranks)
    Notice +10 (8 ranks)
    Profession(Teacher) +8 (6 ranks)
    Sense Motive +7 (5 ranks)
    Stealth +5 (3 ranks)
    Survival +5 (3 ranks)
    Swim +4 (2 ranks)
    LANGUAGES 0 pp
    FEATS 14 pp
    Accurate Attack
    All-out Attack
    Attack Focus(Ranged)-Rank 3
    Defensive Attack
    Improved Aim
    Move-by Action
    Power Attack
    Precise Shot- Rank 1
    Equipment- Rank 1
    Improvised Tool
    Ultimate Effort(Craft Mechanical)
    Battle Suit(Device(Hard to lose) 17) [Technology / Cost: 66 (4 pp/rank - 2 pp)]
      Total points used in Mech: 9+36+28+6+5=85
      Growth 4[Technology/ Cost: 9 pp (2 pp/rank+ 1 pp)]
        Extra: Continuous
        Flaw: Permanent
        Flaw: No Constitution
        Power Feat: Improved Overrun
      Force Field 12[Magnetic-Technology/ Cost: 37 pp (3 pp/rank +1 pp)]
        Extra: Impervious
        Extra: Continuous
        Power Feat: Selective
      Chain Rail Gun - Blast 7 [Magnetic-Technology/ Cost: 28 (3pp/rank+7)]
        Extra: Autofire
        Power Feats: Accurate x2, Split Attack, Improved Critical x2, Range Increase
        Alternate Power: 
          Grenade Launcher- Blast 7
            Extra: Area
            Power Feats: Split Attack, Range Increase
      Sensor Array - Super-Senses 6 [Technology/ Cost: 6 (1 pp/rank)]
        Direction Sense - 1 ranks
        Distance Sense - 1 ranks
        Infravision - 1 ranks
        Radio - 1 ranks
        Time Sense -  1 ranks
        Ultravision - 1 ranks
      Speed 4 [Technology/ Cost: 5 (1 pp/rank + 1pp)]
        Alternate Power: Leaping 4
      Power Drawbacks:
        Vulnerable(Magnetism) (Moderate, Uncommon): -2
    EQUIPEMENT (5 ep):
        Wheel chair (1 ep), Cell Phone (1 ep), PDA (1 ep), Multi-Tool (1 ep), Lap top (1 ep)
    Drawbacks (-5 pp):
        Normal Identity - Powerless w/o Mech (Common, Major): -4 pp
        Disability- Parapalegic (Uncommon, Minor): -1 pp
       +2 attack/ -2 DC
       -4 defense/ +4 toughness
    abilities [18]
    base att [12]
    base def [10]
    saves [11]
    skills [24]
    feats [14]
    powers [66]
    drawbacks [-5]
    total [150]
    unspent [0]
    The listed numbers for the attacks include the -1 for size. Because of the Normal Identity drawback, the trade-off's include a permanent +1. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Timothy is a lean hawkish looking man that wears basic buisness casual most of the time. He moves about in his clean and kept but entirely plain wheelchair. He keeps his hair in a short buzz cut.

    His mech looks kind of like those in the Matrix movies. Although his mech is slightly smaller and keeps him in a standing position. A visor fits over his eyes allowing much increased accuracy as well as projects the information from the sensor array. A slight wavering can be seen around the mech when the force field is active.

    Sergeant Timothy Zakon had served with distinction for over 7 years in the Army Rangers when he stepped on a land mine in Mogadishu on October 3, 1993. The explosion ripped apart his legs changing his life forever. He had just turned 25.

    After his honorable discharge from the army, Tim struggled to cope with the loss of his legs and the new pace of civilian life. He eventually found peace in teaching children how the world worked. Tim was just starting his 11th year as a high school physics teacher when he woke up one morning his mind filled with an understanding of every mechanical and electrical thing he saw. He suddenly knew ways to make things better. He iron out the inefficiencies in his home electric use and created a 70 time more efficient battery all in the first week using only home appliances.

    For the last year, Tim has been feverishly searching for a way to create a set of new artificial legs. All of his designs have to this point have demanded too large a battery and too many computer parts for any normal human to carry. He created a bulky exoskeleton to support all of the enhanced weight and tension.

    When word came down that the Resolutes were being formed, he quickly got to inventing again. Taking the base exoskeleton, Tim added a multi-cylinder rail chain gun with sidecar grenade launcher, a complex sensor package, and an encompassing bubble of a magnetic force field. Tim was ready to head back into action as Turret.
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    Name: HighBrow
    Real Name: Hughbert Rowe
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Str: 10 +0 (0 pts)	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 160
    Dex: 10 +0 (0 pts)	AB: +5(10pts)	XP: 10
    Con: 10 +0 (0 pts)	Grapple: +5	HP: 6
    Int: 24 +7 (14 pts)	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 20 +5 (10 pts)	Init: +0
    Cha: 10 +0 (0 pts)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	10	+0	+15	25 (0pts)
    Dodge:		+15	Flatfooted: 10
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		5   	+0	+0	+0	+0	+5(5pts)
    Ref:		10    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+10(10pts)
    Will:		5    	+5	+0	+0	+0	+10(5pts)
    Toughness:	0    	+0	+5	+0	+0	+5(0pts)
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed			+5	DC 15	Tough		Bruise
    AutoBlaster Pistol	+14	DC 20	Tough		Bruise(Autofire)
    Blaster Rifle		+12	DC 23	Tough		Bruise
    Stun Gun		+12	DC 20	Stun		
    Movement Types:
    Feats: (62 pts)
    Accurate Attack, 
    Attack Focus (ranged) +7,
    Attack Specialist (autoblaster pistol), 
    Beginner's Luck, 
    Benefit (wealth), 
    Defensive Roll +5, 
    Defensive Strike, 
    Dodge Focus +15, 
    Eidetic Memory, 
    Equipment +6, 
    Evasion 2, 
    Improved Critical (autoblaster pistol) +5,
    Luck +5, 
    Master Plan, 
    Power Attack, 
    Seize Initiative, 
    Teamwork +3, 
    Uncanny Dodge, 
    Skill Points: (26 pts 104 ranks)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Computers		13	+7		+20
    Craft: Electric		3	+7		+10
    Craft: Mechanic		3	+7		+10
    Disable Device		13	+7		+20
    Gather Info		10	+0		+10
    Investigate		3	+7		+10
    Know: Tactics		13	+7		+20
    Know: Tech		3	+7		+10
    Notice			15	+5		+20
    Search			13	+7		+20
    Sense Motive		15	+5		+20
    Equipment: (1 free)
    Blaster Rifle, AP: Autofire Blaster Pistol, AP: Stun Gun, Laptop, V/A Digital Recorder, 
    Cell Phone, Handcuffs, Monocular, Flashlight, Mini-tracer, GPS, Multi-Tool, Flash Goggles
    Super-Senses: Communication Link [extra: Affects Others, power feat: Progression x3, 5pts]
    Super-Senses: Distance Sense, Time Sense [2pts]
    Luck Control: 1 May Spend HP for others [extras: Area, Selective, flaws: Free Action,
    Limited-Must be able to communicate with subjects, 3pts]
    Super-Senses: Danger Sense. Precognition [extra: continuous, flaw: sustained, 5 pts]
    ~AP: Datalink: 5 [1pt]
    ~AP: Comprehend: 5 [Universal Translator, Codes; flaw: Free Action, 1pt] 
    ~AP: Quickness: 5 [flaw: Mental Actions Only, 1pt]
    Haughty, Stoicism
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	33	66	100	200	500
    HighBrow appears to be a non-descript looking man in a well tailored business suit. He is usually found carrying a briefcase of laptop of some sort.

    High-Brow is rather haughty, and has a blunt way of speaking his mind. He sometimes has a habit of “thinking” aloud. This however is just his way of proving his intellectual superiority over his inferiors.

    Hugh was always something of a prodigy. Only after the Comet of ’99 did his true genetic potential realize itself. He is really only “heroing” for the challenge, as he finds super-villains rather unpredictable.

    HighBrow is a tactical savant. He excels at assessing combat situations and immediately coming up with effective options. However his relative fragileness and lack of firepower usually finds him in a support situation, aiding his allies. A position which he excels at due to his ability to achieve a neural link with anyone he touches (Communication Link). His Hyper-Tactical Ability is such that he can accurately predict opponents next moves (Danger-Sense, Precognition) and help his allies counter them (Luck Control, Master Plan, Teamwork).
    His "savantism" is not only limited to tactical situation, having perfect recall (Eidetic Memory), and Computer like mind, allows him to draw upon myriad skills (Beginner's Luck, Jack of All Trades) and abilities (Comprehend, Datalink, Quickness, Distance Sense and Time Sense.)

    Abilities 24 + Skills 26 (104 ranks) + Feats 62 + Powers 18 + Combat 10 + Saves 20 – Drawbacks 0 = 160 / 160

    Trade Offs: +5 Defense -5 Toughness, +3 Attack -3 Damage (Blaster Rifle), +5 Attack -5 Damage (Blaster Pistol)
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    [Note -- this character is written to M&M v1 rules. Any help in converting him to v2 would be greatly appreciated.

    I've listed his powers in order from most-wanted to least-. If some of the unimportant things need to be dropped in order to make everything work, that's fine.]

    Character Concept: A relatively-normal guy ended up incorporeal. Maybe he fell into a dimensional gateway, maybe he "died", maybe he just faded away. I'm not sure. In any case, he's now permanently incorporeal. He can still communicate telepathically with people, though, and he can interact with the physical world if he possesses / mind-controls someone.

    "Permanently incorporeal" is really the hook on which everything else hangs.

    Superhero: Wraith
    Concept: Shadowy Intrepid Psi-Spirit
    Power Level: 8 
    Incorporeal: base cost +2 (pg 73)
      -Vulnerable to Energy Blasts
        -Float +1
        -Ghost Touch +1
        -Immunity +1 :
          -Critical Hits
        -Phase Attack +1
      -Flaw:  Permanent -1
    Cost per rank: +5.  Ranks: 8.  +40 points.
    Telepathy: base cost +2 (pg 87)
        -Group Link +1
        -Mind Control +1
        -Illusion +1
    Cost per rank: +5.  Ranks: 8.  +40 points.
    Wisdom: 20.  +10
    Intelligence: 15.  +5
    Charisma: 15.  +5
    Constitution: 15.  +5
    Dexterity: 15.  +5
    Strength: 15.  +5
    Abilities subtotal: +35
    [Edit]1pp = 4 skill ranks, apparently, which gives me 20 ranks 
    to allocate.  I'll allocate them at some later point.[/Edit]
    Maximum Skill Rank: 11
      Sense Motive
      Move Silently
    Skills subtotal: +5
    Character point total: 120
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    Le Cambrent Spacial

    Size: Med
    Gender: Male

    Str: 10 +0 (XX PP) PowerLevel: 10 PP: 0
    Dex: 10 +0 (00 PP)
    Con: 16 +0 (06 PP)
    Int: 10 +0 (XX PP) Speed: 30'
    Wis: 24 +0 (14 PP) Init: +8
    Cha: 10 +0 (XX PP)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +10 +0 +20 (20 PP)
    Dodge: +5 Flatfooted: 15

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 7 +3 +0 +0 +0 +10 (07 PP)
    Ref: 4 +0 +0 +0 +0 +4 (04 PP)
    Will: 3 +7 +0 +0 +0 +10 (03 PP)
    Toughness: 0 +3 +3 +0 +0 +6

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type
    Unarmed +0 DC X Tough Bruise
    Power +12 DC 6 Tough NA

    Movement Types:
    Teleport Earth to the Moon.

    Feats: (19 PP)
    6x Attack Spec (Spacial Blast)
    2x Evasion.
    Power Attack
    Imp Sunder
    Eidic Memory
    3x DRoll
    Begginer's luck
    Imp. Defense
    2x Imp. Init.

    Skill Points: 20 (5 PP)
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Medicine 1 +7 +8
    Notice 13 +7 +20
    S. Motive 3 +7 +10
    Survival 1 +7 +08
    Languages 2

    ASL(Sign language)

    Power (rank 12 Spacial Control (2 PP/Rank + 6 PP = 30 PP)
    AP Blast rank 6 Penetrating Indirect
    AP Blast rank 6 Penetrating Explosion
    AP Blast rank 6 Penetrating Line
    AP Teleport rank 12 Attack
    AP Teleport rank 11 Portal Tireing, Distracting, PF: Progression. 25x25ft
    AP Teleport rank 8 Portal Distracting

    Power (rank 1Flight 1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 1PP)
    Levitate Only

    Power (rank 12 Deflect 3 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 36 PP)
    All ranged attack, Extra:Action

    Power (rank 5 Super Senses 1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 5 PP)
    Spacial Awareness, Time Sense, Distance, Precog(Unreliable)

    Bald, Tattoed eye on his forhead, what more could you need to know?



    Abilities 16 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 13 + Powers 73 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 -
    Tade offs: Att+4/Damage-4 Defense+4/ Toughness-4

    Threads of time/space. Jean has been blessed with the abilities to see and effect these.
    Affect and moving space allows for the pinching of space, for quick movement(not as far to go) and teleporting.
    What space without time? An infinite threads showing an infinite possible future. The closer to an event the less possibilities, onlu

    Born to life in a small Canadian town, Jean's(pronounced John) mind was open about the time he hit puberty. After the comet passed overhead he began to see what other could not, his power rose exponitaly till the point here he could see the primal forces of the universe. The fabric of creation, and he could pluck the strings.
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    Concept/Archetype: Punk Rocker/Ice Hero
    Power Level: 10
    Power Points: 150
    Experience Points: 0
    Hero Points: 3 (Luck: 2)

    ABILITIES (8pp)
    STR 10 (+0) (0 PP)
    DEX 14 (+2) (4 PP)
    CON 12(+1) (2 PP)
    INT 10(+0) (0 PP)
    WIS 10 (+0) (0 PP)
    CHA 12(+1) (2 PP)

    SAVES (22PP)
    TOUGH +11 (1 Con + 10 Power) *traded –2 Defense/ +2 Tough
    FORT +7 (6 Base + 1 Con) (6 PP)
    REF +10 (8 Base + 2 Dex) (8 PP)
    WILL +8 (8 Base) (8 PP)

    INIT +2
    BASE DEF +4 (8 PP)
    DEF 14 (10 + 4 Base)
    BASE ATT +4 (8 PP)

    Melee Attack:
    Unarmed: +4 (DC 15 Toughness Save)
    Ranged Attack:
    Ice Blast +10*** (DC 25 Toughness Save, Critical on 20, 100ft/increment, Ice-Type)
    Ice Snares +10*** (DC 20 Reflex Save, 100ft/increment, Ice-type)
    *Accurate x3 = +6 to attacks
    **Indirect Attack can create surprise attacks

    SKILLS 44 SP (11PP)
    Bluff +12 (7 Ranks + 1 Cha + 4 Attractive)
    Diplomacy +12 (7 Ranks + 1 Cha + 4 Attractive)
    Knowledge (Pop Culture) +2 (2 Ranks)
    Knowledge (Street Wise) +2 (2 Ranks)
    Perform (Singing) +10 (9 Ranks + 1 Cha)
    Perform (Stringed Instruments) +8 (7 Ranks + 1 Cha)
    Sense-motive +6 (6 Ranks)
    Stealth +6 (4 Ranks + 2 Dex)

    LANGUAGES (0 Ranks)
    Language: English

    SPEED 30/60/120
    LEAP 10/5/2
    Ice Slide 250/500/1000 MPH: 25 (Air Walk x2 + Slow-fall)

    FEATS (3 PP)
    Attractive (1): +4 Bluff & Diplomacy for those who are attracted
    Luck (2): 2 Extra Hero Points

    Regeneration 24 [Mutant, Cold](.5 PP/Rank= 12PP)
    FR: Recovery Bonus +8 (automatic success with +1 from con) [8 ranks]; Bruised (1/turn, no rest required) [3 ranks]; Injured (1/turn, no rest required) [6 ranks]; Staggered (1/turn, no rest required) [6 ranks]; Disabled (1 every 5 hours) [1 rank];
    FL: Limited, only in Cold (Cold Day), Intense Cold (Blizzard), or Extreme Cold (Arctic Blizzard) (-.5 pp/rank)

    Protection 10 [Mutant, Cold](1 PP/Rank = 10 PP)
    *went from Permanent to Sustained, PP costs cancel out, activated as reaction.

    Immunity 10: All Cold Effects [Mutant](1 PP/Rank = 10 PP)

    Environment Control (Cold) 6 [Mutant, Cold](2 PP/Rank = 12 PP)

    Environment Control (Hamper Movement) 6 [Mutant, Cold](2 PP/Rank = 12 PP)

    Ice Slides (Super Movement) 3 [Mutant, Ice] (2 PP/Rank + 2PP = 8pp)
    FR: Slow Fall, Air Walk (Full Speed/ ½ speed when climbing or descending)
    EX: Linked (0) Speed 2 (2pp)

    Ice Blasts 10 [Mutant, Ice](2 PP/Rank + 6 PP = 26 PP)
    PF: Indirect (1PP)
    PF: Accurate x3 (3PP)
    AP: Snare 10 [Mutant, Ice](2 PP/Rank + 4 PP = 24 PP, 1 Net PP)
    PF: Indirect (1PP)
    PF: Accurate x3 (3PP)
    AP: Create Object 7 [Mutant, Ice](3 PP/Rank + 3 PP = 24 PP, 1 Net PP)
    EX: Continuous (7) *sculptures remain when switching AP’s
    PF: Innate (1PP) *no nullification, only melting
    PF: Triggered x2 (2PP) *set multiple triggering events (generally set to triggered by someone falling to create an Ice Slide to catch them)

    Abilities [8]
    Combat [16]
    Saves [22]
    Skills [11]
    Feats [3]
    Powers [90]
    Drawbacks [0]
    Total [150]
    Unspent [0]

    Real Name: Cherry Blake
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Size: Medium
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 123
    Hair: Black and Purple (normally blond)
    Eyes: Purple (contacts, normally blue)
    Nationality: American Citizen
    Ethnicity: Anglo
    Tradeoffs: -2 Defense +2 Toughness

    Cherry is a tall athletic girl, with purple and black hair, that is actually dyed away from her Nordic Barbie doll looks. She also wears violet contacts that hide her blue eyes. Most of the time she wears punk chic, dressing like you’d expect someone from a female rocker, leathers, jeans, and tight tops.

    The Blake’s are a stereotypical old money family, Stay at home wife who runs charities like a business, a high power lawyer doing business in $10,000 suits. Naturally their children went to the best private schools in the nation, and just as naturally, their daughter took to teen rebellion with a passion. She was given Violin lessons and an exquisite Violin, she traded it for a guitar. She was taught to sing classical and choral music, so she started a punk rock band. She graduated from high school in June and is using the Resolutes as a way to avoid going to school full time. Cherry is currently living in loft paid for by her parents, so long as she takes at least a class every semester.

  9. #19


    Name:  Ali “Alex” Kassem - Hummingbird
    Size:  medium
    Gender: male
    Str: 10 +0 (0 PP)	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 150
    Dex: 30 +10(20 PP)	AB: +15 (30 PP)	XP: 0
    Con: 13 +1 (3 PP)	Grapple: +19	HP: 1
    Int: 13 +1 (3 PP)	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 10 +0 (0 PP)	Init: +14
    Cha: 10 +0 (0 PP)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+10	+0	+0	20 (20 PP)
    Dodge:		+5	Flatfooted: 15
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		0    	+1	+0	+0	+0	+0 (0 PP)
    Ref:		0    	+10	+0	+0	+0	+10 (0 PP)
    Will:		5    	+0	+0	+0	+0	+5 (5 PP)
    Toughness:	0    	+1	+0	+9	+0	+10
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type
    Unarmed (Strike)	+15	DC 20	Tough		Bruise
    Movement Types:
    Flight (500mph)
    Feats: (7 PP)
    Defensive Attack
    Improved Initiative
    Improved Trip
    Instant Up
    Move-by Action
    Animal Empathy
    Elusive Target
    Skill Points: 16 (4 PP)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Acrobatics		1	+10		+11
    Escape Artist		1	+10		+11
    Stealth			1	+10		+11
    Gather Information	1	+0		+1
    Handle Animals		1	+0		+1
    Perform: Comedy		1	+0		+1
    Ride			2	+10		+12
    Sleight of Hand		7	+10		+17
    Languages:  English, Arabic
    Super Movement – Permeate 3 [Mutant, Teleportation] (Can move full speed through solid objects) (2pp/rank = 6pp)
    Flight 6 [Mutant, Teleportation] (500mph) (2pp/rank = 12pp)
    Strike 5 [Mutant, Teleportation] (Plus Rapid Attack from Super Speed description…2pp/rank extra…make melee attacks on all in 5’/rank radius) (3pp/rank = 15pp)
    Protection 9 [Mutant, Teleportion] (Extra: Impervious 8) (2pp/rank = 17pp)
    Super Strength 4 [Mutant, Teleportation] (2pp/rank = 8pp)
    Complications:  Claustrophobic, Honor Code
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	532	1064	1600	3200	8000
    Personality, History, and Power Description

    Backstory: Ali "Alec" Kassem always loved magic. From the time he saw his first game of "Three-card Monte" on the boardwalk in Atlantic City during a family vacation, Alec wanted to be a magician. Not that he thought "three-card Monte" or the shell game was magic. He knew that when David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear that THAT wasn't real magic. But he knew magic existed. It was rare, but it was out there.

    He went in search of true magic, but being young and naive, was quickly taken in by conmen and grifters. He worked for them for free, each one promising to teach him true magic, magic they said they reserved for true believers, not the suckers who attended their shows. But each one lied. Soon he was disillusioned and returned home to Allentown, PA. Until the comet swept across the world. Then, he knew, he had seen real magic. He knew that the comet heralded the beginning of an age of true magic, and discovering its nature was his destiny.

    He again went on a quest, hitching his fortunes to yet another string of carnival magicians. One in particular proved to be the mentor he was looking for. Rotundo the magnificent was the most skilled sleight of hand artist Alex had ever seen. His size belied his speed, and when he worked a mark, he could strip him down to his shorts on the stage before the mark even knew Rotundo had moved. He had magic. He gave Alex hope and confidence. His constant advice was not to stop in his search for magic. He told Alex that his magic had come to him recently, after years of searching. He had hoped, he had searched, he had believed, and finally, on the very day he had been about to give up, he had done it.

    During a game of three-card monte he had shuffled the cards through the air so quickly they had caught fire. After that, he worked at honing his craft, for sleight of hand was his passion. Alex thought it was a vulgar way to waste Rotundo's magic, but Rotundo was satisfied with it. The point he drove home to Alex was that he must believe and never stop trying. Alex took that to heart.

    Perhaps it was appropriate, then, that Alex's breakthrough came during a round of the shell game. Rotundo knew his distaste for grift, but Alex really had no choice if he wanted to remain with Rotundo, so he worked his cons with him. During this session of the shell game, the mark was amazingly lucky, winning every round again and again, until Rotundo and Alex were within one more guess of owing the mark $10,000.00. Alex wished harder than he ever had for the magic to come to him, and it happened. During the shuffle, he lost his grip on the shell and faltered. The mark laughed at him, sure that he would be able to follow the ball now. What he didn't know was Alex's hand had gone THROUGH the shell, and pushed the ball through the bottom of the table. Alex finished his shuffle and the mark guessed. When Alex lifted the shell -- nothing. The mark was furious, but the presence of so many well-muscled carnies persuaded him that now was not the time to settle the matter. He took his party and left.

    Rotundo was proud of Alex and together they planned their future, using their abilities to put together a magic show like none before -- Ale all the while continuing the quest for TRUE magic. It was a good plan, until the mark from the day before came back to get what he felt was the money to which he was entitled. All of Rotundo's speed couldn't help him evade the bullet he didn't know was coming. Alex woke up in their trailer as the gunshot rung out, tearing Rotundo's sleeping head from his shoulders.

    Shocked, Alex dropped through the floor of the trailer and ran to nearby trailers shrieking for help. His fellow carnies quickly surrounded the trailer and the murderer emerged. At the sight of the gun, the rest of the carnies backed up, but Alex, enraged, charged at the man, screaming. The murderer emptied his clip into Alex, whose screams turned to shrieks of pain, but he kept coming, moving so fast he was a blur to the assembled crowd. He charged into -- and through -- the man, who collapsed dead without a word. Alex stopped, bleeding and crying, and collapsed to the ground himself.

    The carnies rushed forward and treated his wounds as best they could, amazed that he was still alive and frightened of what they just saw, but loyal to their friend all the same. Alex woke up in an unfamiliar trailer, where the head of the carnival was waiting for him to regain consciousness. His boss told him that while they couldn't keep him with them -- he was too much of a liability -- the least they could do is allow him to escape and not tell the police of his existence. Grateful for what he knew was an awful risk for his friends to be taking, Alex fled, ending up in New Jersey, where he got work as a sleight-of-hand magician in a comedy club, renting an apartment over the club to help cut his expenses.

    Since then, he has been working to find the magic Rotundo encouraged him to seek, as well as trying to forget that he was, provocation or not, a murderer. This realization has prompted him to seek a peaceful solution whenever possible, even if it puts his own life at risk.

    Power Description: Alex is a teleporter of minimal proportions…about half-an-inch, to be exact. However, he can teleport that distance instantly…and incessantly. His powers are all based on this teleportation ability, but they manifest themselves in deceptive ways:

    Flight – he teleports instantly a half-an-inch over and over, giving him the ability to move straight up, sideways, changing directions instantly, etc.

    Permability – he can pass through solid objects – the atoms of his body are assembling themselves loosely in between the atoms of the solids through which he’s passing…he’s all there, and it all still works, but it’s not necessarily all him all at the same time (thank you, comic book physics)

    Rapid Strike – He zips around so fast that he can attack everyone within range of his movement abilities

    Protection – Again, he is moving so fast and in actual space for so little time, that what isn’t missing him completely tends to pass through him…and what is in the same space at the same time as he is is again being passed through as if it were a solid object (i.e. -- a wall or a dinosaur)

    Super Strength – He can carry immense loads for someone so puny. This is because he’s moving it by teleporting it, not by lifting it with his physical strength…he still only uses a 15 pound ball when he bowls

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    Paladin (pl 10) - APPROVED

    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Str: 15 +2 (5 PP)	PowerLevel: 10	PP: 158
    Dex: 14 +2 (4 PP)	AB: +4 (8 PP)	XP: 0
    Con: 14 +2 (4 PP)	Grapple: +6	HP: 5
    Int: 12 +1 (2 PP)	Speed: 30'
    Wis: 12 +1 (2 PP)	Init: +2
    Cha: 15 +2 (5 PP)
    		Base	Power	Feat	Total
    Defense:	+9	+0	+0	19 (18 PP)
    Dodge:	        +5	+5	     Flatfooted: 6
    		Base	Mod	Feat	Power	Misc	Total
    Fort:		3    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+5 (3 PP)
    Ref:		3    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+5 (3 PP)
    Will:		2    	+1	+0	+6Mental+0	+3/9 (2 PP)
    Toughness:	6    	+2	+0	+0	+0	+8 (6 PP)
    Attack			Attack	Damage	Save Type	Type	Crit
    Unarmed			+6	DC 17	Tough		Bruise	  20
    Strike: w/Sword		+10	DC 25	Tough		Bruise	  15+
       w/ Corrosion		+5?	DC 15/20	Fort/Tough	????
    Blast: Thrown Sword	+10	DC 23	Tough		Bruise	   15+
    Reflect/Redirect	+6	Var.	Var.		Var.	   20
    Movement Types:
    Base: 30/60/120
    Leap: 300/600
    Skill Points: 68 ranks (16 PP)
    Skills			Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Bluff			0	+2		+2
    Climb			0	+2		+2
    Concentration		0	+1		+1
    Diplomacy		16	+2		+18
    Disguise		0	+2		+2
    Escape Artist		0	+2		+2
    Gather Information	0	+2		+2
    Handle Animal		4	+2		+6
    Intimidate		8	+2		+10
    Knowledge (History)	4	+1		+5
    Knowledge (Tactics)	4	+1		+5
    Medicine		0	+1		+1
    Notice			4	+1		+5
    Ride			4	+2		+6
    Search			4	+1		+5
    Sense Motive		8	+1		+9
    Stealth			0	+2		+2
    Survival		4	+1		+5
    Swim			4	+2		+6
    Feats: (33 PP)
    Attack Specialization (Sword) R: 3
    Blind Fight
    Elusive Target
    Evasion R:2
    Improved Critical R: 5
    Improved Sunder
    Inspire R: 4
    Luck R: 4
    Master Plan
    Power Attack
    Prone Fighting
    Quick Draw
    Takedown Attack R: 3
    Weapon Break
    Comlink in helmet
    Powers:  (47PP)
    Device- Sword [Easy to lose] (3PP/rank) x4 ranks [20 DP] = 12PP:
    Strike (1 PP/rank) x8 ranks = 8DP
    PF: Migthy = 1DP
    Extra: Linked to Corrosion (0PP/rank)
    Corrosion (2PP/rank) x5 ranks = 10DP
    Extra: Linked to Strike (0PP/rank)
    Alternate power array of Sword (1DP):
    -Blast (2PP/rank) x8 ranks=16PP
    -Burrowing (1PP/rank) x3 ranks= 3PP
    Device- Shield [Easy to lose] (3PP/rank) x5 ranks [25 DP] = 15PP:
    Shield (1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP
    Extra: Linked to Deflect (0PP/rank)
    Deflect (2PP/rank) x5 ranks = 10 DP
    Extra: Linked to Shield (0PP/rank)
    Extra: Reflect (+1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP
    Extra: Redirect (+1PP/rank) x5 ranks = 5DP
    Device- Armor [Hard to lose] (4PP/rank) x5 ranks [25 DP] = 20PP:
    Absorption [Physical to Healing] (4PP/rank) x4 ranks = 16 DP
    Leaping (1PP/rank) x3 ranks = 3 DP
    Mind Shield (1PP/rank) x6 ranks = 6DP
    Enemy: Unknown (maybe Modred, Morgana La Fey, or even Lancelot & Guinivere?)
    Honor: Follows Knightly code of Chivalry (Can't attack first, etc.)
    Obsession: Finding Merlin(?!?) to figure out identity, destiny, etc.
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	 66	133	200	400	1,000
    Paladin is a tall white male with a short sandy colored beard and mustache. His gleaming armor, shield and sword draw the eyes away from the forlorn look on his face. His eyes smolder with a passion kept in check as he ponders some weighty issue within his own mind. Strong but silent, he keeps his mysteries and his problems to himself.(P.S. the wings in the picture below only manifest when using his armor's leaping ability)
    Not alot of fun at parties, Paladin will soon come to be known jokingly as a stick in the mud (assuming someone notices him at all sitting in the dark corner). Until battle errupts that is. With the call to action comes a changed man. A natural leader who tries to use his tactics and skills to help and protect the group in order to win the day against villians.
    Paladin doesn't know who he really is. He has vague memories of a 'regular' life in this world. Driving a 'car' to work. Going to 'school'. Kissing a beautiful woman dressed all in white. But these memories have been fragments since the old man changed him. The old man, his bleached white eyes staring from above his long unkempt grey beard. The dirty trenchcoat he wore reeking of back alley dumpster dives. He held out his hand showing a few small trinkets within the grubby palm. A miniture sword, shield, and suit of armor... "Do you accept these items? Will you fulfill your destiny sire? Wilt thou take up the mantle of your ancestor and once again do battle with the evil in this land? For power once again courses through this world and I have been released from my icy prison. Released so that I may help you become what you could be...SHOULD BE! But only if you choose it. Now...chooooose...."

    The very next thing he knew, he was standing in the street outside of the Resolutes headquarters building. Shiny chariots with four wheels all squawking at him in some loud noisome language. People saluting him with a single finger raised high. All he heard though was the voice of the old man as he looked up at the shiny castle before him. 'Seek out these others to aid you in your battle against the villains of this world. But beware, you may not be the only one from your time to have been brought back...Arthur Pendragon.'
    Unknown to Paladin, if the all 3 devices are removed from him, he will change back into his normal form and identity: Arthur Knight of Indianapolis, Indiana. A loving husband and father who has been reported missing by his family since his complete dissapearance recently. Since Arthur in his Paladin form has different fingerprints, this won't likely be discovered until all 3 items are removed...which is unlikely to happen willingly as Paladin isn't sure what the result would be of such an experiment.
    Change Log
    8PP's from Antiques Roadshow adventure:
    *Added +3 to Defense Bonus (using 6PP) changing it from +6 to +9
    *Added +2 to Toughness Saving Throw (using 2PP) changing it from +4 to +6 base modifier

    Abilities 22PP + Skills 16PP (64 ranks) + Feats 33PP + Powers 47PP + Combat 26PP + Saves 14PP - Disadvantages -0PP = 158 / 158 PP
    Attached Files Attached Files   
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