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    I hope I did this right!

    Monkey Wrench

    Power Level: 10 (150 power points)

    STR 8(-1) (+6PP) (Shrinking)
    DEX 15(+2) (+5PP)
    CON 18(10)(+4( -- )) (+0PP)
    INT 30(20)(+10(--)) (+10PP)
    WIS 18(+4) (+8PP)
    CHA 10(+0) (+0PP)

    Toughness +0/4/10 (0 Con + 0 Feat + 0/4/10Power)
    Fortitude +2/6 (2 Base + 0 Con + 0 Feat + 0/4Power) (2PP)
    Reflex +10 (8 Base + 2 Dex + 0 Feat + 0 Power) (8PP)
    Willpower +4/8 (0 Base + 4 Wis + 0 Feat + 0/4 Power) (0PP)

    Combat: Attack +7 (+5 Base +2 Size)
    Defense 16 (+4 Base +2 Size) (Flat-footed: 14 +2 Base +2 Size)
    Initiative +2
    Grapple: -3 (Attack - +6,Strength - -1,Size - -8)

    Skills: (80SP) (20PP)
    Rank Att Misc
    Acrobatics 10 = 8 + 2 + 0
    Climb 14 = 15 - 1 + 0
    Computers 18 = 8 + 10 + 0
    Craft 16 = 6 + 10 + 0
    Craft (Elec)18 = 8 + 10 + 0
    Craft (Mech)16 = 6 + 10 + 0
    Disable Dev 16 = 6 + 10 + 0
    Know(Tech) 18 = 8 + 10 + 0
    Notice 8 = 4 + 4 + 0
    Stealth 21 = 11 + 2 + 8


    Feats: (7PP)
    Beginner's Luck
    Eidetic Memory
    Hide in Plain Sight
    Improvised Tools
    Equipment 3

    Lifting: 80 lb.

    Additional Limbs 1 - Tail 1PP/Rank + 0 = 1PP
    Device 4 (easy to lose) 3PP/Rank + 0 = 12PP
    Device 9 (hard to lose) 4PP/Rank + 0 = 36PP
    Leaping 2 (F:Permanent;PF:Innate) 1PP/Rank + 1 = 3PP
    Shrinking 8 (PF:Innate) 1PP/Rank + 1 = 9PP
    Super-Movement 1 (Swinging;F:Permanent;PF:Innate) 1PP/Rank + 1 = 2PP

    Thinking Cap (HTL Dev2): Enhanced Ability (Intelligence) 10

    Forcefield Belt (HTL Dev2): Force Field 10

    Wrench (ETL Dev2): Blast 9 (F:Fades;PF:AP-Stun 9 (F:Fades))

    Neuro Stimulator (HTL Dev1): Enhanced Ability (Constitution) 8 (F:Action (Reaction->Move),Duration (Continuous->Sustained);PF:AP-Enhanced Ability (Charisma) 8 (F:Action (Reaction->Move),Duration (Continuous->Sustained)),AP-Enhanced Ability (Wisdom) 8 (F:Action (Reaction->Move),Duration (Continuous->Sustained)))

    Giant Magnet (ETL Dev1): Magnetic Control 5 (F:Limited (Attract/Repel Only))

    Toolkit (ETL Dev1): Dimensional Pocket 1, Strike 6 (Fistracting)

    Goggles (HTL Dev2): Quickness 4 (F:One Type (Mental Tasks)), Super-Senses 4 (X-Ray Vision (not bananas);PF:AP-Super-Senses 4 (Darkvision,Ultra-Hearing,Ultravision),AP-Super-Senses 4 (Radio,Direction Sense,Distance Sense,Time Sense),AP-Super-Senses 4 (Infravision,Scent,Tracking (Full-Speed)),AP-Super-Senses 4 (Microscopic Vision (atomic)))

    Headset (HTL Dev2): Datalink (Radio) 1 (PF:Machine Control), Comprehend 2 (Language (Understand, Speak all);PF:AP-Comprehend 2 (Animals (Speak, Understand)),AP-Comprehend 2 (Machines (Speak, Understand)),AP-Comprehend 2 (Plants (Speak, Understand)))

    Equipment (15 points):
    Blaster Pistol (10),
    GPS Receiver (1),
    Multi-tool (1),
    Rebreather (1),
    Mini-Tracer (1),
    Computer (Laptop) (1)

    Monkey! (I am a monkey. I live in a zoo!)

    Cost Summary:
    Ability 29 + Skills 20 (80 Ranks) + Feats 10 + Powers 63 + Combat 18 + Saves 10 - = 150 / 150

    Size: Tiny
    Monkey Wrench appears to be a normal looking squirrel monkey.
    Wearing overalls...
    Carrying a wrench and a toolbox...
    And, honestly, it just gets weird from there.

    edit: updated version, mostly gadget changes, a few other things
    updated again 12/18/06
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    Echo (Retired)

    Concept/Archetype: Living Echo/damage relecter
    Power Level: 8
    Power Points: 121/123 (3 gained from FFM Demonstration)
    Hero Points: 1


    STR 10(+0) (0 PP)
    DEX 10 (+0) (0 PP)
    CON 16 (+3) (6 PP)
    INT 12 (+1) (2 PP)
    WIS 14 (+2) (4 PP)
    CHA 13 (+1) (3 PP)

    TOUG +3 (3 Con)
    FORT +9 (6 Base + 3 Con) (6 PP)
    REF +4 (4 Base + 0Dex) (4 PP)
    WILL +6 (4 Base + 2 Wis ) (6 PP)

    INIT +4
    BASE DEF +2 (4 PP)
    DEF +12 (10 + 2 Base)
    BASE ATT +3 (6 PP)
    GRAPPLE: +3

    Brass Knuckles +3 (DC 16 Tough, type: bruise)

    SKILLS 16 SP (4 PP)
    Notice +8 (6 Ranks + 2 Atb)
    Search +5 (4 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    Sense Motive +6 (4 Ranks +2 Atb)
    Swim +6 (6 Ranks)

    LANGUAGES (0 Ranks)

    SPEED 30/60/120

    Improved Inititative
    Precise Shot

    Deflect R8 (reaction, 8 PP/Rank [2/pp rank base] + 0 PP = 64 PP)
    EX: Action x3 (+3/rank)
    EX: Automatiic (+1/rank)
    EX: Reflection (+1rank)
    EX: Ranged (+1/rank)
    PF: Selective
    Comphrend (language, free action 1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 1 PP)
    FL: Action (-1/rank)

    Immovable R6 (1 PP/Rank +0 PP = 6 PP)

    Datalink Communicator
    Brass Knuckles (1)
    Flashlight (1)
    Handcuffs (1)
    PDA (1)

    Abilities [15]
    Combat [10]
    Saves [12]
    Skills [5]
    Feats [5]
    Powers [71]
    Drawbacks [0]
    Total [120]
    Unspent [0]


    Real Name: De’ron Conrad
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Size: M
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Black (dredlocks)
    Eyes: brown
    Nationality: Jamacian
    Ethnicity: Jamacian
    Tradeoffs: none
    Education: High School
    Family: Uncle Jon
    Identity: Public

    Light Load: 33lbs, Med Load: 66lbs, Heavy Load: 100lbs, Max Load: 200lbs, Push/Drag: 500

    Enemy (Reggie Phillips a.k.a. Landslide)


    Average would be the best way to describe De’ron. Although on the short and light side, he has a relativly normal build (not overly athetic but not obese), black hair woven into dredlocs and brown eyes. He tends to be on the quiet side more of a follower then a leader.

    De’ron Conrad was born north of Morant Bay, Jamaica. At the age of 6 his parents were lost during a storm while fishing and the boy was raised by a close friend of his father’s, his “Uncle” Jon. His childhood and adolescene were fairly typical and his grades in high school weren’t stellar but weren’t bad.

    On the eve of December 31st, 1999, De’ron and his best friend, Reggie Phillips decided to celebrate by spending the night in an old cave renown for his echoing properties. They boys were having a fairly good time and as the comet entered the atmsphere De’ron shouted “Echo! Happy New Year!”

    Unbenown to the boys they were both altered by the radiation of the comet. No effects were immeidate and the boys continued their senior year blissfully ignorant of the changes they were undergoing. Soon, Reggie started to not show up for class and wouldn’t anwser the phone or the door when De’ron called or paid him a visit.

    Three months after Reggie’s mysterious disappearance he contacted De’ron via a message written in rocks in front of De’ron’s house. “Meet me at the cave-R” was all the message said.

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    Golden King / Midas

    The Golden King / Midas Pessinus
    Concept/Archetype: Mythic Hero (Gold Brick)
    Power Level:8
    Power Points:120
    Experience Points: 0
    Hero Points:1

    LSForm2 Preview


    STR 8(0) +0(-1) (+2 PP)
    DEX 10(10) +0(+0) (0 PP)
    CON 16(26) +3(+8) (6 PP)
    INT 10(10) +0(+0) (0 PP)
    WIS 8(8) +0(-1) (+2 PP)
    CHA 16(16) +3(+3) (6 PP)

    Total Abilities: 8 pp


    TOUG +3 (+3 Con)
    FORT +8 (3 Con + 5 Power) (0 PP)
    REF +6 (6 Base) (6 PP)
    WILL +8 (9 Base + -1 Wis ) (9 PP)
    Total for Saves:15


    INIT +0
    BASE DEF +0 (0 PP)
    DEF 23 (10 + 0 Base + 0 Feat + 13 Power)
    BASE ATT +0 (0 PP)


    Melee:Attack +10 (DC 21 Tough, CRIT(15+) , Type:Bruise)

    SKILLS 36 SP (9 PP)

    Knowlege(History) +4 (4 Ranks)
    Profession(Finance) +8 (8 Ranks)

    Concentration +5 ( 6 Ranks + -1 Atb)
    Notice +8 (9 Ranks + -1 Atb)

    Sense Motive +8 (5 Ranks + 3 Atb)
    Bluff +6 (1 Ranks + 3 Atb + 2 Feat)
    Diplomacy +6 (1 Ranks + 3 Atb + 2 Feat)
    Perform(Oratory) +4 (1 Ranks + 3 Atb)

    LANGUAGES (1 Ranks)


    SPEED 50/100/200
    LEAP 5/10/20

    FEATS (20 PP)

    All-out Attack
    Accurate Attack
    Power Attack
    Defensive Attack
    Attractive (+2 to Bluff and Diplomacy)
    Evasion 2
    Uncanny Dodge
    Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 5
    Improved Critical (Unarmed) 4
    Benefit: Wealth 6 (8 base +24 wealth= +32 Total )(Flaw: Philanthropist -1, since he can't use it )


    The Curse (Revised) -- Net: 35 pp
    Transform 8 [InAnimate objects -> Gold (250 lbs)](4 PP/Rank + 3 PP = 35 PP)
    PF: APx2, Split Attack
    EX: Move Action (+1), Alt Save(Reflex) (+0), Continuous(Lasting) (+1)
    FL: Limited(Ireversible)(-1), Touch Range (-1)
    AP ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^{
    ....Drain 12 [Reflex Save](.5 PP/Rank = 6 PP) -- Will Save DC of 18
    ....FL: Flaw (Target recovered instantly from drain) (-1)
    ....PF: Alt Save(Will)
    ........Linked: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    ....Transform 8 [Animate Objects ->Gold](3 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 26 PP)--DC 18 Reflex Save
    ....PF: Incurable
    ....EX: Alt Save(Reflex) (+0), Continuous(Lasting) (+1)
    ....FL: Limited(Ireversible)(-1), Touch Range (-1)
    }-32 pp Net
    AP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^{
    Animate Object 8 [Gold Only](2 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 21 PP)
    PF: Progression 2 (5 Objects)
    FL: Limited(Gold) (-1)

    ....Transform 1 [Broken Gold Obj --> Fixed Gold Object] (2 PP/Rank + 8pp = 11 PP)
    ....PF: Progression 8 (250 lbs), AP
    ....FL: Gold Objects Only (-1), Requires Gold for Materials(+0)
    ....Healing 1 (6 PP/Rank + 2 PP = 9 PP )
    ....PF: Persistant, Regrowth, Innate
    ....EX: Action(Reaction +3), Total(+1)
    ....FL: Self Only (-1), Requires Gold to Absorb(+0)
    } ---32 pp Net

    Durability of Gold-- Net: 28 pp
    Shield 13 [Gold Dodge] (1 PP/Rank = 13 PP +2pp= 15pp ){
    PF: APx1,Dynamic
    DAP |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |
    ....Immunity [Life Support, Critical Hits, Aging] (1 PP/Rank +1)
    ....PF: Dynamic, APx2
    ....FL: Sustained
    ....Drawback: Noticable
    ....DAP||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |
    ....Enhanced Con 10 [Homogenous] (1/2 PP/Rank +2 pp = 7 )
    ....PF: Dynamic,
    ....FL: Limited: To soft to affect toughness(-1)
    ....DB: Noticable
    ....DAP||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||
    ....Strike 6 [Unarmed - TWACK!] (1 PP/Rank +1 PP 7 )
    ....PF: Dynamic
    ....Drawback: Noticable

    Ductile -- Net: 7pp
    Elongation 5 [125 feet](1 PP/Rank +2 pp = 7 PP)
    PF: APx2
    AP ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
    ....Insubstantial 1 (5 PP/Rank = 5 PP)
    AP ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^{
    Super Movment 1 [Swinging ] (2 PP/Rank = 2 PP)
    Speed 3 [100 mph, 100 ft/rnd ] (1 PP/Rank = 3 PP)
    }--5pp Net

    Powers Total: 70


    Abilities [8]
    Combat [0]
    Saves [15]
    Skills [9]
    Feats [20]
    Powers [70]
    Drawbacks [-2]
    Total [120]
    Unspent [0]

    Real Name: King Midas (of) Pessinus
    Height: 5.8
    Weight:300 lbs
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Greek(Phrygian)
    Save DC --> Attack (+2)

    Minor Vulnerability to Heat and Electricity (uncommon?) (Good Conductor)

    Involuntary Transformation( ) aka Accidental 'Golding' of Objects or People

    Midas appears as a 5.8 golden human male with a full beard. As he was in life, he is slighly rotund. Midas powers are his golden touch(which he refuses to use against humans), and the gold properties of his body(It is ductile, which is both good and bad). He also can animate gold objects to a degree, which allows him to wear cloths. Midas is quite wealthy, although it does him little good as he can't benefit from most equipment(it just becomes gold). Despite his curse, Midas is quite personanable, and was a decent ruler. (He was originally rewarded for being hospitable to Dionysus's father.)

    Midas is(was) a king(and a decent one, at that), and this shows in his personality. While somewhat unsure in this era, he will attempt to lead if no-one else makes an effort. He feels a great responsiblity to help, but is fearful of what he can do.

    The story of King Midas is well known. How we was reward by Dionysus with a the power to turn things to gold with a touch, how he at first was overjoyed, but his joy was short lived when he discovered the extent of his curse. How he could not eat, and his touch even turned his own daughter into a statue. He fled the palace, and waited for death, and his postion was taked by his younger brother(leading to legands that Dionysus repealed the curse).

    Midas waited for death upon a golden bier, but when it finally came, even it did not provide release. When Midas awoke, his entire body had turned to gold. All this did was increase his curse suffering though, as he no longer had the crass needs of mortals, but he still infliced gold with a touch, thus cutting him off from his own kind. The Golden King eventually learned to live with his curse, hiding, and using the one gift it gave him...incredibly wealth, to help others as much as he could. He was still cut off from humanity however, and yearned for companionship.

    On the eve of the new millenium, his power changed. His body assumed more of the properties of gold, and more importantly, he actually had some control over it. This allowed him to wear cloths of gold, for he could make them as supple and moveable as the the rich cloth he wore in life. After hiding for a while he vowed to join the newly chartered team, while less powerful than many of them, he still hoped to have something to contribute(besides funding).


    I had a vague idea about him helping 'bankroll' the group a bit, although it would be more of a background thing/hook. Didn't want to write that in if it was a problem though.

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    Concept/Archetype: Acrobatic Marksman
    Power Level: 10
    Power Points: 150
    Experience Points: 0
    Hero Points: 5

    STR 10 (+0) (00 PP)
    DEX 30 (+10) (20 PP)
    CON 10 (+0) (00 PP)
    INT 14 (+2) (04 PP)
    WIS 16 (+3) (06 PP)
    CHA 20 (+5) (10 PP)

    TOUG +7/0 (00 Con + 07 Feat + 00 Power)
    FORT +4 (04 Base + 00 Con + 00 Feat + 00 Power) (04 PP)
    REF +10 (00 Base + 10 Dex + 00 Feat + 00 Power) (00 PP)
    WILL +4 (01 Base + 03 Wis + 00 Feat + 00 Power) (00 PP)

    INIT +18
    BASE DEF +2 (04 PP)
    DEF +10 (10 + 02 Base + 08 Feat + 00Power)
    BASE ATT +4 (08 PP)

    Melee:Attack +4 (DC XX SAVE, CRIT, TYPE)
    Ranged:Attack + 10 (DC XX SAVE, CRIT, RANGE, TYPE)

    SKILLS Acrobatics 8 (+18) Bluff 8 (+13) Concentration 4 (+7) Disable Device 8 (+10), Disguise 8 (+13) Escape Artist 8 (+18) Gather Information 8 (+13) Knowledge (Streewise) 4 (+6) Notice 8 (+11), Search 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+11) Sleight of Hand 8 (+18) Stealth 8 (+18) 88 SP (22 PP)

    LANGUAGES (00Ranks)
    Language English

    SPEED 30/60/120
    LEAP 10/5/2

    FEATS (71 PP)
    Accurate Attack 1
    Acrobatic Bluff 1
    All-Out Attack 1
    Ambidexterity 1
    Assessment 1
    Attack Focus (Ranged) 6
    Contacts 1
    Defensive Roll 7
    Distract (Bluff) 1
    Dodge Focus 8
    Equipment 6
    Evasion 1
    Improved Aim 1
    Improved Defense 1
    Improved Disarm 2
    Improved Initiative 2
    Improvised Tools 1
    Instant-Up 1
    Luck 4
    Move-by Action 1
    Power Attack 1
    Precise Shot 1
    Quick Change 2
    Quick Draw 1
    Ranged Pin 1
    Redirect 1
    Richochet Attack 1
    Seize Initiative 1
    Set-up 1
    Skill-Mastery 2
    (Acrobatics, Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth)
    Taunt 1
    Throwing Mastery 6
    Ultimate Aim 1
    Uncanny Dodge (sight, hearing) 2
    Well-Informed 1

    Bag of Tricks (Utility Belt) 25 ep:
    Blast Ball (Blast Explosion 5) 1 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery
    Flasher Ball (Flash-Bang Grenade, Dazzle Burst 4) 1 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery
    Gum Ball (Snare Explosion 4) 1 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery
    Shuriken 1 ep
    Sleeper Ball (Sleep Gas Grenade Fatigue Explosion 4) 1 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery
    Smoker Ball (Smoke Grenade Obscure Visual) 1 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery
    Throwing Blades, (Blast 2) 1 ep
    Weeper Ball (Tear Gas Grenade, Dazzle 4 + Nausea Explosion 4) 18 ep *Damage does not stack with Throwing Mastery

    Caltrops 1 ep
    Camo Clothing (Urban) 1 ep
    Flash Goggles 1 ep
    Masterwork Disguise Kit 1 ep
    Masterwork lockpicking kit 1 ep

    30 ep

    Abilities [40]
    Combat [12]
    Saves [05]
    Skills [22]
    Feats [71]
    Powers [00]
    Drawbacks [00]
    Total [150]
    Unspent [00]

    Real Name: Simon Bateleur
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Size: M
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 124 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Grey
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    A slender, delicate figure of just above-average height, Simon Bateleur is a rather pale man with a rather intense expression, even if it is usually one of amusement. His favored costume is modeled after a jester's motley, colored red, orange, and yellow, though he's worn many variations thereof, and can be found in everything to camoflage to fine tuxedos.

    When the event occured in 1999, Simon Bateleur was a rather unremarkable street performer in New York City. The boost to his reflexes that occured shortly thereafter was so subtle that it took some time for him to realize that his skills had gone from decent, to 'remarkable' to 'inhumanly good' in a matter of months. Simon was amazed at his newfound proficiency, even moreso when he discovered that he'd gained an uncannily accurate aim as well. Indeed, he seemed to develop skills involving manual dexterity with remarkable ease, learning them almost as fast as he tried.

    A better man than Simon would have been sorely tempted by such abilities--and Simon was not a better man. He turned to crime--having always had a back-door connection to it, and became one of the world's first Super Criminals. Simon relished the danger and the display of skill of his heists, and was the first Super Criminal to go public, creating the persona of the Juggler. His brazenness and colorful costume made him a major figure in the public eye, and his lengthy crime spree made him a target to the first "Super Heroes" that appeared on the scene. But somehow, through a combination of skill, luck, and sheer daring, the Juggler evaded capture, taunting and humilating far more powerful foes for three years.

    His lucky streak broke in 2005, and with such a strong case against him, Simon plead guilty and went immediately to 'the Citadel' one of the first Super Criminal only prisons. In there, he had something of a revelation--he didn't like most of his fellow Super Criminals. Simon had long seen himself as a sort of romantic antihero, pitting himself against the system, and usually winning--he'd exprected the same sort of views from his fellow inmates. Instead he found a group that went from petty little thugs enjoying a power rush to psychopaths and megalomaniacs who viewed all others as insects to be crushed under their heels. The Juggler found it hard to sympathize--or even get along with people like this.

    Then one year into his sentence, he found out about an escape plan involving several dozen inmates, including five of the most notorious prisoners there. Without a second thought, he reported it to the guards--and when asked, agreed to join the group as an undercover informant. Simon handled the job admirably, and when the prison break began, was not only instrumental in stopping it, but saved the lives of several guards.

    As Simon had made life in the Citadel rather difficult for himself, he was quickly transfered to a more comfortable facility, and shortly thereafter, given a parole with one condition--that he remain in the custody of the Resolutes, serving them as an agent, until such time that it was certain that he was undeniably reformed.
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    GAUNTLET ((emailed to Bront and Hero4hire... but posting here too for submission))

    Name:Aleksander Zoya
    Codename: GAUNTLET
    Size: medium
    Gender: male
    Origin Type: altered/technological

    Str: 14 + 16(enh) [+10] (20 PP) PowerLevel: 10 PP: 150
    Dex: 12 [+1] ( 2 PP) Atk Bonus: +5 (10 PP) XP: 0
    Con: 14 + 16(enh) [+10] (20 PP) Grapple: +15 HP: 0
    Int: 12 [+1] ( 2 PP) Speed: 30'
    Wis: 14 [+2] ( 4 PP) Init: +1
    Cha: 12 [+1] ( 2 PP)

    Base Power Feat Total
    Defense: +5 +0 +0 15 (10 PP)
    Dodge: +0 Flatfooted: 15

    Base Mod Feat Power Misc Total
    Fort: 0 +10 +0 +0 +0 +10 ( 0 PP)
    Ref: 4 +1 +0 +0 +0 +5 ( 4 PP)
    Will: 3 +2 +0 +0 +0 +5 ( 3 PP)
    Toughness: 0 +10 +0 +0 +0 +10

    Attack Attack Damage Save Type Type
    Unarmed +10 DC 25 Tough Bruise
    [[critical range = 18-20]]

    Movement Types: running speed = 25mph
    enhanced leaping: running long jump = 160 ft
    standing long jump = 80 ft
    high jump = 40 ft

    Feats: (23 PP)
    attack focus(melee) - 5; diehard; endurance - 5; fast overrun
    fearless; improved overrun; takedown attack - 2; improved grab
    improved grapple; improved critical (unarmed) - 2; improved pin
    stunning attack; move-by action

    Skill Points: 52 ( 13 PP)
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    craft (structural) 8 +1 +9
    disable device 8 +1 +9
    drive 8 +1 +9
    intimidate 8 +1 +9
    knowledge (technology) 8 +1 +9
    languages 4 - -
    notice 8 +2 +10

    Languages: russian (native), english, italian, german, spanish


    Super Strength (industrial arms) - 5 (2 PP/Rank + 3 PP = 13 PP)
    power feats: groundstrike, shockwave, thunderclap

    speed (bionic legs) - 2 (25mph) (1 PP/Rank = 2 PP)

    Leaping (bionic legs) - 3 (x 8 leaping distance) (1 PP/rank = 3 PP)

    Immovable (massively built) - 5; unstoppable (+20 bonus vs being moved) (2pp/rank = 10 PP)

    Super Senses (sensitivity to magnetic field) - 3 (1pp/rank = 3 PP)
    awareness [magnetic effects, mental sense, extended - 1, radius]

    Regeneration (internal self repair systems) - 4 (1 pp/rank = 4 PP)
    * bruised or onconscious = 1 after 1 round (1 rank)
    * injured or staggered = 1 / 20 min (1 rank)
    * disabled = 1 check / 5 hours (1 rank)
    * ability damage = 1 recovered per 5 hours (1 ranks)

    Blast (rapid fire popup autocannon) - 5; autofire, unreliable (5 charges)
    (2pp/rank = 10 PP) {{mounted in both forearms}}

    Unknown Enemy: Shadowy villain may interfere with Gauntlet's affairs. Wants to reclaim his "creation". Enemy is fully aware of Gauntlet's vulnerability to magnetic attacks and effects (he engineered him that way purposfully in order to more easily control him).

    Weakness vs Powerful Magnetic Fields: intensity = moderate (+1);
    frequency = uncommon (+1); time increment = every round (+3)
    (Causes a Cumulative -1 drain on strength each round)
    [value = 5 pp bonus]

    Vulnerable to Magnetic Attacks: intensity = moderate (+1);
    frequency = uncommon (+1)
    (increases saving throw DC of magnetic attacks by 50%)
    [value = 3 pp bonus]

    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 8t 16t 24t 48t 125t

    statistics = 50 PP
    attack, defense, and saves = 27 PP
    skills = 13 PP
    feats = 23 PP
    powers = 45 PP
    drawbacks = -8 PP
    TOTAL: 150 PP

    Alex has square, masculine, chiseled features. His hair is dark, almost black, and has
    a slight natural curl to it. He keeps it long but tied back. His eyes are a brilliant
    green and very intense looking.

    Aleksander is massively muscled, but that fact is overshadowed by the massive robotic arms
    mounted to the body at the shoulder. They are painted bright yellow and resemble
    construction equipment moreso than normal limbs. The arms are oversized and sometimes make it difficult for Alex to squeeze through tight spaces.

    Alex dresses simply, normally wearing sleeveless t-shirts and camouflahed or khaki cargo pants when not in uniform. His uniform is similarly cut, normally displaying the yellow-green two tone on the top with simple green cargo pants.

    Aleksander Zoya spent his early years as any typical youth would in the largest of the former soviet republics. His family was less than affluent, and Alex (his nickname) dropped out of school when he was 15 to start working with his father in construction. Years passed and Aleksander shaped up into a strong, strudy young man, whonontheless yearned for a better life for him and his family. Alex thought he had found that opportunity when a shadowy figure offered him a large sum of money for doing what he called "freelance construction work."

    What really happened was that Alex found himself drugged and strapped to a table in the cloaked figures laboratory. His body was painfully modified with robotic implants, the most drastic of which were massive robotic arms which resembled construction equipment more than normal limbs. Aleksander was groomed to be a controlled cybernetic slave to this shadowy villain, chosen for his powerful build and ability to survive the agonizing rebuilding process.

    However, Alex managed to burst free of his captor before the process was complete. The
    equipment which would enslave his mind was never installed, and the newly empowered young man tore a path of destruction through the facility as he fought his way out. His captor vanished amidst the chaos. He never even saw his face.

    Now Aleksander Zoya mourns his lost humanity, but also sees his newfound strength as a chance to do some good, perhaps even elevate his family to above the poverty line. Hearing of the opportunities available to him within the ranks of the Resolutes, he scraped together the money and set off for America...

    Aleksander's personality tends to fluctuate somewhat. At times he is jovial and friendly, and at others he will withdraw from others to brood over what he feels he can never regain. Doctors have told him that removing the robotic implants within him would most likely be fatal, and so he has tried to make the best of it. Sometimes it gets to him though...
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    Gallant (Lvl 3)

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    ø Block LogicsFate

    ø Friend+
    Speed Freak
    Concept/Archetype: Speedster(With a dash of Skill Monkey)
    Power Level:10
    Power Points:150
    Experience Points:
    Hero Points:

    STR 14(+2)
    DEX 12(+1)
    CON 10(+0)
    INT 12(+1)
    WIS 08(-1)
    CHA 10(+0)

    TOUG +05(+5 Armor, Equipment)
    FORT +02 (02 Base + 00 Con)
    REF +10 (09 Base + 01 Dex)
    WILL -01 (0 Base - 01 Wis)

    INIT +41(+40 SS +1 Dex
    BASE DEF +00
    DEF 25 (10 + 15 Feat)
    BASE ATT +10

    Melee:Attack +15 (DC +5 SAVE Tough, CRIT 19-20, TYPE Blud)

    Ranged:Attack +10 (DC +10 SAVE Tough, CRIT 20, Thrown, TYPE Varies, Autofire)

    SKILLS 96 SP
    +14 Bluff(10 Ranks + 4 Attractive)
    +10 Computers(09 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    +10 Craft(Mech)(9 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    +10 Craft(Structural)(9 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    +14 Diplomacy(10 Ranks + 4 Attractive)
    +01 Language(1 rank)
    +13 Know(Civics)(12 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    +14 Prof(Law)(015 Ranks - 1 Atb)
    +10 Search(09 Ranks + 1 Atb)
    +13 Slieght of Hand(12 Ranks + 1 Atb)


    MPH: 10,000/20,000/40,000
    Feet per Round 88,000 Exactly or 16.6repeating miles a round
    176000 f/p accelerated or 33.3r m/r
    352,000 f/r All out. Or 66.6r M/r

    Tactical Movement.(In combat)
    80f/r 160f/r 10,000m/h

    (Crossed out because it is a variant rule the judges will discuss)

    Attack Focus (Melee)x5
    Benefit(Alt ID)
    Defensive Rollx2
    Dodge Focusx15
    Instant Up
    Move-by Attack
    Uncanny Dodge(sight)

    Super Speed r10[Mutant](5 PP/Rank + 7 PP = 57 PP)
    PF: Rapid Attack(Free due to SS)
    PF: Insubstantial(incorporeal)[Hitable by Mental and Electric]
    PF: Rapid Fire
    PF: Wall Run
    PF: Water Run

    SS Array
    Air Control 10 [Speed](3 PP/Rank=30 PP)
    Tripping, No damage.
    EX: Explosion
    Air Control 10 [Speed](2 PP/Rank=20 PP)
    Deflect 15 [Speed](3 PP/Rank= 45 PP)
    All Ranged
    EX: Action(Free)

    Flash Goggles
    Undercover Vest
    GPS Recevier
    Energy Knuckles +3 Damage Bonus 19-20crit

    Enemies [people he's sent to jail], Fame

    Abilities [06]
    Combat [20]
    Saves [11]
    Skills [24]
    Feats [32]
    Powers [57]
    Total [150]
    Unspent [00]

    Real Name: Dexter Arron Morris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Size: Med
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 130lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Nationality: USA
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Tradeoffs:Att/Dam +5/-5 Def/Tough +5/-5

    Punk, short spikey red hair, goggles and a couple of peircings. Torn clothing, his pulls off the look well.

    He has peircings- in one ear, tounge and nose, and in a few other places. The nose and tonge rings and well postioned enough to be hideable. He has a multitude of tattoes on his arms and body. When not in uniform.

    Unless, he's his Alternate ego.

    Dexter is a successful lawer type, wears a suit and has slicked back red hair. His peircings and his his tattos are hidden or covered by his 3 peice, with the exception of his earring which is replaced by a diamond stud.

    You know that nerdy smart kid; Head of his class wouldn't even try to get a date, over reaching parents? That was Dexter; He was as many high schoolers, miserable. Going as far to envy one of his friends, a punk type that put no effort into much but he always seemed free.
    Well, time passed, and Dexter graduated with honors. Attended law school and became a lawyer. The rather large problem with this was that he lacked "force of personality". He seemed doomed to work for low pay as a Free State defender, defending many a guilty man.

    Enter: One mysterious meteor

    Fun times hearing about all the effects of the new era, but Dexter still had work to do. Late one night Dexter was reading over case files. He read one, then another then another. It all felt so natural till he realised he had read over 100 files in their entirety in under an hour.
    The next day Dexter seems a bundle of nervous energy, he took up jogging, got to places 30 minutes early, finishing chores in half the time, sometimes less. He poured his energy into his work. Rapidly becoming one of the best defenders in the state, there was no one he couldn't get off!
    Until he got someone off who was very guilty. Stanley Smith, A man who killed and then killed again. Dexter couldn't be a part of the new trial, deemed a conflict of interest. So he had to watch in horror as an inept prosecution got the whole case thrown out of court.
    It was Dexter’s fault, he got that kid killed and now someone else would suffer. No, Dex wouldn't have any of that. Stanley had gotten by twice on luck instead of brains, going straight back to whence he came, it seemed he was all set to kill again.

    Enter Dexter

    An old house, a soon to be victim, a soon to again be killer set the scene. Dexter bursts in, a gun awaits his arrival, and it fires. Everything stops. Dexter doesn't though, he moves forward, around the bullet that hangs in the air, around the killer with a cocky look in his eye. He comes up with an elbow that sends the guy flying. If Stanley was conscious he might have been as surprised as Dexter, but alas. He checks the victim, a little girl, alive but unconscious. Dexter sighs and finds a phone.
    When the police arrived they didn't question Dex that much. He was the hero, what strange coincidences in the world that he should be in the area when he heard screaming.
    Back at work, Dexter switched to prosecution. Vowing to put away all that deserved it.

    It's been a few years now, Dex is best of the best again and things have been moving fast. For our hero on the other hand they have been moving so slow, he tried new hobbies, he tried extreme hobbies but nothing was like that night, the night he realized his powers. He is and will always be a lawyer but he needs a break, a vacation, the thrill of the hero is what he's shooting for.

    His costume was originally an outfit much like his old friends, the thought of being free, it was new to him. But he knew if he we're recognized he'd never be able to go back to Lawyering and he wears goggles and spikes his hair and dons the clothes of punk.


    Dependency, Must take special pill supplied by UN Task force daily or suffer a -1 penelty to Wisdom.(Cumulative)
    SF keeps about a month supply on him but usually runs out weekly.
    Since he descovered his power he has been able to take the time to learn many new things but in the recent months it was becoming harder and harder to stay centered, focused. He was managing well enoughtill the UN offered him the job. When the problem came up they promised to help however they could. A week later they created a pill, for Dexter, The Pill. He's focused again sharper than ever but it seems to have a price, without it he loses focus and self faster than ever. He's tried not taking them anymore and the effort allmost

    Dexter is one of the best of the best in the law world. Having taken down many high profile criminals, and tried many very public cases his face is know. That's why he dons goggles, pierceings, a mohawk, ect.

    One of the things he liked to do before joining the resolute was to take down crime lords and low powered villians and prosucute them himself, putting many people behind bars who if the ever made the connection...

    Eventually he was contacted by the UN taskforce, an offer, gladly accepted. They gave him some equipment and sent him to the Resolutes. For now Dexter will have to be on extended vacation, traveling the world perhaps. While he's doing that the world will be able to rest easier with a new hero...
    Speed Freak!
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    Power Level:8
    Power Points:123
    Experience Points:0
    Hero Points:1

    STR 14(30) +2(+10) (4 PP)
    DEX 10(+0) +XX(+XX) (0 PP)
    CON 14(34) +2(+12) (4 PP)
    INT 12(+1) +XX(+XX) (1 PP)
    WIS 8(-1) +XX(+XX) (-2 PP)
    CHA 17(+3) +XX(+XX) (7 PP)

    TOUGH +12 (+2 Con + 0 Feat + 10 Power)
    FORT +12 (0 Base + 2 Con + 0 Feat + 10 Power) (0 PP)
    REF +0 (0 Base + 0 Dex + 0 Feat + 0 Power) (0 PP)
    WILL -1 (0 Base - 1 Wis + 0 Feat + 0 Power) (0 PP)

    INIT +0
    BASE DEF +4 (8 PP)
    DEF 14 (10 + 4 Base + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    BASE ATT +6 (12 PP)

    Unarmed Attack +6 (DC 25 SAVE, 20 CRIT, Bruise)
    Grapple +14
    Confuse: DC14 will

    SKILLS 28 SP (7 PP)
    Intimidate: +13 (10 Ranks + 3 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    Knowledge (Arcane Lore) +4 (3 Ranks + 1 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    Knowledge (Pop Culture) +4 (3 Ranks + 1 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    Notice +3 (4 Ranks - 1 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    Search +5 (4 Ranks + 1 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    Sense Motive +3 (4 Ranks + 1 Atb + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    LANGUAGES (XX Ranks)

    SPEED 30/60/120

    FEATS (8 PP)
    All-out attack
    Improved Grab
    Improved Grapple
    Improved Pin
    Power Attack
    Prone fighting

    Additional Limb [Natural](1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 1 PP)
    FR: Prehensile Tail (1)

    Confuse [Magic] Rank 4(3 PP/Rank + 1 PP = 13 PP)
    PF: Triggered (Psionic/mental Effects on Thrash's mind)
    EX: Continuous (+3)
    FL: Limited (Only when triggered) (-1)

    Enhanced Strength [Magic] Rank 16(1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 16 PP)

    Enhanced Constitution [Magic] Rank 20(1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 20 PP)

    Immunity [Magic] Rank 12 (1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 12 PP)
    FR: Cold (1)
    FR: Heat (1)
    FR: Exhaustion (5)
    FR: Pressure (5)

    Regeneration [Magic] Rank 1(1 PP/Rank + 1 PP = 2 PP)
    FR: Resurrection (Head severed, heart cut out, or given last rights by a holy man) 1 (1)
    PF: Regrowth (1)

    Super-Sense [Magic](1 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 1 PP)
    FR: Scent (1)

    Super Strength [Magic] Rank 4(2 PP/Rank + 0 PP = 8 PP)

    Task Force Communicator

    Weakness:Holy/Hallowed ground(minor)
    Vulnerability:Holy based attacks/weapons/spells. (Moderate)

    Carrying Capacity:
    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    4t 8t 12t 24t 69t

    Abilities [15]
    Combat [20]
    Saves [0]
    Skills [7]
    Feats [8]
    Powers [73]
    Drawbacks [5] (3 from drawbacks, 2 from wis)
    Total [123]
    Unspent [0]

    It's a demon! Two horns jutting out of her forehead, pointy teeth, pupil-less teal eyes, and a long, ropey tail that ends in a spade. Yup, looks like a demon! A girl demon at that! K'joa's skin tone is very.. orange and her straight, teal-colored hair reaches a little ways past her shoulders.
    A black leather choker with shiny steel spikes , with a matching bracelet adorning each wrist. Her top is a tattered grey halter-top that reads 'Spank' in bold gold letters and leaves her arms and abdomen free, showing off a very well-muscled physique. Further down a studded leather belt holds up her beaten and battered blue-jeans, which are full of 'fashionable' holes and tears and more than a few burn marks. Black combat boots cover her feet and disappear into the hem of her pants. Her uniform is a sleevless black and red affair.

    Rude, Crude, and Crass. Thrash loves to push buttons and tease people though not half as much as she loves to fight them. Completely fearless, she believes that strength can solve anything(if it doesn't you weren't trying hard enough) and will jump into any confrontation without a second thought and possibly without a first thought. She also likes to drink heavily and smoke, though both do very little considering her remarkable constitution.

    "...Invictum Torae Nerus..." "-REAT BAEZLEBORR WILL DESTR-" "... you think this will really work? I mean the goat thing..." Bits and pieces of conversation, all jumble together as Kati slowly pulls herself out of the murdy darkness of sleep. A groan forced out by cramped muscles and an aching head as her eyes flutter open. She's tied to what feels like an old picnic table, still dressed in her work clothes (that's a relief), surrounded by James and his friends, all dressed in goofy red robes. All of this is taken in the instant before james drives the most beautiful knife through her heart, and the world ends with " I can't believe what we just did...".

    Wait a minute, that looks REALLY confusing for the most part, lets back up a bit, ok, enter Movies Galore! a small video store across the street from the University of Chicago , the pretty young brunette that's asleep and drooling at the counter is in fact Katilen Joanne Somers (Senior) it's okay though, arfternoon classes don't get out for another hour so we won't hold that against her, the lazy bum. There's really not much to tell about Kati (as her friends call her) she dropped out of school at the tender age of 16, having worked at this very store for a year already. From there she did... well absolutley nothing, just worked, hung out with friends, she seemingly had no ambition or drive as life passed her by (well i suppose she did move out of her parents house 2 years ago..) Still, she was quiet popular with the college students, who saw her as something of an older sister to go to for advice (among other things) so the owner paid her enough money to keep her happy. What's this? Someone entering the store before class gets out?! Slightly older than college age and looking pretty fancy to boot, Kati immedidatly recognizes him as... "James Tyler Madison! I haven't seen you since the day you graduated! How have you been?" pointless question really, as she knew perfectly well that he had struck it big in some upscale marketing firm. Pointless flirting ensues (boring, where's the awesome fight scene?) ending with James picking up Kati when she gets off work.

    Enter :Mxtypzl, most vile demon of the sventh plane of hell, Demon Lord Baezleborr's personal squigee blah blah blah (Long name for one of the weakest imps around) still, he was on the rise it would seem. Some silly mortal man had started a cult, at a college no less! (prime seduction time, experimental years) So what if he was a prick? So what if he was in control? He dealt with jerks all the time in hell and that second problem could (and soon, would) be easily rectified (hehe, rectified) James (as his human cohorts name was) had recently 'purchased' an old occultists book (he couldn't read it anymore anyway, what with the maggots eating his eyes and all) for the piddly price of one human soul (Silly mortals, when will they learn they lose everything when they sell their soul? Their body is simply mimicing what it would have done, like an old record). All of this adds up too: the glowy ball he held in his hands, it was part of the essence of a dead demon, and a beast of a demon it was, out of the top fighting caste! Imbibing it would increase his power greatly for a time, long enough to break free of the usual wards that held him at bay and possess the uppity mortal that was due to summon him tonight. From there he would consume the souls of all the helpers in the ritual so they couldn't rat him out (and to gain some extra power) and then lie low, slowly raising a powerbase and creating his own bit of hell on earth. Yes, big plans for such a cute lil guy, look at him, so happy he's drooling as he hears the summons from the mortal realm, stepping through the opening without doing the usual checks for traps and such.

    And now we come full oval too.. James (bleagh) Jay here (as he so hates to be called) graduated college three years ago, and right out of college used his familys connections to get a job at a marketing firm (which i already told you, pay attention!) his hobbies include, model airplanes, secretaries, and dabbling in satanic rituals. I wasn't really paying attention to what he said so this'll be short but here what i know, he used the book to formulate his own spell to combine a human soul and a demonic spirit (which any demon would laugh at as it's a standard entree level spell that any 6 year old could pull off, that is until they realized it has the opposite effect of what usually happens, the human soul gets all the power and the demonic force is basically subsimed) Poor katie and Mxtypzl were a test to see if it would work, and work it did, though the imp's little ball of 'special' caused the spell to ...stutter. Thinking it failed they stopped their binding chants and started to clean up. Now normally combining an imp and a soul like Kati's (so apathetic!) would have resulted in an easily controllable and rather useful half-demon. But this unbound mixture of an angry woman's soul , a slightly lessed angry demon, and powerful demon leftovers stewed together to create.. me! (yay)

    You know, it's odd when i think aobut it but my very first memory actually happens a couple seconds before I was 'born'. There was a strange pop/snap sound as James stabbed through the nametag on my shirt (jackass) followed by a flash of pain and a weird burning sensation as Kati's soul was engulfed in demonic power. A small scream escapes from her/my lips as she/I convulse(s) in pain before going limp. Then the oddest thing happened, Kati's life flashes before our eyes as does Mxtypzl (Bet you didn't know demons lives flash before their eyes before their destroyed eh? Well now you do) A young girls birthday, where she got a soul eating doll, enjoying a nice summer in the bloody lake of the unforgiven... you know i think they might have ran together a bit. While we're playing memory lane, the defunct cultists are starting to leave, bitching to each other about the failure. James visciously yanks the knife out and the world comes back into focus with a loud 'wumph' "What a gyp! Who's gonna buy us beer now?!" that stood out above all the other muttering, though he was one of the farthest ones away, and for some reason it made me really, really angry. Leaping up from the table I landed besid him, picking him up by the throat and slamming him into the ground with a wet 'crack'. Things continued in that vein for about 5 minutes as i trashed everyone in there. Well, James escaped (having very rudely stabbed me in the arm with that knife, that really hurt, especially when the paramedics pulled it out!) somone managed to reach a cell phone and call 911, who arrived like 45 mintutes later (so slow)

    No one died luckily, though some are still in the hospital, the paramedics found me huddled up in a corner apparantly (I don't remember much after getting stabbed) i wasn't really coherent anyway, just a big dumb animal. All the stuff was there (memories that weren't mine and such) but i didn't know what to do with them. I was thrown in jail(!) until one of the boys confessed everything, then i was put into some sort of mentally disabled therapy place. I learned rather quickly (considering i technically knew everything already). After 3 months i was given a clean bill of mental health (well, I was let out at any rate) and then there was this big discussion with my parents abou t what should be done with me. Now, i have something of a weird relationship with my parents considering they aren't really my parents but I am closely related (at least gentically) they didn't like me at all, said I was something that should be put down. I didn't really like that.

    After that I just sort of wandered about, taking oddjobs, living in homeless shelters and halfway houses. For a while I was making good money at some fighting matches, but one night the cops came and shut everything down, or so I heard(I wasn't there at the time). Then, one day, I got my lucky break. Some firey guy was robbing a bank and I stopped him(it was pretty easy, who throws fire at a demon anyway?) Long story short, I enventually got an offer to join the resolutes, which was a pretty sweet deal all things considered. I get paid to fight people!(Which is alot of fun) and they give me free room and board(that means a palce to sleep and food). Made me pick a codename, wouldn't let me pick Demon or Devil or a ton of other cool names though, so I just settled on Thrash.

    As a demon(technically a half-demon) Thrash is much stronger and sturdier than humans. An enhanced sense of smell and a nifty tail. Wounds tend to heal fast and she can even regrow lost limbs. Lastly she has sort of a built in defensive mechanism that protects her mind, anyone trying to read her thoughts or worse starts having hellish hallucinations


    Real Name:Katilenn Joanne Somers (Junior)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Size: Med
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 120lbs
    Eyes: Teal
    Nationality: USA
    Ethnicity: Demonic
    Tradeoffs:-2Attack/+2Damage, -4Defense/+4Toughness
    On Ressurection:Head cut off or heart cut oout can be fixed
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    The Amazing Mr Jones
    Concept/Archetype: Psionicst/Magician
    Power Level: 10
    Power Points: 160
    Experience Points: 10
    Hero Points: 2


    STR 10 +0 (0 PP)
    DEX 12 +1 (2 PP)
    CON 10 +0 (0 PP)
    INT 10 +0 (0 PP)
    WIS 12 +1 (2 PP)
    CHA 10 +0 (0 PP)

    TOUG +12 (0 Con + 0 Feat + 12 Device)
    FORT +4 (4 Base + 0 Con + 0 Feat + 0 Power) (4 PP)
    REF +5 (4 Base + 1 Dex + 0 Feat + 0 Power) (4 PP)
    WILL +15 (2 Base + 1 Wis + 0 Feat + 12 Power) (2 PP)

    INIT +0
    BASE DEF +6 (12 PP)
    DEF 18 (10 + 8 Base + 0 Feat + 0 Power)
    BASE ATT +2 (4 PP)

    Unarmed +2 (DC 10, Toughness, Crit on 20, Bruise)
    Nil! +2 (DC 10, Toughness, Crit on 20)
    Mental Blast n/a (DC 23, Will, Mental, nonlethal)

    SKILLS 124 SP (31 PP)
    Skill (Atb) +XX (XX Ranks + XX Atb)

    Bluff (Cha) +15 (15+0)
    Diplomacy (Cha) +8 (8+0)
    Gather Information (Cha) +6 (6+0)
    Perform - Magic (Cha) +12 (12+0)

    Craft -Artistic (Int) +4 (4+0)
    Craft -Structural (Int) +4 (4+0)
    Craft - Mechanical (Int) +4 (4+0)
    Know - Arcane Law (Int) +10 (10+0)
    Disable Device (Int) +6 (6+0)
    Search (Int) +6 (6+0)

    Concentration (Wis) +10 (9+1)
    Notice (Wis) +8 (7+1)
    Sense Motive (Wis) +8 (7+1)

    Stealth (Dex) +8 (7+1)
    Escape Artist (Dex) +9 (8+1)
    Sleight of Hand (Dex) +9 (8+1)
    Acrobatis (Dex) +4 (3+1)

    LANGUAGES (0 Ranks)
    (Note - comprehend languages)

    Normal 30/60/120
    Fly 100/200/400
    Flight 1 - 10 MPH
    Teleport 5 5 Miles

    FEATS (10 PP)
    Artificier 1
    Distract - Bluff 1
    Fascinate - Magic 1
    Hide in Plain Sight 1
    Ritualist 1
    Skill Mastery (Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand, Perform - Magic, Disable Device) 1
    Taunt 1
    Luck 1
    Dodge Focus 2

    Mental Array [Mental, Magic](32 Base + 7 AP = 39pp)

    AP Mental Blast 8 (4/rank) (32)
    AP Mind Control 10 (3/rank + 2) (32)
    EX - Concious
    PF - Subtle
    PF - Mental Link
    AP Telepathy (32)
    Mind Reading 10 (2/rank +1)
    EX - Sensory Link
    PF - Subtle
    Comunication 10 (1/rank +1)
    PF - Subtle
    AP Mind Switch and Mind Shield (32)
    Mind switch 10 (2/rank)
    Mind Shield 12 (1/rank)
    AP Nulify 8 (4/rank) (32)
    EX - Concentration
    EX - Perception
    FL - Phantasms*
    AP Illusion 10 (3/rank + 2) (32)
    EX - All Senses
    FL - Phantasms
    PF - Selective
    PF - Progresion
    AP Confuse 10 (3/rank + 2) (32)
    EX - Area
    PF - Selective
    PF - Subtle
    AP Emotion Control 10 (3/rank + 2) (32)
    EX - Area
    PF - Selective
    PF - Subtle

    ESP 3 [Mental, Magic](5/Rank + 1 PP = 16 PP)
    EX - Sustained
    PF - Subtle

    Comprehend Language - Speak and Listen [Mental, Magic](2*1/rank=2PP)
    FL - Phantasms*

    Super Senses [Mental, Magic](8 PP)

    Detect Thought (1)
    PF Acute (1)
    PF Accurate (2)
    PF Free Action (1)
    PF Radial (1)
    PF Ranged (1)
    PF Mental Awarenes (1)

    [B]Mental Quickness 4 [Mental, Magic] 2 PP)

    Device: Cape - Hard to Lose 4 [20 DP] (4 PP/Rank = 16 PP)
    Protection 5 [Magic+Tech](1 DP/rank =5)

    AP Teleport 4 [Magic+Tech](3 DP/Rank + 1 DP + 2 DP= 15 DP)
    EX - Affects Others
    PF - Progresion
    AP Teleport 3 [Magic+Tech](3 DP/Rank + 4 DP = 13 DP)
    EX - Accurate
    PF - Turnabout
    PF - Easy
    PF - Chage Direction
    PF - Change Velocity
    AP Force Field 7, Flight 1 and Evasion 2[Magic+Tech]
    Force Field 7 - (1 DP/Rank = 7 DP)
    Flight 2 - (2DP/Rank = 4DP)
    Evasion 2 - (1DP/Rank = 2DP)

    Device: Opera Hat - Easy to Lose 2 [10 DP] (3 PP/Rank = 6 PP)
    Create Object 1 [Magic](3 DP/Rank + 3 DP = 6 DP)
    EX - Continuous
    PF - Precise
    PF - Subtle
    PF - Innate
    Dimensional Pocket 2 [Magic](2 DP/Rank = 4 DP)


    Abilities [4]
    Combat [18]
    Saves [10]
    Skills [31]
    Feats [10]
    Powers [87]
    Drawbacks [0]
    Total [160]
    Unspent [0]

    Trade off: +2 Tough/-2 Defense


    Real Name: David Schwartz
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Size: Medium
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Dark/Going slightly grey
    Eyes: Piecing Blue
    Nationality: English
    Ethnicity: White
    Profession: Performing Magician

    A tall thin man with short hair going slightly grey at the temples. David usually wears a dark suit and tie, with a voluminous cloak and an opera hat perched on his head. A white silk scarf and a pair of white gloves complete the look. A pin showing the Resolutes logo adorns his left lapel.

    Having had a fascination with magic and mind reading from a young age and an insatiable desire to show off his tricks David drifted into performance magic and was making a respectable living working cruise ships and small auditoriums when the event occurred.

    He specialised in mental magic and sleight of hand; producing the card someone was thinking of or drawing the same shape on a piece of paper as they had, although he liked to spice up his act with a little escapology, or hypnotism occasionally. All very innocent but a good way to entertain the tourists and always popular.

    I think it is fair to say that David was completely amazed to find that he was now able to do for real what he had been claiming to be able to do for years. He really could pull a rabbit out of his hat, or twirl his cloak and reappear on the other side of the stage. Suddenly he always knew which card his mark had picked from the deck without the need to perform a force.

    The quality of his act increased many times over. Not over night, he had to tease out his new abilities and of course he had to work the new tricks in to his act carefully. No one would pay to come and see a magician if they knew the tricks were for real. The whole point was trying to work out how the impossible was accomplished.

    David was not quite careful enough though his incredible performances drew the attention of the Resolutes and he was recruited into their ranks.


    These are few explanatory notes on the powers:

    A fairly extensive mental array, but Mental Blast and Mind Control are the only real attacks. Also most of the abilities are concentration.

    Mind shield is only in one of the slots of the mental array so the he can not defend and attack mentally at the same time.

    Similarly Force Field is an AP of Teleport so protection has to be turned off in order to teleport.

    I have taken the Phantasms flaw with nullify. Essentially this is a mental effect the victim forgets they have powers so they can't use them. This means that effects and machines can not be targeted only the wielder and only if they have mental stats. It would probably be a very bad idea to use this on power with a natural on state, (eg Cyclops' eye beam. If he forgot he had the power it would likely result in everyone getting zapped indiscriminately.)
    Similarly turning off uncontrolled powers is probably not going to work. I hope this justifies the point reduction.

    Super Senses

    Detect Thought - A completely new sense type, accurate, ranged and radial so kind of all round sight for anything thinking. Blocked by thin lead or thick concrete I imagine (Like High energy gamma radiation not neutrinos) This is not going to allow blind sight as although he could locate an enemy in the dark, objects don't think so he would have no idea about anything blocking the path. However it is going to allow ghosts or other concealed characters to be detected. And it probably makes it a lot harder to surprise him, no sneaking up behind.

    Mental Awareness - Notice check to spot anyone else pulling off mental powers in the vicinity. (Linked to the detect thought sense)

    Opera Hat. The idea is that real objects can be created, eg a playing card, or anything which has been previously put into the hat can be pulled out at will, eg a rabbit or a pair of doves.


    10 pp from Stolen University
    -4pp - 2 ranks of Defence dropped
    4pp - 1 rank of Device for Cloak (Complete redesign)
    2pp - 4 ranks of Mental Quickness
    1pp - 1 rank of Supper Senses (Mental Awareness)
    1pp - 1 rank of Luck
    2pp - 2 ranks of Dodge Focus
    4pp - 8 Skill points (6 Search, 3 Bluff, 2 Stealth, 2 Perform - Magic, 2 Diplomacy, 1 Disable Device)

    Added a flaw to Comprehend Languages to correct the error.

    Last edited by rgordona; Monday, 3rd December, 2007 at 02:59 PM. Reason: Spending Earned Points

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