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Thread: Arcanarchist

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    New objectives:
    1. Create a spell list based on spells only useful in fights
    2. Remove the opportunity to master spells of 9th level
    3. Remove the option to craft magical items since a sorceror doesn't have the control over it's magic talents
    4. Change main characteristic from charisma to constitution since the class is all about concentration and your metabolism's resistance (which would explain why elves are mostly wizards and not sorcerors)

    My old new objectives:
    1. Sorceror-like core class
    2. Mentality of a worshiper, powers more alike wizard's
    3. Special Powers must differ from wizard or cleric spellcasting
    4. Evil-based character
    5. Background mentality of Nihilist (Much like Tharizdun's)

    I'm open to any suggestion of new special powers

    ARCANARCHIST (Sorcerer's Variant)

    Alignment: Any nonlawful.

    Hit Die: d4.

    Class Skills
    The Arcanarchistĺs class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Knowledge(Arcana) (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis) and Spot (Wis).

    Skill Points at 1st Level: (2 + Int modifier) x 4.
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int modifier.

    Table: Arcanarchist
    |Level	|BAB   |Saves	|Spell Resis.	|Power Uses	|Ability
    |1	|+0     |0	|0		|Wis. Mod.	|Main(Bonus) Power
    |2	|+1     |0	|3		|1+Wis. Mod.	|Spell Resis.
    |3	|+1     |1	|4		|2+Wis. Mod.	
    |4	|+2     |1	|6		|3+Wis. Mod.	|Bonus Power
    |5	|+2     |1	|7		|4+Wis. Mod.	
    |6	|+3     |2	|9		|5+Wis. Mod.	|Inner Energy
    |7	|+3     |2	|10		|6+Wis. Mod.	
    |8	|+4     |2	|12		|7+Wis. Mod.	|Bonus Power
    |9	|+4     |3	|13		|8+Wis. Mod.	
    |10	|+5     |3	|15		|9+Wis. Mod.	|Inner Energy
    |11	|+5     |3	|16		|10+Wis. Mod.	
    |12	|+6/+1  |4	|18		|11+Wis. Mod.   |Bonus Power
    |13	|+6/+1  |4	|19		|12+Wis. Mod.	
    |14	|+7/+2  |4	|21		|13+Wis. Mod.   |Inner Energy
    |15	|+7/+2  |5	|22		|14+Wis. Mod.	
    |16	|+8/+3  |5	|24		|15+Wis. Mod.   |Bonus Power
    |17	|+8/+3  |5	|25		|16+Wis. Mod.
    |18	|+9/+4  |6	|27		|17+Wis. Mod.   |Inner Energy
    |19	|+9/+4  |6	|28		|18+Wis. Mod.
    |20	|+10/+5 |6	|30		|19+Wis. Mod.   |Bonus Power
    *Total Power Uses and die Rolls cannot exceed your wisdom characteristic.

    Arcanarchist's friends
    Since this corrupted humanoid has reached his state of will upon power from rebellion against others, there are very few creatures that he considers as friendly. Entities that should always be considered as friendly are creatures of the mithic rank (legendary heroes, gods, epic creatures,etc). Otherwise, the Arcanarchist will at most act neutrally toward his surroundings, from adventuring companions to reasons like not to get troubles from a dragon which opposes his will (though he will defenitively try to accomplish it somehow else). However, even when acting neutrally, that entity will always be treated as an enemy when power uses are considered.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: (Same as Wizard)
    They are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield. Armor of any type interferes with a Arcanarchistĺs movements, which can cause his spells to fail.

    Bonus Power: (Powers Uses)

    At 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th level, the arcanarchist become unlocks one of the following nine powers. This characteristic spell casting consists of the connection with a plane he focused on arcanes. It affects any target either negatively, neutraly, or positively and intersects a negative, neutral or positive force. He can cast any of these Powers without preparing it ahead of time. These manifestations are cast with by words and gestures similarly to the wizard and sorcerer therefore requires concentration in addition to cause attacks of opportunity. Like other spellcasters, the Arcanarchist can use these powers only a certain number per day. Note that these power uses per day and the total die rolls can never exceed the arcanarchist's wisdom characteristic. His base daily powers allotment is given on Table: Arcanarchist. This is a description of his nine forms of mix of positive and negative energies he can cast:

    All powers can be cast at any target in your Sight Range.

    (+,-)ORGANISMĺS REESTABLISHMENT (Red,Blood power): Heals a friend or self of 1d6/level.

    (-,-)DIRECT DAMAGE (Purple,Bloody power): Deals a target (living or not) 1d6/level damage (Type: Force) with a Fort DC of (levelx2+wis.mod.).

    (+,+)COVERS FROM HITS (Green,Nature power): Shields versus the next 1d6/level points of physical damage or until *your wisdom modifier* rounds pass. Cumulative casting doesn't stack.

    (-,+)SHIFT WORLD (Orange,Portal power): Move to another plane a creature with HD equal or lower than your caster level for your *your wisdom modifier* of rounds with a Ref DC of (levelx2+wis.mod.) This effect is harmless to the target.

    (_,+)SHUTS MAGICAL COVER (Black,Void power): The totality of nearby enhancement are dispelled if their total spell level is less than or equal to your caster level. Any spellcaster failing a Fort DC of (levelx2+wis.mod.) sees his protective spell countered, effect that last for the next *your wisdom modifier* rounds.

    (_,-)INDUCE PARANOIA (Pink,Trauma power): Dealing yourself points of damage equal to the total number of HD of affected creatures, you inflict 1d6/level (Type: Fear) with a Will DC of *your caster level x2 + wis.mod.* to every creatures in your sight range.

    (_,_)ALLOWS TIME WARP (White,Flash power): You benefit of *your caster level* seconds to act freely. Cumulative casting doesn't stack.

    (-,_)ADJACENT DAMAGE (Yellow,Powder power): For the next *your wisdom modifier* rounds, every foe next to you (5ft) takes 1d6/level of damage (Type: Sonic)
    with Ref DC of *your caster level x2 + wis.mod.* and you can't take any movement.

    (+,_)SEVERE INTIMIDATION (Brown,Glue power): For the next *your wisdom modifier* rounds, every foe wishing to attack you is harmlessly stunned with a Will DC of *your caster level x2 + wis.mod.* and you can't take any movement.

    All powers can be cast at any target in your Sight Range.

    Spell Resistance
    The use of magical energy become so much innate as experience is acquired that this arcane user gains, at 2nd level, a flux of constant vibrations inside his body that reflects nefast energy hence grants him spell resistance.

    Inner Energy
    With time, a constant flow of energy, alike spell resistance, forms a shield to supply flesh an aura of protection for the Arcanarchist, depending on his activities. From this ritual, he shows his highest mask of interest in power.
    Every four level, starting at 6th, the Arcanarchist may choose, among a special list, a new inner energy that requires no activation that the arcanarchist will retain permanently. The restriction to it is that the arcanarchist must have taken an hour to devour totally or partially the body of a creature that has the chosen characteristic. Obviously, corpses of elementals, undeads, contructs and oozes (etc, with logic) can't be ate. Among the special qualities of the monster, the arcanarchist can choose one of those to have it become a special ability of his own. For example, at level 3, an archanarchist eats a bugbear which special qualities are darkvision 60ft and scent. At level 6, he will have the choice to develop scent (or darkvision). Thereafter, at level 10, he could choose the darkvision 60ft (or scent). If at a certain level, the arcanarchist did not eat enough to learn new special qualities (or the player prefers to wait for a better use of this Inner Energy) , he can stock it for any level later.

    * * *

    There ends my new version of the sorcerer which represents more what I expect a sorcerer to be since that before, the sorcerer looked like the wizard too much and an iffy wording always got on my nerves, concerning the sorcerer: "he casts at will"; then why is charisma the prerequisite ? Another thing that I wanted to take a change at was the fact that a sorcerer is powerful... I mean the most powerful character one can have and he wasn't. Why not the wizard ? (Which goes second, along my opinion) Because he has much more options: different abilities (masterisation, craft skills, scribe scroll, summon familiar, metamagic), skills, choice of spells.

    PLeaSe, LeT Me KNoW iF You THiNK THiS VeRSioN iS BaLaNCeD.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Kinda reminds me of the warlock, but it's hard to understand how this is supposed to work.

    For instance, at first level, can I shift someone to another plane? If so- broken. If not- how do I know what I get when?

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    For instance, at first level, you can indeed shift someone to another plane equal to your wisdom modifier of rounds.

    I strongly think that this is not broken.
    If you do so, it will only give you time to escape or to set yourself and your party ready since the target comes back exactly where it was and unharmed.

    Of course, you can do that up to possible 4 times (18 wisdom), 4 times.
    However, remember that this is all you have to defend yourself and to deal damage.

    If you are unlucky and you have a score of 15 (+2), then, your power's effect will last two rounds and you can use it up to twice.

    I'm pretty sure you won't be quick enough to cast the shift versus a strong creature, anyway. And although the reflex DC is high, it's not good enough for most of creatures of CR 15. (Under that CR, you usually have enough time or hit points to escape)

    However, if you still think this is too strong, what similar power would you suggest ?

    Thanks for your interest!
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    I have a hard time saying the name.

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    Wait- how can shifting someone to the elemental plane of fire or the Abyss be harmless?

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    It's a mystical plane.
    Gods formed an unfinised plane. Let's interpret it like a sphere of the size of a ball.
    Because the arcanarchist (don't worry, you'll get used to it. remember arcane-anarchist, blend the end-"ane" with the start-"ana") worked with this plane, it became bigger, like the size of a room (gargatuan). As he gains levels, it becomes bigger (colossal+) since he stocks more energy and of different types of energies.
    Therefore, the shift is harmless since the living floats just like the spell emprison does although the creature comes back after a while.

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    They should probably begin with two powers. Playing a character for 3 levels with only a single power that you can use three-ish times per day would be rather dull. I would also suggest declaring what type of damage is inflicted (physical, force, fire, whatever). 1d1 round/level is the same as 1 round per level, while the later is more clear. Finally, how do you propose to adjucate Allow Time Warp when they gain 4 seconds of time to act freely?

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    I decided to choose the code of 1d1/level instead of character level since you cannot have your rolls be higher than your wisdom score.

    For the first three levels, you must either roleplay or well... shift ennemies away lol
    There is one point why i should not add a bonus power at first level: there would be more choice and then be stronger for it's versatility. It's meant to be strong only at later levels.

    Finally, I think you shouln't take the Time Warp thing until you're level 12 hehe where you will gain two turns therefore gain one. That's a way not to abuse of high recurring Time Stop (3 to 5 rounds) :s (Think of Time warp, Time warp, Time warp (7 more uses...) Direct Damage 7 times: I think your dragon is dead. Level 12... getting PoWaFuLL YeehA!

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    Forewarning: I get kind of rough in this. Probably because I'm writing a satire article later tonight. It always makes me feel somewhat bitter. Or maybe it's bitterness against my oncoming religion paper. Or the wrestling. Yeah, it's probably that. Whatever the case, PG-13 from here until the end of the post.

    The problem for me is that this class seems a bit bland. I would almost prefer it as a monster with a high CR than a class. Unlike the Jester, I don't think that the first level is where potential unbalance comes in. The problem, for me, is definitely the high levels. Specifically, I'm pretty sure that this archanarchost (assume Wis 20 by level 20) can use organisms reestablishment to heal 20d6 damage for a straight 24 rounds. Assuming that you only rolled 1s on every die, that would still be 480 damage. Assuming an average (3.5) damage healed, this turns into 1680 damage. On average. At the same level, on a different day, he could use direct damage to deal that same damage to another creature. Oh, and don't think too much about the Fortitude Save -- they have to scrape together a total roll of 40 to cancel every set of 20 dice. Or, with adjacant damage, he could deal that to everyone around him. He could walk through a crowded street, and every six seconds (or whatever you think a round is) everyone next to him falls dead. These bystanders might be able to dodge the damage.... if they were all epic rogues, blink dogs, or sometihng else with insanely high chance to miss. Time Warp, by the same respect, allows you 480 apparent seconds... 8 minutes.... of time to pickpocket every noble in an entire court. Oh, and don't use 1d1.

    Even at low levels, they can take out encounters almost on their own. If one does have 18 Wis as you suggest, he's capable of dealing 5d6 magical damage every day... compared to the Wizard's maybe 2d4+2.

    Their weakness? They're entirely a munchkin class, caring only about munchkin things. They can deal damage, they can heal themselves and others, they can block damage from hitting them (Covers from hits+Induced Paranoia), and they're given, straight from the description, the roleplaying potential of a dead rat. In fact, according to the description, all they care about is power, and honestly, according to said description, they have every right to ignore roleplaying all together. It's almost Angsty Teen for d20. Here's a possible ability:

    Mock in LiveJournal DeadJournal: You put up harsh criticism of someone whose opinions, beliefs, or actions you disagree with. They take 1d6 damage for every ten hits your site gets. Anyone who leaves negative comments takes 1d6 damage per character level.

    The class's greatest flaw is that all non-combat abilities are ignored, but there is an easy way to kill them: Drowning. Or lava. They may be able to avoid the damage for a while, but with so few skill points and no physical class skills, they're going to have to learn to swim fast or else suffer from drowning rules. That's damage you can't block. Unlike a wizard, they have no spells to compensate for physical incompetance. Unlike a cleric, they don't have a God behind them. Unlike a druid, they can't assume an animal form that would suit the situation. So, while they're great in plains battles, any time they're forced outside of their niche, they die.

    As a matter of fact, I will be taking this and making it into a high level creature. I'll still have to tone it down a lot to make it balanced, but I think it'll be fun. Creating their weltenschauung I look forward to especially.

    No personal attack is intended. I did the munchkin thing, and mine was damn versatile (and is now painful to read). It had about one minute a day of damn near unstoppability. So yes, I've made unbalanced classes. But the real challenge for me is keeping them all balanced.
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    Although I agree this class is lacking a bit of versatility at low levels, first by having a total of one power for the first three levels, this is a reason why the player must be a good roleplaying character. On the counterpart, this class becomes a "dead rat" (lvl 15+) and requires lesser roleplay quality from the player although strategy becomes a must since you travel probably alone at that point and since you are NOT invincible. DMs will have a pleasure at that point to frequently drop you godly interventions to intercept your illegal activity. (Your breaking the god's rules, afterall.)

    Along with the new rules I've set, they can't take encounters on their own anymore on low level. The (critically) lowered DC makes incredibly though a creature to be affected, now, from level 1 to 4.

    Currently, I am looking for a name to give to the nine powers. I'm also thinking about fixing the Black, Void power that shuts magical cover but I'm unsure if it is alright. I'm doubtful that effects like Induce Paranoia, Allow Time Warp are perfectly balanced and wonder if there should be a minimum level required to master those powers.

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