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    Planeswalkers aren't that tough. I mean, in reading the whole Weatherlight novels, doesn't the one guy basically kill Uzra who in turn betrayed and killed numerous other Planeswalkers?

    Could be good stuff for an epic campaign, especially the titan suits that were crafted.

    Some interesting characters in there but the storylines move very fast and destroy whole worlds very quickly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerWickett
    Now comes Ravnica: City of Guilds. It is a massive plane entirely composed of mighty stone skyscrapers, aqueducts, sewers, wild parks, and endless, endless buildings. It takes a really cool tack at setting and rules, using some of the core elements of Magic game design, and manifesting them into the setting in a way that manages to seem wholly organic. It's quite cool.
    While I honestly could care less about getting back into Magic, I love Ravnica. That is one setting that with only one picture, the very first teaser of a Forest land card, made me feel like I did back in 1986 when I saw the D&D red box for the first time.

    I have bookmarked the Ravnica mini-site WotC posted, as well as the Ravnica spoiler list with the flavor text for all cards as a source of inspiration. If there was one Magic setting I wish they released for D&D, Ravnica would be it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Klueless
    Ooook. It's much more complicated than I had assumed.

    Same here!

    Who knew all this was going on behind the innocent gaze of those little kids flipping cards at the FLGS?
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