One of the great things about the new EN World GameStore is that it allows us to concentrate on specific authors, not just on companies. Many authors work on a freelance basis and are responsible for work found in the catalogues of a variety of companies - and when you find an author you like, it's great that you can check out all of his or her work. This, combined with the ability to rate and review products, makes it possible to create a "Top Rated Authors" Chart. Here are the current top ten rated authors:

1. Ryan Nock
2. Joseph Browning
3. Adam Windsor
4. M Jason Parent
5. Patrick Younts
6. John Milner
7. Steven Creech
8. Suzi Yee
9. Philip Reed
10. Michael Hammes

The GameStore also has some notable high-profile authors on its shelves - Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson being two who I'm sure most of you have heard of!