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    Covering vagabond

    is there a 3rd edition convertion of this creature (from the 2nd phionics handbook)? anyone?

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    Covering vagabond

    anybody? Please!

    if it help, it is in 2nd edition, 'the complete Psionics Handbook, on page 122. It is a psionic creature that is able to assume forms in one of three ways: 1) form body from there 'unusal powers'. 2) can take over a freshly dead body, curing it of all ailments. Or 3) inhabbit a living creature, in this 'form, they are like back seat drivers, able to make sroung suggestions, but thats all (but can use there powers freely)
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    Hmm. The vagabond is an interesting monster. I would have to say that outside of a host, the vagabond would have no meaningful stats. I would probably make it a template of some kind. I'll try to cook up something and post here in a couple of days. You might also want to try the Creature Collection forums, specifically the Homebrew forum, to see if anybody else has a conversion.

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    Okay, here's a rough conversion. I did it as a modified form of the "Psionic" template out of the Psi-HB

    Creating A Vagabond
    ôVagabondö is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature that has an Intelligence score (hereafter referred to as the ôbase creatureö). It uses all the base creatureĺs statistics and special abilities except as noted here.
    Hit Dice: Same as base creature
    Speed: Same as base creature
    AC: Same as base creature.
    Attacks: Same as base creature.
    Damage: Same as base creature.
    Special Attacks: The vagabond retains all the special attacks of the base creature, plus it gains the following special attacks.
    Psionics (Sp): The vagabond possesses psionics abilities equal to that of a psionic creature of equal HD (see PsiHB pg. 139). Vagabonds never have powers from the Psychokinesis discipline, however.
    Psionic Attack/Defense Modes (Sp): A vagabond possesses all psionic attack and defense modes.
    Special Qualities: The vagbond retains all of the special qualities of the base creature, plus it gains the following:
    Telepathy (Su): A vagabond can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 ft that has a language.
    Immunity (Ex): A vagabond is immune to all mind-affecting magical spells (not supernatural abilities or psionic powers).
    Saves: Same as the base creature.
    Abilities: Same as the base creature except that Intelligence is changed to 18 and Wisdom improves by +4 and Charisma increases by +2.
    Skills: Same as base creature
    Feats: Same as the base creature.
    Climate/Terrain: Same as base creature
    Challenge Rating: Up to 3 HD, as base creature +2
    4-7 HD, as base creature +3
    8-15 HD, as base creature +4
    16+ HD, as base creature +5
    Organization: Solitary or as part of base creatureĺs organization
    Treasure: Same as base creature.
    Alignment: Any
    Advancement: Same as base creature

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    Thanks Jim (do u mind if i call u Jim?) and sorry about the lateness of reply. This seams to be a Good stating point, but the problem is that i need the creature to be able to advance separately to the host, and to be able to take form out side of the host. I am thinking of it accessing XP of a host so it can advance as well, perhaps advancing like it was a consort of the host, gaining an amount of xp equal to half of what host has earned. Thanks again!
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    Okay well you might want to make it advance as a normal psion equal to the level or HD of the host, with maybe skill ranks in Knowledge (planar) and Knowledge (psionics).

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    that sounds good, but this creature in my campaine has been moving host to host, and has taken form seperatly from a host, and i want it not to be changing up and down.

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    Not sure about the 2e vagabond (my 2e stuff is in storage), but the 1e version inhabited a body until it was slain..then the vagabond departed and never returned. It didnt hop host to host.

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    Grazzt, your right, but i blured that line to create my npc bad-guy, aas i wanted a creature that could be any - where at any - time, and able to reside in some-one that the pc's wouldn't want to kill.
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