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    Dealing with Shadows....

    **NERV HQ, Geofront**

    A gloved hand reaches for the intercom.


    "Commander, a miss Loveless is here to see you" Major Katsuragi's voice states from the speaker.

    "Send her in"

    -sound of a door sliding open and closing, followed by footsteps.-

    "Commander, have you considered the matter we discussed last time?"

    "I have, miss Loveless, you still insist you've encountered this... item.. inside a tank your forces ran into?"


    "Then why are your superiors just handing NERV this item?"

    "The item was incompatible with our own technology, and your faction seemed the most likely of a match. We've tracked down the manufacturers of it.
    A Luitenant Maskenval spoke on their behalf, I could arrange a meeting with him if you wish"

    "That is fine. You can go"

    "As you wish"

    -sounds of footsteps, and the door shortly afterward. Silence should have returned to the office, but the laughter started instead.-

    "Heh heh heh"

    "I take it you witnessed most of that?"

    "Your playing a dangerous game dealing with them..." a man stepped from the shadows, dressed in what could be considered ninja gear.

    "I know, but the Angels are a threat to not just NERV. THEIR plans don't tolerate interference from Angels either"


    "But I doubt you're here to discuss my methods. I'm assuming your preparations for Haganegakure are going well?"

    "Don't worry, your "security force" will be ready shortly. You won't have to fear THAT event"

    "Until you no longer have a use for me of course..."

    "You're too valuable an ally for that. How are preparations going at your end?"

    "I've had a nr of tanks set aside and purged for your use"

    "Purged? Kind of harsh, they WERE human beings, after a fashion"

    "A means to an end, nothing more. I still have enough spares"

    "One of these days, your arrogance might get you killed. Though I doubt I'll be the one. Heh heh heh" the laughter continues as the man fades back into the shadows. Finally it stops.

    Gendo Ikari smirks.
    "You're right about one thing Orochimaru... I'm playing a dangerous game... but aren't we all?

    An idea I've been brewing with for a bit.
    Feedback is welcome, and I'd be happy to answer any questions one might have.
    Feel free to ask about this miss Loveless or Luitenant Maskenval if you don't know who they are.
    Though I'd prefer being contacted about this outside the thread right now, don't want to spoil surprises and such.

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    The Spartan Laser (undoubtedly named after the one piece of super-tech that Cortana STILL hasn't managed to duplicate to its full efficiency) is Unreal Tournament-style Mega Kills waiting to happen.

    I like it.

    As for Ravage's idea- pretty cool, having Gendo and Orochimaru joining forces (next assault to Konohakagure being by ninjas and black-bagged U.N. Special Forces groups? Assault on NERV stopped by Sound Ninja ANBU? Hmmm...).
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    Thanks, I hope I managed to stay in character with that post.

    Don't worry, I won't be posting just stuff dealing with death, destruction or problems that could show up.(though I am working on the Alt Eisen's team mate/counterpart) I do have a plan for a new corporation, in the medical sector.

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    What's the matter suckers? Ain't you ever seen the Finger of God before? -unknown Master Sergeant just after the first deployment of Spartan Lasers in large numbers.

    " 'UNKNOWN Master Sergeant!?' I'll have you know that Momma Johnson gave a me a god-damn name, son, and that's AVERY J.! Now go back and fix that mistake before I take one of these here lasers and show you just what it does!"

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    Hey, it COULD have been Sergent Stacker. He's got some good lines too!
    Ok, you caught me. And if you've read the Halo graphic novel, you might have noticed something interesting in there about AJ Johnson.

    Now, for a real monster of a tank:
    Lucius Pattern Baneblade (Super-heavy battle-tank)

    Crew: 10 (1 driver, 1 commander, 1 coms-operator, 3 gunners, 3 loaders, 1 engineer)
    Passengers: -
    Init: -6
    Manuver: -6
    Speed: 50 (5)
    def: 5
    Hardness: 30
    HP: 98
    Size: C
    Purchase DC: 52
    Restriction: Mil(+3)
    Weapons: Turret; Battle Cannon, co-axial 70mm autocannon
    Hull mounted: Demolisher cannon, twin-linked heavy bolter
    Left and Right Sponson: Lascannon, twin linked heavy bolter

    Battle Cannon: 10d12, ignores 15 points of hardness
    Demolisher Cannon: 8d10, 15' radius.
    Lascanon: 10d6, ignores 10 points of hardness
    Heavy Bolter: 2d10, ignore 5 points of hardness or DR.

    Twin Linked Weapons
    Two identical weapons are linked to fire in tandem. This practice increases the critical multiplier by one, and has the effect of increasing the save DC against autofire weapons by five.
    Purchase DC modifier: +3
    Restriction: Licenced (+1)

    I'll do some mecha upgrade style improvements for Spaceships later. Booster engines, reserve power, and maybe an Alpha Strike module.

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    I can definitely see that tank being part of the Imperium's demented complement of firepower.

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    Ah, the Baneblade, Final Liberation on the PC had those I think.
    A shame they never expanded that game, or made a new one based on the Epic 40K stuff.(the demo on the other hand included infantry sprites for a nr of armies besides Imperial & Orcs)

    Marco, wait till someone stats the Titans......

    THEN you'll see demented Imperial Firepower.

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    *After checking the Wikipedia on WH40K Imp guns*... wasn´t THOSE supposed to not exist in this setting?


    Essentially large suits of powered armor, Body Tanks are excellent heavy weapons support, as their increased lifting power and rigid structure allows them to carry gear most people would find cumbersome, also their small size allows them to go wherever the rest of their squad goes. Body Tanks are relatively simple to operate compared to other mecha, though training is still required.
    Despite the obvious advantages to a Medium Mecha suit (such as being able to pack Mecha-class weaponry in a small package), they continue to be used primarily by special-mech-ops squads and fire support troops.
    Perhaps the main reason that smaller suits of armor and less bulky forms of power armor continue to be used by the main body of the military infantry, and Body Tanks are used in supportive or specialty roles, is due to the fact that a higher level of training is still required to efficiently use a Medium Mech suit (compared to, say, using a Stingray-Class Power Armor). The cost of Body Tank suits is another likely culprit.
    Body Tanks also can’t carry the intense array of weapons that bigger mechs can, nor are they as strong or durable (and next to a Stingray-Class, they have a big target painted on).

    The colloquial term for Medium Mechas, ‘Body Tank’, came from a number of Fiction characters claiming to be from an area of space called ‘The Fringe’. This term, obviously, stuck.

    Medium Mech users never make drive checks, using a Body Tank is like using a smaller suit of power armor. A character in a Body Tank suit is also considered to have a Powerful Build. The physical stature of character in the medium mech suit lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger.

    Whenever the character in the medium mech suit is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the character is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. The character is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him. A medium mech user can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. These benefits stack with the effects of powers and abilities that change the subject’s size category.

    A medium mech user is not able to make slam attacks. The medium mech user may use any brawl and unarmed combat martial arts feats he or she posses, and all damage dice for such attacks are increased by one die category (due to the effective size increase in regards to weapons). A medium mech user is considered to be wearing brass knuckles for the purposes of brawling and using brawl related feats, as well as the users armed and unarmed status.

    Lastly, unlike large and huge mecha, medium mech suits require the Armor Proficiency (Powered) feat in order to make full use of the armor’s equipment bonuses to defense. A character without this proficiency suffers the standard penalties (including only gaining 1/3rd, rounded down, the defense bonus the armor would normally give) and also inflicts all the standard penalties associated with lacking the Mecha Operation and Mecha Weaponry feats.

    Size Modifier: +0
    Equipment Slots: 6
    Hit Points: 50
    Base Speed: 30 ft.
    Height: 5-7 ft.
    Weight: Variable (~400 lb)
    Fighting Space: 5 ft. by 5 ft.
    Reach: 5 ft.
    Purchase DC: 36
    Restriction: Res (+2)

    Combat Statistics: A Medium Mech adds a +4 equipment bonus to a character’s Strength score. Depending on the material used, a Medium Mech has 50 bonus hit points, which are added to the character’s total and subtracted first when the character takes damage. It takes a –2 penalty on Hide checks.
    Its reach is 5 feet, and its base speed is 30 feet.
    Base Purchase DC: 36.
    Equipment Slots: A Medium Mech has 6 equipment slots available. These slots are located as follows. The Helmet and Torso slots must be used for the cockpit
    Boots: 1 slot.
    Helmet: 1 slot.
    Left arm: 1 slot.
    Right arm: 1 slot.
    Shoulder: 1 slot
    Torso: 1 slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoasalazarm
    *After checking the Wikipedia on WH40K Imp guns*... wasn´t THOSE supposed to not exist in this setting?
    Dude, we have Evangelion in this setting. The source of half the emo and wank in the amine comunity. If we have Jesus Mecha, why draw the line THERE?

    Medium mechs should have a requirement that all standard gear has to have the 'miniturized' gadget attached to it. This allows for the space required for the user's arms, legs and other body parts.

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    Umm, that was me, sorry. No clue why I had a second account.

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