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    Sorry for the delays, been a tad busy.

    **R.A.M. Inc. main HQ, Neo-Amestris**

    A secretary approaches a man sitting near a teenaged boy in a wheel chair. Both the man and the boy seem to have the same haircut.

    "Mr Gai? The department head will see you now. Follow me"

    The man just nods as they follow the woman.

    As the secretary closes the door to the department head's office when she leaves, she can't help wonder why SHE would want to see these two. Must be important...

    G: "I'm surprised you could see us at such short notice Miss Rockbell, you must be a busy woman"

    R: "That's true, but your case is very interesting. I can't say for certain if R.A.M is up to the task..."

    L: "If you can't help, then just say so! Don't beat around the bush!" the boy loudly interrupts.

    G: "Lee!, show some respect!" Gai admonishes.

    R: "No problem. I'm used to this. People can get quite viscious as they try coping with their loss" Miss Rockbell responds.

    R: "As I was saying, I'm not certain if R.A.M. is up to the task, but we'll certainly try.
    Normally, fitting these limbs is not hard, but you listed a very important requirement.
    This "Chakra" must be able to get channeled through them.
    This is something we have never done before" she continues.

    G: "I feared as much"

    R: "However, you stated that this Chakra is a combination of physical and spiritual energy.
    As such, I've taken the liberty of contacting Dr Ri Kohran at Kanzaki Heavy Industries.
    She's published some works in regard to spiritual energy and technology"

    R: "I stressed the fact that I requested her help in finding a suitable substance, one that could channel this energy without being the size of a Kobu.
    I doubt a large suit of armor is a suitable solution in your case"

    L: "Definately not, it's bad enough I have to resort to these contraptions"

    R: "Another common attitude to our works, but most clients have gotten used to them eventually"

    G: "Unfortunately, that aspect won't matter much if they're not compatible"

    R: "True, though Dr Kohran HAS found a substance that just MIGHT do the trick, or rather she's found someone who knows of such a substance"

    G: "Who?"

    R: "A person with ties to the Cephiran diplomat. Dr Kohran couldn't get the woman to give details.
    Apparently the Cephiran diplomat should be the one to give these, or not"

    G: "And where can we find this diplomat?"

    R: "The Confederation of Magic. I'll try to get you two an appointment"

    G: "Thank you. So, assuming this all works, how big would be the bill?"

    R: "Well, as the young man here will be effectively fitted with 2 prototypes, I can probably file it under research costs on my budget"

    L: "That's generous, what's the catch?"

    G: "Lee!"

    R: "Sharp one. No catch. You just remind me of someone. Sadly I have more to do, so I fear you'll have to leave now."

    G: "Thanks for going through all this trouble, let's hope it works out"

    With that, Sensei Gai and Rock Lee leave the office of Winry Rockbell, head of research at the Rockbell Auto Mail Incorporated HQ in Neo-Amestris.
    Hopefully one step closer to bringing Lee back in action.

    Probably doesn't live up to my previous post of this kind, but I recently saw the ep where Rock Lee gets his arm and leg pulverized(as far as I can tell).
    And felt sorry that the kid wouldn't be able to do something like that ever again.(He'd be a threat to mecha with punches and kicks like THAT)
    I kind of figured Auto-Mail might work, assuming one finds something that can channel Chakra.

    Rockbell Auto Mail Incorporate (R.A.M. Inc for short) is a relatively new company, tracing it's roots back to the "hours".

    Many people, Fiction or otherwise, have been injured during the chaos. Sometimes, limbs were lost.
    Winry and her grandma ran on overtime with the seemingly endless stream of new clients.

    Winry's grandma was smart enough to see a business oppertunity when it shows itself.
    With the money earned during the Hours, the old lady bought and opened what would eventually become Rockbell Auto Mail Incorporate.
    They're even recognized by numerous medical institutions as a reliable and top notch company, though their practice of not using pain killers lost them a few points.

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    =Cybernetic Implant and Customization.

    -Headquarters: Neo-Amestris (New Central, former West Berlin).
    -Regional Offices: Tokyo-1; Seattle, Washington; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, CA; East Berlin, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Cardiff, England.
    -Majority Stockholders: Winry and Pinako Rockbell, owning 45% of total stock.

    -Information: The creation of R.A.M. is to owe to the extreme violence of the 23 Hours. Many people, Real and Fiction alike, were maimed beyond repair in the crossfire, and means to replace their lost limbs were sought quickly by both sides. But for Pre-Vanishing Humans and their resistance to magic, the only way to go was technology.
    Rockbell Auto-Mail provided them with cheap replacements, and the orders were many, to the point of overtime.
    And Pinako Rockbell saw a gold mine waiting to happen. Soon, she spent part of the small fortune they gained on buying and expanding a small factory, hiring and training mechanics and surgeons (and the occasional Implant Hack), and making research in alloys that could make the Auto-Mail less of an obstacle for magic-users.

    And they succeeded. Rockbell Auto-Mail is not only the sole cybernetic company which implants didnt got in the way of magic, they also are the only ones with a full-blown cooperation contract with Kanzaki Industries and the Confederation of Magic.

    And although their implants are rather low-tech in design (and their practice to make anesthesia-less surgeries downright making them lose points in the community), not one customer is complaining. Rockbell Auto-Mail is fully custom-made for each client, and maintains reliability throughout all but the most brutal of field treatments (Winry likes to say that she 'learned that from experience'). R.A.M. also provides a life-time replacement warranty and discount for modifications and refitting procedures.
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    Mini-tweak to the Garbage Truck completed.

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    Nice that you've gone to the trouble of working out some of the details of R.A.M. Inc.

    While part of the post might screw up a follow up post I had planned, we can always retcon.

    I'll give more details when I have time.

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    A New Faction.


    The pursuit of Law, Order and justice for all is a noble, but often low, down and dirty business, especially in Coreline. It is for this that The Foundation was formed.

    =Agenda: To solve conflicts and see justice done, in an international range.
    =Structure: Non-profit organization with special negotiators and specialists.
    =Symbol: A black rook with eagle wings in front of a rising sun.
    =Most Common Allegiance: Good, The Foundation.
    =Requisition Limit: 35 (Restricted).


    What is now known as ‘The Foundation’ was originally two foundations: the Phoenix Foundation and the Foundation for Law And Government. Both of these non-profit foundations had a great amount of influence and aces up their sleeve in their respective home universes, but once they arrived in Coreline, they got the short end of the stick. They had no contacts, no influence, they were outgunned by most evil Factions and their respective ‘aces in the hole’ (or, at least, multiple Alternates of them) were killed in the crossfire.
    90 weeks Post-Vanishing, the heads of these foundations (Peter Thornton and Devon Wilshire) met and discussed the facts before finding the solution: their foundations, alone, would be brutally trampled into extinction soon. Their best bet would be to join forces.
    And so they did. Pretty soon after, the newly-reorganized, fusioned Foundation made its official contact with several governments, offering its services. And the governments accepted.
    Now, The Foundation offers several services. They negotiate. They assist with researches. They provide free legal counsel. They even give out professional investigators to (lawful) groups that can’t afford to hire their own.
    Its 80’s-TV-live-action-series ‘do-gooders’ against the dark new age… and at least, they’re doing it right.


    The Foundation is completely non-profit, with Thornton and Wilshire firmly at its head. The Foundation is divided into various groups, with their own heads which report directly to either of the Chairmen. These divisions are: Negotiation, Counseling, Research, Administrative and Operations. Administrative is the group in charge of keeping the Foundation running, while Research is composed mainly of tech support and scientific staff. Negotiation and Counseling are full of legal representatives and research assistants, while Operations is the Foundation’s field agent repository, assisting the other groups as the situation requires.


    The Foundation’s main offices are located in a high-rise in downtown Minneapolis, with the ‘secondary’ HQ being a manor located in Oregon. The Foundation also has small field offices in several major cities of the United States and the world, as well as ‘bolt-hole trucks’ constantly moving throughout the country.


    The Foundation is non-profit, but its agents still have access to some serious technological and monetary resources (to say nothing of the literally hundreds of favors that people owe to the Foundation). All Foundation field agents are equipped with state-of-the-line (and modified with security programs and sat-links and the occasional A.I.) PDAs and laptops, capable of providing quick data updating from the field. As well, most Foundation-issue vehicles are modified slightly with bigger engines, light armor and encrypted link-ups to the Foundation’s databases.
    Because one of the Foundation’s tenets is to ‘not kill, rather, bring the evildoer to his due justice’, the Foundation will NEVER fulfill any requests for lethal weaponry. Tasers, Tangler guns, Concussion weapons, CS or knock-out gas grenades and Stun lasers are the normal issue for weapons requests, as well as light and medium armors.
    Most other requests (such as plane tickets, information searches and Foundation specialists) are fulfilled as quickly as possible by the closest field office.
    (NOTE FOR GMs: A dark secret here, boys: The Foundation obtains most of its funding from two places, Number One being thru patents other companies use (a good deal of vehicle-mounted A.I. systems owing the Knight Industries Two Thousand), and Number Two being that the Offices sometimes slip them a check under the table (because they help good Factions). This latter one is only known by Pete, who sworn secrecy to Belldandy).


    The Foundation is always searching for justice to be served, be it by helping people who make justice or by ‘getting where it was not wanted’. An employee of the Foundation could serve as a source of advice, a helping hand, and a compass.
    Heroes that serve the Foundation will most probably be field agents, serving in different capacities. The Foundation is always in need of negotiators, field researchers (read ‘CSIs’) and experts. Their research assignments are occasionally falling short of outright espionage, and PCs could just as easily be trying to prevent them from succeeding as they could be helping them.


    The Foundation is there to try to fit two incongruous Fiction niches together: on one side, the archetypical ‘be all, do all’ goody-two-shoes secret agency that was so common in the Cold War era fiction, and on the other side, the more recent-Fiction ‘seat of their pants and struggling to stay on the path’ secret faction.
    PCs are very likely to clash with The Foundation on a number of principles, as well as find their objectives very compatible with their own.
    The Foundation, as well, has a very useful hook for adventures in that its clients are potentially anywhere on the planet. PCs might have to go on a world-wide hunt for a specific clue to win a case.
    And finally, there’s the ‘blast from the past’ angle. Both Foundations, before fusioning, had a number of enemies and ‘aces in the hole’ and their own contacts waiting to call a favor, that the other Foundation’s personnel might still not know about.

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    Damage: By Grenade Type.
    Critical: -.
    Damage Type: By Grenade Type.
    Range Increment: 60 ft.
    Rate of Fire: S, A.
    Weight: 15 lbs.
    Magazine: 9 Int.
    Size: Large.
    Purchase DC: 21.
    Restriction: Mil (+3).

    The ‘Rain Of Fire’ Mini-Grenade Launcher is Genom Corporation’s first Coreline-made weapons design, released soon after the Nerima Riots. Rifle-sized, and threatening in looks (but not so much as to gain a ‘bonus’, so much like DiggersTech and SalCo. designs). It is bullpup-designed, loaded with magazines of mini-grenades thru its buttstock (the user’s manual heavily recommends using the same type of grenade). The design also has a small LED counter of how many grenades are remaining (and if the grenades are Genom-made, it also says what kind is loaded).
    The ‘Rain of Fire’’ s climb to fame in Coreline militaries comes from the fact that it has a three-round-burst mode, capable of seeding the battlefield with large amounts of tear gas or explosives in a short time. Because of this, Genom has had obtained large orders of the launcher.
    (RULES: The weapon has a three-round burst setting. When used with the Burst Fire Feat, it fires three grenades at once and can only be used with three grenades left in the weapon. This setting does not grant the ability to make burst fire attacks without the Feat. As well, any thrown grenades must roll independently for deviation, but otherwise follow all normal rules).


    Damage: 4d6.
    Critical: -.
    Damage Type: Energy*.
    Burst Radius: 5 ft.
    Reflex DC: 15.
    Range Increment: 10 ft.
    Size: Tiny.
    Weight: 1 lb.
    Purchase DC: 18.
    Restriction: Mil (+3).
    *This weapon deals damage of a non-specific energy type that is not subject to energy resistance.

    The Diggers Sisters (or rather, Brianna) again surprise with a design that combines comic-book ingenuity, high technology and not a small amount of ‘gun-nut’ dementia.
    Even though plasma grenade technology in and of itself is quite common on Coreline (and even more common off-world), what makes the ‘Keep Out’ grenade unlike any other grenade out there was that it was designed for area denial. Once it explodes, the internal plasma core remains burning for a short time, making anything that considers to attack thru the ‘flames’ to be damaged. Typically, groups equipped with the ‘Keep Out’ grenade throw them into small doorways, corridors or vents, where they can be most effective.
    Rules-wise, after exploding, the plasma remains burning for an additional 1d8 rounds. Any object that tries to pass thru the affected square receives 4d6 (Energy) damage.


    Damage: 3d6.
    Critical: -.
    Damage Type: Fire.
    Burst Radius: 10 ft.
    Reflex DC: 15.
    Range Increment: 10 ft.
    Size: Small.
    Weight: 2 lb.
    Purchase DC: 18.
    Restriction: Mil (+3).

    The release of the FireStorm grenade was (analists say) just an attempt by SalCo. to show that they could develop an area-denial grenade as well as DiggersTech could, and even more ‘nasty’, if possible.
    Maybe that’s why they decided not to go for plasma, and instead focused on Fireflush grenade technology and making the chemical agents longer-burning. This results in a less powerful grenade than the ‘Keep Out!’, but a larger area denial ratio and longer duration, as well as overall cheaper production costs (keeping it on the same cost than a normal Fireflush grenade). People who buy the FireStorm grenade usually are people (military, mercenaries and the occasional F-SWTI team) that have to worry with high-mobility targets such as Narutoverse Ninjas.
    Rules-wise, after exploding, the Fireflush’s chemicals remain burning for an additional 1d10 rounds. Any object that tries to pass thru the affected area (burst radius), receives 3d6 (Fire) damage and might catch on fire as well.

    And a New Feat:


    You have learned that a quick strike at the start of combat can sometimes avoid a fight altogether.
    PreRequisites: Brawl, Base Attack Bonus 3+ or higher.
    Benefit: When making your first unarmed attack in a round against an opponent who is no more than two size categories larger than you, treat a successful attack as a critical hit. This damage is nonlethal.
    Special: Even if you have the ability to treat unarmed damage as lethal damage, the damage from the Knockout Punch is always nonlethal.

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    Since the Alt Eisen is only 1 half of a golden duo...

    Official name: Gespenst MK II Custom
    Commonly accepted name: Weissritter

    Size: Huge (-2 Size Mod)
    Superstructure: Duralloy
    Armor: Resilium
    Armor Penalty: -5.
    Strength Bonus: +16.
    Speed: Land: 40 ft. Flight: 150(Average), max fuel range 1000
    Hit Points: 200.
    Hardness: 15.
    Bonus to Defense: +6.
    Reach: 10 ft.
    Dexterity Penalty: .
    Hide penalty: -8
    Base Purchase DC: 44?

    Standard Equipment Package:
    Class II Sensor System (Visor)
    Cockpit (Back and Torso)
    Comm. System (no slots)
    Life Support System (Belt)
    Jet Pack (Boots)
    Jet Assist Wings (Shoulders)

    Weapons package:
    "Split Missile" (back**)
    "Beamcannon" (Left Arm)
    "Oxtongue Rifle" (Hand Held)

    Weapon Stats:
    "Beamcannon", based on the Corona Microwave Beam stats. 5d6 Fire.(Laser)
    "Oxtongue Rifle", treated as M-21 Autolaser 8d6 Fire.
    "Split Missile", based on the M-55 Crud Rocket Launcher. 10d6 Piercing, Reflex DC 17.

    Companion unit to the Alt Eisen / Gespent mark III, the Weissritter's role as aeriel recon, aerial combat and sniper complements the Alt's ground warfare payload.

    The Alt Eisen and Weissritter are Dr Marion Radom's crowning designs in her home universe.(SRT: Original Generation 1) At present, only a single copy of either design exists.

    These are piloted by Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning, members of the EFA's ATX Team.(not the Eureka 7 EFA)
    Dr Radom has no doubt that both designs will be put in production on Coreline.

    **= Helmet Slot replaced with extra Back slot.
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    Anything with a * is from the Mecha Crusade book.

    Kyosuke Nanbu:

    Male Human Strong Hero 3 / Mecha Shock Trooper* 7(MST) : CR 10
    Medium-size humanoid (Human)
    HD 3d8+6 plus 7d10+14; hp 57; Mas 14
    Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; Defense 19, touch 19, flat-footed 17 (+2 Dex, +7 class)
    BAB +10; Grap +13; Atk +13 melee (1d4+3, unarmed strike)
    Full Atk +10/+5 melee (1d4+3, unarmed strike)
    FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.
    SV Fort +9 Ref +5, Will +3;
    AP 20;
    Rep +3

    Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 8.

    Occupation: Military (Knowledge Tactics, Pilot)

    Skills: (could use some help here, not very good at making D20 Modern/Future chars)

    HD(4): Mecha Operation*, Cleave, Def. Mart. Arts., Alpha Strike
    Race(1): Confident
    Bonus: Simple Weapon Prof.(Strong 1), Comb. Mart. Arts(Military), Power Attack(strong 2)
    Mecha Weapon Proficiency(MST1), Weapon Focus: Revolver Stake(MST1), Elusive Target(MST5)

    Talent: Melee Smash, Improved Melee Smash.

    MST Class Abilities:
    MST 2: Weapon Specialization: Revolver Stake
    MST 3: Extra Melee Damage
    MST 4: Knockdown
    MST 6: Improved Grab
    MST 7: Topple

    Excellen Browning:

    Female Human Fast Hero 3 / Mecha Ace 7* (MA): CR 10
    Medium-size humanoid (Human)
    HD 3d8+6 plus 7d10+14; hp 57; Mas 14
    Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; Defense 21, touch 21, flat-footed 18 (+3 Dex, +8 class)
    BAB +7; Grap +1; Atk +6 melee (1d4+3, unarmed strike)
    Full Atk +6/+1 melee (1d4+3, unarmed strike)
    FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.
    SV Fort +5 Ref +10, Will +6;
    AP 20;
    Rep +5

    Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14.

    Occupation: Military (Knowledge Tactics, Pilot)

    Skills: (see above)

    HD(4): Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Shot on the Run, Improved Maneuvrability*
    Race(1): Mecha Operation*
    Simple Weapon Prof (Fast 1), Personal Firearms Prof(Military), Mobility(Fast 2)

    Talents: Evasion, Opportunist

    MA Class Abilities:
    MA1: Mecha Dodge
    MA3: Fly-By-Attack
    MA5: Evasive Action
    MA6: Familiarity +3
    MA7: Instinctive Maneuverability

    I hope I've done Kyosuke and Excellen justice.

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    Block marcoasalazarm

    Well, I think you did. The stats do need the skills (and Heaven knows that I'm sometimes clumsy with them), but hey, aside from that, they're good.

    Speaking of Eureka Seven, I need some help statting the mechas of it.

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    A New Adventure idea.


    TIMELINE: 190 Weeks Post-Vanishing.
    LOCATION: Cangaroo Island, Australia.

    SITUATION: The Earth Fed. 25th is getting ready for its first major strike outside of the Outback. Dewey, in his ever-insane tactical mindset, has located one place where he thinks there wil be a large number of subjects for 'collection' in his anti-Corallian studies.

    This location is Cangaroo Island, and the first-ever Coreline-located Reffing competition, sponsored by DiggersTech and covered by ray=out. All the major names of the hoverboarding sport will be there, including Gekkostate.

    And everybody is in the way of a massive attack involving KLFs.

    HOOKS: The PCs might be part of the ray=out (or some other magazine) reporting team, participants to the tournament, or plainly people who came along (or policemen assigned to keep order on the place).

    DEVELOPMENT: The tournament itself is pretty 'simple' on its own: to ride Cangaroo Island's waves (or rather, to hover inches above them and try not to get wiped out). The PCs will have plenty of oportunities to speak to other Reffers and make an impression.
    When the KLFs attack, they will hit the place with everything they have: they will down any vehicles that are not on the ground, disable those that are, and fire into the crowd. Observant PCs might notice that the KLFs are not actively trying to hurt anybody, but to corral them in tight groups.
    Right after they corral them, they will net them and take the groups with more exotic Fiction species with them.
    The PCs have several ways to counter-attack (heavy weapons, if they have them, go kamikaze with one of the many vehicles lying around, rally the people).

    REWARDS: Regardless of what the PCs might do, it's quite possible that the KLFs might leave with at least one group of people for the Cuckoos to study. But the PCs might be able to save a number of people anyway, and make an impression.

    Timeline-wise, after this, there's a second tournament opened right on Ayres Rock, and from then on, both of them are guarded with heavy Anti-Air weaponry.
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