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    CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).

    Looking toward the Worcester Mists.

    Typical Pre-Vanishing/Fiction fight.

    Original Setting Thinktank Thread Here.
    Original Guns/Gear Thinktank Thread Here.

    "Ever hear of "breaking the fourth wall"? Well, having the thing literally happen IN EVERYONE'S DAMM FACE really throws us off, more so when some of us realized that it was our own literary and animated fiction that basically broke the seven seals...."

    CORELINE (Formerly: "Undocumented Features: The Dark Earth".)

    The world's gone nuts. In the space of 23 hours, EVERYTHING'S changed.
    First, it was the Infection-the world-wide appearance of a computer virus. It was so sophisticated, it baffled a lot of people-like its name, they were "CLULESS" about its origin, or ends.

    Then came the Opening-several key cities around the world were covered with out-of-season nimbus clouds, and communications became harder. Some strange sightings were reported everywhere.

    And then came the Vanishing. All over the world-about 90% of its population-just...disappeared. The only people who saved themselves were chosen at random- some were asleep, other were away from computers, others were close to heavy electromagnetics.

    For 23 hours, it was pure Madness-technology, locations and people we believed to be fictional had appeared, and in their living of their "normal" lives, the countryside has done nothing more than suffer. The remaining people armed themselves, ready to fight for their own.
    The 23 hours passed, and the people came back. But the Fictions-who we believed to be once-had refused to leave. Furthermore, the people who came back had been changed greatly-adapting to the madness around them as if it was the most normal thing.

    It is now anywhere from a week to a year after the Vanishing, and life goes as "normal", Fictions and Reals going on and living together. The world as it was before the Vanishing is nothing more than an urban legend, something you tell your children to scare them. Others don't even believe it.

    You are one of the few that KNOW that the changes are real... and one of the few that can change it back.

    The PCs are acting in one of several fronts:
    -The Survivors: Supermarket employees, students, prisoners, "innocent bystanders" of the Infection, that are now only equipped with their wits and whatever they could scavenge.
    -The Mercenaries: Soldiers, Techies, Pilots, Specialists. Well equipped and armed and trained, they work for the almighty dollar, or nuyen, or credit... whatever.
    -The Specialists: Spec-Ops operatives, government agents, cops. Well equipped and trained, but more often than not ill-prepared for what they may face.
    -The Fictions: They have access to powers and resources, but chances are they're more trouble that they're worth.

    The feeling behind it is sort of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" gone wrong, especially because the events leading to it seem like a combination between George Romero's "Dead" series, "Black Hawk Down", "28 Days Later" and "Red Dawn".

    Any ideas, suggestions (please refrain from making flames) are to be posted on the three threads. This is NOT a double-post. They're all independent from each other (this one WILL contain the finished setting).


    GENRE: Science Fiction.
    PERIOD: Modern Day.
    CATEGORY: Action.
    THEME: 'Take a stand'.

    It was November the Fifth, 2002, when it happened. First, the world-wide infection with a computer virus code-named CLULESS. For its old programming language, it was incredibly sophisticated, continually evolving.
    They had only managed to narrow its source -somewhere in Massachusetts- when it went active.

    What happened next was -at the time- unbelievable. Spontaneous atmospheric phenomena signaled the opening of thousands of miniature dimensional wormholes, and 90% of the world's population vanished without a trace.
    In their place, the Fictions [Anime, cartoon, comic and live action characters] apperared, and the resulting fight did lots of damage to the countryside. The 'Reals' fought back, survived any way they could.
    After 23 hours, the humans that vanished came back, but changed, brainwashed in some manner to believe that the Fictions and their supernatural aspects were commonplace-and even having powers of their own.

    The characters are divided in Pre-Vanishing and Post-Vanishing Coreline Humans and the Fictions ['Coreline' being the new nickname to Earth, because it is the 'core timeline']. Out there, a lot of people are out to get you, there's lots of adventure and the occasional Big Bad with a Big Conspiracy brewing. And somewhere inside the Worcester Mists [the only powerful physical manifestation of the CLULESS Virus remaining in Coreline Post-Vanishing], whoever, or whatever, created this mess might be getting ready to finish what he started...

    Time to show 'em who's boss. Or, at least, show 'em you won't go out quietly.

    -MOVIES: Reign of Fire, The Trigger Effect, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, My Science Project, Atomik Circus, Independence Day, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
    -FAN FICTION: Undocumented Features [Eyrie Productions], Third Labor [Metroanime], Anime Detective [Pearson Mui], Who Framed Vampire Princess Miyu? [Christian Gadeken].
    -ANIME: Everything out there. I mean that.
    -VIDEO GAMES: Half-Life [1 and 2], Blood, Unreal.

    EDIT: Thanks to Rappy, now there is one article for Coreline: , collecting several articles of the Gazetteer (locations in North America). Word of caution, it's an .odt article.
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