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    Shilsen's Eberron SH (Finished - The Last Word : 9/20/15)

    Written by Shilsen

    How they met:
    The youngest of the four, Mithral 6 of 6 was created only in 992 YK. Built for speed and with scouting abilities unlike the majority of warforged, he ended up in an elite unit of the Cyran military, which specialized in tracking down individuals infiltrating Cyre as well as deserters and others seeking to cross its borders illegally. Another member of the unit was Corven ir'Lanya Deneith, a Deneith descendant but not a member of the house. Corven's more urban investigative skills and his artificer abilities worked well in conjunction with M66's skills and they often found themselves assigned missions together and a friendship developed.

    In 994 YK, the pair were among a small team pursuing fugitives across the Droaam border when the Day of Mourning occurred. Hurrying back towards the Cyran border, they were met with scores of refugees who had barely survived the cataclysm. Among the refugees was a man they recognized, a wizard who had been part of another Cyran unit. Though they did not know him personally, they had been told his name was Edgar. The man they met looked just like Edgar, but he persisted in claiming to be called Nameless and displayed no memory of them or anything before the Day of Mourning. Other survivors said that he had come wandering out of the mists that had engulfed Cyre a good two days after the cataclysm.

    The refugees fled west, trying to reach the Breland border before the goblinoid hordes of Darguun could catch them, and ended up in a series of running battles (during which they discovered that Nameless was a mage) and were driven further south. By the time they managed they managed to reach the Seawall mountains, only half were alive and less than a quarter eventually made it across into Zilargo. There, they were promptly placed in refugee-cum-prison camps, but at least that was better than a Darguun cookpot. Corven, Mithral 6 of 6 and Nameless all survived, learning to depend on each other's skills in the process.

    Gareth Byron Deneith, meanwhile, had been fighting in the north of Cyre among the Deneith forces hired by Karrnath. With the death of his father Byron in the Battle of Grace, he was back in Karrlakton when the Day of Mourning occurred. He continued to fight until the Treaty of Thronehold ended the War in 996. Not interested in joining House Deneith and wishing to find out more about his father's sword, he headed south, planning to see whether the Library of Korranberg in Zilargo had any relevant information about the sword.

    Serendipitously, he found himself on the streets of Dragonroost at the same time as Corven, M66 and Nameless (just having been allowed to leave the refugee camp with the War over). The latter three discovered Gareth just as a group of muggers were attacking him and the group found themselves fighting together for the first time. Corven was searching for news of other survivors from his family and following a rumor that a cousin was in Trolanport, planning to take a ship to Sharn (where hundreds of Cyran refugees had ended up) from there, while M66 and Nameless were accompanying him. Gareth received a vision during that first night with the others, hearing a voice from within a silver flame telling him that their paths lay together, so he joined them.

    The four headed south to Trolanport, and finding no sign of Corven's cousin, hired on as extra muscle on the sailing ship Wild Duck, heading to Sharn. The rest, as they say, was history. Strange, portentous, heroic, painful and very often hysterically amusing, but history nevertheless...
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